The first downloadable content pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Awakening, is available now on PS4. The new DLC brings four multiplayer maps and an all new Zombies experience, Der Eisendrache.

In order to access the Awakening DLC, players must be on the latest version of Black Ops 3 (patch version 1.05, which was released on February 1st). Once you’ve downloaded the latest update, players can visit the in-game, go to ‘Map Packs,’ and select Awakening in order to activate the content. Once you have activated the content, you can now play the new content in Black Ops 3.

Multiplayer Maps:

  • Gauntlet: Grounded in a military training facility, Gauntlet plays up the core philosophy of Treyarch’s classic three lane map structure with distinct variety in visuals and gameplay. Each of the three primary lanes has a unique environment as players battle through a sprawling jungle, sub-zero artic zone and rainy urban cityscape. Checkout the preview trailer here.
  • Splash: Set in an abandoned water theme park, this vibrant and playful map delivers an imaginative environment complete with waterslides, a wrecked pirate ship, and a lazy river ride that winds through a fantastical forgotten city. Splash is designed to drive an open flow of combat, including plenty of opportunities for underwater gameplay. Checkout the preview trailer here.
  • Rise: Set in the snowy outskirts of Zurich, Rise is a Coalescence Corporation construction project for a massive subterranean research campus. The design of the map caters to a mix of classic Call of Duty cover combat alongside strategic core movement opportunities, with each section of the map offering distinctly different styles of gameplay. Checkout the preview trailer here.
  • Skyjacked: Set on a security VTOL in the clouds over urban Zurich, Skyjacked is a reimagined version of the popular Call of Duty®: Black Ops II multiplayer map Hijacked, and retains the same fast and frenetic gameplay from one of the most popular maps in Call of Duty® history, but with a twist. Skyjacked gives players the opportunity to explore the map in a variety of new ways thanks to the all-new core movement system in Black Ops III. Checkout the preview trailer here.


  • Der Eisendrache, the first chapter of Call of Duty: Black Ops III‘s Zombies DLC adventure will take players on an epic journey with the Origin characters Richtofen, Nikolai, Takeo, and Dempsey. Set in an eerie medieval castle built upon an ancient site of unspeakable horror, massive deposits of Element 115 have recently been discovered, delivering inspired new gameplay and – in Zombies tradition – a variety of exciting plot twists and surprises that fans will have the opportunity to discover for themselves. Watch the trailer here.

The Replacer Trailer:

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Awakening DLC costs $14.99 or is included with the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Season Pass. Awakening DLC will be available at a later date on Xbox One and PC. Awakening DLC will not be available on PS3 or Xbox 360.



      • Pack a punch, teddy bears found so far. Working on the rumoured BRM, no success yet though. Still hard for a noob to figure out, especially with such a big map.

    • My issue with soe was it was a chore every time. I’m okay with complicated as long as it’s not mundane. HIGH HOPES TO PLAY WHEN I GET HOME

    • And this is why I won’t ever play zombies in this game.
      I am PM lvl 250 and I haven’t played one game of zombies yet. I’ve seen my brother playing and it is just too complicated.

      I am a veteran Call of Duty player when it comes to multiplayer, but zombies? I have no clue.

      • Dude, SOE ain’t complicated, just repetitive. You cannot expect to jump into the game knowing everything. Idk about you but I like new and fresh content.

    • “Too complicated” give it a few days and reform your opinion. It’s pretty easy to get to PAP and get the power. Why does everything else have to be simple, it’s fun figuring out how to get the extra weapons and Easter egg.

  1. the game crashes after playing a zombies game cause it can’t post to leaderboads, viewing leadboards also crashes it

  2. inb4 PS4 bragging comments.

    Genuinely hope that you guys enjoy the new maps, and looking forward to playing them myself next month… 🙂

  3. i preordered it and when i try to play it says i need to buy it, when i go store it says it’s already bought… also can’t find any activate button anywhere, this sucks

    • Did you access the game DLC via the PSN Store via menu bar? For me, it read the season pass was purchased but if I clicked onto Awakening DLC $14.99, it would show that it was purchased and downloaded. I hope this helps you.

        • I created a private match (local play) and that’s how I initially saw that it was there. Maybe your system needs to be restarted or just closing out the application entirely. These are the only two ideas I can come up with to help you.

          • I’ve restarted my ps4 many times today and still nothing, i can see that new zombie map but can’t play it. Hope it starts working today… but thanks for help

    • Load bo3, then instead of playing the game select “store” from the menu, go to maps section and select the awakening dlc to “download”…. Enjoy

  4. Guys how is so far Der Eisendrache in compare with SOE? I mean is it more complicated or less in terms of layout and wonder weapons. Is this map for casual zombie players or nah?

  5. How do I download the map pack if I bought the season pass?? Does it download automatically it do you have to do it yourself?

    • lmfao im downloading the update and it keeps cancelling idk why so RIP me, by the time I will end up playing it, it will be out for xbox and pc lel

    • Splash is a really cool map, it has a nice flow to it where everyone kind of works their way through the middle where a bunch of the slides kind of connect. Gauntlet is a straight up classic 3 lane map, and it kind of feels like a competitive map to me

  6. does this f*ck up gamesharing?! my account is primary on my buddies console, and his with mine, I just clicked the download on the DLC in the store on my ps4… how do we make this work?

