UPDATE — March 30th: Shinobi602 has followed up on NeoGAF and posted more details about Call of Duty 2016’s setting. Find those details in our new article here.

Original Story: 

According to a new rumor by industry insider Shinobi602, this year’s Call of Duty title from Infinity Ward takes place “very far” into the future and is based around space combat.

He specifically says that the title will be “full on sci-fi” and stated that this year’s game setting makes Black Ops 3’s setting look like the “stone age.” Infinity Ward experimented with space combat in Call of Duty: Ghosts’ campaign mode; one of the missions was set entirely in space.

Shinobi602 has been an accurate source in the past. Last year, he revealed that Black Ops 3 was coming to last-gen consoles months before Activision officially announced it, even accurately stated that different a studio would be handling it. He also accurately revealed last year that Black Ops 3 would have wall-running and cybernetics.

In addition, EuroGamer has independently stated that one of their sources has also claimed that this year’s game takes place far into the future in space. EuroGamer also state that this year’s title is not a sequel to Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Oh, also, Infinity Ward tweeted this out back in January…


Activision has not yet officially announced details about Call of Duty 2016. Previously, Activision has stated that the title is “new,” “innovative,” and “ambitious.” Gameplay from the new title is expected at E3 in partnership with PlayStation. The title is expected to launch in Q4 2016.

SOURCE: NeoGAF and EuroGamer



  1. So Call of Duty is just going to clone Halo and Destiny even though the community majority don’t want another BS futuristic title? They also say ‘new’ and ‘ambitious’ every single year. Battlefield already did this with 2142 so it’s just going to be another reskinned game with even more laughable advanced movements, probably gravity floating rubbish with the usual simple gameplay. And I thought Ghosts was the biggest joke of all but IW continue to outdo themselves every single release. R.I.P Call of Duty 2003-2010. Anyone that gets hyped buys it and spends money on the inevitable supply drops I hold firmly responsible so they then have not right to moan when it turns out to be another terrible game in a dying franchise.

    • if they continued making cod in the modern era the business would fall as fast as hell , because players got fed up and wanted “innovation” so to keep up their business activision has to follow the players “demand”. hopefully you’re not a troll because you litterally contradicted yourself by wanting a modern era cod then proceeded to say that future era cod would be a reskin of bf.

      • If they have a healthy balance it would be fine. A significant contingent of CoD fans have been wanting a WWII or otherwise more classical game, and many others are perfectly fine with AW and BO3’s high-tech/near future settings. Among the 3 devs you can absolutely give the fans both of those and everyone’s happy. No one has been clamoring for a super sci-fi CoD game. This absolutely might be a knee-jerk measure by ATVI, but I really don’t think it’s representative of what the fans want.

        • i agree with you , i’m tired of the futuristic cod but there were only like 2 cods (aw and bo3) set in the far future and ghosts 2 is just a rumor, and i can already see the huge wave of complaints about the sci-fi cod losing its flavour therefore i doubt atvi would milk it. also i don’t blame iw if this rumor is true because they started creating cod 2016 two years ago, when there weren’t many complaints , so there’s no going back now.

  2. I don’t want to make any assumptions until there’s a trailer for SP and MP. I mean there’s a lot of potential here, it of course all depends on just how they execute it.

    Granted, I hope Call of Duty does return to WWII, but you have to take into account there were a lot of WWII games PS2 era, then a lot of modern era games PS3 era, so having the future era now isn’t surprising. There’s no doubt there will be a WWII CoD sooner or later (perhaps Treyarch’s next CoD) because of the fan request, but it’ll just take time.

  3. I see people complain of how Activision has ruined BO3, then they get hyped for COD 2016 news. Like what? Nothing’s going to change, if the game hasn’t been ruined by Infinity Ward it’ll be ruined by Activision

  4. Also Keshav, not sure if you also want to add this to the body of the article, but another insider on GAF (who’s also verified) alluded to this setting as well:


    N.B He’s also the one who alluded to an alternate history WWI Battlefield 5 which is pretty much confirmed at this point with a subtle post like a year ago in a BF5 speculation thread where he asked “Just out of interest, how would you guys feel about an alternate history setting” or something to that effect. Then he commented about it again a year later in this post: https://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=196884815&postcount=701

    He’s also leaked other stuff in the past that have turned out true.

  5. Activision announces COD Point prices will be adjusted for inflation far into the future to simulate a realistic experience. lol

  6. I’m glad they’re taking this approach. People say they want a WW2 game but they don’t realise how boring it’d get with the limited tech. With a far future game, they can do whatever they like

  7. Been in COD for 12 years but pretty sure BO3 was my last sale. I was hoping Treyarch would have went back to the past but they didn’t. The game isn’t terrible but it isn’t great either. I’ll look at IW’s title when it comes out but will most likely wait for a Steam Free To Play Weekend before even thinking about buying it.

  8. This 3 year Dev cycle has gone to the developers heads, they used to make a good game in two,

    3 years equals what crazy shit can we add now?

    Space is such a bad idea..

      • IMO I honestly believe that this was IW call. They have NO LEADERSHIP over there (unless you count Alderman’s 4 months).

