NPD has officially released the data for the month of November 2015 and have revealed that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was the best selling title in the US at retail for the month. It led ahead of Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront for the month.

Activision issued the following statement to IGN:

“Black Ops III was the largest release in North America in November by a wide-margin in both units and dollars sold-thru,” said Call of Duty SVP and GM Rob Kostich. “According to NPD, Call of Duty also was the largest release of any title in North America since 2013, based on physical units sold at retail in its launch month. There’s tremendous momentum for Call of Duty this holiday. Both retail and digital sales are up significantly versus the same time last year. And our community has responded enthusiastically, driving engagement to new franchise highs on next gen consoles in its first month of release.”

In addition, NPD stated that Black Ops 3’s November sales were higher than that of last year’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare sales.


In addition, according to the chart, Black Ops 3 at retail US sold more on Xbox One than on PS4 console, although Activision announced in November that Black Ops 3 was the biggest digital launch on PS4 in history. NPD data does not include digital sales.

For consoles, Sony won the month with the PS4 selling more consoles than the Xbox One. More info on that here.

SOURCE: GamesIndustry



  1. So Bo3 was the best selling game digitally AND in physical copies, people need to stop saying Fallout 4 outsold it cause it didnt no matter how much u wanted it to

  2. Why is Destiny and EA news popping up on this website? No offence guys, but call of duty-only news is the main reason why we’re all here. If you start covering other games then charlieintel is no different then IGN, gamespot, Mp1st or every other site that reports all gaming news.

  3. Just to add some perspective (in case people are confused about XBO version of BOIII selling better [in the US only] despite Sony’s deal).

    Software sales from bundles aren’t counted in NPD’s top 10 selling software of the month, nor do they count digital sales. So all the copies of the BOIII that were sold through the LE bundle and the standard edition bundle didn’t count.

    So a game like Destiny (this is made up figures for arguments sake) can sell a million copies from bundles alone on PS4, (where the bulk of the sales comes from) and an additional 500,000 from retail discs.

    The Xbox One version of Destiny only sells 600,000 however, and yet still ranks higher on NPD because it sold 600,000 from retail discs compared to PS4’s 500,000 retail discs despite the fact the PS4 version actually sold 1.5 million in total, 900,000 units higher. It’s just that 1 million from the bundles weren’t counted, and instead, only the 500,000 were. This is a made up example, but you get the point.

    And finally, NPD, like the title says, tracks US figures only.

    • Sony didnt sign on with cod cause it sold better on PS. They signed on because the DLC was a huge mega hit seller for PSN (especialliy treyarch games) hence the DLC deal.

      Bo2 dlc is still topping the PSN downloads charts.

    • Advanced Warfare was the best selling title for a good few months, people commented saying “And people say CoD is dying. GG Sledgehammer on making a great game” and that game turned out to be shit by most of the community. I’ll give props to Treyarch for making a decent CoD tho.

      • “and that game turned out to be shit according to most of the community.”

        well not until March where people say bo3 is shit and AW was way better. CoD cycle at its finest

        and to be fair AW was enjoyable for the first couple months

        • Highly doubt many people will say AW is way better than bo3 in March, only way bo3 will fail if Activision pulls the same stunt they did in AW, which I hope they learned their lesson from.

          • You know how many people HATED bo2 6 months after it came out? And now look what people think of it now smh

          • ^ LOL foreal, i remember so many idiots complaining about bo2 and it literelly became like the best cod game ever

        • Lol, I know for sure I won’t be saying that. Never have I had such a deep hate for a game. Even after Schofield saying they learned from their mistakes, Sledgehammer still churn out shitty kiddy-like gear sets that are only available in ASDs. I’ll be damned if Sledgehammer will ever impress me again.

          • only $80? Im willing to bet my whole life on him buying their next game on day 1, possibly with season pass

          • Well you’re a blind sheep that doesn’t want to acknowledge the bullshit that is in and around CoD so your no-life wouldn’t be much of a bet. Rather just take the $80 instead.

          • woah woah why so butthurt? I never said CoD was perfect. In fact I hate Ghosts and found AW boring. If your still mad about what I said about the season pass for bo3, just know that its wishful hoping for more stuff in the SP but im just willing to accept the cold hard truth.

            And btw betting your “life” doesnt mean giving my body away to you lmao, it means giving you all my assets like my house, bank accounts, properties etc

          • Not butthurt, just being honest. You say you never said CoD is perfect but yet whenever someone makes criticism you get all defensive because someone didn’t like a part of your precious Call of Duty game.

          • “whenever someone makes criticism you get all defensive because someone didn’t like a part of your precious Call of Duty game.”

            SAY MY NAME.

            jokes aside, there are many aspects of bo3 of which i dont like. Lag being one and Arena being another. But when people critiscize bo3 for having too little content, thats when I get defensive because I have played almost ever shooter on current gen and none of them even come close to the amount of content Bo3 has.

            You can go ahead and make comments about how poor the netcode is, lag, arena, shit maps or SoE difficulty and i would be sure to upvote you.

