In the newest patch update for Black Ops 3, a new HG 40 weapon has appeared. The weapon shows up (probably as a glitch right now) when trying to edit a paint job for weapons.

HG 40 name appears under ‘Camo’ (as seen in our image above) and in the little image next to the word ‘Camo’ appears to be a new never-before-seen weapon. It sort of looks like a futuristic MP40.


We will update as we learn more.

Thanks @YRNxGrumP for the tip!



    • If the HG40 is anything like the MP40 from WaW, probably… But still, the P2W argument won’t work, because you still technically can get it without spending a dime.

      • Yeah but that would take ages for some people. I remember people bashing it in AW now people probably try to be defensive (not talking about you!)

        • Paying real money doesn’t speed up the process any more than you think. RNGesus has a way of fucking with you.

          • It could take many hours of play time, but sure, or you could get it instantly via paying for it. This anti-consumer business model definitely does work.

      • Paid to get screwed In the ass, with an increased chance of getting a weapon, after Activision have took a weeks wages off u, is what I think he was ment to say..

      • The pay to win argument does work, because despite it being able to be acquired for free, one can still spend some money and get it faster, AKA pay to win, whether we can get it “free” or not. The drop rate is ridiculous. The Marshal and NX Shadowclaw are proof enough.

        • If we’re really gonna talk about P2W, then I’d argue that the previous method (buying weapons through map packs, or even separately a few months later) would be more along the line of P2W, because you actually can’t earn these new guns at all, and the only option is to pay, and some of them were truly OP, way more than the Marshal or the Shadowclaw.

          • The term “pay to win” is pretty self-explanatory, it doesn’t matter if the DLC is mandatory or not. The term is often used for Free-to-Play games to get an instant edge, just like how you could get an instant edge by just paying money over and over again until you get whatever weapon and/or cosmetic item that you want. It becomes pay to win when weapons are involved, specifically strong ones. I’d be interested in knowing what guns in previous CoD games (that were included in DLC) outperformed the Marshal and Shadowclaw, because they both can kill in one shot. Dual Shadowclaws are unstoppable. Are you talking about Advanced Warfare? Because the Peacekeeper was pretty balanced. Maybe the Maverick and Ripper in Ghosts, even though all of the weapons in that game were crazy overpowered/unbalanced that they could arguably be easily beaten.

          • The Ripper was beast, from what I’ve seen. While there are some balanced DLC weapons, the Ripper will always leave a bad taste in my mouth. Thank God it didn’t last long though, because I only played Ghosts on PC during the free weekends.

            But then there’s the Ohm in AW. Goddamn it, why didn’t Sledgehammer nerf its shotgun mode? Literally nobody uses the LMG mode of this thing.

            The Marshal and Shadowclaw can kill in one-shot, but they both have weaknesses. The Marshal has stupidly low range, while the Shadowclaw’s projectile arcs. So if you do get killed by those weapons, you were either: A. stupid enough to get in their effective range, or B. playing with skilled players. Trust me, you can’t just give these things to unskilled players and expect them to go Nuclear.

    • Like I’ve been saying they should sell weapons separately (example ripper from cod ghosts was purchasable to anyone) for about 2.99 anyone could buy the weapon and if you didn’t want to it wouldn’t affect anyone because that way it’s fair

    • HOW IS THIS PAY 2 win?????????? its nothing like AW the mx grand is not a OP gun like the BAL or asm1 where you could get melt versions of those guns by paying stop the pay 2 win bullshit having this weopon thats coming out or the mx does not give you a upper hand

    • The way I see it, you can’t really say Black Ops 3 is Pay 2 win and nor is it a double standard either as people like to compare AW and BO3 and how many “Treyarch defenders xD” there are.

      Black Ops 3 supply drop system is a whole hell of a lot better than Advanced Warfare is. There is a reason why it’s not shitted on as much as AW. There is no conspiracy regarding AW, it’s just Black Ops 3 system is in the right direction. Let me explain

      -I can actually earn as many supply drops as I want.

