Treyarch has announced that there will be Double Weapon XP in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (update: Beenox has confirmed Double Weapon XP is also on PS3 and Xbox 360) this weekend — starting Friday, February 5th at 10AM PT and ending Monday, February 8th at 10AM PT.



      • i noticed it monday, i dont mind being put against good players, it just has to be a good connection which it wasnt…..

        • That’s what I don’t get. They have arena mode which is skill based. Why does the regular playlist need it? Luckily I play on x1. We won’t get the update at least in a couple of weeks. Which raises another question. Why is a patch being held from us? Polishing? Since when does patches need polishing?

          • You don’t understand how SBMM works. None of the people claiming “SBMM is back” does.

            A Treyarch dev explained on Reddit, that there is a skill range considered in matchmaking in all COD titles. They could dial it up or down, which will affect the amount of time it takes to find a match. That is the “skill-based” factor of SBMM. In no way does it affect connection speed.

            What you’re seeing is simply a case of not having enough people downloading the patch/DLC, and those who usually do it fast enough are dedicated players (aka tryhards).

          • Skill being a factor at all is an unpleasant experience. But what you said makes sense.

          • So it’s as simple as moving a dial? You should let sledgehammer know. Oh wait they told us it’s not that easy. And for sbmm lag I’m talking about being put into lobbies from who knows where. Not sbmm creating its own lag. Just seems a little odd to have a 9 gb update( I know the map pack is a huge part) and to have Xbox players wait to have polished. I’ve never heard of that. Don’t even bother replying.

          • You’re still assuming Sledgehammer’s matchmaking issue is SBMM. It may seem like it has to do with SBMM (since it supposedly pairs you up with players of similar skill range, regardless of location), but correlation does not equal causation. Vahn spoke on this before. The two are not even remotely related.

    • No they didn’t. People who bought DLC are now matched with others who also got it. People who spend the extra money on DLC are typically better at the game, therefore they are being matched with players who are typically better at the game. NOT SBMM THOUGH!

    • No.. Just no… Ur a disgrace… Never claim furst if u r not furst..

      Other people in the comment section, no sbmm in bo3, u just got reked that day by people better than u, get over it…

        • Lol.. it will magically dissapear for them tomorrow, and then in a week or two treyarch will add sbmm back In the game again * eye rolling face*

          • I can already see people calling Vondy a liar. Why ask for a official statement if people have already decided he is a liar?

            I remember huge panic in BO3 Reddit. Whole front page was full of complaints about SBMM. It seems like people just want easy targets. I honestly don’t believe the statement “I would want a challenge now and then, not always.” Why would they stay in lobby where they get stomped? I wouldn’t…

          • I upvoted u before u edited that last bit in.. We all know my thoughts on sbmm and stomping, and just wanted to point out my upvote is for everything above that..

          • Games with sweats in every lobby aren’t fun. Your logic sucks. Just because I don’t like sweaty players in my games, doesn’t mean I’d want the game to be easy. You’re damage controlling too much. It would be a much more fun game if the matchmaking was better.

        • I know im going to be in the minority, but i dont see anything wrong with playing against players with the same skill level as me.

          • That’s lame. Playing against players of equal skill sucks and ruins games. I don’t need easy lobbies, I need fun lobbies. Otherwise the game sucks.

          • I think it takes a bit of the unpredictability and chaos out of it. I like that some days I wreck and other days I get wrecked. Better than constant steady games. No fun for me but that’s just my opinion.

          • And I better state for the record before anybody starts. I DO NOT BELIEVE SBMM IS BACK IN BOPS3

          • I find it a lot funnier to play agains a variety of skills. Some better, some worse all on both teams.

          • Nobody? Here is a fun fact: noobs face people like you all day. Don’t tell me “they should get better” because that is just an excuse for your lack of skill against other people who have same skill level.

