Sony just made a big mistake: the PlayStation Store in North America on PS4 received its weekly update, and PlayStation mistakenly added a banner page for ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare,’ which appears to be the title of this year’s game developed by Infinity Ward.

As of this writing, the listing has now been removed from under the Trending Section of the PS Store on PS4.

The PS Store listing did not provide any other details other than just the name of the title. provided no other details on what the game is. Stay tuned for the latest Call of Duty news.

SOURCE: r/CallofDuty



  1. Get the fuck outta here… “Infinite Warfare”? Hah! Sounds more ridiculous than “Genesis” or “Bloodlines”. I just hope we’re getting a reveal or at least a REAL teaser this weekend.

  2. Lets hope its as good as the other warfare games,

    Modern warfare 1 , 2 , 3 Lets see if infinite can fit in.

    • You need to open a Supply Drop within a Supply Drop within a Supply Drop, to earn a chance of accessing the Multiplayer… …through a Supply Drop. Then if you want to advance further through the menus, you have to unlock it via a key under someone’s doormat, in which the key will allow you to open a Supply Drop, only for you to get Nigerian Knee Pads. Sorry, I meant Nigerian Space Pads. Too much? ;P

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      • When you buy the game it comes with s free supply drop for possible access if you don’t get access you gotta buy another supply drop for a low price of 59.99

      • Sounds plausible, but I don’t think Activision would put Infinity Ward to waste their first 3 year development cycle on a remastered collection. This sounds like the kind of job for a separate company.

        • True true. Or maybe the rumors are true and MW1 will be a preorder bonus? They should at least port them (MW1-2) to the new consoles, they don’t even need to update the graphics at all. It would completely revive the games, as well as the whole franchise.

          • Still sounds kinda fishy if you ask me. Shinobi might be a good source, but something in my gut keeps telling me that it’s Ghosts 2.

        • That just means that the collection would be half-assed, AKA, not worth it because “let’s just add the PC settings and ask full price for it!”.

  3. Like the name. Infinity would’ve been much better. But this pretty much confirmed space warfare, if the other stuff wasn’t proof enough

  4. I’m tired of this futuristic shit. What’s next? Do we fight on the planet Amphibios 9 to defeat the hostile alien race?

  5. Just took a look around the net and came across something. You folks know about Call of Duty Infinity Warfare? That’s basically an ultra mod (that’s what I call it) for Call of Duty United Offensive. All the Modern Warfare games packed in a single total conversion mod released on august 6th 2014.

  6. The slogan for the game will be “to infinity and beyond” can’t wait for the all new buzz light yet mode

  7. I hope this is the true title because i love it. It sounds alot cooler than ‘Space’ or ‘Galactic’ warfare. Can’t wait for the first teaser trailer in a couple days. 🙂

  8. -_- I mean If it is space themed oh well what the fuck can we do? I’ll just wait til I see it to place an honest opinion on it. Infinite Universe is what I thought of. Ahh fuck.

  9. Now I see why that Todd guy from Respawn left IW. Why would you work on another futuristic fps when you already were working on a better one. lol

  10. What if this year they use cross play feature? I know it got announced only a while ago but would it still be possible to play with Xbox players?

  11. There was a time I got really excited about the new CoD around this time of the year, now I just check the rumors from time to time to see if they not completely fucked up this one. Hype CoD 2016 = 0.0 %

  12. Time Travel?
    everytime match starts both teams will come out of time portal and the map will be random
    just an idea

    • It would be cool if the people who create the maps set a certain thing for each map, and when it is played it auto generates, so things change places and new things are added/taken out each time the map is played. The Devs can control how much is changed on each match. That would add a pretty fun allways changing factor to the game.

  13. It’s like they’re not even trying with the naming scheme anymore… Here’s hoping Sledgehammer can hopefully stop using Advanced Warfare and use a new name for their next title.

    Anyway, this has Buzz Lightyear written all over it. We are so going to space with this one. Welp, time to see if IW can put some effort into actually making a campaign. If not, I’ll be staying in BO3 for another year. Mod tools should keep us busy enough.

      • Seriously, that motherfucker should’ve died from all those Magnum bullets. But hey, obligatory “villain survives to swear vengeance” scene, amirite?

          • Amongst other things as well. Personally, I felt the lack of a voice for Logan killed it, because it gives you zero interaction with any of the other characters. It works if your character has a blank state, but he has a brother and a father as NPCs, and that just fucks things up story-wise, because you can’t really feel the emotion when no one is actually interacting with you, apart from all the “Logan! Do everything!” screams.

    • First of all personally I love “warfare” titles. They sound good in my ears. Secondly I remember SHG saying in interview that they won’t do another Advanced Warfare which could possibly mean they could do that Vietnam era game?

      Lastly I think people shouldn’t give away hope for next Call of Duty just because it is developed by Infinity Ward. Maybe they should give us beta to try it out?

      • Oh, I’ll definitely be testing the beta. But I know two things will turn me away from this game: shitty campaign, and supply drops. And the second one is most likely to happen now, so I’m just praying IW gets some decent writers, and makes campaign worth playing. I look at BO3 campaign and see how much Treyarch put in there, then look back at Ghosts and AW and I’m like “wow, this shit is so simplistic”.