      -Most of the items are cosmetic. Key word MOST. I’ll get to the guns in a sec

      -I can actually earn these cosmetic items through rare supply drops. I can actually earn them through commons for FREE without them being locked behind Advanced supply drops which you can’t earn anymore ingame after reaching max rank.

      -Now guns. I as much as I hate guns being in supply drops. As much as I hate the choice. I hate it as much as everyone here. But here is the thing, it’s not as bad as Advanced Warfare.

      The MX Garand is far from the best weapon in the game.

      The Marshall 16 is only good up close. My MR6 can melt that gun.

      The Crossbow ehhhhh, it’s probably the best one out of the three, but it’s not pay 2 win and it’s no way overpowered.

      In fact Treyarch has done a great job at balancing all these supply drop weapons so far. As I said, I hate the fact they’re in there, but there nowhere near pay 2 win. If Treyarch included something like the KN-44 or the Man-O-War or even the MR6 then I would be the first to say it’s most likely pay to win.

      The Black Ops 3 supply drop system is far, far from the best, but it’s a right step in the direction compared to AW where AW had WEAPON VARIANTS. Anyone who downplays the elite versions of guns like the Hbr3 (cant remember the name) or the Bal 27 or ASM1 is straight up delusional

      I also want to add I like the IDEA of supply drops in Call of Duty, but it gets ruined by Youtubers, weapons, and Activision’s greed. If it didn’t have any of that, it would be fun and cool.

  1. I called this about 7 minutes ago. There must be more added as well. What do you guys think the melee weapons will be?

  2. Who cares, 95% of us will never get it, never be given the chance to earn it, and probably only ever see it when it’s been dropped on the floor by some casual that got lucky that probably doesn’t even care about it..

    I know people who grind the game daily and haven’t received one weapon, heck I put a good couple of hours In a day and only got the one weapon..

    If this wasn’t going to be In a supply drop it would be exciting news, as it is its just another reminder how Activision is turning a great game into shit…

    • Yeah okey but ScOott you atleast got a weapon been playing since day 1 but still haven’t gotten any weapon…

    • I seriously hope that they won’t do supply drops in Ghosts 2 because I would like to have classic Call of Duty back (which Infinity Ward is most likely working on) with huge amount of players. But supply drops ruin the game experience for many players and that leads to massive loss of players.

      But why am I keeping my hopes up? After all Activision is a company that is after money – and should be – but not at the expense of Call of Duty fans and fun gameplay experience.

      • Did I say great? Il edit.. What o ment was good.. Nothing on older Cods but better than anything on else on current gen..

        • Agreed, I don’t know if I’ll buy an FPS other than Treyarch games, but you never know. FPS games are hugely spammed in the market and it’s the most annoying thing.

          • I used to feel that way about the fps genre a few years ago, nowadays, I feel that the open-world genre is far more over saturated.

          • Nah, open worlds are fine imo, I want more of them. I prefer them to linear games. But I agree to a certain extent in regards to the ones that just aren’t very good, like Destiny, Unity, The Division, etc…

          • Not if you ask me. All these games nowadays having 50-100+ hours of forgettable content just to give the game a reason to be $60.00 is starting to become too much imo. Personally, I feel that open world games only having at most 40 hours of incredibly good and memorable content is far better having 100+ hours of filler. Quality over quantity.

      • After MW2…Black Ops 3 is THE BEST. I like the colorful Maps, the guns, specialists features, sounds…its a good game dude!

        • I personally don’t buy a war game for colorful pretty maps with a pretty little hot tub spa. It’s funny how stupid this franchise got in that regard. I think it’s hilarious, and good meme material. Other than that, yeah, it’s decent. For me, the time to kill and matchmaking are at the top of my ‘naughty list’.

          • Sorry my bad english, but when they launch a GREY Map, with a lot of wreckage stuff (like MW3 DOWNTURN MAP)…everybody HATE this kind of maps and colors…and scream: “CMON! ITS MORE OF THE SAME!!!”

