Treyarch is activating Double XP on all platforms in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 starting Friday, February 26th at 10AM PT and ending Monday, February 29th at 10AM PT.

This weekend’s Double XP is to celebrate the upcoming release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Awakening DLC on Xbox One and PC on March 3rd.



  1. Wow how many times they are giving us double XP? They must be really desperate to keep players online! /s (joking with some people’s expense)

    Well luckily I have a lot of time to level up! πŸ™‚

  2. Question: Can we start a comment thread regarding color? Like favorite, dislikes, etc.? Reason is regarding the comments on the AW M1 Garand and how the color purple shouldn’t be liked.

    • Black is a brilliant color, goes with anything, although, technically not a color.. I still like it.. Specially when accompanied with white, which also technically is not a color.. I dislike brown and snot green.. u can’t make them look good anywhere.. Purple is OK..

  3. For anyone who ain’t got the mx garand yet…. Bhahahahaha.. I got it bitchez!!!!.. U wan it I got it u really really wannt it.. It’s a beast.. comparing to the sheeva is mental.. It’s a million times better than that shit… . Best gun in the game fo sho! .. Soooo screw u guys I’m going to go play with the o.p gun double xp weekend..

      • U can have it.. For 500 Β£/$… At that price it’s a steal… People spend 300 and recieive nothing.. Why get ripped off by Activision when u can get ripped off by me for a guaranteed gun πŸ™‚

        • True, a much better bargain than one YouTuber I saw, I think he spent close to $1000 before he got any of the new weapons

    • I wouldn’t call the Sheiva shit at all. I haven’t tried the MX yet so I can’t accurately compare but the Sheiva with High Calibre is a beast. Got it gold in under 4 hours.

        • I’m not.. Lol honestly it’s amazing. The sheiva is a weak gun, compared to the rest as the fire rate is to slow.. and the mx is so quick and powerful.. It’s a machine…

          • Guess it depends on play style, i have it and really hate it. Its better than the shieva but i much prefer pistols, smgs and shotguns.

          • I am really in love with the kuda and the vmp at the moment and the argus is great. BUT also love the rushing AR like the kn44 and hvk

          • Kn44 is the only ARs i like in this game. VMP, Razorback, MR6 and LCAR9 are my favourite guns atm.

          • I do have it as well, but TBH I like the Sheiva more. (and yeah that’s including the suppressor bonus)

            The reloading thing drives me nuts. So many times I’m trying to empty the mag, to get a fresh new mag, and then I get ambushed… πŸ™

      • After I got it gold, I would never choose to go back to the sheiva again .I wouldn’t use it over fully automatic guns, where as I would the mx..

      • I’m not that great at this game, every gun I have has an average of 1.35 kd, part from the shieva, which is 1.1.. My new mx has 2.0 kd.. But what ever u say dude..

        • Thats a horrible example lol, obviously it would be your highest KD if you just got the gun as stated. For example , if i just start playin and my first game i go 32-0 then my KD will be 32.0 because i am new to the game and then after a while the average will greatly increase and probably become a much lower KD

          • That confuses me now because you said you used the gun as much as your other guns and whether or not you have just gotten it recently thats not even possible. You should have over 1000 if not more kills with each gun, if you dont that means you havent played a lot. I have a gun which i barely used and have a 2.29 KD with it but it isnt the best gun or my favorite.

          • Mx grand 600 kills, rest of the guns apart apart from two all have about 700 kills.. Apart from like I said before the two guns I use, which are the only guns I use.. The kn, which has something like 4500 kills last time I checked and the vmp which I is also close to to 3000… I am doing beastly with the Mx compared to the rest with similar stats, so Its now been added as a a 4 th class…

            I have the kn class, vmp class, another kn class with a black cell, and now mx class and that’s all I need..

            Edit* what might of confused is that,.Ive had the gun a while but waited to post what I posted, on a new article so it wasn’t lost In the hundreds of posts…

        • its def not op, but my god it kills quickly, but balanced very well, reloading situation puts me off, ill stick to my trusty kuda and melt you every time, even with my L car 9 which i have a 4 kd with 2,000 kills on it

          • I’ve used it just as much as most of the other guns, so it’s not really a bad example, their are only two guns I use in the game so to compare to the rest of them is fine..

    • I got it with my final rare out of 210ish keys and after I beasted with it my next 30 I got the marshal XD
      Not sure what you use but BOA3, stock and silencer has worked perfectly for me (my kd went from 2.5 to 2.55 from prestige 8 to 9)

  4. No time to play this weekend sadly enough πŸ™ Oh well, at least I managed to get some Double XP time in just about every other time they’ve turned it on.

