Many users have been complaining that certain higher-earning scorestreaks are not as powerful and get taken down quite easily. On Twitter, Vonderhaar has stated that they are aware and will buff certain ones in a future update.
It’s not clear exactly which scorestreaks will receive the buff. Stay tuned.



      • I dunno man every time I’ve used him, it gets me like 2 kills, maybe 3 or sometimes 4 if I’m lucky enough. It’s weird, people think the Wraith needs a buff, but I usually get 4-8 kills per use with it

  1. Thank fuck for this, I knew Treyarch wouldn’t leave the Scorestreaks in this state. No where near as powerful as they where in BO2.

    • Keep in mind BO2 didn’t have Specialists, and IMO this was all part of the plan.

      ^ AKA let the community get used to the movement system with specialists first, THEN buff the streaks…

      • This is nothing to do with us getting used to Specialist. They simply nerfed it too hard after the beta. How can a Hellstorm that rains down from space get hit markers on 5 people… it makes no sense whatsoever.

  2. off topic but is anyone else having problems with game chat it only lets me hear some people and one second i can hear someone then i can’t it seems to have a mind of its own. Is this happening to anyone else. if so is it a game glitch or what because game chat works on all other games i play.

  3. I’m just really disappointed with the BO3 scorestreaks overall. There’s definitely less variety to choose from than BO2. I can’t believe they wouldn’t bring back the Lodestar, VTOL, Escort Drone, Warthog, or Swarm. I really miss all of those streaks, ESPECIALLY the Warthog (favorite streak ever). The mothership is pathetic, it stays in one spot and you can’t move it around at all, and the rockets are just completely fucking useless. It’s just a very boring and anti-climactic reward for a 1700 (or is it 1800?) streak.

    The RAPS is a joke, the Rolling Thunder is probably the most pathetic streak I have ever seen, the Cerberus moves too slow to be useful, the Mothership is lame, the Lighting Strike and Hellstorm are nothing like they were from BO2, and the HATR and Power Core probably shouldn’t be destructible consider their costs.

    Lastly, TDM/FFA needs to be +125 per kill. I like almost everything else about BO3 but the whole scorestreak system is just disappointing.

  4. – Hellstorm Needs more missiles or current ones need lock on.
    – Lightning Strike needs to deploy faster or have bigger radius.
    – God help the Rolling Thunder lol but seriously it needs to be across the map with large radius like BO1.
    – Talon AI needs to fly higher like Escort drone did in BO2 in order to kill more enemies before they kill me as well as to get more kills generally (Manually controlled is fine).
    – Cerberus AI needs to lock on targets quicker to get more kills (manually controlled is fine).
    – Wraith should take 3 rockets or more bullets to destroy.
    – HATR shouldn’t be shot down or make it last longer for how much it’s worth.
    – RAPS take too long to deploy and enemies can easily farm points if they sit in an elevated position (I got 250 points destroying them one time). Dogs > RAPS
    – Power Core score needs to be lowered down, Score Streak itself works fine but not worth it.
    – Mothership main gunner is weak and my kills get stolen by teammates in secondary gunners. I’m assuming Treyarch won’t take out the secondary gunners so at least buff the main gunner so it deals the most damage as well as not have spawn protection in terms of not being able to kills the enemies without the red square around them although I can clearly see them spawn.

    What do you guys think?

    • Hellstorm and Lightning Strike needs buffs, but I don’t want the HS to be as OP as it was in the beta (cuz people were just spamming the S*** – myself included – out of that), nor the LS to be as OP as the launch of BO2 though.

      Agree with Talon, Wraith, and Wall-E

      HATR – IDK. Sure I love using it, but VSAT loops are kinda cheezy and causes entire lobbies to rage quit. (which basically defeats the purpose of earning it in the first place)

      Agree with the rest, and speed up the freakin winner circle time… *Sigh*

      • I respectively disagree about what everyone says about HATR. To make everything balanced everything should be able to be shot down. I can’t get Power Core or any othet counter for HATR when I am on a losing team.

        However, I also think it needs some kind of buff.

          • The problem with Counter UAV is that Hard Wired (unlike BO2) is actually a decent perk in this game, and I see a lot of people running it.

            IMO just make the HATR a 4 shot to take down streak.

