According to a report from eSports Observer, Major League Gaming has sold off majority of its assets to Activision Blizzard for over $46 million.

Apparently, MLG’s board of directors agreed to sell majority of assets to Activision Blizzard on December 21st, and a letter was sent out on Dec. 22nd to shareholders stating that the deal was approved. eSports Observer reports that MLG’s current CEO Sundance DiGiovanni has been removed from the CEO position and been replaced by Greg Chisholm, former CFO of Major League Gaming. MLG has had a rough time recently. 2015 was actually their first year they returned a profit, but the company has been in debt for quite a well. This deal reportedly pays off MLG’s debt and liquidates the company into Activision Blizzard.

It is not clear exactly what will happen to Major League Gaming as an entity going forward; eSports Observer claims that this is the end of MLG, but that has not been confirmed.

Major League Gaming does in fact have plans for 2016 in Counter Strike and Halo. They’ve announced a CS:GO Major event in early April and have stated they are hosting the North American Halo World Championship event. It is not clear if these ventures will still occur, but a possibility exists that those events already announced will have to occur because of prior contracts.

Activision Blizzard has been expanding their role greatly in eSports over the last several months. In October, Activision Blizzard hired former ESPN CEO and co-founder of NFL Network, Steve Bornstein, and co-founder and former MLG President, Mike Sepso, to start a new eSports Media Networks Division. More recently, Chris Puckett, a former caster at MLG, has joined Activision Blizzard in this same Media Networks Division.

In addition, Major League Gaming lost their top tier place in Call of Duty eSports when Activision stated that ESL will be hosting the Pro Division of the Call of Duty World League. From Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 through Advanced Warfare, MLG was in charge of hosting any Pro Leagues in North America.

Major League Gaming and Activision Blizzard have not announced or confirmed anything about this.

We will update as we learn more.

SOURCEEsports Observer


  1. Kind of happy Activision purchased MLG. Perhaps they could invest into putting games on Television. Obviously livestreams are an easier way to watch it for a lot of people, but it could open up more advertising which means more money for the compay and the people who play and own teams. Not only that, but the viewing for MLG could go up exponentially. Imagine a TV channel broadcasting everything from CS:GO to COD to LoL. He’ll even Starcraft. I’d like this to happen, but I don’t think Activision would ever do it. I have no doubt in my mind a network would be willing to partner with them. It’s all up to Activision.

      • yes they did. Look at BO3 maps…. all boring as fuck. Previous cod had a lot of good maps but now it’s all about stupid mlg

        • You do know that bo2 was heavily MLG focused yet we got maps that both the MLG and casual community loved like Raid and Standoff right?

          The only reason the bo3 maps are bad is because treyarch fucked up, that is all

          • yeah but all of them are boring. It doesn’t have that Raid, Standoff, Terminal, Highrise, Hijacked feel. A lot of people been complaining about BO3 maps is boring.

          • Well, I played about 20 matches ( got it 2 days ago ) and half of them are combine, so I think I’m not allowed to judge

          • I’m done… But it’s fan favorite for a reason. They’re 3 lanes but not boring. Almost every bo3 maps is boring except Combine and Infection

          • lmao other than bo2 theres hardly been an esports focus at all I dont get how its affected pub players like you say it does

          • it’s not just the focus on MLG, over the recent entries in the series you see a slight swift to a more, lets say MLG friendly setup of the game, most noticable in the maps (3 lane design, multiple headglitch spots etc) it turned CoD into a discount cover FPS instead of the fast twitch shooter it was before and we became to love over the years, and that’s imo not a change for the better…

          • Not to mention Scorestreaks catering to the objective modes and leaving the casual TDM and FFA guys behind. I mean 5 kills for a UAV in FFA? That’s bullshit. Luckily I’m a decent FFA player, but it’s still ridiculous.

          • It does, all competitive modes are objective modes so the scorestreaks are catered to those modes. Its easy to get the mothership in capture the flag because its catered to objectives, on tdm or ffa its near impossible. Back in mw2 it was just as hard to get the high scorestreaks in objective, competitive modes as it was in tdm as that game wasn’t catered to sweaty pros.

