A user has posted on Snapchat what appears to be a preorder card for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Legacy Edition at Target retailer. The preorder card reveals that the Legacy Edition will include a remaster of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Based on the image, it looks to be a remaster of just Modern Warfare 1, but we are unable to confirm fully. The poster, at the bottom, says that the “Modern Warfare Remastered is full game digital download.”

In addition, the card also shows the main person holding a helmet which appears to be futuristic. The game is set to release on Friday, November 4, 2016.

A source has just sent us a high res image of the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare preorder card:

The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare name was first leaked by the PlayStation Store yesterday, following news that retailers are expecting materials for the game by May 3rd.

UPDATE: Here’s what appears to be a high res logo of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare…

Stay tuned for the latest news!



    • They might have, you dont know. it doesnt say Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. it just says Modern Warfare. 😉

        • Modern Warfare 2 is just extremely broken (even though if it got remastered, it could be better)
          Modern Warfare 3 should just be rename Modern Warfare 2.5.

          Those games weren’t that great to me, but CoD 4 was brilliant. It’s the only IW CoD in my top 5, while the rest are Treyarch games lol

          • “Modern Warfare 2 is just extremely broken (even though if it got remastered, it could be better)”

            See this guy gets it!

            Now if you remove OMA and remaster MW2, OK that’s cool too, but I’m still too F’n hyped about COD4!!!!!!!

          • A fair point but I’d rather they removed it and replaced it with Recon, then replace Commando with Stalker and the game would be perfect!

          • I loved MW2 when it came out, but it went downhill so fast. First boosters getting nukes constantly, the Javelin glitch made it pretty much unplayable, then I kept getting dropped into hacked lobbies with invincible people firing unlimited ammo noob tubes everywhere. The game was so broken it was unreal.

            MW3 was pretty much the same game only shinier, I borrowed it from a friend but didn’t enjoy it enough to buy it. Never even tried Ghosts.

          • I’m not joking when I called Mordern Warfare 3 a ‘2.5’. Because in my eyes, that’s the way that game should have been sold. A huge expansion to Mordern Warfare 2. The game we know as Modern Warfare 3 doesn’t deserve to be Modern Warfare 3. The thing about the Modern Warfare series, is that in my eyes, it didn’t get a proper send off.

  1. It’s probably just going to be side thing like zombies or something… I really wish the entire game was a remaster though.

      • Never said MW had zombies. I meant that this “MW Remastered” will be a side thing INSIDE Infinite Warfare; just like how BO has zombies and Ghosts has extinction, etc.

      • Ah, good eye! Didn’t spot that at first.

        Although, I worry that it’s not necessarily going to be the full game, since I think that’s TOO much don’t you think? 🙁
        It might be SP-only or MP with like two maps or something, similarly to that Battlefield 1942 demo download on PS3

      • I want to hug you right now!

        Sure I’m straight AF, and I don’t care how awkward this might get, but I want to hug you right now… 😉

        • But.. if it is indeed a “FULL game download” with full SP + MP, why would a company like Activision give it away as a pre-order bonus?
          Couldn’t they just sell it separately, cause you know… $$$

          • Because NOBODY wants that SPACE WARFARE BULLS**T!

            Youtube is being flooded with hate comments for those that are supporting it.

            Activision needs to keep their shareholders happy, and if people need to buy “Who gives a crap” Warfare to get this, then so be it!… 🙂

          • Well that is true… (shudders for thinking of a CoD that’s probably more futuristic than BO3)

            but I still don’t want to board the hype train and get into a wreckage. rip
            I’m just going to play it low and wait until more is revealed.

  2. Aw man I’m definitely on the hype train if this leak turns out to be true.. MW is where I started playing CoD online back in 07 and I would pay any money for a remaster!

  3. It doesnt say Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. it just says Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. Plus there isnt really room for a ‘4’ with the way the words are aligned 😉
    So if its real, it could be the trilogy.. fingers crossed 😀

    • The wording on the picture to me highly suggest it’s just Call of Duty 4. If it were all three games I’m sure it would be worded something else or differently.

