Activision and Treyarch have officially confirmed that new items for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 are now available in the Black Market. Players can get these new items via the Black Market by opening either Common or Rare Supply Drops using Cryptokeys or Call of Duty Points.

These are the new items that are available now:

  • Weapons:
    • MX Garand (Assault Rifle) — This classic remake is a powerful semi-automatic assault rifle that is devastating at a distance, putting targets down with two shots.
    • Marshal 16 Shotgun-Pistol — When you need to clear a room in a hurry, this hand-cannon combines the massive firepower of a double-barrel shotgun with the mobility of a pistol.
    • NX Shadow Claw Crossbow — This silent, mid-range weapon delivers lethal stealth projectile bolts that can be retrieved after firing.
  • Melee Weapons:
    • Iron Jim – Lethal brute force melee weapon takes out enemies with a single blunt strike.
    • Fury’s Song – This legendary sword takes the full-life of the enemy with each broad slash.
  • Weapon Camos:
    • Ritual
    • Etching
    • Prestige
  • Two New Calling Cards sets: Call of Duty: World at War & Call of Duty: Black Ops 1
  • New Gear Sets for specialists:
    • Geist (available for all 9 specialists)
    • Samurai (Ruin)
    • Ash and Blood (Outrider)
    • Deity (Prophet)
    • Jail Bird (Battery)
    • Goth (Seraph)
    • Poison Frog (Nomad)
    • Jester (Reaper)
    • Venom (Spectre)
    • Eviction (Firebreak)
  • New Emblems:
    • Kings Armor
    • Clash
    • Mad Bunny
    • Diamond Heat
    • Evil Octopus


These new items are available now in the Black Market in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.



  1. Glad I didnt buy the season pass, this confirms il be buying the next Cod second hand, and cod has always been a day one buy for me.. Shame it’s learnt nothing from A.W..

    • Lets see how it isn’t Treyarch’s fault this year but last year it was SHG’s fault when they brought better weapons to supply drops.

      I surely know it is about Activision but I don’t know how much Treyarch is involved in this decision.

      • It’s clearly Activivison at this stage.. I was really looking forward to ghosts 2, but if this is how CoD now is, il wait.. Gone are the days u can earn the best looking camo, weapon challengers don’t even mean what they used to.. I’m going for Diamond, but I look at some of my camos I was lucky enough to randomly “win” and think why bother.. And now we don’t all get to use the same weapons by leveling up.. We have to be lucky enough to “win” them as well.. Complete bull shit man..

        • I remember the time we got more items by completing CHALLENGES in games generally. Now it is all about money. Not that I complain about it but I just think where those challenges went that rewarded you with new content…

          • You know what makes this a real kick In the teeth.. The amount of effort they went to, to insure we all knew it was just cosmetic stuff we could get.. That was the line before launch.. Now everyone paid their money and got season passes they add the guns.. It’s a joke aghhhhh sorry for rant..

          • Betreyarch & Scamtivision. They say it’s cosmetics only, then we buy their DLC and season pass, then they fuck us over. Gaming is a scam and it isn’t fair. Fucking pathetic.

      • It was half-Sledgehammer half-Activision’s fault. The variants were Sledgehammer’s decision, and Activision made them pay-to-win.

      • Yeah the other day I’m thinking how great this game is (aside from acti still not giving us dedicated servers..) and I highly doubt it’s going to get better from here. Sledgehammer don’t fix map glitches but stuff clown and luchador masks in the game, infinity ward is a hollow shell of its former self, and I don’t see how Treyarch will change things up agsin. Maybe WAW2? My point is its all downhill from here, CoD has hit it’s peak.

        • If you live in EU or US, you are most likely playing on dedicated servers. Any connection issues you might have is just bad netcode.

          • this is true, even lastgen AW had dedis in some lobbies

            source: own an RGH 360, played with a mod that told me host, my ping, and FPS. sometimes, the host was Advanced Warfare.

        • The game doesn’t even need dedicated servers, now. Other than the atrocious TTK, the functionality is solid. The best we’ve ever had.

    • Agreed. They’re basically forcing us to grind for cryptokeys, just to have a shot, at getting the items. Glad I didnt cop the Season Pass….the new maps look bad to me anyway.

    • So…I just feel inclined to point this out. We cannot compare this to AW.

      In Advanced Warfare, all of the new weapons, gear sets, etc. released after launch were added ONLY in the Advanced Supply Drops (the paid model). In that case, you only got Advanced Supply Drops at certain levels (like 4 per prestige?) or you had to buy them. That case — I see why it seemed like “Pay to Win” last year.

      For this year, all the new items are in EVERY drop — meaning, you do not have to spend a single cent to get Keys to get the drop with these items in them. You can earn Keys even at the highest level without spending a single dollar. This is what they learnt from AW. People do not want content pay walled. So they did not.

      • Wait. There were guns locked behind Advanced Supply Drops. Can you point one out because I was a fan of AW and I don’t remember any guns behind a pay wall exept for AE4 and OHM. The only thing stuck behind a pay wall were cosmetics for your operators right?

        • No guns in AW were exclusive to ASDs. People just feel like saying that to justify their anger of being unable to get the new weapons.

          • Jokr, dude, guns were basically exclusive to ASDs.. SVO, Blunderbuss, the shotgun from Zombies, some old guns brought back.. etc.

          • The issue is with grinding. I don’t even know what I’d call it, at this point, because the word I’m looking for is definitely not “grinding”. Supply Drops in Advanced Warfare were earned via gameplay time (I think) and Daily Challenges. Good luck getting all of those weapons for free. Not to mention the fact that Advanced Supply Drops are a rare and very limited free occurrence.

          • You will never be able to use “endless grinding” as an argument against Activision. Because at the end of the day, it’s a video game, and you’re meant to have fun with it. Grinding or not, that’s your choice.

            It’s like how people say that supply drops encourage gambling, and how easy it is to get addicted. But then, wouldn’t that be a problem on your end? If you get addicted, you only have yourself to blame.

          • If it were actually fun, then that’d make sense. But mindless grinding with no incentive is pointless and the point that I was attempting (emphasis on attempting) is the fact that it is NOT fun to grind via RNG’s. Just look at Destiny. Activision can’t be defended for this. I’m surprised that they didn’t put RNG’s behind a paywall in that game.

            Seriously? They have themselves to blame? Maybe, say Sledgehammer, shouldn’t have added the ability to get better weapons via Supply Drops, and Activision shouldn’t have made the business decision of adding a price to them? It’d be a non-issue, and I’d have no issue with however much time it takes to “grind”, as long as there’s an incentive (perhaps a game that’s a blast?), but that’s not the case. A game better be a damn blast if they’re going to ask me for hundreds to thousands of hours of grinding to get weapons. I’d rather reach passed Master Prestige and earn the weapons that way via unlocks, but that’d actually be free, and we can’t have that, because the developers need to get paid (regardless of them already getting their paychecks for the Season Pass, but I won’t get into that).

          • But this isn’t Advanced Warfare and the weapons are mainly cosmetic, so I won’t complain too much. **

        • Forcing players to grind to get something when they can just pay for it is also a way of adding something under a paywall. The game was so shit that nobody wanted to grind for the reskinned weapons.

      • All due respect.. Of corse u will say that, the sun shines out of Activision arse as far as ur concerned.. They could charge 20 quid a map pack and u would find a positive out of it.. They pay for u to go to events and what not.. Ur not going to bad mouth them.. if ur happy with the direction cod is going then good for u.. If u think its kool to keep guns back and allow some people to have them then good for u.. If u find having more and more stuff being unlocked by random luck instead of challangers then good for u.. But I think it’s bull poop…

        • Actually, I completely hated the way Advanced Warfare did it. All I’m pointing out in my comment was how it’s not exactly the same. If you’re expecting it to be available for everyone, that’s something that ain’t gonna happen, sadly. Activision controls micro items and choices made. You don’t have to like it, but it’s still making them money cause a lot of people do buy the CoD Points.

          • Logically from activisions point of view, and not from a fans point of view.. U can’t tell me u wouldn’t prefer to earn these weapons, otherwise u would be lying..

