It’s official: Activision has confirmed during their Fourth Quarter Results Conference Call that Infinity Ward is developing this year’s new Call of Duty title.

In Q4 2016, Activision Publishing plans to release an innovative new Call of Duty game from its studio, Infinity Ward, the makers of the Modern Warfare series.

Activision switched Call of Duty to a three year development cycle back in 2014; both Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch have released their first three year developed title, and this year, it is Infinity Ward’s turn. Infinity Ward’s last title was Call of Duty: Ghosts, which was the first Call of Duty on next-gen platforms.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 4.34.54 PM

Activision has not announced any details about the new title. We are still a while away from the reveal of the new title. Activision usually reveals the latest Call of Duty titles around April – May timeframe.

As always, we will keep you updated on the latest Call of Duty 2016 news. Stay tuned.



  1. ‘Infinity Wards last title was COD: Ghosts which is highly regarded as one of the worst CODs to date, so It’ll be interesting to see what they can do with the franchise now.’

      • Activision only publishes, however they can tell them to also make changed and add things as they please, like pay for COD Points. Fuck IW too.

      • Activision handles the business. Infinity Ward makes the games. Ghosts being bad was Infinity Ward’s fault.

        • Lol yeah right! It’s entirely Inifinity Ward’s fault that COD Ghosts is bad, meanwhile Craptivision milks millions off another COD game! Lol obviously you’ve never seen Karate Kid! “teacher say, student do!”

          • That’s because it mainly was their fault. They’re the ones who made everything, such as the weapons and maps. Stonehaven and Siege were entirely Infinity Ward. You really think they’ll learn from their misguidance? You can stay on this sinking ship, I’m personally done.

          • To be honest I’m one of those guys that never touches the multiplayer in Call of Duty so I may be a bit one sided. Still though, I don’t see what’s so bad with the single player in Ghosts. While it’s far from my favorite COD campaign, I still felt that the story was solid. You didn’t like Ghosts and that’s fine, but seriously what’s this b.s. rant about Infinity Ward? Were talking about one game here and you’re writing off IW! You seem to forget that IW made Modern Warfare 1 and 2, do you really believe they’re garbage too?

          • I feel bad for you. The Campaigns aren’t fun in the slightest and they have no replayability whatsoever. I genuinely hope you’re enjoying those experiences, because I refuse to play them. They just bore me.

            “Still though, I don’t see what’s so bad with the single player in
            Ghosts. While it’s far from my favorite COD campaign, I still felt that
            the story was solid.” I wasn’t talking about the Campaign, I was talking about the Multiplayer, but my point still stands. Not even the Campaign was good. They half-assed it by rehashing sequences from previous games and Mark Rubin lied about the gameplay by saying that there’s “more choices”, and don’t let me forget the fish A.I.

            “You didn’t like Ghosts and that’s fine, but seriously what’s this b.s.
            rant about Infinity Ward? Were talking about one game here and you’re
            writing off IW! You seem to forget that IW made Modern Warfare 1 and 2,
            do you really believe they’re garbage too?” My rant is not bullshit, nor are we talking about just one game. Modern Warfare 3 was terrible, and was one of my all-time worst experiences in gaming. Do you really think that this Infinity Ward is the same Infinity Ward that made those games? Fact is, is that they’re not. My point was that they’re incapable of emulating the experiences of past CoD’s because they lost the talented employees. The real Infinity Ward is Respawn Entertainment.

            Infinity Ward deserves to be written off. They’re terrible developers.

          • Lol haha “I wasn’t talking about the campaign”, well I was so shut up! If the COD campaigns are so stupid and boring then why does Activision and their devlepors continue to make them? I’s because there’s an audience for it and I’m NOT the only one either. It’s NOT a cash cow! Some of us still like single player motherfucker! Not of all us are mmo whores like you! You’re trying to tell that everyone hates Ghosts and I say you are full of shit. Not everyone hates Ghosts as much as you do, some of us like and were just as much gamers as you are. Were NOT sheep for liking Ghosts, I don’t give a shit what you’re opinion is of Respawn, IW or who the fuckever! Respawn has had a couple of flukes I’ll give you that, MW3 and Titanfall, but what developer hasn’t? Go on tell me another fairy tale about Battlefield games have epic campaigns, see you can’t because it doesn’t fucking exist!