      Not saying you’re wrong or anything as it’s still pure speculation.

      • Yup.. With the rumours of the latest CoD being in space, it has really put me off. I said if its in space and its not old school boots on the ground gameplay im not gonna bother this year, and ive got CoD on day one every year since CoD4.
        if this is true i’ll probably be getting it no matter what the CoD turns out to be.

        • same I wasn’t planning on buying because of space and it also would of been the first I wouldn’t of bought but since cod 4 is comming with it remastered then I’m definitely getting it for sure just for cod 4 or all the MW series. Also a cod space theme doesn’t throw me off tbh it’s just the though of having boost jumping. I think I’ll buy any cod as long as there isn’t any boost jumping bo3 is an exception because the movement is actually fluid not like advanced warfares shitty movement

          • you do realise if they patch noobtubes and sniping in the remaster there will be an outrage so stop being a whiny bitch and lets hope they dont change anything 🙂

          • You’re kidding right?! The only ones who will be outraged are the pussies who relied on them whereas the rest (and vast majority) of the community will praise them for balancing the game.

        • That it’s ‘in space’ doesn’t mean shit. Gears of War, Halo, Killzone… all ‘space’ (other planets) oriented games, yet the humans (or ‘normal’ infantry) use normal weapons, no exo’s etc. and the planets look just like earth…

        • it could still be like old school boots on the ground but just in a different setting. My only concern is if the gameplay is us floating in space like that Ghosts mission in the campaign.

      • Why would you make it difficult to snipe? MW1 sniping was fun, why ruin something? I would understand if they nerfed the noobtubes but sniping? Really?

      • How is the sniping hard in BO3? I haven’t played any cods since BO2. Also why make it hard? Sniping was fun as hell in Cod 4. I just hope its not like BO1. I hated how they honestly thought that quick scoping was a problem and needed to be removed.

        • People were glitching the aim assist in the old games, they weren’t aiming at all. That’s why you got all those weird kill cams where the guy seems to shoot the wall but kills you.

          In blops3 the snipers don’t have aim assist, so you actually have to aim. That’s why it’s harder.

          A lot of proper scrubs though actually believed they were making those shots.. Kinda sad really..
          ##–“”:;#-OpTiCz_QuIkScRuBz@:£&:#!!#& all over the place…

          • Dude you’re dumb as hell for one. You clearly don’t know what aim assist is and should do research on that before you assume shit and if it was aim assist then everyone should be able to do good sniping. You wanna know why the killcams would show you shoot the wall instead? Cause the killcams were a new idea and future that they haven’t been able to fix until halfway through ghosts. The killcams would lag buddy, and don’t say you haven’t seen some guy with an AK shooting the air in a killcams and the person died. Get you’re facts right, all of you I’m tired of people assuming they know what they’re talking about when they don’t even bother looking into it. All of you clearly don’t know how aim assist works. Aim assist does not aim in for you just saying it helps you stay on the person you are aiming on and sticks to them, so you aren’t shooting all of the place, and if sniping was all aim assist then explain all the snipers in bo3, faze members, and pamaj…if you haven’t realized how many times they have nurfed sniping and snipers still are able to snipe and do good, over and over again. Cause most snipers that are good were try hards. Give pamaj or someone in faze whose a good ass sniper an ak and I bet you’d wish they stayed sniping. Also if you ever watch a video on how to get good at sniping, you will always, ALWAYS hear them say practice. I’m not mad I’m just tired of this community and battlefield community always hating on snipers when they don’t even try to understand it or make up bullshit about it because they can’t do it or aren’t good at it. Or because they kill snipers most of the time so when people do die by a sniper they assume it’s overpowered, just like predator missiles guarantee everyone says “they always go for me” when realistically they didn’t, it just felt like that cause you’re not expected to by it. That’s how it is for sniping. I could link a video where this guy describes how it works http://youtu.be/XRMrHQyag8w

          • Wow, that is one huge wall of clueless newb text..

            I was actually around for mw2 and I used to snipe, I know what I’m talking about dude, everyone knows it.