          • To be honest, there would be no such thing as “earning these weapons.” The only ways I see ATVI adding guns are: with DLC packs, pay for the weapons separately, or through Supply Drops.

    • I called it back then, I knew they were gonna put guns in it, once activision and maybe treyarch saw how much ppl were spending in AW, they knew they can make a fortune again with bo3, and of course people/youtubers will spend a lot of money for a CHANCE at the new weapons and this cycle will be in future cods. Pathetic.

      • Lol yh, seems pretty stupid now to think they would stick with just cosmetics.. It’s a shame they will get away with this bulshit, I can’t see many boycottin the next Cod for this sole reason

        • I’m boycotting CoD 2016 because it’s Infinity Ward. This move was the icing on the cake. Buying Treyarch’s next CoD used.

  2. So they added weapons in supply drops which in principle means pay to win (if it is better than default weapons)…

  3. Well, it was only a matter of time before this would happen. I knew the cosmetic stuff was too good to be true. Activision knows how to ruin a man’s dreams…

    These weapons had better not be OP though.

    • The Garand can two shot like the Shieva, but has a clip of 8 rounds like the M1 Garand.And I saw a video of where the pistol could one shot, but used both rounds in one shot. So this is basically the MW2 Ranger. I’m better with this since there’s no variants; but Activision’s decisions never surprise me. I’ll still go for these but Activision’s marketing is toxic and VERY distasteful.

      • The small mag size of the Garand most likely makes up for the rate of fire and damage of the weapon. The shotgun pistols look good. I like what I am seeing from Treyarch.

  4. Is it too hard for one fucking time to do the right thing instead of being money whores like Tmar with the craziest video spam in youtube history?

  5. It would be much more better if they added the new weapons in Awakening DLC, now only faggts who will spend 100plus $ in cod point will get them. Well done 3arch.

      • Lol, it is worse then just P2W, it isn’t like it costs 1 dollar, you actually have to spend 50+ dollar for a chance to get it. So in reality it is gambling, and totally unfair.

          • It fucking is, a great example is FIFA.
            The most expansive player costs 876K, each game you play you earn 500 coins, so that means you need to play 1740 games each costing 10-15 minutes so about 350 hours of playtime.
            Thats a lot right? But you can also open packs which give you random players, those packs cost either 5000 coins or 1 dollar.
            Well the chances are so incredibly small to get what you want, so it most likely is better buying the player the directly, so that you always get the player you want.
            COD doesn’t allow this, you need to gamble till you get it and how more weapons there are, how more difficult it is to get the one you want.

  6. Time to start playing another game. disappointed that it had to be this way :(.
    Might still get BO3 for PC for the custom zombie maps, but I guess selling it for the PS4 would be logical.

  7. I want to give ”credits” to every retarded player who spend his money in those supply drops, today they manage prove what einstain said:”Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe.”

      • You could play for days and get nothing when someone spends 150$ and get them all without even palying the game.

        • That guy spending money might not even get them. It’s not pay to win, at all. It’s still absolute fucking bullshit, but not pay to win.

          • exactly. they were making it seem like buying supply drops give people better odds at getting weapons in them rather than the people earning them.

        • That’s hypothetical. Spending money doesn’t increase your chance of winning. It just speeds up the process. You could drop a thousand bucks on this game, but shitty luck will always be shitty luck. Can’t get past the RNG wall that easily.

          • It can be happen, is it so hard to see the problem? when ppl with way less playtime than prestige master will have more guns just because spend hundrets of dollars. Damn that stupid?

          • Again, hypothetical. I could use a similar example: I play the game, get 30 Cryptokeys, and open my first drop, and get all the new weapons. It’s not exactly something common, but it can happen.
            As long as there is a way for me to earn stuff without paying a dime, it can never be called “pay to win”.

  8. Was really hoping these weapons were going to be free for everyone or earn able via challenges. Hopefully they aren’t too strong as this is giving a pretty big advantage to luck if they are. I got lucky and got Brass Knuckles that I’ll likely never use but sadly doubt I will ever see any of these.

    • This is crazy. They’re pretty much forcing us to grind like hell for cryptokeys, just to get a SHOT at the items. I wont lie, it’s pretty disgusting by Activision to do this. No way in hell Season Pass holders should be kept from atleast the new AR. They really are giving us the mobile phone games treatment, just to keep us around. Lol. Nuts

      • Yeah, as a season pass holder (Digital Deluxe as a matter of fact) it’s definitely frustrating. Especially since the new maps JUST came out a few days ago. They could have easily thrown at least one of these weapons into the DLC. They’d still be paid for them but at least it wouldn’t be random.

        I’m betting if I ever manage to get one of these it will be either the crossbow (in past games I have hated them) or one of the melee weapons I’m unlikely to ever use. If they MUST be random couldn’t we at least get a choice of which one we want if we get one? Like it just rolls as “DLC weapon” and you get the choice of what you want.

          • At least we don’t have to wait around for a month to get the DLC maps in regular rotation, that’s a bonus. Plus, as a PS member all these years, at least I actually have a CHANCE to get these weapons now instead of having to wait a month like in AW.

            Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a damn sleazy move but at least some other things haven’t been as bad as they could be.

          • I hear u. But this move to grind for cryptokeys is a major turn off….i’m still playin The Witcher!

      • Grinding? What else could you do in the game? You get the keys by playing normally, it’s not grinding if you do that anyways.

        • Well the thing is I’m playin Halo 5, Tomb Raider and The Witcher, so for me having to spend massive time in Blops for cryptokeys, just so I can get a SHOT at the new AR, feels like a grind, for an item that should be included in DLC imo. I hear what ur sayin but I play more than COD.

      • Well potentially so yes. I more so meant free as in they just give them to us rather than putting them in supply drops at God knows what odds. Of all the weapons between AW and BO3 out of supply drops I’ve received only 3 (the blunderbuss, the SVG and the Brass Knuckles)

  9. I so want to see people hate Treyarch for this. SHG got tons of hate and bullshit for them adding weapons in Supply Drops. But I bet my bottom dollar that no one will give shit to Treyarch and that they will be praised again. God how I hate the community sometimes. Fuck you Treyarch Praisers. You are Activisions bottom bitch if you support this shit.

    • I’m not saying everyone did this but some folks put tons of sh*t on SHG’s neck last year but this time it isn’t Treyarch who is behind this. Well we don’t know it for sure who decided what but it is pretty hypocritical from these folks to say it isn’t Treyarch’s fault…

      • I’ve been saying it since AW days, it’s always the publisher to blame. Devs make the content, they have little say in how the content is distributed.

      • I don’t think it’s hypocritical, it was a new developer and that shit never happend before.. I for one thought it was SH just as much as Activision.. But it’s clear now who the culprit behind this is.. Twice with two different developers, clearly the publisher.. it turns out SH shouldn’t of got as much hate as they got, but now we know for sure, I don’t think it’s fair to blame this all on treyarch..

        • ScOctt I love you man. But it’s bullshit. We should not give Treyarch a slack and let SHG take the bullets. I knew from a mile away that It wasn’t SHG that made the decision to to the weapons lock for SP on AW but nobody believed that. It’s clear that it was Activision pulling the strings all along. But if we are going to say that it isn’t Treyarch’s fault and that we should ley it ti rest, everybody better have the balls and heart to say SHG that they are sorry for the shit they gave them. SHG are not the best but they took all the fucking risks and got shit on in the end, and that is not cool.

          • Yh I admit I was wrong to give SH so much negativity towards the supply drop system, maybe I let my hatred for the whole bunny hop movment and sbmm spill over into my opinion, I wanted to hate SH.. I still do hate SH but I take back anything I said about them wanting to add pay to win, that doesn’t make me a hypocrit, it just means I’ve had my eyes open by this move..

          • Yeah and I love you for that comment right there. And I admit my hate on something (Not AW) made me blind until I saw the evidence. It’s just another leason we have to learn, don’t light the gas unless you have the right match.

          • People just jumped in to hate bandwagon and started hating everything about Advanced Warfare. Supply drop system just added gas to already flaming fire.