          • Yeah I’ve enjoyed all of the COD games from Treyarch too including World At War. All I’m saying is that Infinity Ward deserves a chance to make another excellent COD game. Like I said before, I even liked Ghosts and I don’t even play multiplayer. I wouldn’t call Ghosts great, but still a good game imo. He(Bradyalucard) had said that COD aren’t fun and have no replay value, but obviously that’s not true. I am thankful that Call Of Duty games have never gone the multiplayer only route.

          • I do call Ghosts great (number two favorite….sometimes number one) and have only played the multiplayer/Extinction.

          • I never said that you can’t like the Singleplayer, moron, I said that the Singleplayer isn’t great, especially for one to be able to pay their $60 specifically for it, so you need to chill out. Black Ops 3 is a good step forward, but that doesn’t mean that Infinity Ward’s next game will be any good, and it won’t be.

            “Not of all us are mmo whores like you!” I don’t play MMO’s. Only MMO

            I’ve played and enjoyed is RuneScape. I’ve criticized online gaming, as well, especially games with a Campaign missing and online as their core element.

            “You’re trying to tell that everyone hates Ghosts and I say you are full of shit.”

            And I say that you’re the one who’s full of shit, because you like it. I can make stupid absolute claims, too. Ghosts is garbage, because Infinity Ward is garbage. They are incapable of making a decent game and you need to get over it. What did you like about Ghosts? You’re not even being specific, you’re just being a butthurt prick because you like a game that I find to be terrible. News flash; it’s subjective, I never said that you can’t like it, so hop off. I’ll say you’re ignorant, though.

            “Not everyone hates Ghosts as much as you do, some of us like and were just as much gamers as you are.”

            You’re among a minority, then. Seriously. Ghosts is the most hated CoD ever for good reasons. It was a half-assed game, that is a fact.

            “Were NOT sheep for liking Ghosts, I don’t give a shit what you’re
            opinion is of Respawn, IW or who the fuckever! Respawn has had a couple
            of flukes I’ll give you that, MW3 and Titanfall, but what developer

            Yes, you are, at least until you provide a good reason as to why you liked it in the first place. What do you mean in terms of that statement about Respawn? They didn’t make Modern Warfare 3.

            “Go on tell me another fairy tale about Battlefield games have epic campaigns, see you can’t because it doesn’t fucking exist!”

            Go on and tell me another fairy tale about Infinity Ward having good Call of Duty games since 2009. See, you can’t, because it doesn’t fucking exist! Battlefield SHOULD have a decent Singleplayer to add more value to the consumer, just like how Infinity Ward should make their next game’s Singleplayer more replayable with more gameplay elements. But I guarantee you that they won’t, regardless of how much more development time that they have. Their abilities are predictable, because Infinity Ward is just a brand, and if you can’t accept that, then you ARE a sheep.

          • Ok I’ll tell you what I liked about Ghosts. 1.) the underwater level was cool and unique, the space levels not as cool, but at least they tried something different. 2.)There was more of an emphasis on stealth in certain missions. 3.) Ghosts is another COD game, IW’s 2016 game will be another COD. COD games are about war and the reality of war. Different time periods and new gameplay mechanics are always nice, but I don’t expect huge innovations and changes from game to game. How the fuck do you think people would respond if IW or Treyarch went all out sci-fi and made COD games like Halo or Mass Effect? My reasons aren’t very good and that’s because they really don’t need to be, I don’t have justify myself to you because you hated Ghosts. I was mistaken about Respawn making MW3, you are correct. However you did say that “the real Infinity Ward is Respawn” what did you mean by that? Were you being sarcastic? Since you think that Ghosts is a bad game then you must think Titanfall is bad too. Don’t even try to tell Titanfall is good, because it f’ing isn’t, it’s easily way worse than Ghosts. As far as Battlefield games, Bad Company and Bad Company 2 had fun campaigns, but you’re fucking crazy if you believe that BF3 or BF4 had anything even remotely close to a decent campaign. In fact BF3 and BF4 had even worser campaigns than any Call Of Duty game. Don’t tell me you actually liked that horsecrap in BF3 and BF4 that EA called single player? Also how can you say that COD 2016 will be bad? Do you know anything the new game? NO! Have you seen footage of the new game? NO! You’re letting your hatred of Ghosts blind to any future games from IW. Well I hope that COD 2016 turns out epic and that you miss out on it, fucking troll!

