Activision and Treyarch have released the first in game image of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC2’s Zombies map.

Treyarch will provide the first details on DLC2 March 31st starting at 11AM PT with a live stream. As of now, they have only announced the Live Event Viewer as the location to watch the stream.

SOURCE: Call of Duty



  1. Hype! Zombie maps seem to be the only good thing about Call of Duty nowadays. Especially since supply drops and horrible maps ruin multiplayer.

    • I think all the old special weapons (sword, bat, crossbow etc.) should be giving to everyone with they release the new special weapons.

    • Yes if I don’t like the multiplayer I always have my zombies to look forward too and I honestly think treyarch should be the only studio that should work on zombies. IW and SHG version is not so great compared to treyarch zombies

      • In my opinion, Extinction was a great experience as well. Not on the same level as Treyarch’s zombies, but it was still enjoyable with friends. Then there’s exo-zombies… Ew.

        • Extinction has potential it just needs improvement and Exo zombies was okay just future setting and zombies don’t really mix

  2. I wonder what the four special weapons will be. Cause they’ve already done staffs, swords, and the bow and arrow what could be next?

    • You’re right, the possibilities are endless: Thundergun Mark II, completed Winter’s Howl, return of the Scavenger, return of the Gersch device, or other new exclusive bullet weapons (like the Bootlegger, Uzi, or M1927) is particularly what I would like to see in the new map.

  3. Can we get please an old style zombie map like Nacht der Untoten? Huge maps are very tiresome for a casual zombie player. I just want zombies, pls get rid of all that shit like dogs, bugs and mwargas (or whatever its called).

    • You do realize dogs have been there since the beginning right? And the bugs aren’t any different than dogs it’s the same formula zombies rounds/ max ammo round just like the spiders from this new DLC map will be. Why change a working formula there’s a saying “if it’s not broken don’t fix it”

      • No, dogs were not there from the beginning. They were added in Shi No Numa. There were no special rounds in the beginning. Hell, there weren’t even perks. Just the mystery box.

        • When I say the begining I don’t mean the first map (natch) I mean in cod waw when they introduced perks and myster box that’s when zombies grew and became epic. So your saying you want to go back to the same style of the very first map with no perks/ mystery box/ & pack a punch? It would be fun but that’s like eating a burger without all of its ingredients that make it better than normal

          • I personally don’t mind all the elements that have been added over the years but we can’t forget the roots of this all. Without Nacht, zombies wouldn’t exist. Don’t claim Verruckt (1st map w/ perks) or Shi no Numa (1st map with our beloved original characters) as the first map. Nacht is the first map and it really deserves more credit than it gets. Without it, then who knows if zombies in Call of Duty would have been a thing. I also can’t blame some people wanting a simple zombies map. I never really found Nacht fun but to each their own. Some people like simplicity.

          • I like natch too but it’s too small for my liking I love how it has that creepy and scary vibe that fits well with the zombies theme and yes I give it tons of credit and it should get more credit than it deserves I see it as the birth of zombies and the rest of the maps expanded on it in a good way. My only problem with zombies are complicated quests but so far they haven’t gone overboard with the Easter eggs only in shadows of evil but there was an update that made rituals shorter and less Margwas around the map and parts count towards everyone it’s not a pain as it used to be

          • No how I see it is
            hamburger (nacht)
            Cheeseburger ( verruct, shi no numa, Der Riese and all bo1 zombies maps such as kino five, cotd and moon just to name a few.
            Tranzit = egg burger that is nasty and disgusting and went away from what zombies was (hamburger) but bo3 has gone back to cheeseburger style

          • Yes and they learned from they’re brand new wet burger (tranzit) that no one likes it and with bo3 it’s not much of a pain I would say it’s balanced for causal and hardcore players

          • I hope they don’t remake it and probably won’t since it had a lot of negative feedback although it wouldn’t be as horrible if they removed some fog and those denizen fuckers or at least make denizens their own round and add in a beast wonder weapon

          • Add in perma stamin up. PHD Flopper so you won’t get burned, & that Bus Route B 😉

        • The mp community would gladly take the dogs back if they aren’t wanted because the raps have to go… I’m always like badass I have my raps wraith and hatr lets going then I’m completely annoyed the whole time by the sound of the raps and the triple kills I get on my teammates

  4. I prefer basic zombies like Nuketown, I’m a casual player, like to play here and there, this recent zombies map, large, find this or that, solve puzzles, shoot dragon heads, get special arrows, too much non sense.

  5. The older maps are nice but this is the evolution of zombies.
    Zombies is made for the hardcore zombies audience. We are engrossed into the storyline and we like nice, fun challenging maps. If you can’t survive. Learn to.

        • I respect hardcore community but pls dont try to prove that zombies is something super deep . Its basically the same thing again and again rather than some special task you have to master. when you’ve learned how to get all the stuff its a boring repeat. Its just so time consuming to craft all that shit you need to reach high rounds. I have the skill but i dont have the time.

          • Fair enough. Thanks for the civil reply. Other people would normally jump off the deep end.

          • I thought all of zombies was just a boring repeat. The new features like feeding dragons or constructing the Ragnarok adds an optional dynamic to the zombie killing experience that caters to anyone, whether you choose to go through with it or not. It’s never forced down upon you, and for that, I hope they continue with this trend.

            Basically, I’d rather have the option be there when I have enough time rather than it never existing in the first place. I can still play Der Eisendrache “casually” with randoms and can reach a decent round of thirty.

    • Same here man. In my honest opinion it’s boring just getting your 4 perks & PAP your gun & get into your place to get to high rounds. I like the new creativity to setup.

  6. I really really really want to see remake of old and favorite zombies maps such as Nacht (with wonderfizz), Call of the Dead (no fog and no George), Town (no lava), etc. I believe Treyarch will NEVER do this…

  7. Just gave me a brain orgasm by looking at this! Takeo meets takeo and notice how older takeo is awaken!!!!! Wish we could of seen tank demosey awaken too and given him a proper goodbye

  8. They’re either in a boat, submarine or a forestry base since I see Japanese militia. Probably seeing them being in a POW camp or something similar to Shang-Ri La.

  9. Ah yes, the one thing that I’m excited the most for. Can’t wait to see how the story progresses. Takeo is gonna have a lot of

    Shame that the reveal stream is PS4 exclusive though…

  10. I was hoping for a map similar to Call of The Dead and Mob of The Dead… God damn it, just, god damn it!!

  11. Motd 4 are going to help The 04 escape and capture Takeos soul !!! Also after all the maps release the giant is going to be able to teleport you to 3 different maps ! It’s gonna be a tranzit done right!!!

  12. Looks like Japanese soldiers in that picture. I’d really like to see the return of the Type 100 or some other weapon exclusive to this map. So excited, too bad I gotta wait a month 🙁

  13. Damn, I haven’t even played Core/Awakening Zombie Maps xD it’s just not my thing. I want to see the new MP maps!