            I can understand casual players who just play for fun. They might regret being so merciless towards Sledgehammer Games. All the blaming fingers should be pointed towards Youtubers who kept the hate train moving.

    • Lol. I hear u. It’s a disgusting move from whomever had the last word on this decision. I guess Vonderhaar needs an earful on Twitter so maybe next dlc wont take the same route..

        • And how is this our problem? It’s no secret most of the COD community is full of shit. It’s funny how Activision so easily lies, and turns around and introduces weapons.When the COD franchise dies I blame Activision.

          • It’s a mess to say the least. Misinformation happens, however I usually attribute it to the younger portion of the COD community.

          • I was looking forward to this stuff until I saw they were in supply drops.. The knife variants? Sure, I can see that since they function just like the combat knife :/ The guns however? That’s definitely sh!tty of Activision

          • Don’t forget the fact that Sledgehammer were the ones that put variants in the game in the first place, so yeah, it was half Sledgehammer’s fault.

        • That’s because it was their fault for putting variants in the game. Activision fucked it with the business aspect.

    • They will – I do think the hate for AW was also related to the variants and the limited viable base weapons (or viable variant for that matter)

    • Loved it in AW, still love it now. Thank you treyarch for adding more fun into the game. BTW I have never bought any supply drops in either cod.

    • The new weapons are just reskins of other guns. MX Garand? Shieva. Marshal-16? Executioner from BO2. NX Shadow Claw Crossbow? The crossbow from BO2, duh. The Executioner sucked in BO2, so it might actually be worse in BO3. I liked AW’s new guns, tho.

      • agreed. other than the MX Garand (which is just a reskin) the other guns are novelty weapons (like the ballistic knife was in blops 2). you won’t see anyone using these guns seriously

      • Let’s just say it’s my last call of duty game for awhile and I won’t be buying anymore dlc for blops3 from here on out. I didn’t support it in Aw and won’t be supporting it in this game as well.

      • Stfu man stop complaining about how weapons are just reskins. You try and come up with your own weapons the reason why some are reskins is because they were popular before and thats what made people buy the game. Also they do it for weapon balance. I hate people like you that bitch about all the content they give us at least they give us content and you don’t have to pay for it. Fuck you and who ever has the same mindset of yours “reskin” yeah try making your own weapons this is why you make the cod community look bad a bunch of whining faggots. Come and hate me idc

      • I like BO3’s weapons more than BO2’s. A Garand, sword, and non-exploding semi-auto Crossbow are awesome additions, it just sucks having to open Supply Drop RNG’s.

      • The MX Garand is NOT a reskin of the Shieva.. Are you retarded?

        The MX Garand is their version of a future M1 Garand from World at War.. It was hands down the best rifle in that game and I’m glad they added it to this one (upset that its a supply drop item but oh well).. I’m sure some will argue that the M1A1 Carbine was the best in WaW but we can agree to disagree.

    • These things are free to get, if people want to buy them,then let them, as long as we can still get them free and they also have no negative affect whatsoever

      • You missed the point. They’re free, sure, but they require stupid amounts of grinding. Then it becomes work instead of fun. And do you seriously think that they have no negative affect whatsoever? That’s objectively not true.

        • I didnt miss any point. They dont require stupid amounts of grinding if you are able to get it on one of your first tries. Every gun has its pros and cons such as the mx garand so yes it has no negative effects. Dont work for it, play the game for fun like you always have and you can still get it. Im trying to get it but im not desperate and i dont care when i get it. You cant expect everything to just be handed to you so be grateful that EVERYONE has a chance to get these weapons.

          • Yes, you missed the point. You’re defending RNG’s and it makes no sense.

            “They dont require stupid amounts of grinding if you are able to get it on one of your first tries.” Hence my issue. They’re not asking money for it because either A. They’ll get money via CP’s or B. Because the Supply Drops are random, and the items are rare. You’d make a good point if 30 Cryptokeys weren’t so tedious to earn and if you could get the weapons out of a 10 Cryptokey drop in the first try, which is next to impossible to obtain.

            “Every gun has its pros and cons such as the mx garand so yes it has no negative effects.” Which is precisely why I said that you missed the point. It’s not that they’re overpowered (which is debatable), it’s the fact that it DOES take a stupid amount of grinding, otherwise, it’d be a non-issue.

            “Dont make it work for yourself , play the game for fun like you always have and you can still get it.” I wish I could, but I never will get them, because they’re next to impossible to get without paying for them. RNG’s are a screwed up system, just look at Destiny. They take forever to grind and I don’t even want to play Black Ops 3 enough as it is. Nobody wanted this. I understand that Activision is a business, but I don’t give a shit; it doesn’t excuse this behavior.

            “Im trying to get it but im not desperate and i dont care when i get it.” Again, that’s not the point. If the game was actually an enjoyable experience, then I’d be willing to do the grinding, but it’s an on-and-off experience, for me.

            “You cant expect everything to just be handed to you so be grateful that EVERYONE has a chance to get these weapons.” LOL I never said that I wanted everything handed to me, because they could have easily added these weapons to be unlocked at a certain rank. I wouldn’t even mind being passed Master Prestige and I have to be in the ranked 100’s, I can be grateful for that type of grinding. What you said is the equivalent to the mind of a sheep. I’m not going to be grateful for this, are you nuts?

          • I can tell bo3 is more than a game for you. Im sorry they didnt decide to put the gun in for $50 to buy and instead they put it in for free. Nothing in life is handed to you, you have to earn it. Nobody cares about these nutty ass suply drops. Just play the game, they didnt have to put these weapons in but at least they did like what kind of logic is that, why would you be mad that at least they decided to put it in. Its not the same as AW or destiny, these weapons are not gamebreaking or more powerful than the others. You dont even have to spend money, you get extra by just playing.

    • I admit I was guilty of hating Sledgehammer. Now we can see clear as day that Activision are behind this 100%, no matter the developer. This worries me for IW’s game :/

      • Fuck activision I would like to shut them down and sue their company. They’re already rich why be so gready with their money

          • It’s ok m8, I’ll bring you CoD. Might take some years, a development team, a studio and everything included on the budget sheet, but hopefully I will one present to you what CoD once was, just with a different name 😛

          • Boohoo, CoD dies, and a greedy company gets shut down. I don’t mind those odds. What ever shall we do? Play other games.

          • For casual players, sure. But for dedicated players, there’s gonna be a huge void that cannot be filled that easily. All the games that claim to be the “COD killer” have failed so far, so I’m not holding out hope for something that can replace COD time so soon.

          • I’m pretty confident in saying that the “dedicated players” (I’ll include the ‘vets’) would be happy that CoD would have died at its all-time high. It’s only a matter of time where a vast population of gamers come to grips with how ‘repetitive’ the franchise is, and sales will decline. I’d rather CoD die sooner rather than later, but that’s just me. As for the “CoD killer”, it doesn’t exist, because it doesn’t have a chance. If CoD were to die, more, better games with fresh ideas will get the spotlight. But I don’t think CoD will ever die because Activision has had very impressive financial results recently, and they could basically market the crap out of CoD forever.

    • I called it, but no, no one didn’t believe me and said it was only camos. I told you they would, not surprising at all.

    • I will not hate on treyarch because the biggest difference is that AW had weapon variants in supply drops that changed the guns stats while bo3 doesn’t and it’s pretty much fair like that so I’m not going to hate

    • I hate how people relate this to pay to win but it’s play to win everything in bo3 you don’t need to spend a penny to get in supply drops. All the new guns are crap and it just increased my odds of getting a new dlc weapon from like 0.003 chance to a 0.008 so I’m happy. Stop complaining because we all know not one of them dlc weapon is gonna be a bal 27 inferno.

      • Stop defending companies, or you’ll look like a corporate slave. Nobody likes corporate slaves. You’re not you when you’re hungry. Buy a Snickers.

        • “Corporate Slave”? Heavy handed much lol. Stop watching Django buddy. That being said glad I skipped this game. Black Ops 2 was so addictive and wife wouldn’t let me play this one haha.

          • It’s an accurate term. I don’t even remember it being in Django and I watched the whole thing.