          • I have no issue with your English. As with the maps, they can be colorful, as long as it looks like a warzone. Splash doesn’t look like a warzone, it looks like a kiddie ride. “Splash” just cracks me up. Reminds me of the Surfer Exo.

    • I actually wanted to ask you guys here, with complete seriousness. I know I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this but I’m going for it anyway. I spend 20$ every 10 days or so on supply drops, and here’s my logic behind it. I play BO3 a LOT, so I might as well try my luck for the weapons. Now most people will say it’s a waste of money and you should just man up and grind it out, but I do freelance programming from home (I only just turned 17 and scant get a real job) and it pays quite decently. So if I have to put in an extra hour I can buy the 20 pack every day. It seems better than spending 5 hours and getting only half the keys. I know I’m supporting theIR bullshit but I didn’t buy anything throughout AWs life cycle and clearly Activision is not planning on removing it any time soon.
      Again, I just want to know if this is wrong and if you guys can convince me that it’s stupid I’ll stop, but so far I haven’t seen anything too compelling. People say its RNG and you can earn keys but let’s face it we ALL want to enjoy the new weapons. The Marshals gave me hours of fun, and if I have to spend 60 minutes in order to get it again, I’d do it in a heartbeat

      • Spend it how ever u want lol, if u don’t think its a rip off then go for it..

        I would love everyone to stop buying them, so Activision stops, but it will never happen..

        I personally would never support them.. I find it all a waste of money specially as the game it’s self is so expensive with the season pass..

    • Sounds about accurate. I’m fearing Dark Matter and am over Prestige 5 so I don’t have the most playtime in the world but definitely have a good amount done. In that time I’ve gotten the Brass Knuckles and nothing else.

      Meanwhile, a friend of mine with less than 1 day played has already gotten the MX Garand and the Iron Jim.

      I love them bringing in all these DLC weapons but uif they don’t want to give it to everyone in the DLC and they don’t want to just give it for free they at least have to build in SOME KIND of way to earn it. Needing to get lucky is completely bullshit.

    • It’s a decent and well-balanced game, I just don’t like the TTK/matchmaking, everything else is fine. I might like it more than BO2, now that game pissed me off because of the quickscoping pricks and overpowered LMG’s.

    • Oh, and I forgot to include this small detail. Treyarch: “There are no Exos no worries” Warlord Wiki: “Warlords are high-ranking 54 Immortals troopers equipped with a top-of-the-line CDP heavy exoskeleton, providing them with full body protection with a helmet, outfit, and leggings. Their heavy duty exo-suits are heavily resistant to damage and make them strong enough to fire a light machine gun one-handed”


    • I have 8 days in the game and I’ve gotten all the weapons except for the marshals. I feel like you’re over dramatizing this just a bit.

      • Over dramatizing it because u have all the weapons..

        Wow yh of corse I forgot that’s all that matters as long as LtUltima has got the weapons then it doesn’t matter, how stupid I was to write what I did yesterday..

        Like I said I know people who grind the game daily since day one and received nothing, u seem to be in the minority lucky enough to get all the weapons..

        But yh il let everyone know LtUltima has all the weapons, and everyone else is just being dramatic, I think they might be able do something with that bit of information..

        Il let u guess what they will do with it..

        • What I meant is I can’t be the only one in fact I know I’m not. What I meant is you’re being a big baby about the whole thing. I like the fact that they add content to the game. Do I wish it wasn’t completely random yes. But the fact that there is a chance to get them for free, which I have. Is a good thing. In short stop crying.

          • I’m not crying, did u not read what I put, I said “who cares” u sound like a butt hurt treyarch fan boy.. Stop being an Fagit..