        • It shouldn’t be too cryptic or too simple. Maybe they could do story that satisfies both groups (casual and hardcore). For me games like Bloodborne or Dark Souls weren’t entertaining because the story had to be found out by yourself.

          • Yeah, BO1 was the perfect balance for that. Still, I’m a story fanatic, so as long as it’s not cookie cutter Michael Bay action with easy to understand plot, I’m good.

          • The MW series was alright. Of course, that was before Treyarch blew my mind with Black Ops, so obviously it doesn’t hold a candle to that now. But it has a special place in my heart.

            That said, MW3 can go suck a fat dick.

          • You’d think that it’d make more sense to not find on-rails experiences to be very fun.

  14. Can you please stop the Supply Drop jokes? We know you gonna buy them no matter what. We know you buy the next Cod. So please, be quiet, buy the game and buy Call of Duty Points.

    Have a nice day

    • For the prestige edition you could put the game in a real life supply drop like treyarch did with Bo2 in a care package, ofcourse it only opens after you put in your gold card in the specially designed card reader

      thank me later and I contact your office for the royalties

  15. Just hoping this could possibly all the old Modern Warfares remastered in one (probably, most likely not)

      • infinite most likely referring to far into the future, where there are ‘infinite’ possibilities with the technologies created and places to explore. you can pretty much at this point rest any hopes that COD 2016 will be anything modern or past.

      • I did read something that stated they were going to release 2 call of duties this year, according to an industry insider

  16. Sounds stupid. Its time to leave the future alone guys. Activision knows how to beat a dead horse. Shake it up! Future then Past then present and then back to future. Come on guys…Last 4 games have been in the future. The only way this could be good is if the infinite warfare was a collection of all infinity ward call of duty games remastered. Modern Warfare collection would be sweet

  17. No thanks. This franchise gets shittier and shitter, all thanks to the degenerates who buy all the bullshit supply drops.

    If Activision had any respect, the “Call of Duty” name would have been removed from this trash two years ago.

  18. Fucking hell, I was joking about the whole incoming “leak” thing… Shit… Whatever, you’re fucking retarded Infinity Ward, to busy trying to top one another, it’s hilarious how when AW came out, my uncle said “What’s next, they can FLY in Call of Duty…?” It shouldn’t be a surprise they’d do a straight Destiny ripoff, all that extinction and shit, Treyarch did it right the first time… Made a game set during WWII, then we got Nazi Zombies…. Seriously though, IWEatsass

  19. Now we wait until they sell the Collectors Edition with an actual Supply Drop crate.

    Still gonna give you shit.

  20. “Infinite Warfare”.. aw man I take this as there is no limits to the warfare going to be available in this installment (space warfare) and that, what CoD once was will be well and truly buried for good :/ we need limits Activision jeez.

    • PlayStation is already feeding activision money for early dlc. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was corporates master plan.

  21. Cod 2016. I’m done with this godforsaken trash. I try to enjoy playing it since my friends want it but now they finally realized that this franchise has taken nothing but a wrong turn since bo2. Thank god I don’t need to buy any more of the games.. Bye cod, hello doom and black room.

  22. U guys are all wrong, you need to get a platinum membership to callofduty elite, waste $59,99 dollars on cod points in bo3, spend all the callofduty points to open supplydrops. Cuz thats all it is on the game so… Oh and for the ones that purchased the game stick it in ur ass with the infinite golden sexy membership ITS FREE on

        • No no I’m saying that kids and infants are mostly still on last-gen as are you.. not saying you’re an infant.

          • Being on last gen myself, I already stated that there are far more adults, either because they are frugal, poor, or just don’t give a fuck about current gen yet. Most of the kids already had mommy and daddy buy that shit for them.

  23. Call of Duty: Infinite – There’s always a lighthouse, there’s always a city, there’s always warfare. Sounds cool.

  24. Infinite warfare sounds interesting to me. Now all we need is a trailer. Also, have MP in the trailer like bo3 did!!!

  25. What if it is called “Infinite Warfare” because it is set in the year “infinity”, Shinobi said “it would make BO3 look like the Stone Age”. Just a thought, don’t take this seriously.

  26. This franchise is a JOKE. Battlefield 5 here I come and get ready for a COD player influx with Battlefield 5 I WILL GET BOOTS ON THE FVKING GROUND and the WW1 rumors are getting louder and louder

    COD is DEAD

  27. Infinite Warfare, sounds like they are basing it on the American government. It might not be in space, it might just be killing a bunch of brown people in 3rd world countries.

  28. Why so many butthurted people with something that if they want they don’t have to spend any money to?

  29. I feel sorry for IW. Not a lot of people seem to realize that they started working on this game just a short while after “Ghosts” was released. At this time, everybody (and I mean everybody) was sick of the cut and paste Call of Duty, so IW probably decided to make a future Call of Duty with a different movement system thinking everybody would love it. Unfortuantely they will be wrong 🙁 I’m still going to give it a chance though, IW is my favorite developer.

    • This is not the same Infinity Ward that made the MW series remember..same company name, different employees. It scares me that one of the MW devs worked on this game for a few months and then quit. RIP COD, GOODNIGHT SWEET PRINCE.