          • “Learn how to play CoD man” LOL Black Ops 2 was alright, but it wasn’t the best. There were many problems with that game.

    • At least with Advanced Warfare you would eventually get the guns… Been using these black market supply drops like crazy just trying to get the damn wrench. We all know that’s never going to happen.

    • I hate Treyarch for their shytey excuse of a ‘development house’ pretty shiny games that the kids lap up but the shittest coding you will ever see…enjoy your hitmarkers fellas!!

    • If you truly love something, you have to point out the problems for the sake of getting it done right. Well done. You can be polite too, though.

  10. Fuck 3arc and activision fucking ruining the game with their OP dlc weapon. That semi auto AR is NOT the same as the sheiva its fucking OP the sheiva is shit ffs fucking fags

  11. That trailer… if two shot kill assault rifle + one shot kill crossbow isn’t pay to win I don’t know what is!

      • But it beats pretty much other assault rifles. This is pay to win because it is better weapon than most of the basic weapons.

        • You’re letting the whole P2W aspect get to you, man. Think rationally for a second.

          It’s a semi-auto assault rifle. You’re still at a disadvantage when going up-close against fast-firing guns.

          • Yeah I get where you’re coming from but in AW there were better and worse variants suddenly it was pay to win?

            Just because there are few better weapons it doesn’t mean it isn’t pay to win AT ALL.

          • If there’s even the slightest chance for me to earn these things without paying a single dime, it isn’t pay to win.

            And I find it ridiculous that nobody cried out P2W when they included the weapons in DLC packs, which can only be bought for $15/pack. That would be your definition of P2W if the weapons turn out to be OP (and in some cases, like the Ohm in AW, it truly was).

          • That was the perfect way of them making money off guns.. Everyone who was serious about Cod would be basically getting the weapon for free because they purchase the map packs.. As for people who don’t purchase the map packs are they really going to care about a gun, if they dont care enough for the maps?.. I’d take that over this luck based mini game, where only certain people will get to use them..

          • If you’re talking about playing serious, then I could argue that a player who is serious about COD would grind out for keys every day, and open drops after drops to get the guns.

            And there is a portion of people who don’t buy the map packs and still want the guns. Hence why they tried releasing the guns separately in Ghosts and AW.

          • So your telling me, to be a hard core cod fan, I have to spend my day grinding out for keys in the slight chance I can get a weapon.. Doesn’t work like that.. For the no life cod fans yes.. But for people with kids, wife,a family, a job, other hobbies I.e going to the gym and many other reasons, it’s garbage.. it’s only rewarding the people who sit on their ass all day.. The guy who gets the guns within the week has probably spent the week doing nothing more than play cod.. Even with not as much play time as I’d like I’d still say I was a pretty hardcore cod fan, and s gun added with the dlc would of been a “fairer” way to do things.. They deserve any backlash they get imo..

          • Isn’t that how it always has been? The players who invest more time into the game get more nice things.

            I admit, I would’ve preferred some weapons to be included in the map packs (would’ve made my purchase of the deluxe edition much more worthy of its value), but at the end of the day, all this content in the supply drops are still technically free. As long as I’m not forced to spend another dime outside of the $100 I spent on buying the game, I can’t say I have a valid reason to complain.

          • Really? Your comparing grinding out the game to get a weapon and equipment, that once u now prestige u can keep the one item u want anyway. To grinding for supply drops. With no garentee that u get what u want..

            I don’t give a bob if I see some one level 55 rocking the m8 and I haven’t got it yet cuz I prestiged and didn’t unlock it.. That’s my choice… What I don’t appreciate is having that freedom taken away and all of sudden being replaced by luck.. Seeing some one rocking the new weapons and I have no actuall way of obtaining them unless I get “lucky”

            I dont understand how u can’t see this is bulshit, and not only that ur trying to justify it..

          • Maybe it’s just the cheapskate in me taking over, but I’d prefer having a chance to get shit for free, rather than having the pay option the only option. That was my main gripe with ASDs in AW, because they made so much shit ASD-exclusive (and you can’t earn them forever).

            Now I have a chance to rock all these cool-looking weapons without paying a single dime, other than the $100 I already spent on the deluxe edition. Some of my friends who play COD and don’t buy the season pass also like this option, though that’s probably because they can already tolerate the CSGO case system (which is pretty much the same as this, except it’s 100% cosmetic and tradeable), so they’re used to the whole “shitty RNG luck” problem.

            Now don’t get me wrong, I feel what you’re trying to say. I’m not exactly a super lucky guy either. Believe me, I cried my heart out when I couldn’t get the CEL-3 in AW. But, fact is, this is how Activision’s making money. And it’s proven to be beneficial to them. So you bet your ass we’re gonna see this trend continue in IW’s game, and SHG’s next game, and 3ARC’s next game, etc… I may sound like a corporate slave for saying this, but there’s not much you can do. Not unless you can think of a better solution to replace the system, one that benefits both the consumers and Activision.

          • Ur right, nothing can be done apart from not buying the next product, but then is that really a soloution… If they had been upfront about it in the first place then this might of been alot easier to accept.. It just seems to be some bulshit year after year at the moment with cod since ghosts.. At least we now tho this is the norm, and next year to expect it or don’t purchase it..

          • I’ll probably skip over all the next CoD games, unless it gets better. And by better I mean waiting about half a year after each game has been out to make sure it isn’t fucked up after a good start like this game

        • Kills in the same amount of shots as the Sheiva but only has 8 shots. I don’t think it’s as OP as you make it seem.

          • It has a lower mag size, but it also shoots faster. Meaning it has a quicker TTK than the Shieva.

          • If you miss a couple shots with the shieva in a gunfight you’re also screwed. Takes too long to shoot again, they’ll just kill you with their full autos, bigger mag or not.

  12. You know, I uninstalled AW to not only free up space on my HDD, but to stop stressing about getting a damn MP40 and Sten. Now I have to go through the this shit… Aw well, I think I got one of the new specialist gears, it’s called Geist, reminds me of the Royalty variants from AW.

  13. well they better solve this and three things I can think of are
    1) give the guns apart from melee weapons for free
    2) Increase Cryptokey rate per game or make contracts like blops
    3) make it so that we get the new weapons the first supply drop we open

    • I’d luv these choices, but there’s high chances that they already considered these, and there’s a dam good reason they didn’t implement them..

    • 4) Give us back all the money we spend for every cod.
      5) With every prestige sent us a bich to fuck with a black matter camo condom.

      • Considering it is up everyones asses including yours if this comment hurts you, and to what Activision did. They really shoved that cock up your ass real good. You cant play and earn the cryptos to unlock drops? Youre only bitching because theyre in supply drops and you cant get them unless you buy cryptokeys. Stfu.

        • No man, we saw activation trying to butt fuck us and ran, Of corse people are not happy about it.. But if ur enjoying that big cock up ur ass, then good for u.. Have fun..

  14. Let’s see how talking about supply drops turn into praising because it is Treyarch’s game. They do almost exactly like Advanced Warfare and add pay to win aspect to supply drops but they get away with it. Meanwhile Advanced Warfare got every possible hate that it could get.

    Supply drop system turned into some sort of pay to win drops when they decided to add more than cosmetic stuff. And that is my main complaint or more like reason for disappointment.

    Well I can’t complain that much because everyone has a chance to get them after all. But if I had a word I would remove supply drops and make new melee weapons etc. available for free in new updates.

    ^ Just my two cents.

      • Well I didn’t claim everyone does that. Seems like this community is split apart based on feedback about some sort of pay to win aspect coming back to supply drops. But it clearly gets positive feedback too because these new weapons are so cool (and they are to be honest).

        But Treyarch seems to get away with a lot of stuff that other developers aren’t allowed to do. There are certain other game developers who get away with bad decisions: CD Projekt Red and Rockstar Games for example. But that is another story.

    • Just no to your first paragraph. I’m looking at the comments section and it’s getting just as much hate as AW. Hell, I’m like Treyarch’s biggest fanboy and I disagree with this so hard. However, even when I hated AW and stuff I was aware that it was Activision’s doing like it is here.

