UPDATE: Treyarch has stated that they will be live streaming the DLC2 reveal on March 31st. More details to come. Stay tuned.

Original Story:

Activision and Treyarch have announced that they will be providing us with our first look at Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s second DLC pack this Thursday, March 31st.

Stay tuned for the latest news on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3!



  1. Furst! Really hope this DLC will be interesting. First one got boring quite quickly for me and was littered with bugs that should’ve been sorted before it even released.

      • That’s right, we get it first. I’m so glad you figured that out.
        And for the last part, not sure really but since you’re smart I’m pretty sure you can figure it out.

        • You obviously stated something else. You said “only on PS4” which is incorrect. PlayStation gets it first. However I like how you’re sitting pretty much mocking how I stated thr obvious, yet that’s literally what you’re doing in your OP. You’re extremely smart to know that PS4 gets DLC first. I’m really glad you pay attention to CoD News and you came here to state thr obvious otherwise I wouldn’t know what I would do

          • So if you already knew I stated the obvious and you already stated the obvious then I guess there’s no need for a debate, and since you think it’s a clickbait It wasn’t, I suggest you need to go outside more.

          • No, I’m just telling you to get better with your clickbait. If anyone needs to go outside, it’s you. You’re trying to make clickbait comments for Christ sake.

          • Better*
            And for a person denying a clickbait you sure are hypocritical among your own statement, pretty sure I got you there.

          • I have no idea, I guess I provoked the little Xbox fanboy. It’s casual when one console gets more than the other, a console war happens.

    • Wait till next year, probably won’t be kidding anymore ;_;

      BO2 & Ghosts: Personalization packs introduced, only cosmetic, guns included with DLC

      AW: Supply drops introduced, gun variants introduced, guns free but better variants in supply drops

      BO3: Personalization packs scrapped, most camps, attachments, emblems, and other cosmetic items are supply drop only, all new weapons (better or worse) are supply drop only

      It’s been getting worse and it will continue to get worse. I’m sure what use to be a pre-order bonus map will be put into supply drops and we’ll start with even less default weapons at launch. I’d rather just pay outright for a personalization pack for a cosmetic item. Weapons should be base game or included with season pass/dlc. Supply drops are the worst thing to ever come to COD imo, worse than esports or lag or hit detention or SBMM or whatever. I hope IW’s game fails miserably so that actovision gets a wakeup call and we start getting good COD games again.

        • That’s when everyone started complaining that those weren’t included in the Season Pass, which they should have.

          • To be honest if personalization packs were part of the season pass exclusivity than it should have cost at least $60 to $65. There were 26 personlization packs costing at $2.99 each so with all that combined there goes ~$77. That’s money for Activision going away just by putting in part of the Pass.

          • The non-Season Pass is $60 already. And $2.99 for camos? Completely overpriced.

      • To be fair, the Supply Drop concept is excellent, but Activision made it horrible with the money-making scheme. If done right, it could very well rival the CSGO case system, but as of now, it’s far from that.

      • I said this at BO2 it only got worse. Had those morons saying “no it won’t” or “you’re just a hater”.

        Whose laughing now? Hint: No one, because they screwed up

      • I’m not disappointed much by this game actually. I love this game as whole. I’m just disappointed by what DLC1 was. I thought it could have been better. Zombies however was amazing like always. But like I said, I enjoy this game a lot. Doesn’t mean I can’t be disappointed by a few things

        Your statement is stupid.

        • So what if DLC #2 isn’t different? All the specialist streaks or any cosmetics will end up in supply drops anyways, any new guns, camos, weapons or gestures are all going into supply drops now. You’re only disappointed because the multi-player map probably didn’t feel a “flow” among you, or you’re just the casual boots on the ground player that hates the double jump feature since AW. Your logic to justify your “love” for this game is stupid when you sound like a typical COD casual consumer.

          • I’m not complaining about Supply Drops in my comment as the map pack has nothing to do with Supply Drops. And I dont support Supply Drops either.

            And don’t sit there and tell me why I’M DISAPPOINTED. I’m disappointed because the maps just weren’t good to me honestly.

            And your last statement in your comment is just so insanely stupid.

          • Why else would you be disappointed with the multi-player maps then? Was it color? Was it the flow? Or the way it was designed for you to pace on? Or maybe it was the map vitality. I guess it sounds stupid for someone like YOU in your position since you can’t understand properly. You’re clearly a typical COD consumer if you’re bragging about the maps without a reason to, you might as well go complain on the COD community forum. Only reason why you’re disappointed with the DLC because of no free gun DLC like Black Ops 2 offered the peacekeeper.

          • Lol, do you randomly just try to start arguments with people on the forum because you were never loved as a child or?

            The fact that you still try to tell me my own reasoning is just hilarious and the fact that you throw around “casual customer ” like you’re some elitist that knows everything and knows better is just cringy lol

          • Lmao I must be arguing with a cringy kid to think he knows a smarter answer to what I just said, and I said consumer not customer, learn to read before you reply or better yet learn the definition between the two. Not my fault if you take my replies too serious, all I simply asked was what about the maps you didn’t like.

          • “All i simply asked was what about the maps you didn’t like”

            Yet you went on and acted like a cringy elitist who was never loved as a child.