          • Deal, can’t wait to make $80 for not buying a game on the first day, I’ll just buy it on the second day *Kappa* 😉

          • So your telling you are 100% not going to buy their next game on day 1? I am going to screenshot this and we’ll see in two years ..

      • You think advanced warfare was shit but I loved the game and when I first put the disk in, it felt so brand new from other cods I loved the graphics in that game, they were beautiful. Some people say they don’t like the campaign but I actually loved it and I will remember it. MW and bo1 still have the best campaign for me but this one I also felt attached to

        • Really? AW had a very generic, predictable, and forgettable campaign imo. Had so much potential, but they just wasted Kevin Spaceys talent by having a boring storyline.

          • Which sounds pretty funny because Treyarch is known of awesome campaigns.

            Seriously I have to wait 2 years (1 more) to get a good campaign. But I know Infinity Ward delivers as always. *

            * based on my standards

          • U dont want to.. Honestly dont waste ur time..I regret ever touching it.. It makes a.w and ghosts look like master pieces..

          • Yh that bad, I have played pretty much every game on ps4 and xbox one, and out of all of them only 3 I would advise people to avoid, thief, destiny and bo3 story..

          • BO3 has a far better campaign story-wise. It’s one of the most complex and well written stories in the entire series.

          • But it did, it’s just hard to understand. The entire story happens out of order which is why every single mission is unlocked from the start. The entire time, the entire story is our player’s dying dream seen through the flashbacks of Taylor which is why we’re Taylor at the end. You knows those notes we see at the beginning of the each mission? Those are Taylor’s journal entries for each mission. The reason we everything through Taylor’s memories is because he transferred his memories to our minds. Why? I still don’t know yet, or maybe I can’t remember. But anyways, our player actually died at the beginning of the campaign with the first level actually being the last.

          • That still doesn’t make sense, other wise, people would of reffered us as Taylor from the start? the fact that we see Taylor numerous times, and people call him Taylor, and then at the endstart we call our self’s Taylor makes little sense, even if I understood it, it sounds like a pretty weak plot, specially after that amazing ember trailer..

          • The fact that people had to go on YouTube and slow down the text, n the fact people don’t get the plot twist, is enough to tell me, it is poorly exectued.. I love plot twist and everything but this just went over everyones head and with good reason..

            I can’t think of any good plot twist I’m games that are amazing, but in.films, if u haven’t seen lucky number sleven, then u should.. That’s how to do a plot twist

          • Yeah, I feel that it could of been executed a little bit better with the text, but I digress. Anyways, this is the story summed up:
            Remember the “WW2” mission where we see Sarah minds completely corrupted and fucked and dying from the DNI? That’s a metaphor for the entire story.

            We die after the training in mission 2. The reason that we see ourselves fighting along side Taylor in his memories is because that’s what the DNI is making us think as we’re dying. We think that we’re with Taylor when the reality is we are Taylor, our minds are corrupted to think other wise.

          • I think the whole thing was poorly executed, I applaud what they were trying to do, but sticking it In a 6 hour Cod campaign is not the one,

            I think if ur going to go down that root, u need more of a back story, more information on what dni is and is capable of, something like this could of been explained better In a film, or a just long single player game where u can spend hours getting ur head round everything (or trying to) the mind fuck never got into ful swing, for it to make real sense unless u Google this stuff..

          • I suppose you’re right, more explanations were needed. They also could have clarified that Menendez’s death was the true ending that lead to this game existence to explain to those who are uninformed. Also, a few more references and connections could have been appreciated. Either way, I consider it the best campaign since BO1. But still, BO1 is better. There’s was something magical about that campaign that made it so lovable and memorable.

          • I really like the way Treyarch did the story, if you wanna know the story, look for it, use your brain. look for the answers. some players are just lazy and want the story told in front of them (to each their own) but i really love finding out the information on my own. hell, thats why im so inlove with story in zombies.

          • No campaign should be done like that, or film or anything, it’s not being lazy, I don’t pay 15 pound to go see a film then have to look for answers or go on YouTube to be able to find out what the ending is about, if u can’t reach a climax at the end of a game or film that people can understand just by it self, then u have failed with the story telling somewhere along the way.. Which treyarch have done.

          • I don’t think u are using ur own brain, u think it makes u look clever because u used the Internet to figure it out..n because I haven’t I’m lazy.. If u can’t figure out for ur self that the story lacked In every aspect for the plot to even make sense In the first place, then ur a moron.. It’s bad story telling plain and simple, then u got the fools that say ” I like to figure out story for my self” which means treyarch hasn’t done the job properly..

          • here you go assuming like a complete moron like you always do. i didn’t say i was clever, and two i didn’t use the internet, i actually paid attention and used my brain unlike you. i’ll admit i was confused through the first playthrough because i rushed and i wanted the achievements, but the second time, i paid attention and used my brain. don’t call a story bad because it wasn’t told in front of you and because you’re lazy.

