Treyarch has announced that they are activating both Double XP and Double Weapon XP for Black Ops 3 on Friday, February 12th at 10AM PT. It will end on February 16th at 10AM PT. In addition, Nuk3town only playlist will be active during this time period on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

This Double XP and Double Weapon XP will be live on both Multiplayer and Zombies mode across all platforms.



  1. A double crypto key weekend would have been better since they went ahead and put the new weapons in their bullshit rng system

  2. It’s a just a distraction to keep people from talking about supply drop weapons and how they screwed us, don’t fall for it.

  3. This isnt a troll question or a rude one.. Do a lot of people still play this game? I stopped playing early december and have been thinking about coming back. Is it still jumping like it was at release? Is it at least as popular as bo2 was during its lifecycle?

          • Lol no, stop defending microtransactions. I saw a 0.63 k/d guy go 40-2 on tdm using crossbow

          • I’ve picked them up and used them too, i usually get 10 -15 kills while using them without dying and thats without suitable perks for the crossbow. Dual wielded is OP, no idea how you don’t realise that, 12 one hit kill super accurate shots that don’t show up on the minimap and you can pick shots back up.Single are powerful but not overpowered.

          • Like I said, it’s gonna take more substantial data than just “random noob goes 42-0” and “I got 10-15 kills in a row” to determine whether a weapon is OP or not.

          • Here’s some data; it’s agile in movement, fast in fire rate, enough damage to one shot a person, it’s a secondary, and can pick up ammo without Scavenger, it has an attachment that counteracts the restriction of panic kniving, and can be dual wielded. You’re gonna have to accept it’s OP; it’s honestly more OP then some of the MW2 Shotguns. Not all of them though.

          • You also forget: the Crossbow doesn’t shoot a straight line all the way. The projectile arcs. And the distance the arrow travels before it starts to arc, is comparable to shotgun range. And that’s what I see in most of the clips where they claim the weapon to be OP: people just running straight into shotgun range, and get killed.

    • The problem is we’ll never know how many people are actually online, they give only a percentage. Not sure why they changed it.

  4. Buff rejack in a way that you get to keep your streaks but your meter is dependent on when you do it. For example

    if you have 500 score already and you go down.
    Rejack at >90%= 400 score
    Rejack at >80%= 300 score
    Rejack at >70%= 200 score
    Rejack at >60%= 100 score
    Rejack at <59%= streak progress is gone.

  5. Through until Tuesday, maybe Treyarch are trying to compensate for breaking their promise and adding weapons to supply drops, not just cosmetic items like they said?

  6. This is all just a diversion to keep us from thinking about how Treyarch and Activision straight up lied to our faces about there not being any weapons or weapon variants. They couldn’t even give us Double Cryptokeys for the weekend.

    • Then I guess you don’t listen to cod news much cause they said no weapon variants meaning there will not be any stat change on the guns. Not weapons in general.