            If I’m wrong then perhaps you can explain why treyarch said that sniping will be “harder and more skill based” in black ops 3? What else did they change that made it more skill based? Can’t answer it can you?

      • Shit in one hand and wish in the other. This isn’t going to happen. It was settled during the lawsuit.

    • I don’t think they would actually give away all 3 MW games in one package

      Activision will charge a lot more if they did that lul

    • Modern Warfare is Modern Warfare 1, which is the fourth cod. Cod 4 Modern Warfare. These are just my thoughts 🙂

      • What? Call of Duty 4 is the First MW edition in the series of the MW Era. It is not the 4th COD. Research how many were out before that. Thanks for coming out.

    • There was only one Modern Warefare, and that was CoD 4. It strictly says Modern Warefare, more than once at that. It also says “is a downloadable game”, that’s singular not plural, meaning there is not multiple games.

      Saying there’s a trilogy is exceedingly stupid when none of the facts point to anything in that direction. They also removed the 4 ages ago as there was no reason to have it. Plus this is a remastered game, why wouldn’t they ‘remaster’ the logo as well? It’s more uniform now, which could also be for the advertisement.

      • That doesn’t mean that Modern Warfare: Remaster does not consist of more than one MW game. Look it’s highly unlikely that Activision is packaging more than one MW game into the remaster, as I’m sure they will want to milk each game as it’s own separate remaster…but just looking at the MW: Remaster title, that really could go either way.

        • Or it could be a mix of the MW games. It could have all 3 campaigns, but the MP is a mix of all the MW games in one, like CoD Online in China.

        • It does not mean anything other than what the poster says. It says it plain and clear. Modern Warfare, not MW2/3, and not “games”, it clearly says game, being singular. You can try to come up with reasons as to why it could go either way but the facts are hitting you in the face. It’s only MW1. Being in denial doesn’t make you right or even close.

  4. I’m crying tears of joy ATM, and all I can do now is hope that this isn’t fake.

    COD4 is hands down my fav COD of all time, FFS please let this be real… :’)

  5. This totally explains (if it is indeed true) why Todd Alderman was at IW for that short period of time!

    I am actually getting dizzy from excitement ATM!

    If this ends up being BS fake, I’m gonna be MEDIEVAL PISSED OFF!….

    • “This totally explains (if it is indeed true) why Todd Alderman was at IW for that short period of time!”

      .. Not really.

    • Imo if they remaster cod 4, they have to remaster all of them cod 4 – MW3 because it wouldn’t make sense if they only remastered the first one since the story won’t be complete

      • It actually kinda does because this game will be in its prime from 2016-2017, and 2017 will mark cod4’s 10th anniversary. Though I would still like mw2 to be remastered as well

      • You think they are remastering it for the damn campaign? Just say you want to play all three Modern Warfare games like most of us do. Don’t make some excuse of “the story being incomplete”. We want it for the multiplayer

        • Nah. Modern Warfare 1 was the last decent game made by IW. Don’t understand how anyone can enjoy the rest of the crap they made.

          • COD4 is at worst 2nd best COD game but obviously debatable. It also is way more simple than MW2, MW3, BO2 & BO3 with less things to kill you. So you maybe that’s why you feel that way. Just soundwhoring and spawn traps get the job done on that game.

          • In my opinion it was a slow downfall. Cod 4 was fantastic but lacked more unlockables like they added in MW2. World at War was fun but every lobby was a hacked lobby and zombies was pretty basic. MW2 is probably my favorite but I hate the noob tubes and the shitty spawn points at times. Black ops was fine, I never got really far in it but I enjoyed the combat training so I could vs AI also zombies was entertaining every now and then. MW3 was fun at times but would get boring with constant play. I did like the community game types though that was a nice touch. Infected was really good. BO2 was where I stopped caring about new releases. It was a let down of a game with being pretty much Black Ops but futuristic and having non likeable maps. From there it was complete crap but they somehow got more sales because of the advertising and all of these kids getting next gen consoles and not having any games to play.

