The former Senior Art Director and Game Director at Crystal Dynamics, Brian Horton, has joined Infinity Ward as the new Studio Art Director. His Linkedin profile states that he will be leading the team of artists at Infinity Ward on their latest project.

At Crystal Dynamics, Horton worked as Senior Art Director on Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. Horton then worked as the Game Director on Crystal Dynamics’ latest release, Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Crystal Dynamics revealed that Brian Horton is departing their studio on their Tumblr blog with the following statement:

“It’s been a huge honor to be a part of the Tomb Raider franchise and the team at Crystal Dynamics,” shared Horton. “I’ve met fans from all over the world, both in person and online, to share in our love for the franchise and Lara Croft. After working on two amazing games, my family and I have decided to return to Southern California and start a new adventure. As sad as I am to leave the team at Crystal, I’m excited to play their future games as a fan. Thanks again for the years of support and feedback and I hope to stay in touch with you all online.”

Infinity Ward’s new Call of Duty title is set to be available later this year. Activision changed Call of Duty to a three year development cycle in 2014; Sledgehammer Games’ first three year title released in 2014; Treyarch’s first three year title released in 2015. There is no official details on what Infinity Ward’s new Call of Duty game will be as of now.



  1. Has anyone played on metro recently? I don’t think I’ve played it since November lol. Not that I’m complaining

    • Oh I know. It does sound like its going to be a good game since it seems to be attracting a bunch of other developers and since they are talented developers from other AAA studios I think they will have a huge positive impact on IW’s next game.

    • Imagine if Infinity Ward redeems itself and becomes the best Call of Duty developer again.

      Everything is pointing to at least massive improvement from Ghosts. Bigger studio, talented guys coming to Infinity Ward and return to boots on the ground… this year we are either going to be blown away or then disappointed because of massive amount of hype.

      ^ But don’t let name “Ghosts 2” fool you. A sequel to “Ghosts” doesn’t automatically mean it is going to be bad.

        • Well it is just common sense and I am pretty sure everyone but pure haters (people outside of true fan community) are giving Ghosts 2 a chance. And if I am asked Ghosts 2 is worth giving the shot (especially if it is boots on the ground).

          • I m way more hyped for Ghosts 2 than I was with BO3 just bc I want to see how much they ve improved since their last game .

          • Sure, multiplayer has a great shot at being great., I didn’t really care for the campaign. I think a new entry would be best, especially considering the negative stigma surrounding the series.

        • As much as Ghosts frustrated me with the DLC gimmick characters and no counter to DC.

          As much as MW3 frustrated me with SRP Post Patch.

          As much as MW2 frustrated me with, well basically everything.

          There was COD4, and COD4 is my all time favorite COD game. Even though COD4 was made by another Dev team, I would still love to see IW rise and succeed once again… 🙂

          • I guess that after Ghosts the only way is up. And I am pretty sure they are going up because of given reasons above.

    • You did say on YouTube that you’d return. Welcome back, buddy. Also, with all this talent coming to Infinity Ward, I’m starting to think that CoD 2016 is gonna be awesome. I can just feel it…

    • As salty as I am about their last few games, their development team is starting to display a lot of talent and I cannot disregard it. They better not waste it, lol.

    • So we have some people who’ve contributed to Uncharted and Tomb Raider. I’m sorry but this just falshed in my head

        • Looking back on the previous games, Ghosts had the most negativity toward it. If you enjoyed it, though, then that’s great. The majority of the community didn’t.

  2. All these new people are coming from one general gaming type area. They’re both from the Uncharted and Tomb Raider. Could we possibly be seeing some type of Tomb Raider / Uncharted game as the next CoD installment? There were rumours before about them wanting to transform CoD into an Action Adventure type of game.

  3. Hopefully this means better story development. IW seriously needs to step their game up, because Ghosts’ campaign was ass. I won’t expect anything too high from them (mainly because Treyarch spoiled me with their amazing campaigns so many times already), but at least make some decent MW-quality campaign again, and I’ll consider buying their next title.

