UPDATE: Here’s what appears to be a high res logo of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare…

According to a new poster leak, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be available on Friday again this year; specifically, Friday, November 4th.

This poster appears to be for the standard edition of the game.

Earlier this morning, a poster for the Legacy Edition has leaked. More on that here.




    • To play MW Remastered, you may have to pay hundreds of dollars. That Legacy Collection sounds expensive.

        • Deals? Has Activision ever heard of that word? Their games rarely go on sale, hell, unlike Battlefield, they never have deals for their Season Passes.

          • I was able to get BO3 Digital Deluxe for $80.00, it was quite the deal indeed. If not, well, I’d figure something out.

          • $100.00. So for the game, season pass, Nuk3town, The Giant and a few personalization packs, it wasn’t bad.

          • I gave up on Seasons pass after Ghosts. The disc maps were always better than the DLC ones. Also you don’t get any guns from the DLC packs, so kind of lost my incentive there. Really amazed you decided to blow money on that.

          • I’m not into Season passes anymore, but all out that for $80.00 isn’t bad.

          • Yeah you’re right, but I would of blown that on cryptokeys, probably a stupid idea but you would have more fun doing that than playing on the DLC maps.

          • It’d be perfectly fine if it were 100% free and the rare camos didn’t have such a low chance. It’s pixels, for fucks sake!

          • If games didn’t need to be installed, fine, but it just doesn’t make sense anymore. It’s not like games become collectable and people pay exorbitant prices for them. For people who collect, fine. But on my Xbox One, I have like 60+ games. If that was physical, I wouldn’t have the space. I used to collect everything. CD’s, DVD’s, games. Then I had to move to a smaller place. So, my 2000+ DVD’s got sold.(Kept the ones I wanted, obviously.) In the process of ripping all my 5000+ CD’s to an external HD, so I can get rid of those. The only thing I wish I had splurged for would have been the Perk fridge. But I don’t feel like I’m missing anything by buying digital.

          • It takes literally 5 seconds in order for physical games to download, but if you’re talking about storage space? Yeah, I’m not a fan, but guess what? At least we all have that choice. I’m not going to change your perspective, yes, I disagree with some gamers having 100% of their games digital because it influences a digital-only age, but it doesn’t affect anyone. I don’t want to make a big deal out of it, I just don’t like digital AAA games and I personally want to have as little of them as possible on my hard drive.

      • Look at it this way, we still have a while to go on current gen, for a HACK FREE & updated graphics version of COD4, IMHO it’s worth it for the rest of this gen…

        • Well, why didn’t they fix it when it got bad? It’s pretty unforgivable, concerning the fact that they’re are too incompetent to patch older titles, except for when business is in jeopardy, like during MW2 and the poster or whatever it was.

          • Because as they said in the past that in order to fix the mod menu hack BS, you basically needed to build COD4 from the ground up.

            That’s why a remaster makes complete sense and a “BC COD4”, would be a gigantic mistake, because there are certain mod menu hacks that can derank you to level 1 forever with only a pistol class.

            Sure, “free” is normally better, but this NEEDED to be done… (and it goes beyond a graphics update)

          • The only reason this NEEDED to be done, was to insure that sales for IW wouldn’t drop. And if any game deserves to be remasted, it’s WaW.

          • Remastering is just making a game HD and adding new content here and there, it’s not remaking the game from the ground up, so that has to be bullshit. I’m sure it’s true, though… who said it?

          • I have to see the game first. If it’s a half-assed effort with no added graphical features and content (AKA a port) then they’re incompetent and I won’t even bother, hell, the Legacy Edition might even be extremely overpriced at $200.

  1. I think if I want “Space Warfare” I’ll play Halo 5. I’m not too sold on “Infinity Warfare”. I still don’t see why people are interested in CoD anymore. Even Bo3 has got me bored. If the MW Remastered turns out to be true and it has MP, that will be played more than the new game.

    • Halo 5 lol, do people still play that anymore? They can’t be. I think that game died months ago.

      • Nah no one does, but I think the way they followed Rockstars form of DLC system is incredible. You can earn everything or pay for it. Same could be said for BO3 but the chances of getting a DLC gun in a supply drop through cryptokeys and not CoD Points is so small.

        • Microsoft has a reputation of being an evil corporation, so don’t think that they’re being sincere lol. But yeah, even though I don’t like DLC, having things like being able to fund events (even if it’s e-Sports, whatever) is pretty nice.

