Treyarch has increased the score in Team Deathmatch to 100 for the weekend in Black Ops 3 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Vahn has cautioned that the score increase is just for this weekend, and they may switch it back after depending upon feedback.



  1. Penalize rage quitting players please, it sucks to join a match where you are losing 65 to 20 and all the scorestreaks are causing havoc.

  2. What really sucks is when the matchmaking makes the teams uneven. Playing a ground wars domination match when the teams are stacked 4:1 is really not fun at all.

  3. This is pretty awesome to be honest. I never really considered them changing the score limit from 75. It has been 75 for as long as I remember(I believe it was 100 in the first 3 CoDs). I didn’t play TDM for a long time actually. Probably since the first MW, but find myself playing a lot of it BO3, especially HCTDM, so this is pretty good news for me. Now I can finally put out 50+ kills a game! 🙂

  4. I like Vahn but he can really fucking piss me off sometimes. Not even slightly open to considering 120/125 points per kill. Claiming that the scorestreak earn rate being fine is total bullshit, absolutely every other game mode has a higher streak earn-rate, TDM lags behind everything else. It should be on par with the rest of the modes. In AW I always gave up my streaks to use the points elsewhere when playing TDM.

    • The fact that it is essential for most players who are good to have a Blackcell on literally any gamemode besides tdm, SnD and safeguard makes me think that the other gamemodes are the problem. Besides in a typical 100 limit tdm match if everyone were to play equally as good on your team (which doesn’t happen because of the in lobby skill based team making, but I digress) you’d be getting 16.67 kills if you win which if I remember correctly would mean enough for every single streak besides possibly mother ship).
      Basically I think people are asking for what they don’t really want, UAVs and scorestreaks are meant to be for playing well not, for main source of living.