          • He is the noob, he can’t play the game at all.. Ignore him.. He’s been crying since it came out.. I think it would be better all round if sbmm was introduced just to make him stop crying..

          • I’m a man and can fight back (although it doesn’t always work). Now that people get “sweaty lobbies” it means SBMM is back. Ridiculous!

            Also it is nice to be on the “same wave” for a long time with you.

          • Yh bo3 and ghosts 2 we might be on the same page for a long time to come, who would of thought it lol..

          • You’re starting to act like the Advanced Warfare fanboys. Stop being such an asshole.

          • All I’m saying, things don’t go ur way u can’t scream sbmm is back every time that is all.. surely u can see this is nothing like a.w

          • How is it not like Advanced Warfare when most of the lobbies I join are full of sweats? I didn’t even say that I wanted to face bad players, and it’s baffling to magically jump to that conclusion.

          • I dunno man, may be treyarch just out Sbmm in ur copy of the game just to troll u for the year dude.. I’d be fishing out that receipt if I was u..

          • Ur poop at the game get over it, u was struggling well before the dlc, so don’t try blaming dlc.. #Brady4EverCursedBySbmm

          • I’m not bad at the game lol, you haven’t even seen me play, so why be are you being so ignorant? It’s been common knowledge before the game came out that the process of matchmaking teams is where SBMM is factored. It’s really not suspicious to you that your games are so close? The online is not a pleasant experience as of right now. But go ahead and damage control over this game like a blind fanboy.

          • My games are not always so close, I don’t know where u got that from.. And like I said to u, I can go and pull some quotes from u if u like, if u really want to carry this on, I will.. Ive seen stuff from u saying.. Trying to improve ur 0.80 something kd is no fun.. Ive seen u say it’s a really good game but for some reason u just can’t kill anyone shoot first die first… Ive seen all kinds of excuses from u. And now it’s sbmm fault, not yours…. K

          • Wtf 0.80 kd is almost impossible when you only play public c matches. Now I get it he must be the no thumbs guys who are always put in my team lol. I cant Reminder when my kd ratio was so low in any cod.

          • Ever since the game came out, everyone noticed how closed each game was. We’d only win/lose by about 10 in modes like TDM. So don’t tell me that SBMM doesn’t exist. There’s no god awful Advanced Warfare SBMM, but it exists. My main gripe isn’t always about the players, we just die way too fast. The movement is fantastic, the weapon balance is arguably the best ever (Gorgon needs a nerf don’t deny it), and the game is satisfying. Absolutely nothing in the game (other than the Gorgon) is bullshit at all whatsoever, so if I only complain about just simply not doing well (and the TTK), then it’s a pretty damn good online experience. One of my favorites. It’s just rage inducing because of how fast we die.

            “Ive seen all kinds of excuses from u. And now it’s sbmm fault, not yours…. K” Did you not read what I stated before? I know what I said, and what I’ve been describing this whole time only correlates to what I’ve always been saying about the game. It’s just not fun getting melted. Apparently I just need to magically improve and acquire some sort of aim bot or something. You’re not even making any sense. CoD isn’t even a competitive game, so why do I have to force myself to be amazing at it all of a sudden? That’s pretty shitty. Oh well, the game’s fun.

          • Yeah, but I don’t do commentaries. It’s just for storing gameplay. I’m putting up a bunch of Bloodborne boss/PVP kills.

          • How do you want me to do that? I could download the clips and do it in Movie Maker real quick and delete it.

          • NVM just downloading the MP4 wouldn’t prove anything, I’ll just prove it with my username in the intro.

          • Your logic once again makes no sense, nor does that excuse anything. When we all started out, we just let ourselves improve. Now that we’re not noobs anymore, that doesn’t magically mean to put us up against sweats. Is that really a balanced experience to you? It doesn’t need to be easy, it just needs to be tolerable. Skill-based Matchmaking makes no sense, because what if those 1 KD players reverse-boosted? It’s terrible game design.