        I honestly believe that they tried to make a game as far away as they could from being Ghosts that they initially thought that this was going to be a great idea. But then again, like I said they have no leadership over there…

      • The development of the game started before people decided to complain about everything suggestion talk to sledge hammer or treyarch before they start making the game

        • I know…. That is why I said, “Activision probably told them to keep it futuristic and follow suit with SHG and 3arc.” Instead of make their own game, the Publisher stepped in and said, “make what the other two developers are making.” I’m paraphrasing of course, but I’m sure that’s pretty much what happened.

    • ScOott you need to be on the Infinity Ward darkside hater-train, we have many benefits, including workman’s comp.

      • I was one of the few willing to give them another chance after ghosts, thinking they could just Learn from a few mistakes and actually make a really good CoD.. Now… I have no hope what so ever.. They just need to remaster one of the old Cods for the the Cod fans who don’t want to triple jump to space and back..

        • I would be fine with the exo suits and stuff if they got rid of killstreaks. That is so annoying for people like me who are playing for fun and not that good. I don’t want to be killed every 5 seconds by a guy who lives in his moms basement and is so good he gets a chopper gunner every 3 minutes. I am fine if you are good, just don’t give them OP killstreaks. Also bigger maps. The small sized maps just are terrible. I hate them. The maps need to be a good size bigger. think of the docks map in Battlefield 3. Around that sized at least. That map is like the size of 5 nuketowns at least. Think of a cyberpunk map that sized with exos. That would be cool. Just don’t give the basement dwellers the OP stuff.

          • Killstreaks are Call of Duty’s crutch. Plus, the killstreaks have been noticeably underpowered the last few games. You’re definitely in the minority in wanting to get rid of them.

    • Funny that isn’t it? The devs have an extra year and yet the new games seem so crap compared to previous games that only had 2 years.

      • I feel like they tend to overthink all the creative ability. I won’t throw this idea out the window just yet, but I am cautious and worried

        • I am guessing it will be kind of like Mass effect. It will be in space and be sci fi. It may be set around the new Mass Effect Andromeda depending on how far the games tech is advanced. If it has dyson spheres where part of a solar system is closed in to take energy from the sun, then that is what I call Science Fiction.

  9. I’m in the minority of the online community, but I really like Black Ops 3, I didn’t play Advanced Warfare, so this is my first game with Advanced movements and I think they are a great addition to the series….

    We had plenty of old school COD’s back on the PS2 and PS3, I started on Modern Warfare and loved it, really enjoyed WAW, MW2 and BLOPS1…. couldn’t stand MW3, BLOPS2 is my favourite so far out of all of them, Ghosts is quite possibly the worst and I was done with COD after that awful game, which is why I completely skipped AW….

    But after watching a lot of Youtube videos from 402Thunder402 and TheXClusiveAce, I purchased BLOPS3 and I think its great, I was totally burnt out on the older style COD’s and find this one very fresh and a step in the right direction….. I hope they keep moving forward and don’t go backwards.

  10. Guys do me 1 favor:

    If this turns out to be true, and you don’t want another futuristic cod with weird jumping/flying/movement mechanics, unbalanced supply drop system and scetchy matchmaking then please don’t buy the game. Your momey is the only language they understand and the more likely we will finally get a cod title we actually hoped for.

      • Isn’t Titanfall developed by people who formerly worked for Infinity Ward (MW2)? Titanfall 2 on PS4, Xbox One and PC could actually bring more people in now that there could be space themed Call of Duty…

        • respawn are the og infinity ward (cod 1,2 uo, mw, mw2) it wasn’t just 2 guys it was like 1/3rd the dev team that left. the current infinity ward since mw3 is a duct taped Frankenstein composed of some veterans, people straight out of college, and neversoft. raven software has also helped them since mw3.

          • I would love to see Titanfall 2 come to PS4, and get to play with it. It didn’t have much of a long term factor, but it had a great concept and overall fell from what could see. P.S. not trying to spam you, but you have points that are easy to reply to

          • It was a great game but it just got boring quick. They got the basics down, now all they need left is to expand a little on it.

          • So let me get this straight. All of you are hating on this next COD before we know much about it simply because it’s going to be futuristic. But yet, you’re giving praise to Titanfall, a game that is also extremely futuristic and contains some of the movement systems that this community oh so loathes. Gotta love the COD fanbase.

        • Nah, most likely March 2017 since EA wants BF5 to take the full front this year. But do expect announcements, trailers, information on Titanfall 2 at E3 this year though.

          • It has been confirmed that Titanfall 2 is coming later this year. EA always has 2 FPS games, last year we had Hardline and Battlefront, being Battlefron his main game. Battlefield 5 and Titanfall 2 are both coming this year.

          • It hasn’t been confirmed to come out this year, only that it’s in the works and will release by the end of EA’s fiscal year (March 2017). I’d love it to come out this year, but it won’t.

        • December 2016 was for the line of Titan Fall toys. Respawn and EA confirmed release between April 2016 and March 2017.

        • I think it would be a good idea not to abbreviate “Titanfall 2” to “TF2.” Definitely confused the shit outta me for half a second.

      • All Respawn has to do is take the Titans and AI out of the game and they would easily have a top grade FPS. Black ops 3 is a shitty copy of Titanfall. Respawn knows their shit, there wasn’t any lag and hit detection/TTK was perfect. There’s so many good shooters coming out around the same time as next CoD if they don’t deliver this year they will be upset bc ppl will go elsewhere. Doom is also coming in May and watch that will take a chunk of ppl still playing cod away too.

