A new game settings update for Black Ops 3 is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The new update’s version number is

The new update includes:

  • Turns off Double Cryptokey
  • TDM score limit will stay at 100
  • Fixes for exploits in Stronghold
  • Updates to the CTF rules
  • Updates to Uplink OT rules and bugs fixed
  • Gunsmith bugs fixed
  • Fixes Zombies beast mode exploits



    • And again it requires a full game update to fix. Vahn said it will be fixed when there is a full game update, not a hotfix.

  1. Where is Exodus? I haven’t seen that map for a long time and I play on PS4. Did they take it off the rotation or what? It doesn’t make an appearance when people are voting for next, previous or random map.

    • Treyarch took it out because it was crashing/freezing during the loading screen, but I thought by now they would have fixed it.

        • Not just a “full update” they can fix it when ever they want, they just want to add that feature in a big update so people will be hyped for everything they added.

          • ohh, and you know this because you work at activision? don’t blow smoke up without any knowledge.. the full update makes sense as graphics files and such likely need to be fixed with it.. these game settings changes are just changing lines of code. although it seems they could push an update pre-awakening.

          • I don’t need to work at “Activision”to know this moron.
            I can easily make an update to my game right at this second.
            Plus the “Full update” doesn’t even make sense, it’s simply called update. An update is just new code that has been implemented to the game, or it can be new sprites, or images that have been added to the game. So don’t fucking tell me I don’t know what’s going on, because I clearly know, and you’re the one with “No knowledge”.
            Go back to your mom kiddo, btw as soon as you said “And you know this because you work at Activision” I knew you were an idiot 12 year old. Also one more thing, you don’t need to change graphic files to make an update…

          • LOl, you lose big time.. I haven’t been 12 for almost 30 years.. I think you don’t understand the difference between the game settings updates and an update to the whole game.. maybe full update is wrong word, but im pretty sure changing sprites would require a patch to be applied and not the game settings update check it does every time you load BO3.nice fail in your whole argument.. and you need help for your rage level.. its just a game..

          • “Game settings require changing of sprites” how stupid are you? If I change the speed of my player, that’s game settings…. Am I changing the images or sprites of my player, don’t think so. Also, treyarc did a game setting update with tdm, they increased the score limit, did they need to change any sprites, nope…

          • You lose big time….
            I like how kobrah doesn’t understand anything, yet he likes your comment. lmao

    • people would turn into the beast, jump somewhere they couldn’t get to as a human then glitch the game to move their character to where the beast was

  2. in your opinions, should the ball carrier in uplink get 300 points a kill If he uses the ripper while holding the ball? it takes 4 kills to get raps this way and kind of seems broken. should it get fixed?

  3. You guys find it awful laggy .Ever since the new year I find it laggy as hell and I don’t mean a bit . The more kill streak I’m on the worse it gets. By the time I’m on a five kill steak my guy doing circles/spinning around and huge delay when firing to the point I die or just quit. It’s so bad that I can officially the worst cod game for multiplayer . I’ve been playing since MW2. I play on PS4, it was fine last year. Doesn’t matter what I Olay it’s laggy as Shit . I’ve even upgraded my internet package and modem . It can’t be me . It’s only this game. It’s a shame because I once liked it.

  4. Multiplayer had double cryptokey but what about zombies? Can we have double liquid divinium or maybe the next time the dlc releases.

  5. i only wish that they fix the “weapons from the ground” glitch were your HUD shakes a lot and u are waking slowly when you pick a weapon from the ground. Although is rare it pissess me off a lot

    • You cant really do much man. 3arch’s cods have always been like this, one day the connection is amazing, you have fun and the sky is sunny and the next day you lag like crazy, your bullets dont register and Hurricane Katrina is coming again.

  6. Top 3 things I reallllly want to see changed are the flinch (by reducing it), hit detection, and the matchmaking (because lobby matchmaking is just not fair). Besides those, I like the game a lot, but those issues are just so frustrating y