          • But it’s not in the game lol.. The fact that u have to bring up sbmm In bo3 proves a point in it self,

            The fact u think its in the game, shows how bad u r…

            If it did exsist and u said the same thing, our points would be irrelevant.. “u don’t like sbmm cuz ur shit” is a weak argument.. When it stops being a weak argument is when sbmm is not in the game and ur still saying sbmm is the reason behind this..

          • I have no issues with the lobbies can get good scores and have Nice stats. But also have s ometimes bad games. There is for sure no sbmm in bo 3. Because he think so he will be the noob.I only dont like no thumbs team mates when playing solo

          • Are you serious? Treyarch confirmed that some form of Skill-based Matchmaking exists, and that it’s used in the team formation process. It should be suspicious to you that your games and your KD’s are so close. I’m bad because I face sweats in a vast majority of my lobbies? Advanced Warfare apologists had this same ignorant logic. Your logic would only make sense if it didn’t exist in the game at all, but it does, and you’re wrong.

          • It’s the same marching making we have always had in cod, apart from A.W.. U know what I mean when we are taking about Sbmm ur just clutching at straws for arguments sake..

          • Maybe he want to sayhis scores in terms of k/d are less high when he face people with a same skill lvl. But agreed he is crying each time . Think he is a big fair in cod

          • clearly you need to practice. Sounds like while everyone else is getting better at the game you haven’t. It isn’t the games fault that most everyone is better than you.

          • Why is this always the answer when someones says something even remotely undesirable about the game? Who’s to say he’s not secretly better than every pro player. There is no such thing as someone getting better at a severely unbalanced game. As far as I’m concerned BO3 Multiplayer is a shiny turd. Atleast right at the moment, and I have a decent 2.87 ratio.

          • Look here another dick rider…Mr. ArtisanKnight. Unless you know what it is you are commenting about, maybe you should not say anything at all….Everyone always complaining unless they get into a lobby full of noobs. If they don’t get the lobby they like then all of a sudden the game is at fault or the matchmaking sucks……excuses excuses excuses

          • You’re the only fick rider. All you faggots say is ” well maybe you’re bad at the game” fuck off, I’m better than most people I come in contact with, smarter and faster. Admit that the fucking game has flaws maybe, and pull Treyarch’s cock out of your ass for once. I don’t complain about people being good, because I can still catch them. That goes for any player. You should not comment on a persons skill level because they stated something about what they think is a problem. Fucking dumbass. My comment wasn’t a complaint, my vacuous friend. It’s just sad to see all of you butt hurt fanboys defend the game to the death like it’s perfect. I’m good at BO3, I don’t need excuses.

          • You are only digging yourself a whole with all of your ignorant comments. You haven’t backed up anything you have said. Just another angry kid on the internet I guess…

          • Only crappy players and the super sweats should have a problem with SBMM.
            You basically wont to play against people worse then you because it makes
            you think you are better than you actually are, and it boosts your ego
            You dont like being challenged by people of “equal skill”.

          • You sound like the other idiotic Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 apologists. You must not have been paying attention to the conversation, so stop jumping to conclusions like an ignoramus. Just because Black Ops 3’s lobbies are sweaty and atrociously boring, doesn’t mean that I want “easy” lobbies. I want EASIER lobbies so that the game is tolerable for a change. It doesn’t mean that I want to face bad players, do you have any sense of logic in this situation? “it makes you think you are better than you actually are, and it boosts your ego ;)” You obviously don’t get it. No, having an average experience is more fun than playing against players that kill the game. Again, it doesn’t mean I want to play against bad players. “I bet you dont like being challenged by people of “equal skill”.” Of course I don’t, unless I’m playing a competitive playlist. Otherwise, it’s terrible, lazy game design and it makes no sense. I don’t pay for this game to have a bad experience. If I wanted tactical, I’d get the Bloodborne trophy again. That’s objectively not what Call of Duty is.

