Ruin: Samurai

Activision has announced that there’s a free multiplayer weekend for Black Ops 3 on PC (Steam) starting now and ending February 28th at 1PM PT. This free multiplayer weekend is different than other weekends in that only the Multiplayer Starter Pack content can be played for free this weekend.

In addition, for those that want to purchase Black Ops 3 on PC this weekend, the game and the Digital Deluxe Edition are on sale through Monday at 10AM PT.

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  1. Well, since this is another MP post, figure i’d share this.


    Specialist OC I came up with.
    Callsign: X-Ray
    Sex: Male
    Age: 25
    Recommended class: Sheiva with rapid fire, extended mags, laser sight, and high caliber, with Hard-Wired and Fast hands perks.
    Ability: Grapple bolt- Wrist mounted grappling hook that allows for faster travel throughout certain areas of the battlefield. (Limited height and distance, able to shoot while using with hipfire only, speed while grappling around 150% of thrust sliding, yet slow enough to get shot by enemies. Meter decreases depending on distance traveled and amount of times used.)
    Weapon: Storm PSR- High caliber Sniper rifle capable of locking onto or dumb-firing enemies. Slow fire rate and bullet travel, but very high stopping power.(Gun charges in between shots, similar to Sniper rifles. Charged shots are able to lock onto enemies, but are slower in speed despite being able to one-shot kill with or without going through a surface. Can also be used as a regular marksman rifle.)

    Story: Joseph Zimmerman lives with all of the tech given to him, seeing it as to make life easier rather than replacing it. After visiting Singapore to study and work at the Coalescence Corp., the ever-so-named ‘Singapore Disaster’ crushed all hope of that happening. When evacuation efforts were abandoned, He started off with a small pistol to defend himself from the rising fury of the 54 Immortals.
    Five years later, and he roams the wreckage of the Q-zone, finding whatever he can from corpses, abandoned buildings, shanty towns, and even through means of taking it by force, to keep himself alive, something he promised himself he’d do since 2060.