        • Nah, keep the Titans, add some new Titan Chassis to the mix, tone down the AI and increase the number of Pilots in a match. BOOM! Great Titanfall game.

          • Yes, loved having the titans. The game just needed more customization, weapons and challenges. Hated the MK5 pistol too.

          • Except too many people used Titans to eject to the highest point of the maps and camp.

            I get that they need to keep Titans because it’s called “Titanfall”, but that game is not high on my radar unless they build invisible barriers on every single roof…

          • Lol…that’s a good point. I guess I never noticed/thought of that. I played on PC and don’t recall getting killed by perched campers, but that would definitely be frustrating.

          • Also, they need to make the Titans more difficult to acquire (in-game).. just giving them away after 1:00 minute is down right ridiculous!

          • While greater weapon variety is nice, remember that can lead to rampant circumstantial advantage. The nice thing about Titanfall is it doesn’t have any — every gun situation you’re in you have a chance to win. I wouldn’t mind a BO1 style where there’s lots of guns but all act relatively similar with small quirks.

          • I honestly think you’re high…circumstantial advantage is the entire fucking point of variety…so you don’t feel like 1 gun does everything perfectly. Then you add even more variety so each weapon class can fit different player styles…can you imagine the circumstances of putting together a team that plays like a team?

            Anyways you said enough for me to know you’re probably some terrible player who has shit opinions on everything yet has no actual insight in anything they say or think. I think we should break down the differences between pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, sub machineguns, and sniper rifles to you…but the completely but they each give you a circumstantial advantage when used properly, which would probably make you less likely to play. Fucking idiot

          • you’re just a moron. circumstantial advantage means you just die to random bs without a chance. why play? might as well watch paint dry you goof

          • Keep the AI, it’s what makes Attrition brilliant. Basically means you can’t camp. You have to be actively hunting and avoiding enemy pilots, but trying to score bot kills, while your enemy does the same. If you don’t, then you’ll lost on points. I know at first the bots seemed like a weird decision, but it’s one of the reasons it’s so great.

          • They tweeted out a long time ago they were adding more titans, weapons, and other toys like tanks etc to combat Titans. Also something about mid sized titans etc

        • Titan Combat was actually probably some of the most fun, if you didn’t like it you sucked at it period.

          • Lol it’s actually the opposite using the Titan was for noobs anybody with skill would run around and get their kills legit not hide inside off their Wally bot. So just settle yourself down there scrub lord.

          • Did you even respond to what I said, or did you just say some ignorant shit? I’d suggest reading what I said. Clearly you were shit in your Titan or you’d have used it…also not using something like a Titan cooldown every time its opportune and off cooldown is a huge loss in damage, you’d be the shittiest I’ve ever heard of for not using your Titan. Also how ignorant are you to play “Titanfall” with having your Titan fall…for real dude nice try.

          • Obviously your not understanding I’m telling you that you sucked at Titanfall, period. People that used the Titan are scrubs is that not clear enough for you mouth breather?

      • Titanfall has so much potential. If they just had more customization and weapons it would be such a better game. Really excited for titanfall 2. No way it won’t be much improved and geared up to compete with cod.

      • Titanfall 2 is going to be the first playable Futuristic FPS, simply put they did everything well in Titanfall, just the game had no real depth. 3-4 Yrs and a long look at horrible games, they will do something epic for sure.

    • I didn’t buy one since 2012/2013. they lost 15% of their fan-base, but get a lot of money back from the supply drops.

  11. So here we go. Yet another futuristic title. I guess that is what sells nowadays… I would like to see classic boots on ground movement (enough advanced movement already) but if space is a theme this year that isn’t going to happen.

    SHG is/was hiring an artist or something like that which could do hyper realistic stuff. I also remember someone saying in interview that they won’t continue AW so hyper realistic WW2 or Vietnam era confirmed?

    • Hopefully, it’d help their next game a lot. They could redeem themselves, especially if they stopped pandering to the e-“Sports” idiots.

    • Why everyone is so upset with futuristic themed cods, i believe a cod can be good even if its futuristc. SHG fucked up bif time but that dosent mean is gonna happen with IW too.

      • I’m not judging this yet. First of all Infinity Ward is my favorite developer. Secondly there are people from Naughty Dog helping out with the story (which could mean good quality.) Last but not least if done correctly it could turn out to be fantastic in terms of gameplay.

    • With all futuristic backlash + all old guns they put as a tease in AW (AK 47, MP40, STG, Le mat revolver, Blunderbuss, M1 garand, Sten, Dragunov, M16, M1911, lever action) + they were doing vietnam 3rd person CoD before MW3 + community feedback + they love old wars + AW had an ending, no sequels needed, so its very likely

  12. To be fair, IW had no idea that there would be any backlash. They were developing the next Call of Duty since before Advanced Warfare came out, which was really when people started to hate futuristic warfare, if they hadn’t already done that.

    • Look at the population numbers for MW and MW2.

      Look at the population numbers for Ghosts.