          • Come back the fuck in. You got points. Bengal is just being a tiger.. ROAORRRORRRRR… Pfft

      • You’re definitely an idiot, mw2 did better then cod4 and people still loved the shit outta that game. Yes noon tubing and one man army was disgusting and needs to change, other then that, that game was great. Mw3 was a little bit of a let down compared to the other two but still a good game regardless.

    • all in due time, remastering a game takes a little while if you don’t want it to be shit like the master chief collection… i’d rather have a good cod4 remake than 3 shitty Modern warfare games with terrible multiplayer matchmaking

  6. I can honestly say that I’ll probably spend less than 1 day playing Infinite Warfare, and for the next year it’s gonna be nothing but COD4 and BO3!… 🙂

    (unless more BC games come out before then)

  7. YESSSSS BOYSSSS! Something tells me, that if this is real… I am having some doubts atm… but if it is… who is gonna be playing Infinite Warfare when we have a remastered cod4?!

    • They HAVE TO REMASTER, COD4 is hacked to S*** ATM.

      Picture COD4 with updated graphics, and no hackers, rubs eyes. Seriously who put this bowl of onions here!…

      • I know dude I’ve been feeling nostalgic all morning thinking about the good oul days during CoD 4.. To be able to play on current gen with no hacked lobbies, when CoD was simpler and imo at its best, is just too good to think about anything else!

  8. I definitely don’t WANT to fall for pre-order again this year (although I do like BO3) but if the bonus is CoD 4 I am all over it.

    Not to be a buzzkill though but what are the odds it’s not the full game? Nothing in the image implies it but releasing s full multiplayer and then giving people CoD 4 multiplayer seems counter productive. Could just be the campaign or something. I’d still want it, that campaign was sick, but that would kinda suck.

  9. If this is real, I hope the Modern Warfare remaster is one game which brings back the best of all the Modern Warfare series. MW1, MW2 and MW3 combined

  10. Are we seriously going to Trust a Snapchat shot as proof that this is all legit? I’m gonna wait til they drop some sort of trailer before I hop aboard the hype train.

  11. the selling point of the game is gonna be the remaster that’s so sad but great at the same time I’m not complaining at all I’m good on flying in space I’ll be playing in shipment and i can’t fucking wait please let his be true

  12. I just don’t understand how people don’t take a good quality (not trying to say this pic is bad). But also take a full pic of the full poster. Hell if i was there I’ll take like 20 pics just so that I won’t funk up.

  13. It’s 2016 and people still can’t take decent quality pictures. Anyways, really looking forward to this. All though I do think they’re remastering the whole “MW” series, I highly doubt it’ll include multiplayer. If it does, I don’t think anyone will be playing the IW multilayer, lol. Give us a trailer!

  14. DID they just listen to us and remastered the best COD of all time COD4… FUCK YEAH… but the question is how much will the legacy edition cost? just normal $60 or more?

  15. Gonna play devil’s advocate here and give people a more logical view of the situation:

    The remastered MW (MWR for short) will most likely not have MP. Why? Because we are having a new COD, Infinite Warfare (InW for short, and to not be confused with IW). Having two active MP games released in the same year is gonna split the player base heavily, when the one thing Activision wants is as much player on the new game as possible.

    Plus, microtransactions. This could go in different ways. MTs will most definitely be in InW. Will they be in MWR? If yes, the game would have to be redesigned heavily to make sure MTs work. And chances are, your favorite guns could end up being locked behind RNG wall again. Would you want that to happen? I doubt it. If no, then it makes very little sense, because then we’d have what people would call “the perfect COD MP game”, and this would drive players away from InW, which brings us back to the first point I made above.

    TL;DR: we most likely won’t get Modern Warfare MP remastered, just campaign.

    • i agree on what you said… but COD is all about MP they would be dumb if they didn’t actually include MP.. or atleast make the whole MW Campaign Series remastered

      • Which is why it’s more likely to be the campaign trilogy remastered. Have you read the comments around? People are already going “I’ll be playing MW remastered, fuck this new COD”. That can’t happen, not on Activision’s watch.