  15. I can’t really see the problem with this. It would be the same if it would be in the season pass, there would be people who wouldn’t get them eithet. You get cryptokeys by playing the game, so you don’t have to do anything else just play and when you have enough just open drops. Sooner or later you will get them, everyone has the same chance of getting them.

  16. I don’t get it. Why are some people in the comments hating? This is awesome! I get the fact that they come in supply drops, but what’d you guys expect? Sure, you have to grind your ass off for all the new content, but that’s the whole freakin point. If I’m wrong, please tell me otherwise.

    • I could grind 24-7, 365, and drop every penny I earn, and still never get the item I wanted. And say I did just that. Until this year’s CoD comes out, all I did was quit my job, play CoD 24-7, spend every last cent I had, and still didn’t get those weapons. How is that any sort of appreciation towards their fanbase? This hardcore fan quit his job, drained his bank account, gave it all to Activision, played 24-7, just to keep earning cryptokeys, and after one year of this, he still didn’t get what he wanted. That’s fucked. Yes, most people would call that guy a dipshit, and they would be right, so, that makes it okay?
      CoD isn’t, and never was a “loot based” game like Diablo.
      This is the culmination of 12-13 years of CoD, and this is how they treat their loyal fans? With a fucking RNG? Nah, fuck that.

      • I do agree and I changed my whole opinion on the subject in the comments above. Activi$ion pretty much false advertised and said “cosmetics only” when in reality we have weapons in supply drops now. I’ll be honest, I totally forgot that they even mentioned the whole “cosmetics only” thing until someone in the comments brought it up. I don’t get why Activision likes to fuck people over like that. They’re fucking bastards and should be ashamed of themselves. I mean, how can someone that works for Activi$ion look himself in the mirror every morning and be okay with everything he does in life? It’s pathetic.

  17. BTW Supply drops are a cancer. Save the: “but its free argument”.The system punishes consumers of supply drops and those who refrain from buying. It forces you to spend ridiculous amounts of money to bypass the RNG wall, and makes it extremely difficult for normal players to get, they have to spend absurd amounts of time for a shot at gear.

    Why can’t we pay individualy for the weapons or skins? Because it’s cheaper!
    Why can’t we get it for completely free? Because they don’t make money from it.

    Rant over ?

    • Agreed :/ I could see the knife variants like the wrench, since they function like the knife and are therefore cosmetic, but the guns aren’t..

    • (In reply to my post below) Wow, I totally get it now. That’s such a dick move by Activision. Money greedy fucks. You’re right, this should’ve been totally free. I don’t know what the fuck I was talking about below lmfao. I didn’t think of it that far.

          • ATVI does this for business obviously it carries on that’s why 3arc countered it with cryptokeys but then again you have to be good to earn a lot.

          • Treyarch is just as much to blame i mean if your giving exclusivity to one console your being paid by that console for it and treyarch can easily brake off and take black ops with them

          • You people just cry thats it. Your still gonna play the game so stop crying. Lots of games do this and thats fine. The RNG ,,wall” gives you a chance to get the gear on your first supply drop. Sure you may not get it at first but thats what makes it a ,, bonus” weapon and all other stuff. Youre not at a disadvantage for not having a skin that the other player has. Its a nice system that occasionally awards you for loving a game and makes you love it even more for just playing.

          • No it’s not fine idiot. We’re not angry at Supply Drops having cosmetics, we’re angry that weapons are only available in Supply Drops. It’s the same thing that happened with Advanced Warfare, and it’s morons like you that will have Publishers continue with this behaviour, all because people like you keep supporting this bullshit RNG Microtransanction Business Model.

          • That’s the problem with their kind of mindset, yeah it’s free per se, but it’s complete bullshit that I can have days into this game and still not get it, but some one who just logs in for an hour gets it. Same exact shit happened in AW. Long gone are the days when someone had to earn them and given out cause of luck.

          • Keep that middle finger high, cause this bullshit is gonna keep going down the road. Iw’s next title will also have some type of RNG in it as well, guaranteed.

          • It’s a $60 game with a huge budget, wish it was actually free. At least we grind for them. 🙁

          • you nailed it man, I was defending them when it was cosmetic only but now I am completely disgusted, fuck these guys man

          • Its also more Bullshit that you cant just buy the weapons like Ghosts. We all know people are going to drop money on supply drops if they havent already – then not get the weapon thanks to the RNG bullshit… It drains peoples wallets and you end up with a shitton of caterpillar clothing or hallucination camos

          • I’d be satisfied with just buying the individual items myself, and since i want transgression for all my weapons it should still satisfy Activision’s asinine greed!

          • Actually u could get all the good guns in advanced warfare by prestiges but u just had to grind I didn’t get the speakeasy till almost last prestige before grandmaster and u get obsidian stead after becoming prestige master for free

          • First of all, stop whining. It’s not you’re fault Activision did this. Second, I understand everyone’s side on this concept of supply drops but let’s just face it, the system is okay…. at first I wouldn’t save up cryptokeys for rares but now that I know…. I think the supply drops are okay. If you’re so mad at the system what would you do to it. That would fix the problem? I think the only thing bad about supply drops are the weapons and cod points. If you don’t want to buy the cod points then don’t buy it. Simple as that guys. And it’s not like you need the new weapons their kind of bad.

          • And they constantly add more cosmetics so your less likely to get what you actually want, the weapons that were just going to come with DLC like the peacekeeper did in BO2

          • You corporate slaves thinking that every little thing is okay is ruining gaming with your mindsets.

          • If it was a skin, I could care less, but what is the crossbow a skin of? And the Garand and the Sheiva are not the same, but with a different skin. And people could play this game 24-7, and drop mad money, and STILL never get them.
            Call of Duty was never a “loot based” game, like Diablo. It was everyone with access to the same items, despite skill, ability, luck, or wallet size.

          • Actually with the new update you could be at a disadvantage because that new assault rifle looks really op

          • The game has weapons tgat change the game. Gives players who have some of those weapons at a advantage over others.

          • They can. If A LOT of people don’t buy it and if they aren’t making money because of it then they will stop it, bit I don’t think people are going to stop buying anytime soon.

    • Same shit as last year, just a different (barely) delivery system. Weapons should not be behind an RNG. Everything else, fine. Weapons either free, or DIRECT PURCHASE.

      Fuck RNG. You could buy someone at Activision a new car, and only get the Field camo for the Argus, Ruin’s Break You taunt, and the Sky helmet for Spectre.

      And people who say that if Activision didn’t do this, we wouldn’t get new CoD’s. Well, for years we got new CoD’s without supply drops. That argument just doesn’t wash.

    • I played Way too much AW (#Addict4realzies) and i never got the Speakeasy, I agree with you 100% on calling HorseMCShit to That!

      • That’s funny i got all of those guns and never paid a dime all free evrn the legendary helmet and suit wow!

      • Blame the gaming community for that. As long as we support things like this, they’ll keep happening and keep on getting worse.

        • I can’t believe watching some Black Ops 3 youtubers… Looks like Ali-A just bought 30,000 CoD Points…. Like come on, you don’t see the problem with the system??

          • I do, and I hate all shady bullshit in the gaming industry. In fact, I’ve expressed my opinion about my hate for things like micro-transactions quite a few dozen times on this website.

          • I may not see all CoD YouTubers, but from the handful I do watch, only one person seems to have a problem with the guns in supply drops.. ._. The others are just posting supply drop opening videos looking for the guns without questioning that they’re in there…

          • Now I guess we watch Activision see this as an okay thing to do… Even though there are so many people who see the problem, there are way more that don’t and purchase CoD points like crazy…

          • But then there’s the ones that keep buying them, so in other words, don’t expect these practices to stop unless we decide to stop letting them happen. But hey, it’s their money, right? So fuck it, if the game industry crashes because of things like this, then so be it. Let’s just remember that we’re the reason for it.

          • I’m already worried about Call of Duty 2016, and no details have even been released.. I guess Black Ops 3 was my last CoD already

          • Its not helped by all the youtubers spending 100’s to do supply drop opening videos and then 100’s more to get all the cosmetics before they even introduced weapons! Now they have, they have guaranteed that these youtubers will spend 100’s more to acquire them just to do more supply drop opening videos and gameplay of said weapons!!