          • EA just didn’t put content into that game. I’d be alright with online-based games if they had substance.

          • I don’t play multiplayer in COD games, so may opinion may be a little one sided, but “sinking ship?” You seem awfully to discredit IW over one game. You’re also forgettng that Modern Warfare wouldn’t exist without IW or do you think that Modern Warfare games are bad too?

          • Call of Duty may be multiplayer focused, but in case you fucking forget they have something called a fucking campaign too. And yes dumbshit people do play it! Are you suggesting that COD games should be multiplayer only? Just take a look at R6 Siege and Destiny, we all know how f’ing beautifully those two turned out by going the multiplayer/online only route! Before you start trolling hard on COD have you even freaking tried out Black Ops 3? There’s nightmares(alternate zombie campaign), freerun, another zombies map and dead ops 2 all of which can be played solo. Infinity Ward COD’s on the other hand offer less for the single player gamer, you’re correct about that.

          • Not a good point, because only a fraction of the current Infinity Ward made those games, so yeah, of course I’m going to discredit them, because merely a few people in the studio now made those games. Infinity Ward is dead.

        • it was ATVI’s fault as well cause they probably wanted cod ghosts to be developed for both last gen current gen consoles when IW could have done something better

          • Last gen didn’t mean much. Porting isn’t hard work (perhaps porting to different architecture is). The main issue was the fact that it was developed in 2 years, but then again, would an extra year have helped? A game is only as good as the developer that creates it, and Infinity Ward lost great developers. I think that speaks for itself.

        • Don’t forget that they were working with new tech which hadn’t been finalised as both Microsoft and Sony were making alterations to their next gen consoles so they weren’t sure what they had to work with and were unfamiliar with how it worked. I’d like to think they learned from their mistakes and that this next CoD will be a huge improvement.

          • They had years to plan out the current generation of consoles, Sony especially, since they’re hardware manufacturers and that’s where the corporation started. This isn’t the same Infinity Ward employees as Respawn. I’m being genuine here, seriously, don’t get your hopes up.

        • I hope VG flags your fucking ass! You try to talk like you’re respectful and cool, but that’s a fucking masquerade! You’re no different than the other trolls on Youtube and IGN, only instead you post your shit here on VG and ruin it for everyone else. Go away asswipe, go find a corner of the house to beat off in!

          • Whoa, prick, you don’t know me at all. Stop acting like you do, because you’re looking like a fucking idiot, right now.

            You’re mad because a game you like sucks? Get over it and put your tampon in.

          • Go fuck yourself! I like Ghosts and I stand by my fucking words. I never said you or anyone else had to agree with my opinion.Just shut your fucking mouth and go play Vampire Rain, Hour Of Victory and those other shit clown games you like! Then come back and tell me that they’re better than COD Ghosts, fucking shitball motherfucker! Yeah you’re absolutely right, I don’t want to know you. I don’t associate with trolls who have been hogwashed in dogshit!

          • Typical fanboy fuckwad. “Go play x game!” Ghosts sucks, get over it. I find it funny that you call ME a troll LOL do you read what you type? I’d rather play those games than play Ghosts, to be honest. At least I’d get a full experience than playing a rehashed FPS.

          • I say your opinion sucks! Your words are like human feces, people read them and just flush it right down the toilet! Your opinion unanimoulsy sucks! GET OVER IT! Like I said I hope Activision permanently bans you. You should never be allowed to play any COD game for the rest of your life! I hope your PS4, XB1 and PC are all broken the next time you want to play an Infinity Ward game. And I’m not a fanboy of anything except making sure that VG/247 bans you.

          • VG 24/7? What are you talking about? LOL exposed. My opinion sucks, unanimously, eh? Except I have popular opinion in support of my own personal opinion, and I’m interested in seeing how Activision would ban me on my $60 game.

          • Ooohhh I’m so sorry, please don’t hit me daddy!! Whatcha gonna do pops? Lock me in a room without video games for a month? Go fuck a rock Shitball!

          • As for the intelligent, calm response………….Activision should ban you from Call Of Duty……for life…and in eternity after that!