      *spoiler alert* the community likes/liked the MW series, and the data was right there before they started deving this game…

  13. Year after year, fans have been begging for a modern or past cod and it STILL doesn’t get answered. Kinda tells you about the companies.

    • They were working on their projects for 3 years each. They didn’t know that these games would get so much backlash, and they definitely can’t scrap 2 and a half years of work.

  14. Why does it have to be in space or in the air like BO3 and AW… can they just make a boots on the ground game. They cant screw up anything doing that

        • What you mean ”magically”, you still have to aim in the air, if you havent master advanced movement combat of course you are gonna get recked by ppl who has.

          • Maybe lag comp, but lag comp can give an unfair advantage to a traditional “Boots on ground” game too…

          • They totally “mastered” advanced movement LOL, it takes so much expertise to to fully jump in the air and magically dodge my bullets, despite me putting more bullets into them. By that logic, should I start sliding and turning on people, too? Do you know what “Halo jumping” means, and did you play through that bullshit in Black Ops 2? It was the worst.

          • People hate “advanced movement” because it creates a skill-gap. In game like COD nobody wants to learn how to get better. They just wanna be amazing right at the start.

        • IMO “Halo jump” is more AW than BO3.

          BTW Since launch, I’m seeing less people jumping around and running on walls. AKA “at launch” everyone was doing that, and now it’s usually 1-2 people per team.

          & even if they do jump, don’t matter to me. I know where they are going to land, and sometimes that makes the gunfights even easier… 🙂

          • Halo’s movement is more of a thruster/jetpack than a boost. Double jumping only exists in abilities; jumping in Halo is a gradual height. It’s impossible to play when they’re uber sweaty from Gamma Labs and using the meltiest guns in the game. That’s one reason to not like the new jump mechanics, but they’re good for most things. The worst was Black Ops 2, where the jump shots were so fucking unfair.

      • Few years ago, those people are complaining that nothing’s changed in COD, just a copy-paste from last year, yada-yada-yada.. Now that the devs put up changes in the game, the same people are complaining that the game is not COD anymore and that they wanted it to be the same it was before again. If the devs would do that, you will see the same people again start complaining that the game is boring, very slow gameplay, the guns are old and sucks..then will start saying that the devs should bring back thrust jump, slide, wall-run and futuristic guns yada-yada-yada..

        well.. you can’t please everyone.

        • Change is necessary for a series to survive. As I can recall, there’s a certain game series that didn’t change because “that’s what Metal of Honor is”. Look how that series turned out. They tried to go modern, but it was already too late.

          • Halo and Battlefield have had the same movement for a decade and are still strong. Hell CSGO is the most popular FPS right now on Twitch and you can’t even ADS. Isn’t that strange? You can still change a game without ruining its core 🙂

            But that’s just me and my opinion so fuck me, right? 😀

  15. Called this a few weeks ago saying I have a bad feeling the next CoD would be Halo + Titanfall put together. Welp, there goes my hope for a boots-on-ground Call of Duty game again :/

    • Story can be good because IW + people from Naughty Dog! But multiplayer though… I hope it turns out to be good. I’m not going to judge this yet but I’m skeptical.

      • True, the single-player might still be good, but I’m not getting my hopes up now until I see some gameplay.

        • And with the Naughty Dog developers, it makes me hope that the art style in this game will be much more stunning than Ghosts.

          • Not to crap on your BBQ lol, but there’s only like 3 ND developers, none of whom are concept artists or work in that field. They’re fields are mostly narrative driven.

          • “Jacob Minkoff was the Lead Game Designer at Naughty Dog working on Uncharted games; he has now joined Infinity Ward as the Design Director.” I take that as part of the overall design, so my hope is that some of their products will find their place in COD 2016

      • There’s only a couple Naughty Dog people in IW now, compared to Uncharted/TLOU teams with dozens of them. At this point they are just developers who now work for IW so they won’t magically tun this game into a masterpiece. Uncharted/TLOU weren’t created by a couple developers, it was a team effort by the whole Naughty Dog team

        • But I said story CAN be good. Not automatically a masterpiece of course. I just think we will see some improvement in story.

    • Why does your hopes for a boots on the ground game go away? There’s still next year, and the year after, and the….oh.

      • Because Shinobi was right about Black Ops 3 last year, so I know he’s right this year. Also AW2 is coming out next year which sucks. Maybe Treyarch will make a WaW2 in 2018? Hopefully.

        • I Wouldn’t say Shinobi was a reliable source, I mean anyone could have predicted that another studio was making the PS3/360 versions of BO3

          • The guy didn’t just “predict” that, he KNEW that. He also said that wallrunning and a future setting with robots was going to be in Call of Duty 2015, now known as Black Ops 3, and that it was a sequel to Black Ops 2. Plus he has leaked many things to do with Nintendo prior to last year’s COD 2015 leaks, so he’s not just some random.

          • People are going to be in denial just like last year. As I have said before people believe what they want to believe. In other words if someone would make a new Disqus account and then claim it is WW2 everyone would believe him.

          • Exactly. This guy surely knows what he is talking about. He just can’t tell so much because he could put his sources at risk. He is just being clever that is all.

            Someone asked if there was any Call of Duty 2016 news on March 8th. Shinobi answered that he flew too close to the sun.

            Solar Warfare confirmed!