          • Yeah but eSports (Cod Comps) are sort of dying in my eyes. No one ever talks about them anymore. And I wouldn’t mind paying for supply drops to get a gun if they weren’t so impossible to get. My mate paid 60 dollars and only got the whip for Nomad. Tmartn spent 1700 dollars and still hadnt got the crossbow. I’m still surprised people play Bo3 or even give a crap about CoD in general. FPS games have been so bland recently.

  2. So what if this spaceship battle shit is real and IW remastered Cod 4 in case people won’t like Infinite Warfare. Good way to cash in more money.

  3. Shit…no Ghosts 2…Oh, well. Always wanted a sci-fi Call of Duty. I just hope they don’t mess up.
    Theory: Infinity Ward always intended for Ghosts to be a one off and basically used it as a prototype for zero-G combat.

    • Did you not see the cliffhanger of Ghosts??? That ending was basically screaming a sequel. But I’m taking that IW took the negative feedback on Ghosts too hard, and called it quits on that storyline. Shame though, Ghosts 2 would be the closest thing to on ground combat, but instead we get space warfare. Oh well.

      • I saw it and I actually wanted a sequel. On one hand I’m pretty fuckin’ pissed and dissapointed that they decided to say “fuck it” to this rather interesting new world they created, but on the other hand I kinda understand them and the actions they took. However, I still don’t understand why so many people hated the game so bad. Maybe that’s just me… The prototype zero-G combat thing I said was more of a conspiracy theory…

        • Bitch for change get it and bitch that it changed LULZ this community is brainless and has no idea what it wants.

          • Pretty much. Now, I don’t mind it at all. Like I said, I always wanted a Call of Duty in the space age. But right now I would’ve prefered…well…you know…A FUCKIN’ SEQUEL TO GHOSTS!

          • Yup. Stale, stale, stale was the sentiment until AW, then it was go back to WW2. Fickle and brainless. Every year, it’s the same thing. Except now, everything sucks but MW.

          • Advanced Warfare was an example of poor execution. BO3 is an example of fair execution. The ones asking for change weren’t the majority of the fanbase. If someone wants to pay $60 for a copy and paste job, then I say let them.

          • Not sure what that had to do with my comment, but everyone knows the squeaky wheel gets the grease. What is a MW remaster but an exact copy and paste of an 8-9 year old game? Imo, if any game deserves a remaster, it’s WaW. But no one is screaming that in capital letters.

          • Only the haters complained it was the “same” every year, the actual CoD enthousiasts enjoyed every entry till AW, maybe Ghosts is the exception due to the weird MP choices they made

            On every article you react you’re keep repeating the same broken record, “the CoD community doesn’t know what it want” the community knows exactly what they want, and that’s not futuristic wallrunning boost sliding crap

            Or you think it’s an coincidence they include a MW remake ?

          • I, for one, never complained about this. Did I think Call of Duty needed to change? Yes. However, I never said a word. When Advanced Warfare got revealed I got really excited. I mean, I’m still playing the God damn thing. Although, I did quit playing Black Ops 3 around late-January because it got really fuckin’ annoying. I can somehow understand THAT part of the community, but we have to be realistic about the situation and admit that Call of Duty has to evolve if it wants to stay relevant. Medal of Honor understood that as well, and look what happened to that game. It’s dead because it moved forward too late. With this future setting, the developers can bring us more content, NEW content, new gameplay possibilities. To be honest, I agree with Devin. This community does not know what it wants. I bet that Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, however futuristic it may be, will be a really great experience, and I’m really looking forward to seeing it in action.

          • I don’t agree, what the community wanted was change on a lower scale then what they are doing now with the series, most of the complaints where about the same mistakes the development teams where making over and over again with certain perks, attachments, weapons etc etc, also the cry for a solution to get rid of the annoying engine issues (headglitching, offset camera angels and engine lag to name a few) were things people wanted to change.

            The last thing the majority wanted was that they changed the actual way of play style CoD was famous for, and sales and criticism show that, my personal opinion is that I don’t give a rats ass if the next CoD plays in 1972 or 2172, as long as they keep the movement on the ground I’m fine, I can deal with the futuristic settings, but those advanced movements ? Nah mate… and a lot of CoD fans feel the same I can say without a doubt…

          • There’s nothing worse than getting shot through the heart. I’ve heard of people surviving a shotgun to the brain at point-blank, though.

      • The ending was just a basic twist. That shitty story didn’t deserve a sequel, I’m glad IW is doing something else.

  4. Ghosts sucked as a game but I had no problem with the setting, in fact I liked it. Wouldn’t have minded if they continued that setting and just executed everything else better. While MP didn’t play well, it was still the most boots-on-the-ground and simple no-frills COD we’ve had since MW3. No it’s not as exciting as flying through the air like a money, but I prefer the old school feel.