          • That you paid for the rights to play in which they have all legal rights to remove from you. Read your terms of service

          • It’s not that serious. You’ve obviously been paying attention to the stupid conversation, and in that context (which what I was specifically discussing about), they would have no right to “ban” me. I’d attempt to sue them for stepping over their legal boundaries, and I used that as an argument to explain to him just how ignorant he sounded. But I commend you, that was a good point, and I appreciate it.

        • ghosts wasnt bad though, majority of people just jump on bandwagons. Ghosts was polished and grounded. It was just so limiting like cod4 that i think all the kids didnt like it.

          tbh ghosts is the most realistic feeling cod ever made.

          • Ghosts was the worst CoD ever. Its design was horrid, and the guns killed too quickly. The maps were too big and had no fluidity. The most positive things I could think of about that game would be how smooth the gameplay and lag compensation were. But those things are irrelevant when you can’t do anything about the campers, because the game (for some reason) is designed for players to camp in the most random places.

      • Activision fucks up a lot of things yet it’s always the developer that gets blamed for it. I’m not saying developers are perfect either..

  2. Looks like there’s no remake this year, but in all honesty if you were expecting a remake instead of a new game, you deserve to be disappointed lol

  3. Whatever, Let’s just hope it isn’t as boring as Ghosts was. They need a new color palette aswell I fucking hate how sad things look.

  4. I genuinely have no idea which direction I’d take if I was working for IW. Going back to WW2 seems good on paper, but with limited tech + equipment in those days means a limited game

    • Found this one on Reddit, so I’m gonna copy-paste it here:

      “Pay 2 Win: The ability to pay money to get an advantage.

      Pay Wall: To restrict access to something that you can only access if you pay money.

      Activision/Treyarch have implemented the addition of weapons into
      Supply Drops, Supply Drops have the ability to be purchased in game by
      using Cryptokeys and COD Points. Cryptokeys are earned through playing
      matches, since there’s no cost involved with Cryptokeys it’s therefore
      not Pay 2 Win or locked behind a Pay Wall since you can obtain the items
      without using any money.

      Please don’t confuse the fact that you can purchase COD Points to
      obtain Supply Drops more frequently than with using Cryptokeys with Pay 2
      Win and a Pay Wall, as explained, this ability to accelerate the rate
      at which you can earn Supply Drops is nothing more than a
      microtransaction. Microtransactions are not required to play the game,
      they are only there as an alternative, you have the power to vote with
      your wallet if you chose to not go this route.”

      • just so you dont have to pay for them doesnt make it pay2win? Neither do mobile games, so their not pay2win either I guess??

        Also the wrench and crowbar have statistically been proven to be better than the Combat Knife.

        • “just so you dont have to pay for them doesnt make it pay2win?”

          Did you seriously just ask that? Wow, now you’re arguing just to argue.

        • 1. You need better reading comprehension skills. If you don’t have to pay for them, then there’s no such thing as a pay-wall. What does that have to do with P2W?

          2. Statistically proven? By whom? Random players who are more often bias than not? Or actual in-game data with hard-coded numbers?

          • Source please? I’ve seen so many people claiming this, but far as I can tell, it’s all placebo. And placebo is more present than ever in this community.

          • The nice thing about the last gen version then is that I don’t have to worry about this. πŸ™‚

          • LOL, you have got to be kidding me.

            When that guy was using the knife, he wasn’t slashing. He was LUNGING at the enemy. Knife lunging animation always takes longer than a slash, but it allows for more range. That guy wasn’t even lunging with the sword and the crowbar. Now, I do not know if that’s because they lack lunging animation or not, but either way, your OP weapon argument can go straight out the window.

      • On you’re side buddy, but the fact on how many rare supply drops it takes, I find it to be a bit more closer to the Pay Wall than it being neither, due to the fact on how many things it takes, also Pay 2 win is a thing, have you seen the damn crossbow πŸ™

      • Its amazing people are still crying about supply drops like u did not know they were gonna be in the game. And these guns are not even like AW where u could get a melting gun compared 2 a crow bar yea thats pay 2 win hahahahah

  5. “…which was the first COD on next gen” Are we really still calling this shit next gen. I let it go for about a month after the launch of the consoles. Its been over 2 years.