    • I was satisfied with Ghosts’ campaign. Especially gameplay wise. There were many levels where you got to use vehicles and even space weapon. Campaign’s stealth mission “Federation Day” was one of my favorites.

      Compared to Black Ops 3 it was on a whole new level.

      The ending itself was awesome BUT also odd because no one can survive getting beaten up, then getting shot, then falling to water meanwhile part of a train wreck comes behind to Rorke’s ass and then drowning.

      • Gameplay-wise, it was pretty much the usual COD game though. Which is disappointing, considering that the game released before (Black Ops II) brought many good changes to the campaign side, Ghosts just felt like a step backwards. AW was the same, but at least it had a good story going for me.

        I guess the problem was that Ghosts’ characters felt too generic for me. Other than Rorke, everyone else just doesn’t provide a lot of substance to the story. And it doesn’t help that the guy we play as is a silent protagonist, which destroys any form of immersion for me. it was a slight issue that can be overlooked in past games, but Ghosts just amplifies it somehow, because you’re pretty much invisible in all the conversations. You could just stand far away from everything, and the characters would just carry on until that obligatory “Ramirez! Do everything” command.

        • Well that is true. The character, who we are playing, should say something and react to events around him.

          But maybe we could get that feature after Naughty Dog guys came to help with the story.

          • As long as they ditch the silent protagonist thing, that’s already a massive improvement. This is one of the reasons I love Treyarch’s campaigns: having a voice makes me feel involved in everything.

    • There are so many flaws and errors with Ghosts story that it would take me 2 hours to explain them all. The Story was SO bad, that any normal person who hasn’t played CoD would think you play as someone who is immortal or a superhero.

      • Pretty much every FPS has you as a superhero, though. There’s no character development. Just explosions everywhere. Cue the random explosions! Boom.

    • Considering Rorke gets shot IN THE EFFING HEART and not only walks it off but kidnaps our character afterward, IW will have ALOT of explaining to do if they make a sequel to Ghosts.
      Fingers crossed that they don’t though and do something new.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I love Ghosts. But it’s the exactly the same like ragdoll animation, same sound design (like when you get hurt with blood on the screen you can hear him grunting the same as MW1), needs colorful pallete and there’s no pre-rendered cutscenes like AW or Black Ops 3 (this has happened since MW1 too, loading and some briefing dialogue before starting mission).

  4. One of my Journalist friends was at IW recently and told me some minor details. He doesn’t know what the game is going to be regarding Ghost 2 or MW4 but was told about the new Engine that IW is working on. The New Engine is the Unreal Engine 4 . IMO the UN4 is absolutely beautiful and one of the best out their. With Battlefield 5 being rumored to be updating their Frostbite engine IW needed to make the change to a new Engine. Every COD fan has been asking for a new Engine and it looks like we may get one this year.

    • Got sources saying the same. If they indeed go with Unreal Engine 4 think of how many sales this is going to generate. Not to mention it will shut up all the idiots who say CoD is the same each year. Lets hope it’s true.

      • Hoping its true as well , we need some change ( Engine wise ). IW could do endless amount of content with this new engine.

          • I haven’t but I have friends who have played it before , from what they told me it sounds amazing. This is the year EA will be going all out to finally beat Activision in sales , in the past EA had their chance to do so with B4 & Star Wars Battlefront but failed.

          • BF4 would beat Ghosts if their game wasn’t broken and didn’t crash every 20 minutes. Sales for that game were down for the next 7 months until they finally fully fixed the issues. Shows you what happens then publishers push an unfinished product out the window. Battlefront was a an ugly cash grab by EA without the STAR WARS theme the game would be average as fuck. I will never forgive them for destroying my Battlefront ever.

      • Didn’t a couple months ago Activision bought some engine company outright? Why would they buy an engine company, just to spend more money using UE4?

    • Honestly, I feel like Black Ops 3 is one of the best looking games out right now. The game lags a lot though, even in offline modes, hopefully we start getting games that are almost 100% lagfree, maybe a new engine will change that.

      • Treyarch has had some pretty bad Net Coding issues in their last two games. They tried fixing the problem in BO3 but honestly they would be better off making a new engine to help their Net Coding problem.