            And I read what you said, I know how to read and I understand the difference between the two, I just made yet another typo, but then again, I’m on moblie so I’m bound to make some mistakes. However, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re a troll who was never loved as a kid. So go on and act like you know everything. I think it’s entertaining honestly

          • I’m a troll? yet again another cringy reply with the recycled “was never loved as a child” Is that the best response I could get? Still didn’t even answer my question what I asked earlier or denying it, because probably what I said is true, not my fault your ego gets the best out of you making useless paragraphs justifying yourself towards me. You’re only entertaining yourself.

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          • I see you still haven’t learned how to read what so ever. What a delusional fuck you are. I swear lol

            No, but seriously you should probably go back to school honestly.

            Oh, one more thing, you should have been aborted too.

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            Learn how to fucking read before you make stupid delusional claims. Hopefully one day when you’ll grow up, you’ll actually have a decent reading comprehension.

          • My my sXeSadness, you have alot of anger and hate within you, that’s enough to join the dark side and become my apprentice. Maybe when you grow up I can teach you how to unleash your anger and hate onto the Jedi, together you and I can conquer the galaxy!

          • You clearly love my trolling since you love replying to me 😉 I got room for another apprentice, maybe you’ll make it to the inquisitor’s position.

        • Ignore that child, he seems to make stupid comments to argue with people. Since he has nothing better to do.

  2. Awesome, Im glad were being updated. A 10th specialist would really spice things up and would ultimately redeem DLC 1.

  3. If they were to add a specialist, we probably wont be seeing it. If it was in Supply Drop that is. But if it is included in the map pack, then fuck yes.

    • Lmao I wouldn’t be surprised if they added a specialist streak in the supply drops, they added the new guns, and new gestures so yeah its likely to happen.

      • Hey you low life sack of shit that lives in their mothers basement, next time you play CoD, take out your disc, break it in half, and slit your wrists. Because no one will give a flying fuck if you died, you can join your dead grandparents in hell. Maggot.

  4. Any gun DLC? Nah.
    Do we get them in the supply drops? Nah.
    Do we have to buy COD points in order to get new guns for the new DLC? Maybe.
    Do we get any DLC specialist streaks? Nah.
    Do we have a chance getting them in the supply drops? Nah, maybe.

    • Well since they remade the MP40 into the HG40 and released it in the supply drops I guess we won’t get a gun DLC for this cycle, it’ll likely be a specialist streak or scorestreak.

      • It will likely be a specialist streak.. who knows I was hoping they would bring back the K9 unit from BO2 but that idea could be shoved into supply drops.

  5. I think it would be cool if they bring back the original zombies maps and put them in BO3 like how they did with BO1. They could add all the new perk machines on the old maps, new wall weapons, etc.

  6. Never thought I’d say this but I’m a season pass holder and this news (as great for some as it is) just doesn’t interest me anymore. I feel like Activision has took the toll on me and just can’t see CoD the same way anymore :-/ that said, the community is still awesome!

    • I agree, I lost interest in BO3 very quickly and I’m just losing my interest in COD as a whole lately… The whole supply drop thing for me has just really turned me off to the game =/

      • Just the CoD Points? For me, it’s the melt-me-like-ice-cream deaths, matchmaking, and Cryptokey rate. Now it takes 15 games to get 30 Cryptokeys. 15 games to get a damn Swerve gesture, 1 Field camo, and a fucking mustache emblem.

    • Hey, people wanted brighter maps! Personally, I wanted brighter realistic maps. Just because a place is wartorn, doesn’t mean it can’t have more colour. But skate parks, paintball sites, water parks… just aren’t realistic. As LP said, we’re playing a war simulator. Nowhere near realistic, but the maps should be at least.

  7. I honestly thought PS3/Xbox 360 wasn’t getting DLC, but thanks to the last gen users they begged for it. Hopefully COD2016 won’t be available on last-gen.

      • it limits the ideas of the morons in charge of the game because then they are like “well that concept would be impossible on last gen to do unless it runs 640×480 non textured” so i pray last gen is left out

        • Black Ops 3 didn’t take last gen into consideration. It was a shoddy port put out as almost an afterthought and anything that couldn’t be made to work on last gen was left out.
          Last gen no longer affects current gen.

      • You know that’s the mistake Activision has been doing since COD Ghosts, when it was released it was chaos among the old-gen vs next-gen. Then AW came and same thing with the gun DLCS and costumes. etc Now BO3’s here and they still haven’t made it permanently where only current gen get COD, not last gen.

          • I tried to enjoy it on last gen, couldn’t do that. I made the same mistake for Advanced Warfare and kinda regret it. Not gonna do it for BO3, cause I already know the outcome, the lag, the modders, the host migrations, so current gen is the best place to go my friend, believe me you won’t regret switching over.

          • No desire to buy a new console yet. I have far too many games in the backlog to buy a new system.

  8. While I am very hyped for DLC 2 I find it hard to belive that the next COD was “leaked”, the DLC 2 stream date was announced, and the DLC for last gen all just happened to be announced right after the supply drop backlash. It’s just them trying to distract us, but either way I am still hyped for DLC 2, but the other two stories don’t interest me in the slightest.

    • lol what supply drop backlash? you mean a handful of people typing the same opinion in the comments of a cod news site?

      • You obviously have not been on reddit lately… It was the top post on every COD reddit, there is a boycott for cod points and cod 2016 going on, and a bunch of youtubers have spoken out against it.

    • Central hub area? What does that mean? Does it mean some kind of social hub area just like Black Ops 3 safehouse?