Players are now able to starting watching Call of Duty World League matches live directly from the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 game menu on PlayStation 4.

In order to access the in-game player, launch the game and enter the multiplayer menu. At the top left of the screen, there should be message of the days; press L1/R1 to find the Call of Duty World League message, and press Square to start watching the matches directly from the menu.

Here a video of how it works, via @AxeeeLxX:

This is the Live Event in-game viewer, which was announced for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 back at gamescom during Treyarch’s eSports reveal show.

It’s not clear yet if Treyarch will bring this to Xbox One and PC. We will update as we learn more.



    • 72 thousand people were watching the world league stream on twitch alone
      last night but nobody cares according to you xD

    • They didn’t kill Clans for this at all. Not sure where you got that from.

      Clan Wars were not popular at all compared to eSports or for that matter, anything else. You enjoyed it; a handful of others did too. But, Activision saw it from their perspective and realized that the investment into clans and clan wars was not worth it over the long run because of the limited amount of players that actually make use of the feature. In any any business, you’ve got to prioritize what’s important, and Clans were not to them. Beachhead is working on Skylanders Battlecast, I believe.

      • Too bad, I had fun with my squad in clan wars. Now the game feels too casual for us, still fun but we don’t get excited for those special dates when we would go nuts grinding clan wars and then afterwards wear the special gear. :/

  1. Lame ass tryhards, VMP and M8, GOT ‘EM! I’ve lost track of how many times this game has crashed on me… I need a new game to play… Can’t spring come faster…!

  2. Doubt this is coming to X1 and PC. World League is all about PS4, wouldn’t make sense to be showing off a PS4 tournament on X1.