        • Yeah, their games always feel slightly “gummy” if that makes any sense. Black Ops 3 is probably my favorite of any CoD, but I don’t play as much as I would due to the lag. I gave up playing BO2 not long after release for that reason, but BO3 has improved a lot just not on the level as say the MW games.

    • COD has used IDTech-based IW engine developed in-house at Activision for every single COD game ever made. I don’t know who your think your “source” is but you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning twice than Activision paying out the ass to license a generic engine instead of one specifically built and specialized for COD.

  5. We are about 3 months away from reveal of next Infinity Ward title. Anyone have guesses or hopes for voice actors?

    ^ This came to my mind because there are rumors David Harewood will be in it. He is known of movie “Blood Diamond” and games like Killzone: Shadow Fall and Battlefield 3.

    This is the source and people claim they are usually right (take as grain of salt):

    • Check Supergirl (TV show) I love him in it because he plays more then one character and he does have skills when It comes to acting. I hated him in Shadow Fall for good reason, he shot my man Lucas. And I love him for that, shows that he can be a good guy and a bad guy.

    • Anyone who is known for stellar heroes and/or villains. It’d be nice to have someone we usually see in games such as Nolan North, Tryo Baker, and Laura Bailey. I’m having a hard time thinking who would does great roles, but would that voice work be great outside their amazing role/character. ALso, Troy Baker is already Mitchell from AW. Nolan North does Richtofen for Zombies.

      • Oh man, imagine a COD game with Laura Bailey as the lead playable character. We desperately need one.

        Still, there’s no rule that says a voice actor can’t do more than one character. Nolan voiced some minor characters in BO2 Zombies, and Troy was previously in MW2 and BO1 in minor roles as well.

          • I know that. But I’m saying that they’re not necessarily restricted to voicing just those characters. They can do different characters for different games. Granted, Nolan may be busy with Zombies, but Troy sure can go around for some new roles. He needs one, since his role as Mitchell in AW was severely underused compared to the other characters.

          • You can see them in their awful portrayals in Arkham Knight (I know nothing about voice acting, I’m just yanking your chain).

          • While I agree that Troy’s performance in Arkham Knight was weak, it was more of a problem with how the character was written. Look at Joker in Arkham Origins; that was a masterpiece.

            And Penguin is Penguin.

          • Point is, is that they’re overused. They’re good actors, but they’re thrown into many games for no reason. Arkham Knight in-general was a poorly-written game. Mainly Conroy’s performance was incredible, as always. It’s as if Rocksteady suddenly lost their spark. That’s what happens when you make a game with mechanics that pretty much create a new genre.

        • Careful bruh, you’ll get called an SJW. I don’t think CoD needs a female protagonist. But if we did, at least she’d have an alright voice actor.

  6. You’re having really good developers join your team, IW. Plus you have 3 years. There is no excuse to drop ANOTHER shit Cod.

  7. Dont get your hopes up, im calling it right now this game will still probably suck ass and we’ll probably stick to bo3

  8. The last couple TR games were downright beautiful, especially on PC, no doubt about that. But IW needs to do a lot more than pick up 1 art director to turn itself around and make good games again.

    • Might as well forget that hope because we’ll never see another WW2 shooter again (at least not a AAA title). And I don’t know why people want it so bad. Nostalgia heavily distorts our memories. Not only is it not as profitable as modern/future FPS games, the WW2 games were honestly boring.

      • Nostalgia?

        I’m not speaking from Nostalgia. I actually enjoy World War 2 games and they were not boring at all. They are actually really fun and interesting if you enjoy history, so.

    • Honestly i hope not.
      What else can they do in the WW2 era that they (or any other shooter for that matter) haven’t already done?
      And what kind of gameplay mechanics can they incorperate into an older era with less technology than what they’re presenting in these past CoDs?

      • I mean, honestly what is so different about futuristic shooters? Jumping around?

        Its a first person shooter, not really much to change

        But you shouldn’t doubt the game developers, I’m sure a World War 2 game could most definitely be pulled off in 2016.