    • I don’t understand why they make it only available via supply drops. I’d probably buy them if we could buy the weapon outright but no way would I pay for supply drops and I’m sure a lot of people feel this way as well. Wouldn’t they make more money from selling it outright?

    • The one thing that I really HATE is that this happened almost 4 days after the Awakening DLC was released. It sucks that it isn’t free to all users, but why not at least include them in the DLC? That gets rid of the RNG wall problem so people don’t have to spend almost the price of a current-gen system to get 6 weapons!

    • If you want Activision to stop doing this you need to get a shit load of people to contact them around the same time and let them know why youre not happy and that everyone is willing to boycott future games and dlc. Consumers generally dictate the market so it really is never going to stop because there are too many people out there that don’t care about the money they spend on a game and they are supporting this. This basically tells Activision that they can do this and make a lot of money while doing it. Sadly to say a lot of it is probably kids being fleeced out of their money for something that’s not even real.

    • I have a video of just how futile it is to buy COD points. You would think if you buy the $100 pack you would probably get most or all of the new weapons right? Well guess what! NO! Over $600 was spent to get the new weapons. It’s totally not worth it, I’ll be posting a video of the openings really soon on youtube. Don’t be part of the problem, don’t buy these points!!

      • These should have been included in the season pass!! I’ll NEVER buy another activision game again. That’s the only thing I can do to not endorse this highway robbery. They also made the new weapons better than the current ones so that people would want them more. It’s pure greed!!!!!

    • Lmao not true I got the mx garland the map the carver and the shadow law all from commons never bought one

  18. they should’ve done the weapons like with the peacekeeper, and had the camos only achieved in supply drops. its gonna suck considering i really don’t wanna pay a lot of money for a CHANCE to get one of those weapons.

  19. so, I just got the M1 Garand in the supply drop. and its stats are the same as the Shieva. the only main difference is the looks, ahich I like more than the Shieva. if you want to argue about a non-reskinned gun, rant about the Marshall 16. pretty much the
    rw1 without the range

  20. I hate Activision and their greedy ways. Atleast make it to where we gamble for these; add them as Micro-DLC, and make it equippable on ALL weapons. The guns are somewhat fair compared to AW. But something that really pisses me off for some reaosn is the fact there’s Zombies Pack-a-Punch camos. You can equip supply drop camos on the Zombies guns so this is where it’s really not necessary or worth it if you’re an avid Multiplayer/Zombies player like I am.

  21. Ok guys I think we have to pipe down now because as I looked through reddit people are saying that the new AR isn’t that OP at all and also the revolver is not that strong also the crossbow apparently requires a good aim, at least it’s not how SHG did there SD’s so as much as we find it stupid that ATVI did this we should at least try the new weapons out (if we get them ourselves) and see if they are under powered or at least balanced with the guns in the other games.

    • The problem is they are a gamble to get. Someone could pay $100 and not get a single weapon, while someone could open a common supply drop and get it; or vice versa. People REALLY hate Activision and their bullsh*t marketing strategies. People would much rather get these guns for free at all times, or at the very least pay for something they know they’re gonna get. Sort of like how you could get the Maverick, Maverick A2, Ripper, and Ohm all for $3.99 in the past.

    • I know it isn’t overpowered, and it may be underpowered, but I still really want the Marshal 16 pistol :/ Even if it sucks I would want to play with it for fun.. But with it locked behind RNG and partially locked behind a paywall, and a unique weapon, it’s a crap move from Activision

    • I don’t care if a weapon is balanced or not. If there is a new weapon, everyone should get it. Period. Not a fifth of the population, not ninetynine percent, 100% of the population should get it. Not everyone have a chance to get it. RNG has to go. Supply Drops should ONLY be cosmetic.
      Camos, outfits, embelems, taunts, etc in Supply Drops. Weapons, either free, or direct purchase. Either with dlc pack or separately. Not through the fucking RNG of the Supply Drops.

      • I agreed with the melee variants like the wrench because it has the same function of the knife, so it’s technically cosmetic.. But these guns, they shouldn’t be in supply drops

  22. So these greedy fucks decided to combine microtransactions, RNG and Pay2Win altogether? Wow, i never expected treyarch to straight up lie to our faces ..

    somebody please tell me how to change my name

        • They are free, nothing else. They dont cost money=free. You are basically getting all this stuff for free, you just have to unlock them virtually so yes its free in both sayings. But they are not virtually free in the video game world

          • Sometimes, but sometimes it doesnt. The point is its free and the new items arent game breaking. They arent very good.

          • Sure, but some people may like the new guns for fun purposes, not stats. I don’t care if a weapon is underpowered if I like using it. For example, I like the Marshal 16, which I used in a private match against bots. If I want it in multiplayer however, I have to grind cryptokeys to hope that the RNG chooses the Marshal 16 instead of all the other items in the supply drops. While you can grind them over time, you still don’t really get any closer, you just spin the wheel again and again through the same number of items. Not only that, but not everyone has the time to even grind cryptokeys. Some people have jobs, families, homework, maybe even other games. And the only substitute for time is spending money. While it doesn’t increase the chance in the supply drops using CoD Points, being able to open more does increase the chance. And all this for a small chance to have a weapon for fun? While you could get the weapon on the first try, the odds are stacked highly against the player

          • You know whats funny. If that person is too busy to grind (such as myself) these new items are irrelevant. These weapons are almost nothing. It’s a video game. You might even be able to get the new guns in one try. Also you wont know if you like using it for fun purposes unless you get it. Picking it up in game for one min wont let you know either. Just use the guns you used for fun before these new weapons came out and you’ll be A1 cuh.

          • Actually, you can tell if you like a gun by using a private local match. You can then spawn in bots that will drop the weapons upon death, and use it as much as you want. If you find it fun, and want to use against players, then you have to go through the RNG and the grind. As new things are added, the chances of obtaining a specific item grows lower and lower. I don’t care about the Fury’s Song, because I can just use the combat knife because it shares the same mechanics. The guns added are unique, and someone may find it fun to use even if it isn’t too powerful. Also, playing a game to me would be to have fun, and I really wouldn’t mind regular grinding. The difference is you have no idea how long it takes if RNG locks the weapon, instead of say, prestiging weapons to put on the kill counter.

          • Im sure everyone wants these guns but no one should be desperate the closest to an mx garand is the shieva and even still if people had fun before these guns then they can continue to have fun

    • It was probably more of Activision’s fault.. Treyarch seems to have balanced the new guns nicely, and Activision has a history of this kinda thing

  23. Sledgehammer and Treyarch have already fallen to Activision’s greedy ways, and I have no doubt that IW will do the same. I suppose next year Infinity Ward will have a campaign where you actually have to pay to see the ending!

  24. “Are you here to buy? Or shall I get my crowbar?”

    Why grab your crowbar if you already have the mr6 in your hand?

    • yeah i never use knife only classes and would rather use a secondary pistol over knife to take up a pick slot in my class, i liked how black ops 2 had it, when you didnt have a secondary picked it would automatically give you a knife!!

  25. If you have season pass, you should get the weapons (the guns) for free. The melee weapons should be in supply drops.

  26. The sad reality is that these “Supply Drop” DLC weapons will be in every COD game from here on out, unless people actually stop paying for them. 100% guarantee that Infinity Ward will have them in this year’s game as well. Fucking depressing man.

    • It saddens my that people are willing to pay so much for CoD points… Then Activision is going to think it’s okay to do it again, then most the community buys into it again, and the cycle repeats…

  27. “Or shall I get my crowbar?” “Which is good because I don’t like people.”
    This guy= new favorite character in all of Black ops 3

  28. Master prestige 102, have dark matter camo, all hero gear. Never got a weapon from supply drop.

    If there is an AR that I can’t buy and likely won’t get, and I find myself getting killed by it – I’m quitting cod.

