A new Game Settings Update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is now live on PS4 and Xbox One. The version number is

Here’s what changed:

  • MR6 max fire rate has been nerfed
  • Bug fixes for Ante-Up, Safeguard robot , weapon-pick ups, prone players.
  • Zombies: fixes for Margwas aggro, bugs with DG-4, and duplicated Upgraded bows.



  1. HA!… Wait… DAMN IT! I knew they’d nerf the MR6, but shit, I knew I should’ve mained that gun to get gold while I had the chance… Fuck.

  2. Thats kind of lame, i thought the MR6 was perfect how it was. All in all i can appreciate the effort Treyarch has been putting into gun balancing though, the majority of the guns are all easily viable.

    • There have to be some good pistols; I liked the MR6 right where it was. It was perfectly balanced in my opinion.

        • The reason I liked the MR6 so much was because it felt like the Five-seven, which was my favorite of the secondaries in Black Ops 2. Now with this nerf, all the secondaries are a lot less viable. How am I supposed to go pistol-only anymore? (I probably could, but it would be a lot more difficult.)

  3. Glad that they finally patched the Margwas the kept leaving when you tried to kill them and would stand over you when you were down

  4. Wow, Great patch “notes” as always.

    Bug fix for Ante-Up: What bug fix?
    Safeguard robot bug fix: What bug fix?

    Weapon-pick ups, prone players… .. WTF?

    • The ante-up I believe was fixed when you chose a class with the perk, then when the match starts you chose a diff. class & you still benefit from the perk. The rest I’m clueless AF

  5. The razorback needs a buff it’s too underpowered. It shoots slow and barley gives damage. Also the vesper needs a buff no one uses it anymore I feel like all smg are now underpowered and not viable to use except for the kuda

    • The Razorback definitely (lol), but the Vesper? I’m pretty happy to not see tryhards maining that gun 24/7 on NUK3TOWN, smh.

      • I like them too but honestly I find the recoil on the VMP and vesper way too much for me. Even with a grip. I rather them keep the vesper how it was but nerf the long range. And for the VMP I’d keep it how it was but nerf the fire rate a bit

    • i agree on the razorback buff either more range so 4 shot kill to goes out to at least 30 meters or up the fire rate a to 650 rpm or just introduce a 3 shot kill range at 8 meters

      • I think it needs a 3 shot up to about 8 meters or close as well i mean it fires slow and it that should make up for the slow fire rate or either get a fire rate buff

  6. Out of all of the weapons to nerf? I guess that’s what happens when you think that looking at a weapon user’s K/D is actually accurate data.

  7. After a match when the black loading screen comes up the game will restart and take you to dashboard on xbox one, wiping all progress made in that game. Has anyone else experienced this? I don’t know if it’s the game or the console.

    • Me too.It just recently has been happening to me very frequently.I thought It might have been my console or internet.

  8. I really think they are messing up with the weapon balance. They already completely screwed up SMGs, which indirectly affected some of the ARs in the bad way as well.

    And now, they are nerfing the MR6? Meh… I’m mot sure about what they want to do.

      • Yes, exactly. And not only that, the ADS time nerf on the Kuda/VMP/Vesper to make it match AR’s ADS time is also a huge misake (with and without the quickdraw attachement).
        The Vesper is now purely and simply non-viable (huge recoil nerf, and hip-fire nerf), but hip fire in general got nerfed on SMG.

        The HVK-30 ADS faster than all the SMGs! With AND without Quickdraw attachement, and when sprinting out as well! It also has a better hip-fire spread than all SMGs for twice 4hit kill range with high rate of fire and low and easy to control recoil.

        For rushing, the only reason to even play an SMG over a HVK-30 is the moving speed while ADS with and without stock attachement.
        Or maaayyybe if you consider a stealth class with a suppressor for ranges penalties. But even there, the suppressed KN-44 performs better than all SMGs.

  9. People still play this? I haven’t touched it since November. I heard it was all pay 2 win again just like Advanced Warfare and Treyarch have started adding novelty guns which is also like AW. How COD has fallen…

  10. Interesting enough.They did’nt nerf the MR6 because it wasn’t balanced as someone with a default controller,a Scuf or any controller with trigger stops.The weapon was a a melt machine with a modded controller.We can thank our peers that have no skill for this nerf.

  11. Tip: Just change your button layout so R1 or RB fires, you can spam the trigger faster for semi auto weapons

  12. Guys I was wondering, if they remastered and old COD game, like say Modern Warfare series, what would happen with the DLC? Would you have to re buy all the DLC, or if you purchased it before, do you keep it or will it be free? Knowing Activision my last point of it being free will never happen.