Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has been nominated for a BAFTA award this year. Specifically, the title has been nominated for AMD’s eSports Audience Award.

This award “aims to recognise and acknowledge the games that captured the hearts and imaginations of players and audiences over the past year in eSports.”

The AMD eSports Audience Award is the only fan voted award for the event; you can vote now here.

The BAFTA awards takes place on April 7th in London. 



          • This pointless award could end world hunger and Activision would still use p2p

        • Its funny how u think, if they win, they would even think about adding better servers, and hit detection..come on “Codforever” u should know better than that..

          • If it wins it’ll mean jack shit lmao, this does nothing for publics,all it does is make people sweat Gamma Labs BTW use codename “SUCMYAS” for 10% off

          • He’s a blind sheep that can’t see what ATVI are doing to this franchise. No use in talking to him.

          • Wtf did I do? I was the biggest person against supply drops as soon as they introduced weapons but ok

          • I meant to say that if COD was being played in a massive stage watched by millions and then suddenly the game winning killcam is some BS hit detection, it would look incredibly embarrassing on Activisions part. Thus it would influence them to invest in better hit detection/servers and they themselves will be able to clearly see how shitty COD’s hit detection is.

            But I agree that my statement sounded a bit stupid and could have been interpreted in a million ways so apoligies

          • Lol aghhhhh I see.. That makes more sense.. glad u haven’t actually lost ur mind, and was just a misunderstanding..

          • Pretty sure those tournaments are on LAN, thus removing the issues with hit detection/servers the community faces in multiplayer…. So still a bit far fetched IMO

  1. lol what a joke. cod esports is so boring to watch… just run and gun like pub… I love cod but CSGO is x10 fun to watch than cod