    • never say never 🙂 if u dont try to get some cryptos or cod pionts u NEVER gettin those new stuff bro. never give up 😀

    • True, their intent was to get people addicted to the game so they would have a captive audience to milk but this kind of thing just makes me feel like I’m pointlessly running in a hamster wheel, grinding with little hope, for something that might not even be worth it. It actually drove me away from the game and makes me feel nauseous every time I give a thought to coming back.

    • At this point, I can’t possibly give a fuck anymore about this. I am determined not to spend another dime on the game, and that’s what I’ll do. So I’ll just happily play the game like every other casual, and stock up some keys, then open drops. If there are new weapons coming my way, more fun for me. If not, well, no harm done, I’m not even halfway through with the base weapons.

      Plus, it’s really fun to pick up somebody’s Marshal 16 from the ground, and then wreck them with their own gun.

    • They should have just given it for free in all the DLC!! Fuckers realized they’ll earn more FUCKING MONEY$$$$ as the greedy bastards they are and put it in black market free for everyone(grinding in game)! And they make it difficult to get because they know people will spend their money like IDIOTS, and the dumb motherfuckers you are(you know who you are) to buy COD points to get the gun. That’s pathetic. Activision will always be scummy. Make millions and now even more with this black market shit. I wanna get my weapon for free in the DLC, like we used to in Ghosts! For fuck sake! Fuck this company. Nobody will ever go against them and rebel, because well, they’re fucking retarded, and you know who you are! WAKE THE FUCK UP ALREADY PEOPLE! Time to rebel against these money whoring motherfucking scum bags at Activision!

  3. I just want to say before people start complaining about weapons in supply drops and I know I have but MAYBE this weapon won’t be in supply drops were going to have to wait and see

      • I’m not talking about free though that would be nice I’m talking about being able to purchase them kind of like how people were able to purchase the ripper from cod ghosts even if they didn’t want the dlc maps

          • Exactly that’s why being able to purchase them would be a great idea anyone could just purchase the weapon for about $2.99 and won’t have to worry about spending tons on supply drops and whoever doesn’t want it won’t affect them

  4. Oh joy! I can’t wait to put hard work and effort into the game, grind up crypto keys, and be absolutely disappointed when I don’t see this weapon in my supply drops, only to witness tons of youtubers easily acquiring it using COD points. Thanks Treyarch!

    • I can not stand it when I get 2 commons and a rare GESTURE what tf wants that!? I’m always having this happen to me, I’ve put $40 into the game on these im a master level 126 and I’ve been lucky enjoy to get the butterfly knife.. I want a GUN, something useful…

  5. Still think these kinds of weapons should atleast come with the season pass, if not free for everyone. Or available to buy straight up and not through SD’s.

  6. Anyone here surprised? I still cant believe we were blatantly lied to about the supply drops being only “cosmetic”. I understand the melee weapons and even the MX Garand/Shadowclaw/Marshall because those are more or less gimmick weapons, but if this gun actually turns out to be a new MP40, that’s dabbling extremely close to pay to win.

  7. Please Treyarch include this in the 2nd DLC. A weapon like the Mp40 should never come within supply drops.

  8. I really want to know why people think that Treyarch must use the exact stats as the MP40 from WaW and not rebalance the gun so that it is not OP.

  9. Treyarch says they’re so hellbent on making a balanced game, so I appreciate them not putting weapons in the Map packs that cost money but supply drops make it less balanced because there are now only select people who are lucky that get specific advantages and gain the fun of using the new weapons. That’s real stupid on treyarch and activisions part.

    • And this is exactly the biggest problem with supply drops. Fuck balance, if you really want to put dlc guns in the game at least give them to everyone, why i have to spend like $200 to get your new weapon or wait to get it out of luck (if i ever do).

  10. OK a friend “just” got the game a couple days ago and they buy the supply drop deal(10 for 5)in his 2/3 drop gets an MX and a wrench…are u serious…

  11. I like the supply drops in BO3 CUZ they aren’t pay 2 win even the new weapons they added were balanced so stop complaining about the bo3 supply drops plz

  12. I always get excited about new weapons being added into the game but then I remember that I’m never going to get them because of the stupid RNG system

    GG Activision

    • They should make it so you have to do a challenge to get it, the challenge should not be easy, but it’s a guarantee you will be able to have the new gun.