          • “If you dont like it, don’t play it” you’re ignorant. Stop playing my $90 game that I can’t get a full refund over? Simply telling me to “get better” is something that Sledgehammer Games would say… “Get better, that’ll make our shitty game a more pleasant experience!”.

        • I love to play against better people and try hard. Owning no thumbs lobbies is fun for warming up. But getting good scores against good players is much better feeling.

      • Nobody wants to play a game full of sweats. The game in its current state is not fun at all, get over it.

        • Give it a few days, dude. This is not SBMM at work. This is just the game not having enough players with the patch/DLC downloaded. And usually those who invest enough in DLCs are way more tryhards than others.

          • He just means that in order to make the game fun experience it must be fun for as many as possible. In other words for players with about 1 K.D.

            If someone has over 2 K.D. then you are so good and the game is too easy. Options: play against better players to make the game more challenging again or then change the game.

          • Oh, alright, well, it’s basic logic that getting destroyed isn’t fun. I shouldn’t have to become an amazing player to have fun in a game I paid for, and I’m just being honest. The game is fun, but it’s rage inducing.

          • SBMM already exists in the game in some format. Advanced Warfare SBMM would make this game a piece of shit.

          • Well I appreciate your opinion after all we all have the right to have one. Unless you spend a lot of time in North Korea or Reddit (see what I did there?)

        • Sbmm is not in the game tho, so its not full of “sweats” ur just shit, u have even admited to it, u been Bitching about how shit u r since the game came out.. Get over it mate..

          • Wow, you’re a fucking asshole. Chill out. I’m not shit, the game is shit in its current state and even if I were, I shouldn’t be forced to play a certain way. CoD is a casual game, get over it, “mate”.

          • I’ve hit a nerve? Me and u have had some disagreements in the past and u have never resorted to name calling lol… u can’t adapt to the movement it’s that simple.. I can find at least 15 posts of u admitng so if u really want me to? .. u only play zombies cuz u can’t play multilplayer cuz ur shit.. Ur now the noob n u don’t like it..

          • Dial it down a bit. You’re acting like the people that damage controlled Advanced Warfare (“You aren’t having fun because you suck” “Just adapt”). I shouldn’t have called you an asshole, but I didn’t mean that to be hostile. Perhaps I should have worded it as “you’re acting like a fucking asshole right now and I think you need to chill out”. No, you don’t need to find posts, because I know what I said. Yeah, saying that I suck at the game after having a hugely unpleasant experience with it 5 minutes before hits a nerve. The movement isn’t the problem. I know for a fact that I’m not “shit” nor a “noob”, nor would I know why that even matters, because CoD is not tactical nor a competitive game in the slightest.

          • How is it not tactical or competitive? If it wasnt u would enjoy it if u lost or won, got destroyed or not dominated..

          • Because Call of Duty is as easy as easy can get. Tactical games are games like Battlefield, Rainbow Six, Insurgency, etc. Call of Duty has never been tactical nor competitive, it has always been about easy accessibility, not trying to be the best. Forcing that environment is boring, pretty much. I don’t pay $60 to play a game with an identity crisis.

          • Yet ur the only one having trouble, for the rest of us it is just a casual game.. If ur having to play another way, then I don’t know what to say to u lol..

          • Most funny is that you can get also good scores with boots on thw grond and some Humo shots.that guy is so bad at cod

          • It isn’t casual as long as noobs (majority of the fanbase) get connected with 2+ KD and 400+ SPM.

          • Yeah, but I shouldn’t have to magically be amazing at a game out of the blue to enjoy myself and I don’t accept that to be very fair. The game does not suck at all, I’m just not enjoying it right this second.