        Plus, I love history and I enjoy games about World War 2.

        • It’s not the game quality i’d be worried about, it’s the fact that it’s been done. Like 100 times.
          -Virtually every CoD before the first Modern Warfare was in or around that time era
          -Medal of Honor did it
          -Battlefield 1942
          -Brothers In Arms
          Up until Battlefield 2142 (or whatever the future one was after 1942) that was every FPS game. Go here, shoot nazis, don’t die, yay America/Britain/whoever they wanted you to play as.
          As nostalgic as a WW2 shooter may be, the problem would be the fact that there really isn’t anything new to do in that era. It’d be the same shit we saw back in the old CoD era just with pretty graphics. It wouldn’t be fresh or new. Nostalgic, sure, but nothing fresh or different.
          Now that’s not to say it would be completely bad, if it were done in a different style perhaps. For example, Sniper Elite V2 and Sniper Elite 3 were both fun WW2 era shooters because they weren’t the same ol’ FPS. It was 3rd person and our character wasn’t an invincible soldier; he was a Sniper who quite frankly sucked with standard ARs and such.
          So if we’re gonna get a WW2 era game in 2016, it needs to be something fresh and different, ie Sniper or even Valiant Hearts, to be successful.

          • If it’s Call of Duty, it’s most likely going to be successful no matter what. I don’t understand your argument.

            And to your point, a futuristic setting has been done plenty of times in like what, the last 6 years or so? I’m not sure. But the futuristic setting is basically the samething as a WW2 games 10 years ago

            And stop using nostalgia, I’m looking at nostalgia and I’m sure other people who want WW2 games aren’t using nostalgia either. I just want a good current gen World War 2 game, and I most definitely think it can happen in today’s video games, especially with the technology today, graphics today, etc. and I think Call of Duty can definitely do something awesome if a WW2 game today.

          • I bring up nostalgia alot because that’s the only thing i see a WW2 CoD in 2016 bringing to the table. Unless they make up a story in a fictional setting, nearly everything except the geaphics would be exactly the same as the old CoDs. No new gameplay mechanics, no new story, just pretty graphics. That’s it.
            And to your point, yes a futuristic setting has been done alot, but these are bringing different stories, different gameplay mechanics, and different overall content to the FPS market, hence why so many shooters do it. There’s room for creativity and fresh ideas, like Black Ops 3’s story, or Crysis’s mechanics for example.
            So again, my question is, if any FPS maker were to make yet another WW2 shooter, what can it bring to the table that hasn’t already been done?

          • Really, and what exactly are futuristic settings bringing differently to the table? Because I’m not seeing it. As I said before, I like the futuristic setting and everything, it’s cool, I love Black Ops 3 and Black Ops 2 a lot, but they’re not as different as people like you make them out to be. they’re starting to get a bit overdone honestly.

  9. I honestly can’t wait to see what IW has in store for us this year. They have had three years, as well as new and experienced developers joining their team. Even if they do decide to name it “Ghosts 2,” I will still buy it just to see how it turns out.

  10. Hopefully IW redeems themselves. I suppose after the backlash ghosts caused, the only direction they could move up to get the communities love again, is up.

    • Idk why everyone hated ghosts so much. They did exactly what the community asked for after bo2. I thought ghosts was a great game, actually liked it more than bo2 and bo3. At least with ghosts you get decent hit detection and lag comp and decent connection

      • I will agree with you that hit detection and connection was fine. But what made me mad was how bad I’d be melted every game. The I.E.D.’s would fudge me up and I was always pitted up against people trying their harsest to win their clan wars. I don’t blame people for hating ghosts, because it irked me in many ways, but I can see why some people still liked it.

        • Yeah sitrep was a must with those IEDS. The reason you felt like you got melted is because the hit detection and connection were so good. Also the guns were all pretty powerful. But I really hope we get ghosts 2 or even mw4. They’ll learn from their mistakes. Then only thing that could derail their game is if they are forced into or choose to include exo movements or any kinds of advanced movement system like AW or BO3

      • “I thought ghosts was a great game” you’re just asking to get bitch-slapped. Naw I keed. I thought it was terrible. Obviously a half-assed job.