          • Funny thing is that people are saying Shinobi is some random guy with only “guesses” that turned out to be right. Yet these same people believed that “arcengine” guy who just registered to Disqus and told he was “alpha tester”. Lol.

          • Funny thing is despite the fact that it’s set in space it could still be boots on the ground

          • Clarify: he also revealed wall-running, cybernetics, and more for Black Ops 3 before announcement

          • Don’t forget Assassin’s Creed Unity’s co-op, Dragon Age: Inquisition expansion’s exact reveal date and Master Chief Collection. Just to name a few more.

          • He heard loud and clear to get rid of sbmm..

            His plan of action: o yes I know what to do lets keep it anyway fuck the majority of the community

            SH LOL!

          • It’s gonna be AW2 since they have a story laid out and they aren’t going to remove the exo-suits. If by a miracle Sledgehammer do listen to the fans, which is a long shot, they’ll remove the double jumps and that’s it. However I highly doubt they’ll listen to the fans. Players have been wanting SBMM removed from AW Pubs since the release and all we got was PR lies.

        • I think people are forgetting why these developers stopped making WW2 games to begin with. It’s because the market became oversaturated with them. Everybody got bored of them. That’s what’s currently happening with the futuristic shooters. I’m not saying I have a solution but I can guarantee that if they start making WW2 shooters again you’ll get bored of them extremely fast and start complaining that they didn’t make a modern or futuristic shooter.

  16. Why so much ppl crying for a game that havent seen already? Ok maybe its a futuristic cod, who cares? It can be good or straight garbage we dont know. BO3’s setting didnt ruin the gameplay, its better than bo2 for sure.

    • No lead MP, Alderman bailing after 4 months, and highly doubt this will make the “boots on ground” people happy…

    • It’s CoD IN SPACE… That’s all you need. CoD used to be a “military infantry shooter”. Now it’s just a joke.

  17. I would rather take a space themed COD over the bullsh*t ideas most community members spew. For example: An MW2 remake. People really want a rehashed garbage multiplayer experience? That’s how pathetic the COD community is.

    • MW2 was the most fun cod ever made for many ppl me included but i agree that a remake would be pathetic , i believe IW can do the miracle again and deliver a brand new cod as fun as mw2 was, we have to wait and see, that leak/rumor dosent mean shit actually.

      • I hope the “fun” doesn’t mean infinitely noobtubing, commando lunging, abusing stopping power, earning insta-win streaks, and more. If that made COD fun, I don’t want any part of it.

    • I wouldn’t mind a remaster of old COD’s, like if they took all the best bits of MW and MW2, and another with all the best bits of BLOPS and BLOPS2, but left out all the bull that drove me mad in those games, like last stand…..

      I think I would buy them, but not as the regular yearly release, it would have to be a side project to release in-between….. I would still want the yearly release aswell.

      Also, I like the space idea, we had year after year of the old style boots on the ground games, I missed AW, so BLOPS3 is my first game with advanced movement, its refreshing, I hope they keep going this way.

    • Most of the people I’ve seen asking for an MW2 remake or MW series don’t want an exact copy but rather a more polished version. In other words no OMA, Danger Close, Commando etc. which would be very easy to take out and replace with other perks.

    • Have fun floating away from Mike Myers in space.

      & yes I would much rather have a MW remastered series.

      ^ Just remove the BS like OMA, SRP PP, ETC…

  18. Well thats disappointing. Would be cool if they did a halo odst type thing where they make a brand new campaign and use cod 4/mw2 as the multiplayer component

  19. Fortunately BO3 can hold me over for at least another tear, but I’m keeping an eyes on “Days of War”, and “Battalion 1944” as my next GoTo FPS.

    I’ve been with COD since COD2, but I’m getting burnt out (not with COD) but with futuristic shooters. Like I said earlier, thank goodness BO3 (IMO) is a good game, but FFS “Space Warfare” will be the final nail in the coffin for IW…

  20. Hate to say it but I told you guys that I had a bad feeling about all of this since Todd Alderman left 4 months in.

    Calling it right now, (unless this ends up being awesome “like COD4 awesome”) this new “Space Warfare” will end upwith the same fate like Ghosts.

    ^ Meaning the community is going to hate on it and go back to the previous Black Ops game…

      • Hopefully working on a MW remaster.

        ^ I still gonna drink that Kool-Aid, even though I’m only lying to myself… 🙁

      • “You guys are doing alien space warfare? This is bullshit, what have you done with the cod franchise? If I wanted sci fi FPS, I would never have left respawn, titanfall 2 looked way better, now Im going to wait 4 months to leave so it doesnt get embarassing for IW”
        *goes back to respawn*

    • I think they’ll call it COD: Star Warfare.

      Then LucasArts will sue the pants off them. Actually would be cool to see Activision and LucasArts battle it out in the courts.