        • The last time they included a remasterd cod with a special edition (i assume thats what the legacy edition is) was mw2 with cod classic and that was sp and mp they could do it again with this one.

          • Except everybody and their momma were hyped about MW2. The WW2 CODs were cool and all, but they can’t hold a candle to MW2 at the time. So unless Infinite Warfare turns out to be the best COD of all time, I doubt it’s going to win players over MW Remastered.

          • They may or they may not but can you imagine the backlash they will get if it didnt have mp (not that it ever stopped acti). Im just curious if they will rework all the assets/code or use the orignal assets/code upscale them and make it work on x1/ps4. Hoping for the first but seeing how this is acti im afraid its the second option.

          • That just means another huge set of codes the devs have to work with, on top of the new game.

      • Yeah, but at least people are still playing on one game. Treyarch has proven that they can get around the DLC separation issue, at least on PC with Black Ops II. It’s certainly something that can be applied across all COD games on all platforms, but why Activision hasn’t given the OK for that is beyond me.

    • But you also have to think of purely how much sales will sky rocket if MWR is only available if you buy InW. Activision clearly doesn’t give a shit where the money comes from… so long as there’s a lot of money coming in. If MWR was only from buying the new Call of Duty that would boost sales easily by an incredibly stupid amount.

      And even then, there would still be a fairly large amount of people that would be playing InW (I will if it’s decent… at least to max level. AW is the only COD I haven’t hit max prestige in so I wanna keep that up)

      Whereas if they screwup a remastering and don’t include the older MP… that would do nothing but just throw away free money. Again, Activision doesn’t care about the number of players just so long as there’s craploads of revenue flowing in… and what better way to boost sales then cater to the veterans that have been begging for this for years? I can guarantee you a space COD isn’t it… but a remastered COD4? Well shit you’ve seen the amount of hype already over just a rumor…

      • A campaign is a full game in itself. Haven’t you heard about how COD has always praised itself for being a multi-game package? Especially Treyarch, who has a 3-game-in-1 package with Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies.

    • I hate it but I agree, I think it’s going to just be the CoD 4 campaign. Would be nice if it were at least the campaigns from MW2 and 3 as well but doubtful.

      As much As I would love CoD 4 MP back it makes no sense from a business perspective because it would split the people playing the game.

  16. COD 4 is honestly overrated. Over the years it has become the “cool” COD that everybody says they love just so they can fit in.

  17. Just want to point out that every single Call of Duty has the same font but with different breaking points in certain letters.. this Call of Duty font looks to be legit.. no other version of the font has a break in the U.. most of them have it in the Y.

  18. Here we are again getting excited for the new call of duty. All I see is it’ll be cool to play for a month or two, then Activision will come in and fuck it up. What happened with bo3, turned me a bit off of call of duty.

  19. Why do i have this naggin feeling that this mwr is nothing more then a quick port, doubt they will sink a lot of development time and money and build it from the ground up.

    • You are probably right. It’s just insurance for IW to sell. Funny that the selling point on a new game is a game that is, what, 8-9 years old?


    hopefully they do it like mcc but actually well done.

    i also hope they have fps/fov options and server browser.

  21. Shinobi said this is accurate. He also says it is MW1 remastered. So pretty much confirmed? (not of course 100% confirmed)

    • But just the campaign or the multiplayer too? If the Multiplayer too then that’s scary because it could be showing a lack of confidence in their 2016 title. And even if it doesn’t mean that potentially adding a CoD4 MP could split the player base up even more.

      • You can look at it the other way too though and say that they are clearly confident in their 2016 title by releasing such a classic alongside it as though they are confident that their new game is so good that people will play both. Just a thought!

        • That’s true and I actually agree with you. I guess what I meant is confidence in their product to sell and not in their product’s ability to delivery.

          The thing is I don’t think Activision is concerned about people playing CoD4 as much as they are concerned about people shelling out money to play it.

          Can someone confirm the currency that is being advertised because $109, no way I’ll be playing CoD4 Remastered at $109.