          • Why cry each time about try hard lobbies when you find the game casual? Casual or not there is a difference in skill

          • CoD isn’t even a skillful game. They’re forcing a competitive environment and it’s not fun at all. Sledgehammer got shit for doing the exact. Same. Thing. Don’t know why everyone is jumping on this game’s case and defending it when I said that it didn’t even suck, it’s just annoying and frustrating. It’s arguably the best CoD in quite a long time. It doesn’t suck by any means. The only thing that I think sucks about it is the TTK and the matchmaking, and that’s not because of “skill” level. I don’t want the lobbies to be easy and I don’t need to destroy bad players to have fun, I just want them easier than “sweats” so that they’re tolerable. We’re not playing Arena, so Treyarch needs to stop forcing that environment on us.

          • Please read I did not say cod is a skillfull game. However there is a difference in skill between players. When I play with friends I like arena mode. But solo I play public matches and the most of the lobbies are not that good. You face some good and some bad players.

          • I know that my experience isn’t unique. I probably just don’t like dying so fast. The TTK is Ghosts bad.

          • Rule #1 on this site: No telling lies.

            You my friend are lying when you say you are not shit. It is a fact. You are shit. ScOott never lies.

          • Brilliant logic. You haven’t even seen me play, you idiot, so why jump to that conclusion? Stop trolling and grow up.

          • Rule #37 on this site: No crying

            Quit crying…..pull up your big girl panties and move on…and remember…..ScOott never lies.

          • I doubt I have played the game very much. I agreed you face sometimes lobbies with good players. I dont care I tryhard each game. Sometimes I also have less good games. But in general I do very well. But I want to say that the most of the time you find people with different skill in thelobby. The only cod who have almost only sweasty lobbies was aw

          • I’m only getting sweaty lobbies. It’s unpleasant, and unfortunate. It’s impossible to magically become amazing at the game all of a sudden. When I’m “in the zone” and everything starts kicking in, I can do some crazy things that are really fun. I’m playing right now and I had a triple with the KRM, against players that I’d find shitty. It’s like I became MLG all of a sudden. That shit is a blast.

    • Yeah wish we had the update so I could look for upgrading the wonder weapon in shadows of evil while everyone on ps4 is busy playing Der eisendraché

  1. Lol everyone’s here complaining about SBMM and I haven’t even touched MP. Been playing Der Eisendrache a lot and having a blast, one of the better maps in all of COD zombies imo

    • I haven’t liked a zombie map since bo1 but have to say I’m enjoying this zombie map, could do with out that stupid big thing spawning in and killing me off tho lol..

      • Yeah, the panzer is tough if you don’t have a bow yet. It becomes a pain in the ass at round 40 when 4 spawn at once and have a ridiculous amount of health. A tip for early rounds if you struggle with Panzer: run to the death ray ( the trap right outside the power room) and activate it. The Panzer will get trapped in the electric floors and can’t move and the zombies will die, giving you time to shoot and kill him with ease.

          • Nice. Have you experienced that endless round glitch? Happens when you try to get the Ground Slam part from after the rocket test launch and you flip the switch. Basically it starts spawning in endless zombies for like half an hour or so, it’s insane how many there are. I had over 50,000 points at round 7. Worst part is you can just save a zombie and do it again, the round will never change until you kill the one that spawns in last. Idk why anyone would ever need that many points but it’s kinda gamebreaking. Hopefully they fix it soon, that thing is broken as hell.

          • I’ve sorta seen something like that, but I had no idea it went that far. I noticed when I have a crawler, and hit the switch, more zombies spawn in, but I didn’t know how they affected the round, and how many I could kill before the round started anew. I always teleported after I got the part.

      • You didn’t really miss out much in BO2 as the best maps in BO2 were Mob of the Dead and Origins. However BO3 Zombies has been amazing so far. Looking forward to March so I can play The Iron Dragon finally

        • Have u got this dlc? Theirs something about this one that makes it better than all of them, I like big open spaces and it seems to have a lot of them, and the easter eggs don’t seem as forced, and u don’t have to turn into a ghost or a stupid creature.. I liked the simplicity of bo1 and I think this is a good compromise between bo1 and two..