  5. Honestly, the cover looks ok, but why is the title “Infinite Warfare”?? Like is that the best they could do?!

  6. You know the leaks are true when charlieintel changes the ‘COD 2016’ title and the background to the infinite warfare state.

  7. Only way this game is gonna sell is because of the supposed MW REMASTERED. Theyll play that more than IW, if it is in new servers and all and no hackers. Guarenteed.

      • Yeah. Vocal minority thinks they are representing whole community but truth is that these Reddit users are in minority. Majority is that group that buys the title every year.

  8. All the boots on the ground people bitching were probably the ones bitching that COD needs to change after Ghosts!! U people don’t know what u want and if u want boots on the ground every COD before AW was boots on the ground go play them!!!!

    • There’s a difference between wanting a “boots on the ground” new game and playing an older one… that’s just you making up excuses. BO3 executed its movement really well, and a lot of gamers enjoy it. Now we have the chance to go to the past. What’s wrong with that?

    • Not everyone wanted EXO movement, after MW2 the games started to get more boring, so thats when shit started to happen.. If they just make remastered COD4 or MW2 and gives us new maps/guns and patch/updates, ill probably play the game 24/7.

        • I am too. Still not buying it. This happens every year. Hype all of pre-launch, then honeymoon phase at launch, then disappointment and regret for spending that much money on one game. I’m guessing this MW remaster is only going to be available if you spend way more than $100

          • You are totatly convinced that then next IW game is going to be bad but you still care about it and you may buy it? ooooooook.

          • You’re putting words into my mouth, bruh. I never said I’d buy it. I MAY buy it only if the Singleplayer lets me travel through space in a X-Wing-like spaceship.

          • Some ppl work hard and are rich. So we like to throw 300 dollars for a game we only play for one day.. Money you enjoy wasting is not wasted at all.

    • I am hyped (also sceptical until reveal) because I have waited for 3 years that Infinity Ward makes their new game.


        • Well not really. Considering space themed campaign can be awesome and if I don’t like Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer I can play Modern Warfare remastered multiplayer.

          It would be win anyway. Although I think that it is pretty hard to make me disappointed because I liked Ghosts and Modern Warfare 3.

          • It’d only be awesome if you had an X-Wing-like spaceship and could shoot at other spaceships. Or if it were like Star Citizen and you could walk around in your spaceship. At least the name is accurate in terms of the possibilities being endless… And what if the remaster(s) don’t have online?

            Damn, those games were some of the worst online experiences I’ve ever had. Is there any particular reason?

          • Modern Warfare remaster will not have MP. There would be a mass exodus to an old CoD game. There is no way they would have completely got new servers and rebuild the MP ground up. The remaster looks to be just to cater the boots on ground folks and to maximize revenue and hype.

          • That’s what I’m thinking, single player only otherwise the IW MP lobbies would be just hitting the 1K at launch

          • it would split the community in half if not more.No way would activision want that. It would impact DLC’ map packs,Esports etc.

          • Exactly, sad but true, but without the MW MP there is no reason for me to buy this game, I won’t get fooled for a third time in a row

          • Full game is FULL game. When there have been talking about full game it has been a game with MULTIPLE modes (in my experiences). I don’t see why someone would call Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare full game if it would only have SP. Call of Duty isn’t full game without multiplayer.

          • Infinity Ward has never let me down. I’m sure they won’t let me down this time. Working game with remastered MW1 and another IW title… bring it on! This is something I have waited for long, long time.

            Note: this is my opinion and none of you should be offended in any way.

          • Has Infinity Ward really never let you down, or are you just blinded by their branding?

          • Their stories are absolutely amazing. Modern Warfare has the best story out there hands down. I also like IW’s multiplayer (Modern Warfare 3 alone 35+ days playtime) so therefore IW’s title is always welcome. Their multiplayer works and pleases me in every possible way (do not include deathstreaks, those should be removed for good!)

          • Damn, I’ve never been as humble. The original staff leaving made me lose my faith.

  9. Let’s discuss that image for a bit though. The guy isnt wearing anything that would alter his movement it seems like (Exo, thruster pack) the weapon he is holding looks modern-ish. He’s also holding a helmet, looks like one’s pilots of fighter jets wear. I really can’t make out that thing behind him, may be a jet, or some type of spaceship.