  6. Infinity Ward…just remember:
    The rest is just “perfumery”…

    • No more dullness,
      it needs some new or good sound design cause if you get shot it has the same voice from MW series,
      needs pre-rendered cutscenes like Bo3 and AW,
      needs more features

        • The person I was replying to would probably like that. He made it out to seem that all small and medium sized maps are good, while large maps are bad since he excluded them.

          There needs to be a Stonehaven (but better designed). I think it’s ridiculous if every map is small enough that SMGs can dominate all the time. There needs to be atleast one map that makes you put away your SMG or shotgun, and elect to use long range weaponry.

          • He excluded large maps because most of the large maps in Ghosts were not very good. Just under half of the maps in vanilla Ghosts are quite large and it pissed a lot of people off, especially given how much it catered to campers. Stonehaven wasn’t bad depending on the area, but I hate Chasm, Seige (depending on mode), Whiteout, and Stormfront. The smaller/medium maps were more preferred by the community, and some people still camped those. I love the game, but it was set up to make campers very comfy in their tents.

          • It was good for getting thermal silenced LMG’d across the map (but that’s most maps in the game).

          • My opening move on Whiteout DOM was to sprint to B with a Tac-12 and blast anyone trying to get to B flag in the cave. Then for the rest of the match I’d use the Vector.

    • I reckon have “Ghosts” size maps but with more players would be cool. Imagine playing Stonehaven with like 24 players

  7. Let’s just face it. COD cannot use the word “Innovating”. Unless there’s a complete rehaul of the engine, game modes, or even the look of things, then it will still be same old call of duty. It’s sad that the developers are scared to get out of the bubble. Unless Activision is calling the shots on what they can and can’t do.

  8. I don’t know what that word “innovative” means but I have heard rumors about new engine (Unreal Engine 4) but I wouldn’t place my bet on that.

    But man I have waited for this. Make small to medium maps and those maps should be memorable. I don’t have to remind about netcode or hit detection because IW for sure knows how to do a working game.

    Bring it on! #CoD2016 #IW

    • If I remember correctly they have used word “innovating” a lot. So fingers crossed they don’t mean advanced movements (although it wouldn’t fit to the setting of Ghosts).

      Everyone knows Infinity Ward can deliver if they learn their lesson from Ghosts multiplayer. I think return to the boots on the ground would be enough for a lot of players to buy Ghosts 2.

      What I hope from Ghosts 2 is that it would be hybrid between Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 in terms of gameplay.

      • They should bring back MW3’s infected mode and specialist streak which made you a supersoldier. I would absolutely love that. Also bring back Terminal!

  9. I’m not gonna lie. Reading the words “new innovative” makes me cringe a bit. I’d much rather read words like “old school”, “back to the roots”, or “throwback”.

      • I think Ghosts was “innovative” by adding minor destructibility/dynamic events for example. So this doesn’t automatically mean “new movement” because as I said it wouldn’t fit to Ghosts’ setting (destroyed America). Technology is definitely limited in that kind of world. Also the story itself is most likely going to continue immediately or a couple of years after Ghosts.

        In other words everything is pointing towards classic movement in destroyed environments.

  10. I’m impressed with everyone’s feedback. This is how CI should be. No immature slandering of anyone. I agree with everyone’s statements here. IW will either blow it up or burn miserably with their new release. We will find out soon enough.

  11. “New innovative” title: said every year! Lol
    I don’t have much hope for the COD franchise, Activision needs to bust out their wallets and afford a better game engine and dedicated servers before I get excited. Otherwise it’s all limited, and never living up to its potential. How long before they notice how outdated their game is?

  12. I reached max Prestige (twice) on Ghosts so to say I disliked it would be a lie. I enjoyed playing it with my clan.. lone gunner, it was painful. MW was amazing but I’m done with that as much as I am Ghosts. I want something fresh, boots on the ground, and set in the modern day. Some kind of clan war addition (but not some stupid iPhone app) would also be nice.

  13. I don’t really give a shit about IW Call of Duty’s, but in all honesty, they’re Call of Doodys’ last hope… Think I worded that wrong, but whatever

  14. I feel like I’m the only one who is actually excited for the next CoD game. Ghosts was a complete disaster for IW, but they have had three years to listen to the fans and learn from their mistakes. Not only that, but they have had experienced game developers join their team in recent days.

    People will be pessimistic, and people will hate IW for their past mistakes, but I know that they can be depended on to create a solid, classic Call of Duty.