      • That’s pretty bullshit. They’re probably only doing that because they know if it’s gonna be future space shit people aren’t going to buy the game. If they throw in a remastered MW, that will make people want to buy it.

  22. I don’t see an exo suit on that character! That it’s set in the future says nothing, as long if it’s ‘boots on the ground’ I’m good with it!

      • Exactly! Gears of War’s also sets in the future, but uses ‘normal’ weapons and also doesn’t has advanced movements. Even in the Halo universe which is set in 2500+ the humans use normal weapons, and the ‘normal’ infantry soldier doesn’t have advanced movements etc…

        I don’t care if I have to shoot on planet Earth, Mars, or even Planet Namek… if it has ‘boots on the ground’, no laser bullshit, etc. I’m perfectly fine with it, and will (objectively) judge the game when it’s been revealed! And as far as I can see I’m hopeful!

        I do hope they finally use a new engine. But gameplay comes first! If gameplay is a 10 then I don’t care if the graphics are a 7…

      • Nobody knows. It could be anything. It could be related to Infinite Warfare or something else. Here I’m hoping to see a trailer as soon as possible.

        • Don’t you get tired of scrutinizing every little bit of detail someone posts on social media that’s possibly about Call of Duty? Get a grip kid – it’s just a clapped out franchise

  23. Im more excited for the Modern Warfare remaster. I really dont get uspet about the movement I just hate playing CoD where we’re using fucking Laser weapons instead of traditional bullets.

  24. Yet another reason to make CoD into a four year development cycle and 2 year season. IW could release Infinite Warfare this year w/optional Legacy Edition (CoD4 remastered) and a DLC 1 Season Pass. Next November (2017) release an expansion pack (maybe CoD:MW2 & MW3) along with a season 2 DLC Season Pass. Any Supply Drop items would last you two years.

    In 2018 3arc could release their new title (I think the Black Ops title is over at this point) with an option Legacy Edition that would include [email protected] as well as a Season One DLC Season Pass. In 2019 they would release an expansion pack (BO1 and BO2) along with a Season 2 DLC Season Pass…….

    Everyone gets what they want, we get more value in the supply drops, old remastered games and Activision gets more money.

    • It would end up a 6 year dev cycle, though, since theres 3 studios. So Ibfinity Ward would start working as soon as Infinite Warfare launches, so theres 2 years until Sledhammers game drops, 2 years till treyarchs game drops, and then another 2 years until ots tim for IW to drop their next game. And 6 years is just unecessary. Few games take that long, especially sequels.

  25. I keep praying that they remaster C.O.D The Finest Hour.
    Now that is a game changer. Let’s bring back the what started it all. M1 Grande, G43, MP40 and the Springfield.
    That would be epic.

  26. The modern warefare I would want remastered would be mw2 I mean that’s the best imo i mean the rangers are awesome

  27. That helmet looks more like a dive helmet to me than anything futuristic. I think I can even see rivets.

    Call of Duty: Plasmid Warfare

  28. Regardless of if it is just CoD 4 or all 3 Modern Warfare’s remastered, the real question is, is it just the single player campaign getting remastered, or is it coming with the Mulitplayer as well. For me, no Multiplayer = no point.

  29. Pretty pathetic that IW have such little confidence in their new game that they have to bundle a remaster just to sell it. The current IW team weren’t even the ones that made the old Modern Warfare so they’re just using someone elses product to sell their own trash. I bet the Legacy Edition will cost $100 and that’s without the season pass or other expenses…

    • What difference does it matter how much confidence they have? Us getting COD4 is what we want. The incompetence is our gain.

  30. You people are retarded. Just go ahead and assume it’s CoD 4 when it doesn’t even say COD4! It can be all 3 games just like the Master Chief Collection.

  31. The MW remaster is just going to be a port of the PC version of Call of Duty Online which is readily available in China and is a free to play game. Do people really think they’ll get a full blown remaster for free with IW’s new game? You lot will never learn and you’ll probably have to buy supply drops just to access weapons like COD Online’s microtransactions. Activision have played you for fools the fifth year running lmao!