            ^ That almost forces the other team to work in pairs, otherwise that’s a lot to act for someone to take it down by themselves…

          • It needs to be more than a 4 shot to take down. People will just start running the blackcell launcher that has 4 in it. No low level piece of equipment should be able to take out one of the best score streaks in the game.

          • For somebody to take out a HATR in 4 shots, they pretty much need the Engineer perk to spot the HATR and get all four shots off in time.

            Still, how hard really is it to kill the red triangle that’s shooting 4 rockets in the air who’s not focused on the ground.

            ^ & on top of that this is just the HATR/Old School Blackbird. It’s not like Treyarch is using the glorified UAV AKA “Threat Detection” from AW… 😉

          • “You don’t need the engineer perk to spot the HATR. You just need to not be blind.”

            ^ Durr hurr hurr hurr hurr

            Yeah I get all of that, but if the other team has a pair of thumbs you shouldn’t be able to get 4 rockets without get shot at at least once.

            Also can you honestly tell me that you can spot a HATR each and every single time on say the Redwood map without an Engineer perk? What are you a freakin owl? lol

            But seriously the community complained about VSAT loops being OP in BO2. Heck I was one of the cheeeezeballs that constantly loops VSATS in BO2. So Treyarch fixes that, and now people are crying for the loops back.

            Seriously, is the community ever happy?… <_<

          • That Redwood… you can’t see sh*t from the sky. I noticed it today when enemy got HATR.

            But as many people say I think the best way to balance HATR is to make it get destroyed by shooting 4 times instead of 2. Making it indestructible would be game breaking in case of team with no thumbs (usually my team).

            But if you ask me there shouldn’t be scorestreak like HATR at all because in older Call of Duty games (MW1 and MW2) you didn’t have a killstreak that shows enemies live movement on the map. You had to use your instincts. But not anymore…

          • Did you even watch the video? The guy on the other team takes out the HATR AND a UAV within 17 seconds of the round starting. How the hell are you supposed to stop that?? Either make the HATR take 4 shots to take down, or make it so the blackcell launcher only has 2 rockets. All the launchers, I believe, in BO2 only had 2 rockets per life.

          • Don’t agree with this video H.A.T.R is so op you can damn near use it to spawn trap a team solo thats truth, his bad for calling it in at the start of around when they can just sit in spawn and blow it up before you can get to them. Use it at the right time and ive had randoms in pubs wreck with it, also they cant shoot it down if your killing them as they spawn.

          • If the player with the Blackcell is in their spawn & you on the other side it makes it hard to reach him

          • VSAT spam in Puketown was so balanced. /s

            You can’t achieve counter UAV if enemy always has advantage (live feed where you are coming from) and lets not forget Hard Wired which is a decent perk as you said. H.A.T.R. isn’t balanced if you can’t shoot it down.

            With that logic we shouldn’t be able to shoot down mothership because it is so high streak lol.

          • You’re just a bum. If you’ve ever gotten a HATR you wouldn’t be caring about ‘balancing” anything. People like you are so annoying. So does that mean if you go on a 10+ streak against bums to “balance” things out those bad players should get increased bullet damage to put them closer to even playing field with you? Life isn’t fair. It’s not like HATR is up a lot in this game anyway. Get good or play bots.

        • Becase it´s easier to get other HATR, when you have one online, mix that with Seraph Combat Focus.
          In Black Ops a lot of players just quiet when someone got Black Bird, same in Black Ops 2 with Vsat Orbital.

        • Get good and stop giving up scorestreaks that high. Tired of you bums trying to beg developers to stop the bleeding.

          Inb4 you have 4.0 kdr 600 spm and 4 w/l

          Inb4 you know you suck but you “are just playing for fun”

          • oii guest why don’t you piss off, if we want stuff nerfed or buffed then we have free will to tell the devs because it shows we care about the game you bum.

        • Chained kills don’t need to be “balanced”. We earned these streaks, so they should be OP as fuck, like BO2.

      • H.A.T.R. will be too OP if you can’t shoot it down. I think they should make it to take another shot from launcher (3-4 shots) but making it indestructible would cause chaos especially in party vs. lone wolves game where every player in the party would just spam H.A.T.R. They would always know where you are coming from which means a huge disadvantage.

      • Short answer – Cuz Trey wants to cut down on loops.

        Slightly longer answer – because the pros complained about it in BO2, and it eventually got banned from League Play.

