A new Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 theme is now available for all PlayStation 4 Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Season Pass owners in North America. The theme is an animated theme of Awakening’s Skyjacked multiplayer map, which is a remake of Black Ops 2’s Hijacked.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Season Pass owners get access to the exclusive PS4™ Season Pass Dynamic System Theme, which portrays an animated look at the world of DLC 1: Awakening’s most popular Multiplayer Map: Skyjacked.

Awakening DLC1 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and PS3.

SOURCE: PlayStation Store



    • ^^ it disapoints me when i see region exclusive content, another example is that pickles camo (not that I’d even use it)

    • Because sony complete disregards people from other regions, we (UK) got the 2 zombies themes a month later on both occasions and have over 1000 themes less than the US. (For some reason, we get American basketball club themes which no one really gives a shit about here, but dont have football themes of our teams – yet in the US they get themes of football teams like Manchester United and Chelsea.)

    • Its full of hackers now so multiplayer would probably suck if they released it for BC, campaign and spec ops would still be great.

      • Erghhf multilplayer is the only thing I care about.. I dont get how it all works but, if they are trying to get this on backwards compatible maybe theirs some hope we might finally see bo1 soon..

        • Maybe, its up to activision though as it would be bad for BO3s supply drop sales if they suddenly released every previous cod on BC

          • It’s going to be a bad time no matter what lol.. I mean it’s going to effect them at some point, I don’t get why they would delay it, even if they waited till after dlc 4 dropped,.still a good chance of them losing supply drop sales, and the people who don’t want to go to space for the next Cod..

          • True, they’ll probably release them all eventually just spaced out so the supply drop sales don’t dramatically drop in one go.

            On a side note, im probably the only person who is hyped for a space cod. Im hoping for space battles like Battlefront 1 and 2 where you can fly round or infiltrate enemy ships/defend your ship.

          • I’m hoping it’s absolutely nothing like Battlefront 1/2 because then it’s really not CoD. Yeah they have to innovate and push the boundaries these days but space craft like ships and stuff imo has no place in CoD. I feel if it goes down that road then it’s the beginning of the end.

          • While I agree with u, people said that about double jumping In A.W now it’s starting to look like it’s the norm, the next generation of gamers won’t even know what a classic cod is.. This idea will not only be accepted it will be loved..I don’t want space but, I just hope they can make it a fun game at this point..

          • Yeah man it’s quite sad to think the next gen of gamers might never experience the feel of a classic CoD.. Maybe I’m just just jumping on the nostalgia bandwagon but they were the best times and now it really doesn’t feel the same. I can only hope that sometime down the line CoD goes back to its roots because I do believe it will be well received by almost everyone.

          • There could definitely still be classic cod in some maps, a space cod could give the best of all movements. Some maps could have no gravity at all (would feel like 100% swimming map), some could be on ships with gravity stabilisers to give classic boots on the ground which everyone wants back and others could have low gravity which would feel like thrusters in bo3.

          • What I’m hoping for from this, is no gravity maps not to be a thing, If I wanted to kill people in the air I’d get an army pilot sim.. I really am praying they don’t go down that route, I mean think about it, how the hell would we get form A to B.. Slowly float round? It wouldn’t fit the fast paced movment of cod, so I’m hopeful that is not even a thing.. I don’t mind the campaign being like that but multilayer no..

            I’m hoping we just get more exotic weapons and maps and that’s as far as they take it..

      • Maybe if enough people start to play MW2 again on Xbox One we have a chance to play it without hackers.. one can only hope!

        • Possibly, or use an lfg website where everyone just posts what mode they want to play and everyone else who wants to play it can add them and start a private session without any hackers.

    • Yeah I was gonna say, all of the previous cods are hacked, I don’t really see how people will get a kick out of it of course I’d rather see a remastered or damn it just make another modern warfare.

  1. Seriously, A theme?!.. Do they want to piss off the season pass holders?
    No weapons, And the 10th specialist.. Uhm, Yeah.

    But hey, We get this awesome dynamic theme so everything is good right.

  2. Guys, does anyone want to do a glitch with me to get dark matter in a few games? It’s like a private lobby but it will still give you xp, if so, send me a message and add me on PS4- MakeItNafey I will explain everything over there