Watch some of the amazing plays that took place in Week 1 of the Call of Duty World League Pro Division. In the Pro Division, the best Call of Duty teams in North America, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand battle in regional competition for a shot at their region’s prize pool and World League points toward Call of Duty Championship 2016 qualification.



  1. Fourth. If it isn’t your cup of tea, why not ignore it and move on? If there is one thing that confounds me about Charlie Intel as a community, it’s the obsessive need to bash eSports. I enjoy watching my favorite video games played at a competitive level, especially while I’m away from my console. I don’t even enjoy playing Call of Duty on the regular public playlists because I enjoy competitive gameplay more. Despite my fundamental difference in how I enjoy the game, you don’t hear me going online bashing every public player or their enjoyment of regular multiplayer.

    • I agreed your opinion. I also like to play competive and I do besides pubs.but the most people play pubs and the must listen to them instead of some pro players. Therefore fuck E Sports

      • eSports isn’t your problem then. Your problem is developers bending to a community that wants a competitive game. Take it to the developers, not an industry that receives corporate sponsorships and has experienced a near 2000% growth in prize money alone over the last decade.

    • I understand your point, friend. However, the problem is that CoD is getting more competitive oriented these days. I mean, a maximum of 9 players per team? What the f**k is that? Now, I don’t wanna sound like one of those guys, but in earlier CoD games there were around 30 people on 1 map. 30 players on 1 map! That’s almost as much as Battlefield (on consoles, at least)! Alas, that is just my opinion.

      • If that’s the problem you have, why not take it up with the developers? Why hate on eSports? (I’m making a larger, general point and not making an accusation of hatred in your comment.)

    • You know, it’s that logic that is being used

      “if you dont like it, move on and ignore it”
      You do realize that same logic can be applied to you, right? If you dont like negative comments, why dont you ignore it and move on, right?

      Everyone has different opinions, and everyone is allowed and should say their opinions however they please just like you my good sir.

      • I don’t question their right to have opinions. Instead I question their unrivaled hatred for an industry that many (including myself) enjoy. It’s one thing to dislike/not enjoy something. It’s another to outright hate it, which brings me to my next question: What has eSports done that deserves such an outlandish backlash?

        • Who cares if they hate it or not? You should probably take your own advice that you give to “these haters”. And to the last question, I have no clue, me personally I don’t like eSports nor do I hate it, I don’t really have an opinion on it, but if other people do, it doesn’t really matter. There is people who hate eSports and there is people that like it, just like with everything else.

    • I think they have tried this in every Call of Duty game.

      Modern Warfare 3 did it pretty well. The most impactful moment was Soap’s death (obvious) but they also made at least me to care about new characters like Sandman and Yuri. And after thinking this campaign got many important characters killed (which I hate to be honest).

    • Pretty generic, but, pretty much the first news I’ve heard about IW16 so far. Why do the devs keep focusing so much on campaign mode? I know some people buy it just for that but surely they must be in the vast minority. Why not invest some of those resources into MP which would bring in more revenue due to micro/DLC and surely more sales

      • They focus to it because there are many people who enjoy Call of Duty campaigns. And let’s face it: they have the best campaigns from all first person shooters. They are so good because there are set pieces, memorable characters and great soundtracks in Call of Duty’s campaigns.

        • Agreed. Especially hearing Army Rangers theme in MW2 while running to roof to swing flare was epic and that moment gave me goosebumps.

          “So when are we goin’ to Moscow? When the time’s right corporal. When the time’s right.”