        ^ That’s probably Vahn’s biggest weakness. When the Pro’s talk, he usually listens…

      • I agree because it is so difficult to get one in the first place that if you earn it, I feel you should be able to use it in it’s entirety. If people can get scorestreaks, but others can just destroy them instantly, then what is the point of earning them?

        • if I can’t have it then you can’t have it either I’ve destroyed a lot of vtol warships & they were mad about it well too bad tryhards

    • Ive said since BO2, the hellstorm should have the main bomb do more damage than the cluster. Think about it, its like 30 missles packed in one, it shouldnt do that same damage as the small ones. A unclustered Hellstorm should be a guaranteed 1 hit kill, ever with flak jacket.

      Oh, and the UAVs/CUAV need to last longer,

    • The Cerberus is fine. If you want it to get tones of kills, control it yourself. It lasts way too long though, they need to reduce its active time.

    • I agree with you , I would add the Dart scorestreak to that list. I know its not a high scorestreak but it needs to have a option to have it AI controlled if the person doesn’t want to manually control it.

    • I think Treyarch sort of fucked this game up by making it Ghosts/Advanced Warfare-like in terms of its TTK and streaks.

    • what was wrong with 3-kill UAV 5kill Airstrike 7-kill Chopper.. perfect. better yet, get rid of sscore streaks, altogether and earn your damn kills, rather than camp corners for the auto-kdr.-

  5. How to fix rapps:

    Make it so they don’t explode, but chop people up like the campaign, and make them faster. and deploy a extra ship?So now I can actually run in horror when they get called in. Don’t rapp me!

  6. I wish Treyarch would get rid of the Tracker perk, it’s a horrible crutch perk that imo shows desperation for a kill. On the same level as the shitty heartbeat monitor from MW2.

    • I don’t see many people running Tracker personally, the Heartbeat Monitor was on a whole other level than Tracker in my opinion

  7. New idea for zombies.

    The Pit.
    Small map ( about the size of Nuketown minus the houses and backyards.)
    Time based (no stoppage between rounds, zombies get tougher the longer you are alive.)
    No wall weapons, just one box location, Pack a punch, gumballs, and the Der wonderfiz machine.

    • Cool, I really would love a zombie map with the old crew, but every character has a specialist weapon or ability. Takeo, his sword. Dempsey, a berserk mode like borderlands? Nikoli, rage, extra health and mvmt. Richtofen ,so electro grenade or special raygun. Let me.know what u think?

      • Character-specific abilities would be absolutely terrible in Zombies, because there are always gonna be quitters because they didn’t get Takeo.

        • I don’t play pubs in Zombies, however I think that’s a terrible excuse, that’s like saying we shouldn’t have score streaks or the wonder weapon in shadows, it could easily be balanced where you choose your character before matchmaking. And if no lobbies exists where your character is available you are given the ability to join other s and choose a different character. It wouldn’t be bad if the other abilities were just as awesome! 🙂

          • Then people would just quit when they’re in the lobby, because they don’t get the characters they want. Zombies isn’t like Multiplayer, where you could have clones of all the Specialists.

            And no matter how awesome character-specific abilities are, there will always be that one guy that will whine about how Takeo’s sword is OP compared to the others.

  8. Dart, Hellstorm, Lightning Strike, Rolling Thunder, Mothership, Cerberus, and HATR all need considerable buffs. Completely useless as of now. I don’t get why treyarch would put such awful streaks into this game considering how awful they were in ghosts and aw (they’re not THAT bad in this game) but everyone loved bo2 that had the best streaks in the franchise.

  9. We need Barebones, tired of getting killed while in a middle of a gun fight from the no-skill streaks. At least make it required kills, not score. Makes it to easy for noobs to obtained them.

  10. hellstorm missile need to be like BETA
    Lightning strike needs to be like BO2
    Rolling Thunder needs to be like BO1
    Talon needs to be like Escort drone from BO2
    Cerberus needs to be like AI AGR from BO2
    Wraith needs stealth like stealth chopper(oh how much I miss it)
    HATR longer usage or never get shot down
    RAPS should have increased shield or make deployment invisible i.e. you don’t see the helicopter
    Power Core is fine
    Mother Ship well I don’t know

  11. I’m not really enjoying the scorestreaks much in this game and the two highly entertaining ones; the lightning strike and hellstorm and underpowered to the extent you’re better off rolling UAV, CUAV and something else and just getting the kills by gun instead of getting the occasional one through the streaks. The hellstorm was incredible in the beta but now it’s just weak and the lightning strike takes an age to call in and now you have to aim for the direction the enemies are moving in and not the precise target. The upper streaks need a major buff and they aren’t much a reward for attaining them.