    • Yeah, that’s how I’ve looked at it. They had to’ve listened to feedback, I mean, look how negative the view of the last game they made was and still is. That had to have an affect on their process for making the next one.

    • Ghosts was far from my favorite COD game, but I never saw how it was a disaster in the first place. I too am willing to give IW a chance, people seem to forget that without IW we wouldn’t have Modern Warfare 1 & 2.

      • I hope IW brings us same quality as in Modern Warfare they would definitely deliver this year. If boots on ground movement comes back that is a big plus for them considering that people want to go back to roots. If new engine is true then that would be another plus IF it WORKS.

        Pointstreak system should return. Every kill and capture would bring you one point towards your streak.

  15. i am really not looking forward to this because its iw. and think that it will be trash like the shit iw have brought out in recent years, i really hope i am completely wrong πŸ™

    • And wth is that supposed to mean? Call of Duty has done WW2, modern warfare, futuristic warfare! You got any better ideas on what time era COD should into next? Yeah! I thought not!

      • Vietnam War, World War 1, 80s (I know Black Ops did the Vietnam and Cold War stuff but that’s just partial, I want full on era. not some flashback bullshit)

        Hell, give some twist like Dieselpunk WW2 would be interesting (even though they’ll get flak for being copying Wolfenstein The New Order).

        • Sorry for coming off as harsh, I was having a bad day and mostly I like your COD era ideas too. Idk about WW1 though, could be really good, but idk if the guns and combat mechanics are interesting enough. I’ve always thought a wild west era COD would be cool too, but same issue as WW1. How do you make a wild west COD game feel more like a war? Personally I’d really like to see a full on COD game set entirely during the Vietnam War.

          • A World War 1 game would be awesome in my opinion. I think Treyarch could definitely pull off a World War 1 game honestly. As far as the guns not being “interesting” I disagree. It’s a different time setting so it’s not your usual futuristic game with automatics or even WW2 weapons (even tho i love to see another WW2 game)

          • I think a World War 1 game could be awesome too, I just wonder how Treyarch would make it engaging and exciting is all. I know the time setting is different and it would be quite different to have a COD game without automatic weapons.

  16. Modern warfare 4 or nothing. I mean it’s perfect. Everyone loved modern warfare (cod4) and mlg took off during mw2 and 3. Mw4 is such an obvious choice.

    • It could be more futurstic combat, but no one knows yet. I enjoyed the futuristic combat in Black Ops 2 & 3 as well as Advanced Warfare, but I’m ready for a change too. Also Infinity Ward really hasn’t done any futuristic combat either, Sledgehammer made AW and of course Treyarch made the Black Ops games.

      • Black ops 2 was not really futuristic combat. They had no ridiculous guns or anything. Black ops 2 was the last decent call of duty imo. Ghosts tried to be good and keep with the basics but overall kind of failed at it. Aw and blops 3 are kind of a joke. AW was awful, blop3 has ok gameplay spoiled by noob fueling specialist abilites and fluff mechanics. Really jope someone brings back real CoD.

        • I have to disagree with you about Advanced Warfare, I felt like it had some really cool gameplay. I liked using the exosuit, the grapplehook in the one stealth level, being able to turn invisible was fun too. Advanced Warfare isn’t my favorite COD game, but compared to Modern Warfare 3 I enjoyed it. Imo MW3 was probably the worst COD game made, very boring and very generic. Personally I’d like to see Call Of Duty go back to WW2 or maybe even an entire game set during Vietnam.

          • Have you ever tried out a Call Of Duty campaign? If so did you like it? Personally I like most of them, the only one I found kind of boring and generic was Modern Warfare 3. Certainly COD campaigns are better than Battlfield campagins where you only get around a 4-5 hr. campaign. Only single player I enjoyed in Battlefield was Bad Company 1 & 2.

  17. Guys the majority of people who were responsible for Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare are no longer with Infinity Ward, so stop with the wishful thinking about going back to those games as redemption.

    • What redemption? Did you really think Ghosts was that horrible? It’s one game dude, one game! Opinions like yours really irk me, how come you don’t want to give Infinity Ward a chance?