  21. Well…shit…I was hoping this wasn’t true. If this turns out to be legit, then I’m gonna be pissed. Really pissed. And not because of the futuristic setting. Oh no! I actually love the futuristic stuff. I was convinced that they would finish the story they started with Ghosts. I mean…Really? Nice job beginning something and leaving it unfinished, Infinity Ward. Fuckin’ idiots…Apart from that, I actually don’t know what to think about this. I said I would boycott if they didn’t make Ghosts 2, but I AM willing to give this series one last shot if this one is interesting enough. I always told my friends that we’d get a CoD in the far future, so at least there’s that. I’m mostly worried about the micro-transaction bullshit that they might pull off. To be honest, and this might sound like heresy, but I was ok with the Supply drops…until they dropped the guns. I REALLY don’t agree with their tactics and so far I haven’t bought a single supply drop with real-life currency. Activision sucks big hairy balls for that fuckin’ trick. Anyways, what do you folks think about this. Think Shinobi’s right?
    Fun fact: I officially quit playing Black ops 3. Haven’t touched that fuckin’ piece of dog shit for a month and a half and I already feel somewhat better. I’ve also been thinking of letting go of Advanced Warfare for real. I mean, Advanced Warfare feels so much better (in my case), though receiving the same shit over and over again or getting stuff you don’t like can get quite annoying.

      • I don’t know…if Shinobi602 said it, I’m slightly inclined to believe it. I know it’s just a rumor still, but considering the fact that he leaked Black Ops 3 with wallrunning, advanced movement and and cybernetics, I think it’s safe to say that the skies will run crimson with blood. Although it did actually cross my mind that this might be an elaborate April Fools joke. I still hope that we’ll get a Ghosts 2…

        • I’m just saying that while he usually is right, it’s not everything. We’ll see when the official word comes down.

  22. Keeping my thoughts short: story might be good but I am already slightly disappointed because we aren’t getting classic movement back to multiplayer.

    ^ This doesn’t mean automatically that Call of Duty 2016 is going to be bad.

    Any thoughts about what another game Call of Duty 2016 reminds of? Admit it; Black Ops 3 was basically Titanfall and Destiny combined with Call of Duty’s gameplay.

  23. Honestly, who the fuck thought this would be a good idea? Whether it be IW or ATVI, they’re making a massive mistake. People already say CoD is gonna die soon with micro transactions and shit and tbh I don’t really see it that way, if the series could survive AW levels of monetization it’s gonna be fine, and I really don’t see them getting worse than that. BUT, a future/space game? That was the one thing NO ONE wanted. I know people will say “typical CoD community, bitches about everything being the same and now they bitch about trying new things”, and to a degree they were correct with AW and BO3, those movement systems are fine. They’re a little bit more advanced and high-tech, but it’s still has a traditional CoD Military Shooter feel. But far future space battles…WTF? That’s the one thing *no one* wanted. With CoD 2016, literally the only thing they had to do was not venture into mobile-app levels of P2W, and DON’T MAKE IT A SPACE GAME. This would be like Madden getting criticism for being too fast paced, so they make every character have at least an 85 speed rating. Now no one is going to be hyped for it and there’ll be insane backlash, so they’ve guaranteed they’ve lost sales for 2016-17. And worse, people might be so turned off by this that they are weary of later titles.

      • Very true, but in my personal opinion I think the series can easily survive that. Right now and during AW’s life cycle has/had *many* people pissed about micro transactions, and I think that there would be some people that boycott the next games or don’t get as invested into them, which would hurt sales a bit, but I don’t think it’d be anything ATVI couldn’t just put a bandaid on.

    • No lead MP Dev for IW. Todd Alderman leaving after 4months in, the writing was on the wall.

      The community has been begging for a MW series remaster, and sadly IW is probably gonna pay the price for ignoring that.

      *sigh* All we can really do is “Hope” that Vahn sticks around for the next Treyarch game down the road…

    • The good side is that the community will truly appreciate BO3 when they spend a couple of days floating around in space, and we should have a strong player count for at least another year (maybe 2)… 🙂

  24. I loved all COD games until AW but I tolerated the game. When Blops 3 launched what tossed me over the edge withe the wall climbing and jet packs. Soldiers feet need to stay on the ground and not running on walls. I fear that the COD Empire is falling the like the Roman Empire did from the inside out.

  25. The only consolation is that Mark Rubin has left but I’d bet after this news, people will be begging for his return. FourZeroTwo wouldn’t have allowed Cod to decline into such a farce either. Looks like the Naughty Dog rejects and the Neversoft crew are designing an absolutely calamity of a concept against the community wishes just like the last 3 Call of Duty games. Still it wont matter to Activision as people moan, protest and they still buy it anyway just like the serial supply drop whingers. Battlefield will once again trump in quality and a grand experience and the likes of Overwatch will be the ultimate arcade shooter. This Cod is nothing more than a Halo wannabe and it’s just another one in the franchise that is taking itself away from the spirit of the series.

  26. So this is what the next 6 years is gonna look like ? if its true 😐 .
    Payed supply drops wont stop its a highly lucrative business, and people actually waste money on them as financial reports show.