          • What ever man, there’s no talking to treyarch dick lovers still.. Nothing can ever be all mighty treyarchs fault.. This kind of story needs filling out properly it was rushed together to try and make a plot twist. But if u want to pretend ur smart n used that big brain of urs then I won’t take that away from u lol..

          • i’m not pretending anything, I actually paid attention to the story. if you think the story, sucks then yeah, more power to you. i dont give a flying fuck about your opinion. but your reasoning sucks ass.

          • If someone is being disrespectful or ignorant I give it back.. Check ur reply to my on the level first comment lol..

          • Uh no. BO3 is the most well-designed (in gameplay/level design) CoD I’ve seen in a long time. CoD 4 beats it indefinitely, but I could play it the entire generation, or until the next Treyarch CoD. Nothing beats openness and freedom.

          • How much openness and freedom was there really tho.. U look at the new ghost recon coming out, endless different ways of tackling the same mission, this still seems pretty much on the rails if u ask me.

            But that isn’t what I was talking about, forget about gameplay, u play campaign for the story, and the story sucked ass.. Expected so much better..

          • It’s not on-rails, but it’s still someone linear. The levels are just more open and there’s more freedom to the gameplay. Campaigns don’t have to have a great story. It’s a video game, not a movie. It’s why I can’t stand Quantic Dream games. BO3’s story is the best in years, that’s for damn sure, though. Advanced Warfare and Ghosts’s were shit.

          • They do have to have a great story, other wise what’s the point? I can get the same great gameplay In multiplayer, if it’s all 100% about gameplay then why exit multiplayer to play story mode? Makes nonsense.. look at naughty dog games the gameplay is standerd, it’s the story that bring people in.

          • Games are about the gameplay. The story is just a bonus. Games with a huge emphasis on story tend to force the gamer to play in a linear style. That’s annoying. I don’t want the gameplay affected by stupid scripted sections. CoD 4 wasn’t too bad with this. I never said it’s all 100% gameplay, where’d you get that from? There needs to be some sort of story in order for there to be a premise and an incentive to play a Campaign, but I’m playing a game, not a movie. As for Naughty Dog, notice the difference in their PS2 Jak and Daxter open world days in comparison to the PS3/PS4 Uncharted and The Last of Us days. They made the games more linear/on-rails and scripted because of their emphasis on “story”. I can’t stand that crap. They sort of downgraded themselves.

          • I agree with you on the campaign. It had so much potential to be amazing. Honestly, it should of been designed to do more with the exo mechanics. Just imagine the possibilities…

        • No, lots of people say it’s shit, I’m just one of them. Sure Campaign was good (best mode in AW imo) but I like playing Call of Duty for the multiplayer and I have great hatred with AW’s MP.

          • Multiplayer wasn’t bad the only main problem was getting weapons from supply drops but I actually had fun in that game even in multiplayer and I still managed to get a 1.00 kd even with the sweatys. still like bo3 better though but aw was a nice experience they had some amazing multiplayer maps.. Riot, solar, retreat, etc.

  4. Treyarch did a great job with Black Ops 3 (except the slightly disappointing campaign), so i’m happy it did so well.

    But i wonder how Activision can keep up sales momentum with next year’s game. I can’t imagine anyone being excited for an Infinity Ward title after so many disappointments from that studio. The more time goes by, the less i even think MW2 was that great. 🙁

    • I’m waiting for next IW title I think they deliver just like they have delivered before. Modern Warfare and Ghosts had so many set pieces (third world war, Terminal massacre and Odin from Ghosts for example) and now that they have people from Naughty Dog… man I can’t wait. I like linear and clear stories that include bossfights in the end.

      MW2 story FTW!

      • I agree. Instead of those “easter eggs” I want to see story in front of me that shows player clearly what is going on and why. Nothing like “find notes in order to know what happened” or “check from Youtube”.

      • i like the idea of bossfights but they always just felt like Quick Time Events. But i hope the inclusion of Naughty Dog talent will make their new project as good as the first Modern Warfare.

  5. COD still sells more on the Xbox one than ps4. Xbox should still be home of cod but congrats Sony love your console and also love the xbone

    • COD doesn’t sell more on Xbox One, thats the whole reason they switched to PS4, cos Activision are a bunch of money hungry whores.

      • “Black Ops 3 at retail US sold more on Xbox One than on PS4 console”, although Activision announced in November that Black Ops 3 was the biggest digital launch on PS4 in history.

  6. Is the best cod of the last couple years. good job treyarch. I am still wondering what you get afther you hit prestige Master ? Now grinding to prestige 7. Cod for life

  7. I luv the new layout.Though i do get confused with the heading articles that are there but not the most recent.Before the update it was very simple to read the articles in chronological order.Otherwise its buttery smooth but that is a huge take away for me.

  8. awesome, it’s very well deserved. Treyarch did really good like they always do, they have never disappointed me. best Cod i have played since BO2 and probably one of the best CoDs in my opinion. only bad thing is that i gotta wait until 2018 for their next game!