  29. Master prestige 102, have dark matter camo, all hero gear. Never got a weapon from supply drop.

    If there is an AR that I can’t buy and likely won’t get, and I find myself getting killed by it – I’m quitting cod.

    • Then quit while ur ahead, only a small percentage of the community will actually get these weapons, while majority of us will continue getting gestures, attachments, camos and calling cards lol

  30. I will say this, there is only one varient of the guns unless you make up one your self but in AW there where weapon varients with increased damage or faster rate of fire with barely any negative effects too it, but in BO3 there is no attachment or upgrade that gives you increased damage to a player. I’m actually okay if they do this because those weapon varients are unfair in AW

      • I still want supply drops gone it’s been the most controversial thing talked about in cod and it’s pushing people away from playing the game. Supply drops is going to kill cod eventually unless they keep it cosmetic. No problem with me but other don’t like this system and its for the better if they get rid of it before the community divides

    • You do realize that they are going to be ordered to include some type of drop system by Activision right? ACTI is the boss they tell IW to bark and IW will bark unless they all want to be fired. ACTI tells them to jump and IW will tell them “how high”.

  31. I’ve always liked Ghosts not only for its gameplay, fun DLC maps along with base maps, mechanics and hit detection. And especially now after seeing SHG and Treyarch “screw” their community with this “p2w” I can guarantee it was the besy of the last few games because they did gun DLC they way IT SHOULD be. If you bought the SP then not only did you get the maps BUT you got ALL the guns included in that SP.

  32. I’m disappointed that the weapons are only available in Supply Drops, but I’ll get over it. It compels me to keep playing.

    • Random Number Generator, basically to get this stuff you have to rely on luck ._. So even if you put a hundred dollars in CoD Points, you still might not get the gun you want…

      • Which is bullshit. Activision would make a whole lot more money if they sold the weapons in the store. The average CoD player probably spends
        2-20 dollars on CoD points, while big YouTubers, like tmartn and Ali-a spend around 100-300 dollars. Those YouTubers are the reason that Activision is still putting new shit in supply drops. Can you imagine how much more money they would make if they sold the weapons on the store? If each weapon is 2.99, and there are 8 weapons, that’s a total of 23 dollars, and say that 20,000 people buy all 8 of the new weapons, that’s 460,000 dollars. Activision has just made more money in, lets say, 30 days, than they did from 1 tmartn video, and not only that, but they are also getting more revenue from the average Joe, not just Idiots who have and extra 400 dollars lying around.

  33. Activi$ion you bunch of greedy cocksucking cunts. I hope you fucking die suffocating on all the money you get. At least give instant access to the Season Pass owners. Fuck you!

  34. The only way getting new weapons from Supply Drops would be somewhat tolerable is if the new weapons are Commons instead of Legendaries/Epics

  35. No one by any means is saying its right, but as long as people keep buying into it things won’t alter. But, it isn’t just Activision who’s pulling these kind of microtransactions. For all the people who are upset by it, you have just as many popping every dollar extra they have into the supply drop slot machine.

    Not to mention the Youtubers who do supply drop upon supply drop openings and get thousands of views to go along with the thousands of like they get.

    This is a Activision issue, but more so this is a community issue.

  36. Now you know that this is not a dev thing. Not a Slegdhammer thing (for you dolts that bashed them for this last year) and not a Treyarch thing. This is clearly the work of their jackass parent called Activision. They are finding ways to make us spend more money than we should year after year and it has to stop.

  37. Why is Treyarch always so terrible with camos? I mean, do they purposely design bland, rehashed bullcrap?

    Please put something out that actually looks GOOD that doesn’t require challenges that the casual player just doesn’t have time to complete. Sure, make a higher category in the black market so that they’re harder to get. Just SOMETHING other than the same bland designs.

    Same with the specialist gear sets honestly. Only a few in the game that are interesting (other than hero gear, but again, casual gamer here lmao), would love some more unique sets.

    Cosmetics are at least one thing SHG got right with AW imo, probably gonna get flamed for that but it’s whatever.

    • You obviously missed out on the Advanced Warfare camos. Talk about the most bland and ugly camos ever. I didnt even use camos in Advanced Warfare because of how ugly and bland they were. I’m grateful Treyarch added paintshop though, I hope other CODs use that same feature.

      • Okay, let my clarify that I was mainly referring the the “camos” they had on the weapon variants. Especially the elite guns. I would love some camos more of that style instead of a bunch of lame, animated, randomly foreign language patterns. Just my opinion

  38. You do realize if they don’t do this they aren’t making money ? If they aren’t making money you won’t get a new cod if your fine with that then keep complaining if your not fine with no more new cods and no servers to play on then stop complaining and let people buy what they want to buy its their money if they want to buy a pack of cod points not yours

    • So you’re telling me Supply drops is their main source of making money? Never mind the game itself, nevermind the 4 DLC packs, the season passes, the collector editions, the t-shirts, etc. None of that matters, but the supply drops. Also nevermind that Call of Duty did just fine without supply drops before Advanced Warfare. Yeah, totally I see your point. Supply drops is the only way they’re making money. Totally believable.

  39. I wish activision would just give the option to buy the weapons. I never bought advance supply drops in aw, and I dont plan on wasting money on random stuff in the hope of getting the one weapon im trying to get.

  40. guys guys, calm down.. it´s only game and hopefully nobodys life are not debending about those litle things on this game, i think everyone get the sward or pistol in time.. someone may have different makeups and other different it´s great that everyones doesen´t have same, system(black marker), it´s okay this blops3 is mouch mouch better than AW game for bunnies..

  41. I think they should at least have the weapons for sale separate from supply drops. Just a base version of the gun, no camo. Then they can still have variants with the camos in the drops. I could spend $20 right now and have a 90% chance of not getting a new gun at all, let alone the gun I would like. And that’s straight BS!

  42. Activision are the owners as we know far bigger issues in my books 1. Why do they continue with development houses that have demonstrated a poor ability to develop a stable, robust gaming platform year on year…skins, camo’s pfffttt who cares coding, netcode and gamer experience are far more pertinent issues that never get sorted…only one I would keep is IW.

  43. WTF, last year we had DLC weapons, but now we have to pay $ in order to have the chance to get something. This sucks Activision!

  44. Everyone is so entitled. This sucks in ways but doesn’t really matter. This isn’t the end of gaming or life as we know it. You can really just brush it off and continue living your day. But no one will do that right. This is giving us all cancer.

    • I don’t think it was SHG’s idea to create this system. I think Activision thought “wait we could actually do supply drop system that also includes new weapons!” and told SHG to create it. As a company this was predictable and I’m not complaining about their ways to do money but the fact that these new weapons take a long time to achieve which “punishes” those people who don’t sit all day at home (work, relationship, family, hobbies…)

      So in other words blame Activision, not SHG (at least not alone). Activision is the one controlling all of this non sense.

  45. They should really make the weapons available as stock, so you can just by the individual weapon, make it cost more than a supply drop, but allow people to get the weapons without buying 100s of supply drops, like make the system for the new weapons similar to black ops one’s system of buying weapons with the points.

  46. I wouldn’t blame treyarch because they started it right. No weapons only cosmetics. But activision decided to fuck things up with weapons

  47. 4 hours later, and 2 rare supply drops and…..
    Two commons and rare taunt in both 🙁
    Seriously, I bought the season pass, can I have the weapons for free? At least some complementary COD points? Sucks

    • not getting the crossbow or MX or even the pistol shouldn’t make or break a game its not like AW where its a pay to win situation where you get OP weapons like the Speakeasy or the Obsidian Steed cuz the guns aren’t that much better than the other guns in the game

    • What makes you play FPS games? Lots of things, but one of the necessary parts in an fps is guns, and the quantity of them.

      So what’s gonna happen if you put an essential part of a game behind a paywall? You make many people rage.

      The reason why many people like supplay drops with out weapons is that it will create no advantage over anyone, sure you have got that awesome camo but if you suck then that wouldn’t make a difference.

      And sure, maybe these weapons suck now ( haven’t tried them) but what’s gonna happen if they made an OP weapon only available through Supply drops.

      But that’s just my opinion.

