New personalization items have arrived at the Black Market. Exchange your Cryptokeys and Call of Duty Points for a chance at new character customizations, weapon camos, melee weapons, and more!
The new Black Market items are available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.



        • OK can you let me know if you here any news about it coming to Android? Also, how did you get invited if you don’t mind me asking?

          • I got an email from Disqus asking if I’d like to participate in the beta. It was a TestFlight invitation. TestFlight is the platform Apple uses to download beta apps without needing the App Store. So basically I just got a special link for my Apple ID to download the beta via TestFlight.

  1. Think from the beginning that BO3 was going team fortress 2-ish with specialists and fashionable items as micro transactions, but these weapons just are a hint more! D:

  2. These look pretty good. Im glad these supply drops are a little more balanced than AW. I liked AW’s system but this doesnt really have a pay to win feel to it