    • The one who doesnt has the season pass/dlc1 should go to his account, start up BO3, go to the store and you’ll see that if you click on the awakening dlc it says you own it (you can check in private match). Then you simply go back to your account, start BO3 and if everything went OK, you should have it…
      I hope this makes sense to you

  7. I have a question. My friend and I share games and plus. I am his primary ps4 and he is mine. Will he be able to use the dlc like with previous games? With the new system that is.

  8. So a guy came up to me in school today and was like “Why are you always on Charlie Intel?” and I was like “wtf?” and he was like “I always see your username in the comments”, I’ll take that as a win.

  9. I haven’t bought the season pass yet and I’m wondering if it’s well worth my money. If I, myself, were planning on getting the season pass, I would get it mainly just for zombies. For those of you on PS4 that are playing it, can you give me your opinions on what you think of the first DLC? Are the maps good? How is zombies? Let me know if you don’t mind 🙂

  10. I only play domination. Its great the new maps are in the core rotation on modes right off , but so far after 6 games have played all the new ones but not yet Gauntlet. Are ALL the maps, NEW and old on the domination rotation eventually ?

  11. [WALL OF TEXT ALERT] So my overall first impressions after a couple of hours playing team deathmatch:

    Skyjacked: Fun map to play and looks nice. Although I like more Hijacked’s idea of luxury yacht than some flying facility type of airship. But it doesn’t bother that much.

    Splash: Probably my favorite so far. Looks really awesome and it is super fun to play. However, I was given false information about being able to slide water slides…

    Rise: Fine map and underwater area gives some nice tactics for those who know how to flank enemies.

    Gauntlet: I haven’t played this map yet because Skyjacked and Splash get all the votes BUT based on Youtuber’s gameplay this map is cool because of those 3 different environments (the jungle being my favorite).

    Der Eisendrache: “Host migration”, “host migration”, “host migration” on round 3 because rage quitting tryhards can’t accept they aren’t so good playing Zombies as they claim. But after I got to play with all 4 players staying the map played quite nicely and is good but also a little bit too complicated. Maybe that goes away when I learn more about the map.

    I would give this DLC a solid 8.5/10.

    • The jungle bit is tiny, it the best looking but I hardly spend any time their… N I disagree about splash being the best, sure it looks really kewl.. But Rise just feels great, I think that and combine are the best designed maps In the game and I think it’s even better designed than combine.. Agree with ur score tho..

      • I like that underwater part of Rise. Also do you know if it is indeed a Silo remake and you can go to that high vantage point that people used to snipe from in Black Ops 1?

        • Hmm I can’t picture where u mean, I don’t think so tho..

          Ive had a little go on zombies and had same problem as u couldn’t get past wave 3 without people leaving, then getting kicked so gave it up as a bad job, I couldn’t find the power to open up half the doors, but I’m actually willing to YouTube all of this and actually give it ago unlike the last Map where u had to turn into that stupid green thing, I think this still looks complicated but it’s not overwhelming like the last map was..

      • Well they pretty much are “rage quitting tryhards”. They claim they are the best and they try their best = survive to round 3 (tryhard) and then they rage and quit when they go down on starting rounds (raqe quitter).

        Also that’s nice of you. Calling someone names over the internet is so classic…

  12. Well, by the time I the download will finish it will be like 9 pm, I’ll play some zombies, get down, rage, make a shit ton of noise and my mum will come in my room and dropkick me in the dick.

  13. Did anyone notice on the main menu you can now access nightmares, free run and MOTHERFUCKING DEAD OPS ARCADE 2!! it that new in the update? i didnt even know dead ops 2 was in the game

    • A remastered version of CoD4 for current-gen would be awesome! The community asks because that’s what it wants, I for one am on that boat.

      • I’m not talking about legit remasters cause I want one too, but I meant the next sequels. I get that there needs to be a classic COD feel again, but these last few cods (except AW I still hate that game) have been so stale and so similar to the last 7 CODs that Idk how people can tolerate paying $60 for the same shit just different year. New games should be about moving forward (not how AW did it cause that was way too much), maybe BO3 toned down just a bit more

  14. Too Large Maps! I dont like it. DO NOT DO THIS on the next Map Pack Treyarch.
    We like Small/Medium Maps!!!
    This is Why people HATE COD Ghosts…LARGE MAPS!

  15. Finally got my dlc working!! I had to restore license in Account management. I didn’t know it until someone had found out that works.

  16. Skyjacked: Fucking awesome, nostalgia square in the face
    Splash: Such a fun map, easily the best non remake map in the DLC pack
    Gauntlet: Classic Treyarch 3 lane style map, and looks fly af
    Rise: It’s like BO1s Hanoi and BO2s Cargo fucked and had a baby. Probably my least favorite of the four, but still a pretty solid map

    Waiting till tonight to play Der Eisendrache, but so far this DLC is pretty damn good.

  17. Pffft, 3/4s of people in Zombies are playing Der Eisendrache, Pfffttt, Awakening already in standard matchmaking, Pfffttt, I’ll just be here waiting for my Giant and DLC pack 2 with another “…of The Dead” map, coughcoughandforsomeonetofigureouthowtoplaythedlcwithoutpayingcoughcough.

  18. I bought the DLC Awakening but when I go to the bo3 store there are not items in the store:( My game is from the USA but my count is Spanish anyone knows what can I do because Activision don’t answer me:((

  19. No download button how shit are you guys it’s a joke after taking people’s money you can’t deliver the Dlc bunch of arse holes…..