  12. I have a feeling that the scorestreaks patch will be another fiasco like lobby leaderboards in this game. Maybe Raps or Mothership will be buffed a lil bit and thats it. There is no hope that helstorm missile and L strike will be as strong as were back in the beta.

  13. There is a chance Nuk3town will be available for everyone because Nuk3town has been found from Playstation Store. It says the map will be available on January 26th 2016 and it isn’t available for purchase yet.

    Source: Black Ops 3 Reddit

  14. I would be careful with buffing those scorestreaks. It could ruin the gameplay. Come with your aiming and shooting skills. Or do you really need a HATR for killing enemies? Me not, because I got the HATR in me 🙂 The spawns and locating enemies is so easy in that game. Greetz P

  15. For what its worth, the power core is dogshit, noone uses it. The rolling thunder is cool, but can be shot down too easily. Mothership needs a slight increase in damage, and a faster cooldown on rockets. Make it so the H.A.T.R can only be destroyed by the blackcell, so it gives the weapon a purpose. I keep getting team killed by my R.A.P.S 🙁 And while your at it Treyarch, nerf the purifier, and buff the war machine.

  16. Im tired of damn near direct impacting clusters of 4 ppl and somehow only getting 1 or less kills with my 800 point hellstorm lol. Dnt forget us smaller streak ppl vahn

  17. What about lower scorestreaks?
    -Make the dart actually pilotable(I have to move the mouse across my whole desk to make a turn)
    -The hellstorm missile shouldn’t take 80 fucking hours to get to the map(this might be a PC issue)

  18. Am I the only one who really enjoyed the killstreaks (system) in Ghosts? I would really enjoy having the Support killstreaks in Black ops III as well, such as:
    -Sam turret(UAV madness in this game!)
    -Helo Scout(UAV/Vision pulse style of painting targets; Play as Outrider)
    -Support Squadmate(Could be a member of the Zurich SF or Egyptian Army for the Black ops, and then have an NRC soldier or 54I criminal for the CDP as the squadmate; it reaches into the storyline of the campaign more)
    -Ammo Crate(this isn’t mandatory, but it would be still fun to have as well as the specialists having some dialogue over it.)
    -Air Superiority(Drone strike against enemy killstreaks)
    -Emergency Airdrop(works the same in the past, but slower and easier to destroy)
    -Warlord (Respawn as a Armored Warlord from the campaign armed with a riot shield and RK5)
    This was just a rondom thought, but I think we all know why Treyarch would never include this type of scorestreak system.

  19. 1. Mothership owner is the only gunner! and someone taging. 2. Higher scorestreaks needs to stay up longer. 3. BETTER MATCHMAKING!!! party of 6+ should only join other big parties. Having 6 or 9 good players on one team, against 3-5 good players isnt fair.. There should be playlist for players to play solo and another for bigger parties, that way players dont pub-stomp on randoms but actually get a real challenge against other parties. When playing solo with other SOLO players the odds are better for mathmaking, everyone contributes, knowing the teams were randomly generated. I run in parties but 90% of the other team leave mid game bc we were good. 1 out of 10 u have a team that take the azzwhooping. When playing SOLO, occasionly end up batteling 9 other players by myself, either my team leave or im playing against a pub-stomp crew. 4. Everyone should see a message, if someone is 30+ kills. Something like ” psn name is Heroic.

  20. Hello in my opinion if put scorestreaks more powerful i thing need to fixe the perks too becase the ghost is not ghost because only protect if you move and this is stupid because the steal mod you move more or not move need protect the players, alote of this players like power scorestreaks is because have good connections but for me have some players need steal stuff because the connections is not very fast for equilazer the game, thanks for all.

  21. BUFF MOST OF THE WEAPONS THE LITTLE BITCHES CRIED ABOUT. THE WEEVIL IS UNDERPOWERED. SAME WITH THE SYTHE REAPER. It’s bullshit, they should look at it before they actually just apply a patch and also another optimisation patch would be good. Fuck the 980 ti