      • One game? More like three. MW2, MW3, and Ghosts. That’s me personally. IW hasn’t made a really good game since COD4 which was almost ten years ago. MW2 is debatable, but me personally did not live up to the hype and was not that good. MW3 was worse and boring not mentioning that the game looked exactly like MW2. They didn’t even bother making a new HUD for that game. Little changed in that game, not only that it felt like a huge step backwards compared to Black Ops when it came to customization. Ghosts, was just flat out horrible and boring, worse than MW3. Granted, had a pretty good release, but DLC made it worse than what it was. Everything about Ghosts was a lackluster. Also again, a huge step backwards in customization compared to Black Ops 2 (not talking character outfit either)

        • I agree with you about Modern Warfare 3, but “MW2 is debatable?” I have to disagree strongly, Modern Warfare 2 is regarded by the majority as one of the best Call Of Duty games out there. Why in the world do you think it’s debatable? Are you saying that MW2 does not deserve it success? As for Ghosts it’s horrible in your opinion, but I disagree I found to be a pretty good game. I’ve already stated my reasons as to why I like Ghosts(read my post to Bradyalucard) and I stand by my words. Do NOT attempt to convince me that Ghosts is a bad game overall. You can say I’m a sheep for liking Ghosts, but I recommend not doing so. Respect my opinion and were fine, I respect yours. However if you start calling a sheep or a wuss for liking Ghosts then you’re not gonna like my next response.

          • As far as your last paragraph goes, assuming I’m not going to attack you. No just no. I have no reason to attack you. But, I really appreciate it if you didnt assume crap like that especially when my response was perfectly respectable. Other than that, I’ll only attack if I’m attacked first. that being said, I considered MW2 to be debatable, as MW2 wasn’t really highly regarded by people until recently (few years or so) when MW2 was new it was completely trashed, and I even trashed it and I stay true to it until this day. I haven’t even touched MW2 since like 2012 or something. It did not live up to the hype what so ever. It was a massive disappointment. However it’s better than MW3 and Ghosts, but then again, ANYTHING is better than Ghosts.

            IW needs to redeem themselves especially after three horrible games.
            I have very low expectations in IW, especially after Ghosts. It’s going to take A LOT to impress me with IW next game. I’m even debating if I should I even this years Call of Duty launch. I’m not sure though.

          • I’ve read and responded to plenty of other posts on this web site from blatantly obvious trolls, that’s why I said not to start any name calling or insults with me. Obviously our opinions on MW2 and Ghosts differ so why are you wasting time trying to convince me that they are bad games? When you say that “anything is better than Ghosts” are you talking strictly COD games or other games? If were talking about other games then Ghosts is better than that horsecrap in Battlefield 3 & Battlefield 4 that EA calls a campaign!

          • Ok first off that post was to another guy! I wasn’t directing that at you! Second for me IT IS only ONE game and that would be Modern Warfare 3. Everything else that Infinity Ward has done I’ve liked. You say you don’t give a fuck if I like Ghosts and MW2. Well I don’t give a fuck either if you dislike Ghosts or MW2 either Fuckstick!

          • Congratulations, but you seem to not share the same opinion as someone like me who has a distaste for IW after three games. Congratulations, I’m glad you enjoyed them. But in your original reply you were talking about yourself, and you seem to couldn’t understand why people didn’t like IW, and I explained it to. Learn how to read, idiot.

          • Yeah I was talking about myself and I was simply giving my opinion nothing more. All I said was that I”m going to give Infinity Ward another chance to make a great Call Of Duty game. Did I say that people who disagree with me are idiots, did I say everyone has to agree with me? No I didn’t say anything even close to that. You said you didn’t give a Fuck whether or not I liked IW games so that’s why I said Fuck You too. You talk about being curteous yet you say you don’t give a fuck what I like, well you’re talking like an IDIOT too!

            And why the hell would I want to undertand the opinions of people dislike Infinity Ward Call Of Duty games? I realize that some people don’t like Infinity Ward and that’s fine, but I’ve talked to plenty of other people who like IW COD games. I’ve talked to them here on this site and other gaming sites too. The simple fact is that not everyone hates Infinity Ward like you say. You say you’re not a troll, you say you’re respectful, but you sure seem pretty butthurt!

          • Jesus Christ are you fucking stupid or something? I’m not butthurt about anything. Why would I be butthurt towards someone who cant even read or understand simple points? I dunno. You act like just because I’m engaging with you in a conversation and the fact I disagree with you that I’m just going to raid your house thar has 5,000 copies of MW2 and Ghosts and tell you to stop playing.