        • Yeah, well there are people that think advanced warfare was a great game LOL it’s all opinion bud. I loved MW3 as well. I just think Infinity Ward is a better developer than Treyarch. My opinion.

  11. Good LUCK Infinity Ward! You have 1 year To bring us “THE” Call of Duty Game.
    And Black Ops 3 Multiplayer is AWESOME!!!

  12. haha im amazed activision haven’t cut infinity ward from the call of duty series because of their trash they have been bringing out the past few cods.

    • I played ghosts yesterday, the game has only 3-4k ppl online. Even right now the gunfights feel smoother in ghosts than bo3 and the lag comp is way better. Ghosts was trash like you said but if you ask me IW is the team that has the potential to deliver the best cod ever made. Trearch did a good job this year but no matter how hard they try, their games will always be mediocre cause of the faulty hit detection and net code. IW games are functionally better or less ”problematic”. Ghosts was garbage cause of bad choises and nothing else.

    • The last game was trash, but they had also good years. I remember when IW laughed at Treyarch’s COD 3 when they brought COD4 out.

      • This guy isn’t a studio head or something, he’s art director. The main coding work would be long done. They probably hired this guy to help with finalizing visuals and such which definitely would not be done at this stage.

  13. It’s funny how ghosts was considered worst COD ever. Oh wait, it’s not funny. Why is ghosts considered worst COD?

    • For me it was the terribly designed maps, which were too big. The awful boring color scheme which made ever map look dull and lifeless. The ridiculously short campaign that only lasted 4 hours. And the terrible Squads system, that removed the traditional prestige leveling that we used to have.

      • I think having larger maps was pretty good. The fact that their is a high chance of not getting spawn trapped as well as being ready for a gunfight when you spawn in.

        • I agree. I really enjoyed ghosts. I like bigger maps. BO3 maps are way way way too small. I constantly get horrendous spawns. At least with bigger maps, you spawn in ou someone’s sights.

          • That’s what I want in future DLC for bo3. Medium to Larger maps can create more strategic gameplay.

      • Also, Ghosts is supposed to simulate the after-effects of WAR. you can’t expect a war-like setting to be as vibrant as possible.

    • For me, the very fast time to kill, the colors, IEDs, and the amount of campers in this game.

      I don’t consider ghosts to be a bad game, it’s just my least favorite cod.

  14. Next year will be a very tough year for IW, a lot of PS4, XBOX, and PC exclusives are coming, BF5 is coming, over watch is coming, R6S will probably get more popular,BO3 is received positively by most of the community and more…

    Either their game is incredible or it will be forgotten pretty fast.

    • I’m hoping Infinity Ward gets off their high horse and actually takes notes from Treyarch and Sledeghammer’s games. The biggest issue i had with MW3 and Ghosts were that they seemed to ignore any progress that Treyarch brought to the franchise.
      Even if IW’s game isn’t set in the future, they could still find ways to incorporate things like specialists or brighter map designs that Treyarch is known for. I’m scared the new game might just be an improvement over Ghosts, which isn’t enough to make people care anymore. :/

      • I agree, and since a TON of great games are coming next year, they really need to take cod2016 seriously.

        We can only hope for the best 🙂

    • Man, I think you would have so much more fun with gaming if you added a little more variety in your taste. It’s like all of the games you list are online Shooters. Add some pizzazzzzzzz. And people actually bought Siege, knowing what they’d get with that price tag? Damn.

      • I’m a fan of FPS games, but I’m definitely looking at other games from other genres, I’m just pointing at games that will compete with IW cod this year.

        And from what I’ve heard(and played during the beta), R6S is an incredible game, but it doesn’t worth 60$, so I think a lot people are waiting for a discount (like me).

        • Ah, okay. I’m not doing these things to belittle you lol. I’m just curious. No big deal.

          I don’t know about it being “incredible”. Game taste is definitely subjective, though.

  15. Wow this is getting me more and more interested in Infinity Ward’s next game. Though i wonder how much this person will contribute, since the game has already had 2 years of development put into it already.