UPDATE — Feb 3rd: A new game settings update — version — is now live on PS4. This update includes fixes for exploits on Splash, hit marker bugs fixed, and more. 

Original Story: 

A new game settings update for Black Ops 3 has rolled out on PlayStation 4. Version number is

This new Game Settings Update has added in a limited time playlist for Awakening DLC maps under the BONUS category. The playlist will not be a permanent addition. The Awakening DLC maps are already in all playlists in Public Matchmaking.



  1. You Playstation guys now know the pain of glitches when a new map pack is released! Coming from an Xbox One / PS4 owner

    • Meanwhile you guys on Xbox One still have old glitches such as Combine 24/7…

      I’d rather have new maps and new glitches rather than no new maps and old glitches lol

        • and I am also a xbox and ps user… your point is?

          Where does it sound like I’m butt hurt? lol stated a fact and then my opinion.

          The pain of having glitches on overall great new content is undoubtedly better than having old glitches and having no new content whatsoever… am I wrong?

      • but combine gets voted for a reason because its action packed, i was the one always voting for it because i play free for all and its the map with the most flow. i didnt mind that 80% of my 1,000 ffa matches played was on combine

        • It wasn’t for a reason you shouldn’t be able to play the same map 10x in a row when there a plenty of variety in maps. The game becomes stale when you play the same thing over and over.

          Also to add to my precious point some glitches are actualy good such as the unlimited Liquid Divinium glitch in zombies. Got 10 perkaholics you guys on Xbox and PC might not get to exploit such a glitch.

  2. Anyone ever experienced a glitch when leaving a match in progress will take you back to the multiplayer party menu and all you see if your character either loading up or fully render into the back and nothing else just happens which forces you to close application? And lastly frame rate issues in the menus.

    • I’m normally a more of a MP guy but since this DLC has been release I’ve been on Zombies a lot. It’s amazing! So much to do on it. 🙂

    • I’m enjoying all the maps so far, the exploits on Splash are annoying but otherwise all the maps play well and look nice

    • i play a lot of free for all, and 80% of the lobbies have 4 out of the 8 people in it, very annoying, so please everyone buy the dlc to help the community out haha

  3. Ever since this patch i struggle to stay positive :/
    My kd is 1.34 so its not good but not terrible, usually play safeguard and go 30-8 but now i play the new maps and i go 2-9, 10-11 and shit like that and its like how? :c

    • its the skill based matchmaking which i dont mind what so ever as long as it prioritizes connection too which it doesnt. very annoying, and everyone seems to not be moving around and my score per minute is going down because of it. and am seeing alot more matches hitting time limit in free for all which before the patch never ever happened

  4. One step forward, two steps back…..Matchmaking/ team balancing is still horrendous, huge issues joining freinds lobbies/games, and what on earth have they done to the bullet registration/hit markers?! For 10 years in the game, Treyarch are screwing up some pretty basic stuff. I’m convinced this game is too high performance/ demands too much from the system. It’s the only game that makes my ps4 sound like its about to take off, and also the only game that has fully black screen crashed my ps4. I often post on here, and nobody ever really replies, so if someone would like to discuss the game, feel free to reply. P.S I currently can’t get online either. Massive disappointment tbh.

    • Haha yeah i agree. My ps4 sounds like an airplane every time i play black ops. Have been having horrible connection/lag and weird glitches with the game in the main menu and in game

      • How old ps4 do you have? I have European launch date PS4 (29th November 2013) and the noise coming from playing Bo3 is just horrendous. I have even calculated as high as 70db a while back. It also becomes very warm. If I didn’t play with my headphones I couldn’t play.
        However my game rarely crashes. Do you guys have your ps4 in an open space? My PS4 got room every where so the air flows nicely.

        • Has nothing to do with the old or new PS4 Version. I have the new BO3 limited PS4 and I have also the same loud noise (menu and in game).

    • My game crashes at random points sometimes. I don’t know if it’s because I have the disc version of the game or whatever, but it’s really annoying. The start up menu is slow and I wish you could skip it. Would save a lot of time tbh. Also, every time I load the game it’ll say “connecting to online servers”, load up for a couple of seconds, and I would have to click it again as if I never touched anything in the first place. MY biggest gripe with this game ever since the game launched is my clueless teammates. I feel like I am the fastest on the field, while I glance at the mini map and my team is still at spawn. Frustrating af.

  5. if anyone is wondering why connecting to public games seems different, it’s because it matches you with other people with the DLC. and not as many people have the DLC.

  6. i don’t understand how glitches make it into the game. how is it different than an author releasing a book full of typos, or the new star wars flick featuring carrie fischer screaming in the background that someone stole the boxes of wine from her trailer?

    perhaps we should take up a collection – get ma and pa activision the extra help they obviously require.

  7. On PS4, since the huge 9Gb patch has came out, I feel there is something weird with the global lightning in the map “Hunted”. It’s like the sunlight and shadowing is not correctly generated making the whole map look bland and dull (and ugly!), as if everything was made of plastic.
    Because of this, the visual clarity of the map, and player visibility are affected in a bad way.

    Does anybody can confirm the same stuff happening? Can’t find anything on google…

    I don’t know if they can fix this with a settings hotfix. :/