  5. I think it should be somewhat like Halo 3’s Double EXP weekends as they were like every weekend. But about this instead…
    First weekend of the month- 2XP Weekend
    Second weekend of the month- 2x Weapon XP Weekend
    Third weekend of the month- 2XP and Weapon XP
    Last weekend of the month- 2x Cryptokeys

  6. I honestly prefer double cryptokey weekends. I don’t know about you guys, but I usually rank up relatively fast in this game without double xp. Just play the objective modes and actually play the objective. Cryptokeys are more satisfying to me.

    • You’re not alone. And I took the only double cryptokey weekend for granted. That’ll never happen again. I’ve been grinding the cap outta keys. It takes to long even when winning constantly. I’m over saving keys up. I just buy a rare as soon as I hit 30 keys.

      • Even saving up 30 cryptokeys takes a good while of playing, and sometimes the rare supply drop provides underwhelming items for such a hard earned supply drop

        • Even if the items wind up underwhelming, you do also get bonus Cryptokeys from every Rare chest opened, and you can burn your duplicate items to get some keys back.

          Dunno if AW does that now but i wish they did stuff like that back when the game came out.

      • Yeah I agree. I do the same as you. I get 30 and spend it fast cause it takes a whole light year to just earn them. I think they should increase the amount of Cryptokeys you get if you win and if you actually play the objective balls to the wall. They should give you atleast 10-20 Cryptokeys every match. Not 3,4,5 or sometimes like 7 keys.

        • it’s even worse to the fact that if you lose connection to host in the middle of that game or near the end of game, you dont get Cryptokeys for that match. I notice that you have to finish an entire match to even get Cryptokeys and I think that is problem when stuff like losing connection to the host happens sometimes.

  7. lets play add me at xbox one fatal kraazy og i got gta and black ops 3
    i am prestige 6 and try to get to 8 this weekend just a me and send a message.

  8. Is it my imagination or is Treyarch doing a shit ton of 2xp for Black Ops III? Next week is DLC 1 release for other platforms, do we get 2xp yet again then? Why so many?

  9. I would love it if infinity ward was like “our new movement system: HEELIES! now you can roll down a hill past an alley and fire in all directions while moving one direction! Also, our new mode: DODGEBALL! don’t get hit or you die!

  10. Always nice to get a 2xp weekend.
    Anybody wonder if the DLC Update size on Xbox One is gonna be different from PS4? Cause after that big 7.9 GB update i noticed alot of the stuff that PS4 got when the map pack hit was already on Xbox, ie the Daily Challenges in Zombies, slots for the new Mega Gumballs, the inclusion of the Death Machine drop amd the updated character models.

  11. Specialist OC I came up with.
    Callsign: X-Ray
    Sex: Male
    Age: 25
    Recommended class: Sheiva with rapid fire, extended mags, laser sight, and high caliber, with Hard-Wired and Fast hands perks.
    Ability: Grapple bolt- Wrist mounted grappling hook that allows for faster travel throughout certain areas of the battlefield. (Limited height and distance, able to shoot while using with hipfire only, speed while grappling around 150% of thrust sliding, yet slow enough to get shot by enemies. Meter decreases depending on distance traveled and amount of times used.)
    Weapon: Storm PSR- High caliber Sniper rifle capable of locking onto or dumb-firing enemies. Slow fire rate and bullet travel, but very high stopping power.(Gun charges in between shots, similar to Sniper rifles. Charged shots are able to lock onto enemies, but are slower in speed despite being able to one-shot kill with or without going through a surface. Can also be used as a regular marksman rifle.)

    Story: Joseph Zimmerman lives with all of the tech given to him, seeing it as to make life easier rather than replacing it. After visiting Singapore to study and work at the Coalescence Corp., the ever-so-named ‘Singapore Disaster’ crushed all hope of that happening. When evacuation efforts were abandoned, He started off with a small pistol to defend himself from the rising fury of the 54 Immortals.
    Five years later, and he roams the wreckage of the Q-zone, finding whatever he can from corpses, abandoned buildings, shanty towns, and even through means of taking it by force, to keep himself alive, something he promised himself he’d do since 2060.

  12. Is there anyone else experiencing BO3 server issues on the Xbone. It’s frustrating this has to be happening on the 2xp-weekend

  13. [email protected]

    I never understood why they give us double xp before the dlc release instead of after

    • When you see it like that it’s hard to believe how much it has changed. Almost seems like the developers are going for ‘soft’ and ‘trippy’ warfare.