      • I agree that if there is an OP weapon I will have a problem just making them come from a supply drop but either way u will be buying the gun and keep in mind they are still a business and businesses need to make money even though I don’t agree with that because they are a multi billion dollar company

  48. This is bullshit. Treyarch went out and broke their own promise about supply drops, and I refuse to pay $2.00 FOR A SMALL CHANCE to get now content. Do you know how much better it would be to just let people buy these things for $0.99 each? I know they’d not be whoring money, but more people would come back for more games if this was done.

  49. Do we have direct quotes where they say the game will be balanced and weapons won’t be in supply drops? I would think it would be easy to win a class-action lawsuit for blatant lies, false advertisement, bait-and-switch, fixed gambling system, etc. There’s gotta be some lawyer who’d love to put a huge piece-of-shit corporation like Activision in their place.

  50. I was playing today and sure enough, I got killed by some guy with an MX Garand. Always finding new ways to break the hearts of gamers, aren’t you, Activision?

    Activision’s money-raking strategies are comparable to those used by the big American pharmaceutical companies. Those companies have been known to reject, steal the research of, and even attempt to assassinate anyone with a potential cure for cancer. They do this so that they can make money off of sick cancer patients. Similarly, Activision rejects any idea of making weapons free to all so they can make money selling COD Points to desperate people. Simply unbelievable.

    Honestly, I think Activision will never be brought to justice. All they need to do is pay people to look the other way. The only way to stop them is to cut off their money supply. Do not buy any COD Points or supply drops from them, ever. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. They will never get a penny out of me.

  51. Welp, looks like they just lost another consumer a little bit early, I was planning on having this be my last cod and was planning on buying all the dlc but after this stunt they pulled they lost me a bit earlier. Have fun with this short term business plan thinking activision, by the time ghosts 2 comes out, this franchise will be DEAD and good riddance

  52. I won’t spend a penny on cod points fuck you Activision it pains me that I spent 80 quid on digital deluxe version of this game.

  53. Instakilled with the MX garand. This guy on the other team just melted everyone using te MX garand. Definitely ruined this game with guns in supply drops. I will not shell out any more money to

    These youtubers are enabling the company and are brainwashing others to buy these cod points. I literally see people draining their bank accounts and running up credit card bills.

    Activison is just like a drug dealer forcing drugs on the gaming community.

  54. Can anybody help me.I have the marshal 16 and it’s great, but there is a problem. For some reason whenever I get a kill/headshots with it, the xp and the kill goes to the mr6 and I’m frustrated now. If u have any ideas please help

  55. think of it like this. think of super random rich people , who to them money is no object, who plunk down a thousand dollars for COD supply drops on an odd wednesday afternoon just for shits n gigs… thats how you know this practice is only going to continue expanding. dont blame the average gamer that spends 5 to 20 bucks on it.

  56. Why do people always complain about getting weapons in supply drops in advanced warfare cause if memory serves me right u could damn near get all the good weapons buy going through all the prestige levels u get the obsidian steed after prestige master, speakeasy closer to end before grandmaster and u get asm1 magnitude by getting so many kills and some of the variants weren’t that good but I did get bal inferno in supply drop I just grinded alot some people just want stuff for free if u would of put in work u would of got the guns u wanted and I’m just a casual player if I get something from the game it’s cool if not then that’s cool to but I think your silly if u buy supply drops to get weak ass weapons I’m not giving them mf’s my money they already done got 60 for game and 50 for season pass yall crazy for buying that stuff if yall wouldn’t buy drops then the weapons would probably be given to us but they know yall go crazy when something new comes out just like a noob on zombies that sees a fire sale and forgets the zombies are still going to kill them at the mystery box then they get the ray gun come get me please when they go down quit buying the supply drops

  57. Here’s all the weapons u could of gotten for free from advanced warfare u just had to grind to get them starting from master prestige 1 all the way to 15 not counting the weapons u could of gotten from certain amount of kills with a specific gun quit crying grind the games out that’s what the game is meant for

  58. I wouldn’t mind so much if these weapons could be purchased directly with Cryptokeys – 100 Cryptokeys per weapon or equivalent Cod Points?? It would certainly encourage gamers to keep playing. I think it is a very poor decision to add these to the Black Market loot table – exclusively. Its really affected the image of Treyarch and the game too! If they had made these ‘purchasable’ by Cyptokeys/cod points directly, that wouldn’t be quite so bad!
    I know its not as financially rewarding for Activision but BO3 has already made them a fortune AND has the highest Season Pass sales too. I really think they ought to reward the players for their loyalty and faith – they really should have given something back to the community!!!

  59. Like everyone making more money all the time. Those weapons should be free unlocked inside the game. Bonus fishing the game or extras special kills. However who started all that BS with dlc?

  60. Ok, so can someone just explain this to me. If I want to get a weapon from the black market using ‘CP’ that I payed money for, can I select what I want to buy or do I just have to buy a random box and play the game of ‘chance’. I am finding all this very vague and I don’t really want to waste any money.

  61. Does anyone know if we have to unlock all the camos for these new weapons in order to get Dark Matter? I got the Fury’s Song and its showing that I need to unlock all the camo for it to get diamond for all melee weapons

  62. they should make a supply drop that garentes a new melee weapon and increas the chance of getting a new weapon . you should earn this after playing and not by it this way people will have to earn it fairly and not just spend 50$

  63. I thought it would be cool to spend a little mad money and get the new weapons…….yeah right!!! $70 and several hundred cript keys later all I have gotten was massive amounts of camo and decals that are nothing but doubles, a bunch of the camo and ZERO i repeat ZERO weapons!!! While there are online gamers that have spent $0 and only a couple supply drops with cript keys and they have them all!!! What horse crap. I have beaten this game on everything but real life, I have presteged to level 3 and played a bit of zombies. You would think that a simple unskilled game player that does not get very high kills would be able to get things at a rate that is according to his level. NOPE!! I still havve nothing after all the weapons that I have leveled a few that have almost max prestege the double XP weekends and all the rare drops that I have done and the common ones that I have been trying still nothing. well I guess there is just those that get the big numbers get the good stuff!!

    After all the money ($200+ foor game and extras i.e. cript keys and season pass) I am about reacdy to just throw it in the trash and move on. It should not be that hard to get weapons from drops. I have also burned all the dups and used all those cript keys to try again and still zip!! Thanks a lot for nothing!!

  64. Well honestly,between Sledghammer /Activision, is that there would be supply drops that would contain weapons of a better variant, they also listened to the players when they adjusted the content to both the advance supply drops and regular supply drops.In ther advance supply drops you were guaranteed at least 1 legendary or rare,1 regular and the last item was a 50/50,could be legendary,epic or common.

    With Treyarch/Activision, we new supply drops were going to be a part of the game, but they were only supposed to be cosmetic.
    If they want to have weapons in crates then create a weapons only crate, there is a micro trans, how about an attachment crate?

    But seriously, what we need is an exchange in the Black Market where players can trade their duplicates for things they want.
    If your going the route of micro-transactions,THEN have the stones to say it out loud.

  65. Ok, so everyone will hate me. But…..I’ve had the game for 12 days. Just bought it. I’ve earned the 10x supply drop contract, and I have the MX Garand and the Marshall 16 shotgun Pistol (the second actually came from a later supply drop NOT one of the 10 bundle)

    Yes its generally nonsense that its random and I get a bunch of useless stuff I don’t want, and my biggest fix would be a way to burn or trade all the random stuff you don’t care about for more Crypokeys. For instance, I reallllllllly want a sweet melee weapon.

    I don’t know what all this ‘normal’ player talk is considering my KDR is right around .70 so I’m not like some world class COD nutjob. But it seems addictively easy to earn drops in my opinion.

    • I forgot to say I’ve spent no extra money on keys or points or anything. That is ridiculous. The ONLY way I would feel tempted to spend so much extra real money on a game is if Activision took a lesson from MKXL and lets you simply BUY all the camos and extras so you literally have all the content just like MK does with its current Krypt feature. You can earn, or you could just unlock all of them for like another $20, Granted COD’s would probably be more like another $60 but still. Spending money for a random drop is just bending people over.