Activision has announced the first set of online events for the Call of Duty World League Challenge Division in North America, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand.

Activision has stated that, at the end of the season, the top 80 teams worldwide from the Challenge Division will be invited to compete in the Call of Duty Championship Qualifiers. In addition to qualification for Champs, the best teams in February and March events will be invited to attend the Stage 1 regulation tournament, where teams can compete against Pro Division teams for a spot in Stage 2 of the Pro Division.

Here’s the full details of online events, broken down by region. Sign up now!

North America:


There are four online events for North America, which will each have $25,000 in prize pool. Both Pro Division and amateur teams can compete in these events, but only Challenge Division teams can earn World League points toward the Pro Division Relegation tournament and Call of Duty Championship qualification.

Click on the links below to learn more, and sign-up:

The first CWL Challenge Division North America LAN event was this weekend [February 12-14] with UMG Carolina. Learn more about this event here.



In Europe, there are two confirmed LAN events occurring: the first one is EGL 15, taking place March 5th-6th at the Truman Brewery in London. $25,000 and World League points are available to earn at this event. The second LAN event will be the Zenith at Paris by ESWC (May 6th-8th), which was announced earlier. More on the Paris event here.

In addition, there are a series of online events in Europe (all teams are allowed to compete), each with $5,000 prize pool:



In Australia/New Zealand, there will be three online events:

Stay tuned for the latest Call of Duty World League News.



    • Starting not to like this game man, the inconsistent gun fights, my guns seem like they’re shooting marshmallows, shoot first die first, and pistols shouldn’t be out gunning AR’s or smg’s.

      • Yh I hate all the guns in the game apart from one the kn44.. Since I gone back to using two weeks ago I haven’t had a bad game.. Iron sights, silencer, quick Draw, grip, fast mags and high caliber.. With ghost perk.. It’s perfect.. I literally hate every gun and class apart from this one, u should try it… I was going for dark matter camo, but some of the guns feel to inconsistent so gave it up as a bad job.. My kd has gone up by 5 since going back to my preferd class..

        • The view kick is the other thing, hate it when I shoot someone in the chest and then my gun goes over their head or vice versa I shoot them and they get the headshot, actually curious to see what Infinity Ward is making…only February I know.

          • Yh I can’t wait for some boots on ground (fingers crossed)… Also a better split screen experience, I split screen alot and they really fucked it up.. they decreased the on screen image, so it looks like I’m playing 32 inch picture on a 55 Inch TV.. Everything is a lot smaller than it should be.. Pees me off.. ..

            But when ever bo3 is pissing u off, just remember.. 2 years without a CoD.. Ghosts and A.W and then u actually appreciate it more..

            One small step at a time IW might get Cod back on that perfect track..

          • One can only hope, but with them coming out and saying ‘new innovative’ title…uh oh… nah but I hope it really is boots on the ground only.

          • Haha that’ll never go away from IW, the fish will swim away from you. I’m sure IW learned from their mistake.

    • You know that dosent happen to all of us. There are players out there with more play time than you and your friend together. They dont have any of the new guns and probably never gonna get all of them if they dont buy cod points, even tho they already have put 100$ (game+ season pass).

    • Someone on my team had it, he went 52-5… It’s not that good tho.. not pay to win fo sho.. It’s an improved version of the shiva.. But never mind ay… I have 0.2 chance of getting everytime I save 30 keys.. But that’s also completely fine…

      Everytime I used to open up a supply drop I used think o yesssssss nice camo , now I think shit just a fecking camo… But that’s also fine taking the fun out of the supply drops is also a really kewl idea.. But at least u got the weapon.. That’s all that matters.. “logic” chief..

      • Play to win I have like 7 days played. I alrdy got a nuclear with it if you struggle getting keys get better. Go on big win streaks

        • What? if I go on a big win streak il get the guns? Please stfu dude, take the Activision/treyarch dick out ur ass and wake up… U got a lucky drop has nothing to do with how skilled u r.. Some people could spend 1000keys some could spend 10 and get the weapon…

          • He just wanted an excuse to flaunt his stats. Lmao. He’s so proud of himself it’s actually cute.

          • Well winning is related to keys it sorta is when you have a 400win streak you get them fast. And being good also makes it easier to play long and rageless

          • You guys are gonna get a dlc weapon sooner or later if you just play. Will you still complain then?

          • Ur missing the point completely.. Just because u have them doesn’t make it right… Just as if I was lucky enough and I can’t stress that enough “lucky” enough it still wouldn’t be right.. Someone with 0.12 kd could get these weapons just as much as u.. of corse ur going to be happy because u got them, but u have to admit its still a very shitty way to obtain guns..

          • Be grateful they have them in the game. new content is nice cod has always been pay to win. Pay for better connection to win. I have a 120kb/s download always on a 100plus ping be it’s the best internet I can get in my area. Be grateful you have good connection.

          • cod has always been p2w, hold up right there newbie, you’re saying cod had p2w ever since the 1st cod came out bwahhaaha dumbest nigga I’ve ever seen, connection’s got nothing to do with winning most of the time even I have bad connection yet I still drop 40-10 or higher and u must have either hacked ur stats or ur bluffing cuz I have never seen anyone get 780spm as each game mode averages about 300-500spm. also stop speaking so highly about how your god at cod cuz it makes you look like a sweatboy with ATVI’s dick up ur ass (never know ATVI are probably the one giving u good connection)

          • He’s pathetic he doesn’t understand I’m already prestige master just now and I still don’t have any dlc weapons I have more time played than him (9 days) I’m about to unlock dark matter and my k.d is a 1.81 my wins are on point and still I have no dlc weapons. Performance has nothing to do with earning dlc weapons and winning a match only gets you 1extra cryptokey

          • Wait a minute, do you have to purchase the awakening dlc to have a chance at getting the new guns?

          • Either way I have the season pass purchased and we all got that update I doubt it but I have the season pass on Xbox one so I basically have the dlc just gotta wait until it’s released

          • Fuck outta here with your bragging ass self. Contribute something to society, a high k/d counts for feck all.

          • Like no joke who many people I know have new dlc weapons stop fucking complaining about nothing you will change. Now im saving keys for next dlc weapons to be released I’m betting a mp40 will come

        • I would try to go on big win streaks if it isn’t for the dumb asses on my team. Literally I have a 1.93 KD, 2.93 WL, & 472 SPM & I still get put on with the bad teammates while the other team get at least decent. I even saved up 600 cryptokeys from 2 CK & didn’t get at least one of the new melee weapons

        • A person who gets a new gun in a supply drop is not necessarily a good player. It’s all based on luck because if it wasn’t, every person on Master Prestige would have one by now. You just got lucky.

          At least you did get a new gun. I took turns playing BO3 all week with friends and never got anything. The only way I could come close to getting that gun is by playing local and picking it up from bots.

  1. So no ones going to talk about the smg stealth nerf? Sprint out time is about the same to assault riffles when smg are supposed to be lighter than ARs

  2. You know you’ve achieved success when Keshav removes your comment.

    Anyway does anyone have Black Ops 3 on PS4 and want to play?
    Add me (Slim_Skull-boy_) MSG me when you send the request so that I know you are from CI.

  3. Have you ever been so bored you read what it says on video game discs? LMFAO on WaW for PC it says “do not lend”, I might make a video of me reading that then giving it to someone and their like “thanks bro”.