          • I dont judge anything, i just noticed you are like a typical hater on a game that we dont know anything really but for some reason you have hope that is gonna be something you are going to like but at the same time you somehow know that is going to be crap. Im here because i know i will buy and play it but you seem to be a cod funboy boy who is too shy to say it, you know like a gay who is afraid to come out of the closet lol.

          • Oh, so you just assume that anyone that has a negative opinion on something is nobody but a hater? I only expect that from an apologist that will take any opportunity to jump and defend something. Infinity Ward is incapable of emulating their original quality, and MW3 and Ghosts were some of the worst (functioning[ish]) online gaming experiences I’ve ever had. How can I be closeted? Just because I’m not a corporate slave or a fanboy I can’t be skeptical? Please. If a game has something I like, I’ll buy it. I don’t know why you have to make up bullshit.

            I’m skeptical because Infinity Ward hasn’t made a good game in recent memory, but I don’t think that they can’t come to their senses and make a game that’s interesting. Again, and I don’t like repeating myself; if it has something awesome like space battles, then Infinity Ward will redeem themselves for me. If I hadn’t supported this franchise for years, it’d be a non-issue, but there are far better games coming out this year, that’s all.

        • Fuck, that just means that we’ll only be able to hipfire, and everytime we kill someone, they Wilhelm scream.

  10. Im looking at everyone here that was BITCHING about SPACE THEME COD and now theyre EXCITED about SPACE THEME COD. What The Fuck?

  11. I hope the MW Remaster isn’t pre order only, I wont be buying this one till after Christmas, give me time to research it on Youtube and know what its like before I buy, but I wouldn’t mind trying the MW remaster.

    • Don’t worry, the last time the special editions weren’t available after launch was… well never, they even sell the bo3 prestige edition still in my local gameshop right now

  12. I’m only interested in the MW Remaster but I bet IW will screw that up too. Probably end up including IED’s, SAT COMS and Free Fall!

  13. I think the “remake” will only be on PS4 and Xbox One, would seem really pointless to take out the same game remastered on PC since it’s PC. But it would be interesting unless they have completely reskinned.

  14. i don’t really care if it’s in space or not if the core of the game (movement,guns,maps,etc) than i’m happy!

  15. The game director of the IW Call of Duty, legit, needs to end his life, like seriously. Gave the game a retarded ass subtitle that I probably brainstormed a year ago and don’t even remember… Merk the marketing team too, the fuck should you guys release on the 4th again, DO IT ON SATURDAY DAMN IT! Ain’t nobody got time to skip classes for your possible half assed game.

  16. Considering MW1 Remastered comes with IW. If it didn’t come with it and it was just IW, not many people would buy it, so this addition is probably only just to ramp up the sales of the main game.

  17. How are they going to do this without splitting the community up? I’m reluctant to jump on this hype train, not for the 3rd year in a row! At least I got Pokemon Sun/Moon to fall back on this year!

  18. Circlejerk keeps going off about the setting. Changing the setting won’t fix anything. You’re still going to have supply drops, the maps might still be garbage, the matchmaking balance might be off. If they can give me fun guns, good maps, good matchmaking, no money grab bullshit, then I don’t care if it takes place in WWII, present, semi-future, or 10000 A.D.

  19. The reason why we get Modern Warfare remastered is i think they knew they kinda screwed up and knew the community hates futuristic COD, after the hardwork with “Infinite Warfare” they added remastered games to probably increase the sale.

  20. Anyone else highly doubt that the remaster will include MP? Just don’t see it happening. Plus, even if it does have MP than your basically paying for two games since it’s the “Legacy Edition” which will probably run you $100..,

  21. Never cared for COD4 much, but if they remaster MW2 and MW3 with Special Ops and everything else, then I might be more interested lol

    Still nice that they’re going to (most likely) remaster COD4 anyway.

  22. call of duty: muppet warfare. play as the king prawn, and upon blasting ms. piggy with an rpg, here him say, “it could be filled with CHOCOLATE, okay?!”

    it’s not too late, IW, okay?!

  23. all you people getting a stiffy from a poster . lol . its mad. no matter how much you lot bang on about it ” oh i hope its this” and ” i hope its that” .lol its embarrassing. i enjoy cod just as much as the next person ( master prestige lvl 90) atm. love black ops 3 just as much as ive enjoyed all the previous cod games( only started playing at MW2).just wait til november then start going bonkers. and i bet that most of you after a week come up with some problem with the game and start moaning about that .

    • If you havn’t played COD4 then you wouldn’t understand. Also, enjoying cod (master prestiege) and being good at cod (3.00+kd / WR) are very different things.

  24. Aslong as we have


    ill be happy, best maps for SnD