UPDATE: Activision has officially posted the entire Zetsubou No Shima trailer HERE.

A new :30 second advertisement of new footage from Black Ops 3’s DLC 2 Eclipse Zombies map, Zetsubou No Shima, has appeared on Twitch early this morning.

Activision has taken down the ad.



    • You cant, Activision put zika virus on supply drops too, tell your dog to buy cod points if it wants it.

      • Or maybe the cure is available from supply drops. Actually it’s probably just a prescription. Then you need an insurance claim approval from another supply drop.

    • Sounds as if this wouldn’t be the first disease you’ve transmitted to your poor dog. At least Zika doesn’t have to be transmitted as an STD, so your dog should be grateful.

  1. OK WTF is this. Spider COOL, Underwater COOL, but that big experimental Monster… Unless it´s a final boss for the easter egg that would be awesome but if it´s just like the panser or margva that is going to suck for a lot of people.

  2. I just hope is more casual, not another big-ass map with huge easter eggs that only 1% of the community will go for.

    • Don’t understand why Will posts the same complaint about complaining. Oh wait, he’s a complainer too. I remember.

  3. I hope there aren’t any wonder weapons that require some sort of competition. Nothing else is more annoying than someone stealing your wolf bow when you hit the paintings or when someone puts trap on when running to get the part for electric bow upgrade…

    People waiting for one guy to feed the dragons when they just wait for bow to spawn. Yawn. ^_^’

    • Or use void I started it this weekend and it is my favorite because the little kiddies don’t want it and it’s badass but i swear I’m always Nikolai and he is my least favorite from origins