          • I got Awakening, yeah. Shadows of Evil was awesome, but this is one of my favorite maps. I haven’t even done everything. Not even close.

          • Yh I kept dying when that panzer thing comes in, so i haven’t done much but siftbalde, told me how to beat him easy, so hopefully I can get more things done next time I have chance to play

    • just by watching gameplay, it looks super easy like Buried and Ascension was. Kinda disappointed that PhD Flopper isn’t in the map, but overall looking forward to it once March rolls around

      • Yup, Panzer was necessary for this map to have some challenge. I’m glad it’s here, otherwise it’d be too easy. I was also dissapointed with no PhD, but seeing as how you can no longer dolphin dive, and there is a gobble gum that makes you immune to explosive damage, it isn’t too bad. Plus, the bows do no damage to you, just zombies.

        • I’m not a fan of the gobble gum, it only last for three rounds. Phd Floppers wasn’t only useful for the Dolphin Dive thing, it was also for the no splash damage, which is why it should be in there and instead of just getting that gobblegum. I mean look at Origins, that map was pretty useless for the Dolphin Dive effect as the map was pretty flat and they also took out the RPG out of the map. I just want tthe full perk back so I can use the XM-53 and the Ray Gun without any care in the world lol. The Panzers look like they’re pretty easy to kill. I guess because of the way the map layout is. In Origins he was a challenge because of the mud that slows you down and how tight the generators areas are. But if the map is pretty easy, then I’m good with that, I loved Ascension and Buried hahahaha

      • Simple gets old fast. What I love about this map is that you can play it as if it’s a classic zombies map if you want, unlike Shadows of Evil. Pretend the dragons heads aren’t there and just play through the map. PaP is super easy to get (even easier than Der Riese even), and there’s no big gimmick in this map like previous maps had that made them more complicated (Tranzit = Bus, Die Rise = Elevators, Buried = Time warping/Ghosts, Motd = Afterlife, Origins = Mud). You could just play this map like a classic map. It’s not huge (only 50% bigger than Die Rise), yet somehow they managed to fit so many different environments with so many different training spots. They took everything new from BO2 zombies that people liked (wonderfizz, staffs, shield), but didn’t make those things necessary in order to do well in the game for people who didn’t like BO2 at all. This map looks like a BO1 map, it feels like a BO1 map, but only for people who want a little something extra, it has some elements from BO2. Definitely in my top 5 zombies maps, maybe taking Origins’ place as all it did was take everything Origins did and make it better.

        • For me, having to do tones of side missions is just a chore. Turning on the power, and activating the teleporters is about right for me. its just about survival then.

          • Did you not read what I said? You can do exactly that. Just turn on power with the power switch and go to PAP. It’s literally even more simple to get PAP than it was in Der Riese. After that, just survive. Just because there are other options of things to do out there doesn’t mean you have to do them. Like I said, this map is only 50% bigger than Der Riese and the map layout has plenty of training spots. If you just don’t like the map, that’s fine, that’s your opinion. But the reason shouldn’t be because Der Eisendrache is too complicated. It’s the most simple zombies map we’ve had since BO1, the bows and stuff are all optional and can be ignored without making the map too hard.

          • Ehh not to me. I just don’t like the theme of it. It’s alright, it just doesn’t feel right with me.

          • Hmm. I can’t quite put my finger on it. It might just be all of the fetching and complexity. I personally wouldn’t want them to hand things to me on a silver platter like the PAP or the sword and such.

          • I agree. I’ll never understand the hate for Shadows of Evil. It’s arguably the best starting Zombies map that Treyarch has gave us. It easily tops Kino Der Toten and TranZit.