          • dude I dont even know why its that hard to get streaks in FFA or TDM but im damn sure its not because of competitive. How is making a Uav 5 kills in tdm catering to us when UAV is banned in competitive?

            and I dont know if you play objective based modes at all because they’ve nerfed the shit out of the points you get in them. Previously you get 300 points for blowing up the bomb in SnD or demolition, now you only get 100. Dont even get me started with safeguard, its like 50 points per kill.

            Also in hardpoint you only get 100 points for capturing the hardpoint where in bo2 it used to be 200

          • dom isnt in competitive and ctf is about to be removed from competitive as well. Whats wrong with Uplink? You seriously think you dont deserve 200 points for running through the map and scoring at the enemy base with no gun equipped while the entire enemy team knows of your position?

          • It does. 5 Kills in FFA to get a UAV, yet in CTF or Hardpoint you can get a UAV with 2 kills and a flag cap or Hardpoint cap. It caters to OBJ players aka comp. players.

          • You possess stupidity. hence, Your stupid. Jk it was a rare mistake but, you are an idiot. You should be rewarded for playing the objective rather than sitting in a corner. Plenty of pub players play the objective and if they do a good job of it an manage to stay alive, then they deserve streaks. Simple.

          • lmao that was the point of scorestreaks in the first place to reward players who play the objective..

            UAV’s are banned in competitive so theres NO reason why it should take 5 kills to get it .. thats no ones fault but treyarch’s

            and did you just say all OBJ players are the same as competitive players????????? annnnnnnnd im out

          • I was a decent player, but with these thrust movements I have trouble to get anything above the hell storm missile in TDM (don’t play FFA but I recon it’s the same) it’s not as bad as AW but still I get shot from all different angles, I realize it’s just not for me these movements and last week I did the unthinkable…. I bought CoD ghosts….

          • All of that is bullshit. 3 lane maps have existed in almost every single cod before bo2. Ffs even cod4 had mostly 3 lane maps.

            and “multiple headglitch spots” are you kidding me? What does that have anything to do with competitive? You think the competitive community asked for more headgltiches?

            And FYI head glitches have existed in cod way before CODeSports was even a thing, look at MW3 that game had the worst headglitching yet that game didnt give a fuck about esports

          • 3 lane maps can vary a lot. The maps have changed from good free lane maps in COD4, where there were lots of exits to different lanes, to shit free lane maps in black ops 3 like aquarium which has 1 mid lane exit on each of the outer lanes.

            And as for headglitching, The maps in older cods were more open like pipeline because of all the exits which meant you could flank headglitches and kill them easily so they was less of a problem. Now, a headglitcher can lock down an entire lane and their buddy can lock down the only flanking spot to the headglitcher.

          • Aquarium is just a bad map in general. Its not even in competitive rotation. And we know 3 lane maps can vary. Black ops 2 nailed it with Raid and Standoff, these are 3 lane maps that were perfect for both competitive and public matches. We wanted maps like these 2 and I can guarantee thats what the casual community would want as well. So blaming competitive for having bad maps in bo3 is quite stupid.

            And I never said headglitching wasnt a problem. Im just saying that headglitches have no relationship to the competitive community’s desires AT ALL.

  2. Let’s play a game called “What is Keshav doing right now?” I think that Keshav is smoking some green right now.

    • Hope so,

      Also, is it just me or does it seem like CO has gotten less popular with bo3 ( based on comments per article)?

      • I think that might be a good thing, more people playing BO3 instead of checking CI, or you know, I could be completely wrong.

          • Its because everybody loves black ops 3 so theres less to argue over, AW and Ghosts had mixed opinions so there was lots of arguments over it on here.

      • There’s always more traffic on CI before COD releases because people are looking for all the latest news about the new one coming out

  3. The CoD devs needs to stop trying to cater their games to the MLG tryhards, and actually cater it to the majority of their player base, the Average Joe player.

  4. Isn’t Activision Blizzard the one responsible for World of Warcraft and Hearthstone or am I thinking wrongly?

  5. Does anyone else see the issue with a company owning an official league? It’s like Nike taking over the NBA or MLB. The league should have been kept free from corporate ownership. Now Activision can do as they please… But then again this is e sports so it’s not a traditional sport.