  13. I’ll kiss Vahn’s bald head if this comes to fruition, I don’t even care if it’s in Supply Drops.

  14. I mean I would LOVE to have this gun… but what’s the actual percentage of getting it without purchasing cod points? come on treyarch/activition listen to us!!

  15. Hopefully this is a weapon that will launch with DLC 2. I’ve only got the brass knuckles out of supply drops.

  16. I wouldn’t mind supply drops and all that if they decided to add in a trading system.

  17. BO3 is just like AW now with the pay to win bullshit but all the Treyarch Fanboys will not admit it!!! I like Treyarch the best out of the 3 COD developers but I have to call them out on there bullshit!!! And I liked AW but having to hope u get a Weapon is just fucked up!!!

    • I want them all but I’ll never get them because the drop rate is BALLS. We Hardened Edition/Season Pass owners (fuck the Season Pass) should have gotten these weapons on the day they were released.

      • The season pass owners are getting fucked and Treyarch knows it. Supply drops are extremely catered towards youtubers so they can make reaction videos and promote Activision’s stupid decisions

      • yeah man I’ve spent around 100 dollars on this shit and have only gotten a duplicate wrench. I already had gotten one with a 30 ck supply drop.

  18. They should’ve just kept it cosmetics only as they stated before launch, add in some hard to get camo’s or outfits etc I could live with that, but with these weapons added in I lost all respect for treyarch/activision, I bashed SHG for it during AW so I won’t tolerate it from treyarch either, it makes me despise CoD as a game just as I despise all other DLC/MT filled games

      • I don’t like the movement in AW but I could adept to it if they indeed hadn’t add those variants, those were OP as F* . My game was glitched in a way I could add more perks and attachments above the 13 pick sloths (I had a pick 16 system) but even still with that glitch I lost 9 out of 10 gunfights against players who used that obsidian steed or tommy gun style weapon, not to mention that laser beam LMG (I forgot the name)

  19. Why can’t they make it free to everyone? Especially considering the fact that the MP40 will give an advantage to anyone who uses it. Turns out that the real competition is not about who shoots first in a gunfight, it’s about who pulls the newest DLC gun out of a supply drop.

    At least CoD: Ghosts was good in that the micro-DLC was purely cosmetic and never gave an advantage to anyone. Thank you, AW, for telling all future games that people will spend money on supply drops.

  20. I’m level 608 legit (SagaFireBurns on PS4 – feel free to add me :]) with MX Garand, Wrench and Butterfly Knife :/

  21. You guys are retarded you do not need these guns in the game they are not like AW guns Their just as good as some other guns, so shut up unless you can make a game even close to as good as BO3

  22. It would be cool if they added something like a dark ops challenge to achieve a specific weapon. That way, everyone has the chance of earning the weapons. 😀

  23. Really who cares its not a game changer. I put kids down all day with a kuda doesn’t matter if they use mx, shadowclaw, or what. Its not like the weapons are op and you can win a gun fight against them. If you dont like it so much all you do is bitch and cry then stop playing. And no i dont have them i am a lvl 158 and only have a pipe wrench.

  24. I flat out refuse to spend money on a “chance” to maybe get a new weapon. They should have put this in the next DLC, or at the very least offer the weapons for a small price. But to be honest I’m starting to barely even play COD anymore. I use to play COD everyday, now its been days to weeks before I even play. All these new DLC content is cool, but whats the point if its just a lottery system to get maybe get them. I’ve been enjoying other games lately that when I put in BLOPS 3 I get bored of it after a few matches and go back to playing other games. Since I dont have a likely chance of getting the new weapons via Crypto keys, I dont even care about these new weapons, since I have a huge chance of never getting them.