          • I agree Kino Der Toten is a good map, but the problem with Kino Der Toten, is that it didn’t offer any innovation. Granted it was in the right path rather than TranZit but Kino Der Toten is just another Der Riese which isnt a bad thing, it just didn’t offer anything new unlike TranZit (which was one step forwad but a 100 steps back which is why its so shit) and Shadows of Evil (which a great map)

        • I agree with u 100 percent, I previously hated having to do things in Bo2 to be successful, but now I don’t have to I find my self wanting to find them.. Is their any other weapons to obtain in the map or anything really kewl other than the bow? I know the bow can be changed by doing different things,.just wondering if anything else I should know about? ..

          • Haha not really, just the bows and the ragnorak ground slam thing. If you want to upgrade a bow I’ll rank them from easiest to hardest imo.

            1. Beast bow: Takes like 3, rounds and no puzzles, very straightforward. However it’s the weakest, doesn’t wipe out full trains, just knocks some back. Looks cool though

            2. Lightning bow: can be done in about 3-5 rounds, requires the ability to shoot and aim a bow at far ranges. Strongest in the game imo.

            3. Purple bow: Can be done in 1-2 rounds but has an annoying puzzle that requires you to listen carefully. Also this one’s very glitches, had it get stuck on me like 7 times before it finally let me complete it. Good against killing big trains, bad against clutch situations and saving a zombie.

            4. Fire bow: Pain in the ass, requires really good accuracy and trick shot skills. You use a lot of points on the bouncing things and you have to go through a bunch of rounds in order to kill zombies and complete the steps.

            The ground slam is easy to get and very very powerful. You can get it as you’re completing the lightning bow quest pretty easily. Hope this helps lol, I know it’s not what you were asking but I’m bored, so here you go :p

          • Lol any advice on zombies is more than welcome! I have one more question tho, before I have a go at weekend.. What happens if I do everything to get the bow, but someone else picks it up before me do we all get to have the bow or just one of us?

      • Ahh I see, I just skimmed through the comments briefly. Well that’s good, I don’t play much PvP in Bo3 so it wouldn’t really affect me too much anyways lol

          • Haha yeah, I didn’t really have fun with MP. Maps look cool and I’m sure they’re great for competitive and stuff, but I kinda just wanna jump in and have a fun, easy match at least once in a while. Nobody likes playing in the 24/7 tryhards playlist lol. And before people say its cause I suck, no. I don’t suck (much) I just don’t care enough to stress myself out and try hard to win. I guess I’m just not a very competitive person

          • Good, because CoD isn’t a competitive game, and it shouldn’t force you to play in such a way. Lobbies don’t need to be “easy”, they need to be tolerable. It might not even be the players, it might just be the awful Time to Kill. You get melted in this game.

          • No, I’m not on drugs, and no, CoD is not competitive in the slightest. Activision is just trying to cash in on Counter-Strike profits and they’re never going to rake in that kind of revenue. Hell, I doubt it’s even remotely helping them profit at all in comparison to fiscal sales. So, no, a few competitive players don’t magically scream that CoD is a competitive game, at least I don’t think that that’s objectively the case. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, though, if they have the facts. CoD is a simple, easy game and trying to make it competitive just tarnishes everything.

  2. SBMM? Nah, it’s just that the casual noob player rarely buys the DLC, only us sweaty COD fans. So now we have to go againts each other xD

    BTW, Skyjacked is my favorite DLC map, it brings back a lot of good BO2 memories back in the PS3!

    • Splash is my favourite, it’s a colourful map which is useful since most maps are quite dark, even when they are bright they are quite black and white.

      • I agree, the only problem with Splash is all the campy spots that are available. I even saw a person up on a castle picking people off, not sure if that’s a glitch spot.

        • All the maps are campy af! The new multiplayer maps play chaotic af, each map perfect for spawn traps, spawning near enemies etc, I’m not at all impressed by this dlc… I don’t know how to uninstall the dlc and go back to the base maps though

  3. Can someone tell me what the point of gunsmith is? I genuinely want to know cause it seemed so hyped up before release now it’s like a feature no one uses.