    2016 space 1
    2017 aw2
    2018 bo4 future (3 ended open)
    2019 space 2
    2020 aw3
    2021 bo5 who knows (they said they wanted more black ops)
    2022 space 3

  27. I dont get what the whole fps community wants to be honest. A CoD set inthe past or on the modern era? thats what everybody says. There is a TON of games set in these time periods really. From red orchestra to battlefield 4 you can find the gameplay you want. the market is already full with such titles. After ghosts if you all remember there was a outcry for innovation, the classic sentence “CoD is the same shit every year”. Do you think there is room for innovation in a WW2 setting lets say. Maybe there is, but there they can be much more creative and innovative when the setting is futuristic/ sci fi . As long as the game plays well personally i dont care about the setting. People hate it and it hasnt even been announced, can we stop acting like a hivemind, play the game AND THEN decide? and thats not only refering only to the next CoD, its a good mindset overall

    • All most people want is for the game to play like an older cod, I couldnt give a flying rats bottom when it’s set, as long as it plays like a Bo2, or mw3 or a bo1 or anything older.. And having a space theme is not looking promising that is the only reason people are worried.. I mean it’s been 3 years since we had a “normal cod” and for some people they hate treyarchs hit detection so four years for some.. People were really really praying we would get back to “normality” this year..

      • and what i am saying is that you can find that “normality” in other games. Does the game need to have “call of duty” in its title? I enjoy the modern era combat fps with bf4 already and there is a game coming out called “days of war: which will also be a good new WW2 shooter. So if CoD goes full sci-fi i dont care if it plays out well. Look at mass effect for example. Brilliant game and if thats the route CoD is taking this year i am ok. Its all about the gameplay. But even if the gameplay is the “normal” as you say , i bet that if the setting is futuristic they will still hammer the game cause internet is a hivemind. A simple speculaton is out there and everybody is going ham at a game that isnt even announced. its fucking ridiculous.

        • If u can show me, an fps arcade multilplayer with split screen on current gen consoles with boots on ground gameplay then tell me man, I wouldn’t have to worry about Cod 2016 then..

          The fact is, it doesn’t exsist, Cod how it was was great, now I feel we are In desperate need for someone to come along and make an annual arcade shooter to compete with Cod because as it is options are limited, and thats why so many people care about Cod

          • Nope no split screen on consoles for any battlefield game, plus BF isn’t an arcade shooter

          • well if split -screen is such a dealbreaker for you i dont know. The gameplay itself is great. and it is an arcade shooter. it has some more mechanics than cod but it is still arcade. btw i sense than bf5 will be futuristic as well, after bf3 / bf4 beeing both in modern era. so now watch BF beeing hated by its own fanbase as well 😛

  28. I bought my first ever COD because it was a military first person shooter in the past, then they’ve been just dragging me along with the popular “Call of Duty” title. But COD nowadays isn’t what it was when I fell in love with it… I hope some other studios would take this opportunity and make a FPS set in past on next gen consoles, because I’m certainly done with COD.

    It’s been a good run CharlieINTEL! Maybe ‘in the future’ some other FPS game will take COD’s place and we’ll meet at another -INTEL site 🙂

      • Just so that people will complain it’s the same old shit and send death threats. Innovation and change is what keeps a market alive y’know. That’s how business works.

  29. They would be better off scrapping this game at this point in time and go into complete overdrive to make a normal COD.I will say that it is possible that it can work for me but I a’m extremely skeptical.

  30. What is the problem with the future? Movement? What would be wrong with a futuristic setting but with normal, boots on the ground movement? Gameplay could be the same as your favourite COD. COD fans associate the past with the great experiences they had when they first started playing, not runnig around shooting things, which is what the game actually is. I don’t see the difference between 1945 and 2045 when the gamplay is the same.

  31. You want to know why Shinobi said this because he guessed it wasn’t what he already knew, he literally guessed and if CoD is going to be space warfare then everyone would bring out their pith forks. Shinobi is a idiot so don’t listen to him, and there was a leak saying that the game is actually called Ghost 2 and this is in fact true.

  32. Cod is Cod is Cod. I haven’t noticed any major problems with the last three releases (exception of supply drops in the last two and variants in aw), but the community is getting worse and worse. In the words of Aaron Yates “I mean if you don’t like the new shit go buy the old shit, you know what I am sayin?”

  33. I just pray by NIght to the COD Gods that the next cod does not trully have space warfare in the mix… AW had a very small fanbase alot of hardcore players abandonded cod altogether. after the exo movements came into play… BO3 also has a selective fanbase with an appoximate 300,000 max on each console.. if it has space warfare or ANY advanced movement made for clowns im throwing in my flag and done with cod all the people want is MW4 and know the hype around it. But NO lets go FARTHER in the future to piss off more hardcore fans there were a million ppl on mw3 day one #BOOTSontheGROUNDorRIP

  34. Why Infinity Ward, why. Seriously, people have been begging for boots on the ground and for a game set either in the past or modern times for the last 2 years.

    And then they go and supposedly make a game that’s “full on sci-fi”.


  35. I’m dropping COD this year and you should do the same. We have Battlefield 5, Rainbow Six, Titanfall and probably more.

  36. Activision knows what’s up.
    2012 supposed to be the end of world? Let’s go 10 years into the future bro.
    Black Ops II didn’t give you what you expected, here’s some verticality and Exo Skeletons!
    Think Treyarch is doing the same as Advanced Warfare!? Boom! Dues Ex Cybernetics and Wallrunning, totally did not see that, broh!!
    Kind of bummed out about a Infinity War release year and just want Modern Call of Duty, pfft, The moon is where Call of Duty is Landin’ now! I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true, since that Extinction mode. My uncle kept saying “what’s next, you get to fly in Call of Duty!?” Wow…

  37. No, please no! I’m sick and tired of futuristic games. IW was my only hope. Can we please get a HD remake of the classics? That would change EVERYTHING! It’ll beat every COD/shooter game. Come on IW!