            If you actually learned how to read I said didnt give a fuck about you playing IW games because you kept gettng defensive and acted like I’m trying to convince you otherwise when that was never the case you fucking moron.

          • How many fucking times I gotta say it? Personally I like both Ghosts and MW2 and let’s not be stupid either, I have ONE copy of each. I never said that people should agree with me NEVER! You’re the one wasting your energy trying to convince me that IW COD’s are universally bad games. But the simple fact of the matter which you refuse to accept is that you’re wrong. You don’t like IW’s COD games, fine, but I know plenty of people who do. And for your fucking information I can read just fine, but why should I give a shit about people who dislike IW COD games? Again I stand by my words. This is FINAL!

          • At this point I don’t know if you really are this stupid and you really do not know how to read or you’re trolling. Either way, you’re a total fucking idiot XD

            and I’m not wrong about anything lol.

          • You’re right in saying that you weren’t trying to convince me of anything. You say that you’re being respectful, well the same of my original is completely true then. The reason I got defensive with you is because I didn’t appreciate some of your words. In your first post to me you said “I don’t give a shit if think Ghosts is good or not.” “Anything is better than Ghosts.” Wtf really? So Vampire Rain and Hour Of Victory are better games than Ghosts? You said it respectfully, but it is still an insult to everyone that likes IW and COD. You really think I’m the only person that reads you’re posts? You may have not found some of your words to me insulting, but I did that’s all I’m saying.

          • I don’t care if you didn’t appreciate my words or not. I say whatever is on my mind, not walk on eggshells for people.

            but anyway, let’s dissect the quotes you pulled from my comment.

            “I don’t give a shit if you think Ghosts is a good game or not”
            if you read the full comment, I made this particular comment in response to your accusation of me trying to “convince” you otherwise about your opinion regarding Ghosts, so I made that comment because I dont care. I’m not trying to convince you of anything. The point of my replies was informimg you of people (like me) who disliked IW and why we’re a bit worried for this year’s Call of Duty. Especially considering IW hasn’t made an awesome COD since Call of Duty 4. At least to me anyway. If you like Ghosts, go for it, play the game, and if you’re excited for this years Call of Duty, awesome. I hope you enjoy it.

            “Anything is better than Ghosts”
            I wasn’t being literal with this particular comment. I was more referring to any other Call of Duty in the series is better than Ghosts. I dont know why this struck out to you, but that’s just me.

            Also, let’s quote you for a sec
            “you really think I’m the only one reading your comments?”
            Well no considering I’m commenting on a public website, so. Also, for more regarding this statement, just go back up and read the first few sentences of this comment.

        • Horrible and boring. Not even close.

          Ghosts has the far superior create a class system than any other cod, hands down. Its not even slightly debatable.

          It also had the best hit detection of the series.

          It had everything going against it, as well. They had to make a next gen title mostly without knowing the exact specs of those consoles until really late in the dev cycle. They also had to prepare the game for four other consoles.
          And it came out with mass genre fatigue and blind hate based on peoples impressions of the last couple of cods.

  18. extinction was more challenging at first, and was more tactical. Zombies you pretty much just kill em and get points and buy perks. Extinction you get perks by doing challenges and if you failed you didnt get those perks. Also extinction actually ended each level and had difficulty modes.

    Still like zombies more but tbh extinctions coop felt more involved, had classes/roles and was better cuz of that.

  19. Why does everyone hate IW if it wasn’t for them CoD wouldn’t even be. IW made the best CoDs ever (CoD 4, MW2, Ghost). I know a lot didn’t like ghost cuz it was different but I for one can’t wait for ghost 2. I have always liked IW games the best anyways

  20. can’t wait for shit maps where a flag pole drops so happy . Can wait for call of bushes 2. A shit story dude you put me in a advaced hole in the ground now I’m evil

  21. They need to get back to the basics. The specialist abilities in blops 3 completely ruin the game. Their sole purpose seems to be to give noobs free kills. I don’t hate wall running and sliding but prefer the man to man not superman to superman style gun fights. Maps used to be a lot better in pretty much every call of duty up until aw. Really hope they get back to the cod4, waw (minus vehicles), mw2/3, blackops1/2 style gameplay which again focused more on solid map design and gunskill.