  38. if you think about it, it MIGHT be possible, if you remember the ending of Exodus, the final Extinction map, Cross is inside the space station going into the mind macguffin and then the story could pick up from here, with space stuff or alien worlds where the cryptids could also live on (Even though they come from the deep caverns of planet earth)

  39. Personally, I’m just waiting for the re-make of bo2 and mw2 for next gen. I mean honestly I’d rather have a ghost2 (Did I just say that? ew) than a COD thats in space.

  40. Like, sure these “new” cods might be good or whatever, but its just simply not Call of Duty anymore, bring out WaW 2 or something or I won’t be playing cod for the third year in a row 😉

  41. Stupid idea and terrible design, who the heck will pay for some sorts of space fight if they are fans of military FPS?

  42. Cod Mw1/mw2/bo1/bo2 has already been turned down for backwards compatibility for Xbox One Because Activision were afraid that they would not sell the next upcoming Cod game But now with the micro Cp system doing so well They now are saying that Mw1 and mw2 Will soon be backwards compatible on Xbox One And they are still trying to get bo1 and bo2 backwards compatible As Activision have already said they would not remaster them (Or justYet) because it might Hurt Future game sales on other Cods I like Bo1 bo2 and bo3 I also thought Call of Duty Ghost multiplayer was terrible but extensions/alien mode and the storyline was brilliant. But for me the supply drops killed it. For example how many people paid for advanced Supply drops on aw and all that money they put on it just to get a gunNow go back and look at your big bills and receipts add them all up and honestly tell us how much you spent on getting guns from advanced Supply drops I bet it was most probably make you feel ill And on top of that I bet you don’t even play It Anymore now let’s all go and sit find a stream where someone else puts tons of money on CP and let’s have a good laugh at them. I have nearly all the new weapons on Black Ops3 the only ones I don’t have is the Dragon knife and baseball bat and to be honest I’ve only ever spent £31.99 And that’s all there ever see from me I waituntil last DLC And not spend any more crypto keys from now until the end So if I get it I get it if I don’t I don’t who would Care by then the next game would be out But by then I should have plenty of crypto keys just even to have fun opening them.

  43. I don’t care where the boots are. I’m not buying it unless I know the game won’t have these bull supply drops, and I’m not talking about a lie from the developers which they will only end up reversing later like Treyarch’s “cosmetic only” black market, I mean once the game is already mid-cycle and shows no sign of adding these supply drops. Remember Activision, I don’t NEED your franchise to fulfill my FPS needs. Titanfall 2 comes out this year (or early next) and I can actually have faith that it will be good..

  44. Im not sure about that but if the game has normal movement mechanics im fune with space. Its just about the look.

  45. Honestly Infinite ward should stick to the modern era that what they are good at and 3Arc should go back to WW2 era and leave sledgehammer with the future

  46. Bye Bye COD. The more you go into the future, the more clients you lose. Most fans wanted you to go back in time and you did not. Just read the comments.

  47. but you gotta think, everyone wanted a futuristic cod so what did the devs do? Start work on a futuristic cod. Even if people hated the future taste of cod after AW the devs had already been working on the next call of duty. You cant expect them to drop what they have been working on for over a year to take out the futuristic ideas. Even if the next cod is years and years into the future the following cod will almost 100% be back to the “Golden Days” of Call of Duty.

  48. how many people sounded the doom bells last year , how many of them came out and acknowledged that BO3 is a bad ass very fun game? just reserve judgement until the game comes around, and if it sucks, guess what the fps market is super saturated , you have many to choose from. im definitely on board for titanfall2, the first was one of my fav fps ever. doom i will check out for nostalgia. cod, maybe maybe not, who cares. live ya life

  49. My favorite COD series was the MW and im kinda hoping that theres no wall jumping and that kinda shit. Real life, real guns.

  50. Does anyone know what actual fuck is going through Activision’s head? Or Treyarch whoever the fuck.

  51. …. (Facepalms for 5 minutes) Ghosts 2 will not be in the far future OK??? Ghosts 2 EXTINCTION WILL BE. The ending to ghosts 1 extinction ending showed that the remnants of humanity will strike back once they have ‘rebuilt’ so to speak. Obviously it is gonna take along time to reproduce enough humans to oh idk… Kill hundreds of millions if not billions of cryptods at this time? Not to mention the cryptids are reproducing too! So please people don’t worry about the campaign or MP being anything other than boots on ground. Please spread the word… But also have a good day!

  52. Ghosts 2 confirmed. Fuck this space shit. I demand a Freight remake and amazing off the wall castle map to piss off all the low IQ cod players <3 stonehaven

  53. Honostly, I think bo2 was the best cod game ever. I wish they would make it for next gen. I think treyarch would make a lot of money. And it would be cool.

  54. Oh great, more futuristic jetpack crap. And even if there aren’t jetpacks, you better believe weightlessness will be a factor. In other words, floating around without jetpacks, jumping 30 feet in the air anyway, like on the moon.
    I predicted it would be a matter of time before CoD has players flying around, and I bet they will be in space.
    No thanks. You can keep that garbage.