  32. If it is the entire trilogy, then I have conflicting opinions on MW2, namely the “noob tube.” For legacy’s sake, I want them to leave it alone, but for improved game balance, I’d like for them to nerf it. Seriously, I play it on PC occasionally, and it is absurd how the kill feed is filled with the noob tube.

  33. I love how we all are hyped up for this remaster, whether it’s the trilogy or the first, but we automatically assume that multiplayer is going to be a thing. Remember, Infinite Warfare is the game that Infinity Ward plans on making money off of, the remaster is just the bait to lure you in. Don’t assume that Infinity Ward will actually manage to monitor servers for two games at a time, much less four. Call of Duty can barely keep up with one game, since it’ll probably be the greatest mass purchase of the year on a global scale. Be prepared for a campaign only release, with the chance of a LAN/couch multiplayer addition. Somebody, please prove me wrong. ;‘(

    • What? What? Why would they remove online multiplayer? I’m sure they have more than enough security and now knowledge of how to keep their servers secure, it’s not hard to monitor 2 games, I’m pretty sure MW3 or MW2 isn’t a mod fest on consoles yet is it? Or Even Black Ops. Of course PC is an issue but that’s why they have their own custom servers to mod.

      • I’d think so myself, but dedicated servers are only as dedicated as the people actually putting the effort to monitor servers. I doubt that Infinity Ward would want to risk a multiplayer team for Modern Warfare’s remake after the flop they pulled off with Ghosts. After a loss, do you continue with an even greater risk at play, or do you double and tighten minds alike to benefit the task at hand? Basically, wouldn’t you think that Infinity Ward would want to keep it’s team focused on the ‘perfection’ of their main game than divide itself between Infinite Warfare and a remake? I’d assume that Infinity Ward will attempt to make sure all corners, nooks, and crannies are double checked with Infinite Warfare.

  34. If this is real you may want to look at ‘Legacy Edition’ Meaning this isn’t the normal edition and therefore may mean it’s not bundled with normal copies, this also may mean it will be sold separately.

    • Yes, I’m pretty sure that this remaster only comes with the purchase of this ‘Legacy’ edition, which will probably cost anywhere from $80-$90 and above.

      • Indeed, also 1 thing that I just realised that makes this seem like it’s trying to hard to be real. “May contain Content Innapropriate For Children” Is that normal in America? That seems like the most obvious disclaimer ever. Also they’ve watermarked an image they stole from snapchat….

        • Right? As if we “Americans” need reminding that we show our children crap that war veterans or street sluts go through everyday.

          • I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not lol, and if you were trying to do that Call Of Duty is not exactly an accurate representation.

          • Sarcasm, jimbo, sarcasm. I’d shit on the person who says that CoD is the greatest representation of real war. Maybe it was ten years ago, but now that crapls on acid and steroids.

  35. Unable to be confirmed!? i praying to Cod jesus that its all 3 Modern Warfare Games remastered OMFG just imagine the 3 best COds hack free, next gen graphics, GB’s again

  36. Just be happy that they finally are working on a remastered tittle, specially with COD4!! Geez. Ya’ll Almost like activision with money but ya’ll actually begging for it! Lmaoo

  37. Watch MWR be halfassed… Lol, I was literally thinking earlier today that ∞ Warfare was just basically be another MW, except it would be similar in style and setting to Black Ops II… I thought. Saw someone say it’s be cool if it were to follow Edge of Tomorrow, that’d be badass! But no… We are getting… DOGFIGHTING… Guys… We got what we wanted… Thank god…

  38. I can’t wait till this is released and there’s more players on cod4 remastered lmfao then Space.

  39. How much do you think the “Legacy Edition” cost? In American and Canadian. I hope its cheap cause im not that rich…..

  40. Infinite Warfare will have boots on the ceiling, and MW1 remaster brought to you by the same company that ported Black Ops III to old gen.

  41. This would be the best thing ever if this came true. I would willingly pay $100+ if Call of Duty 4 only came with the special edition. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  42. i’m WAY MORE hyped for the MW remastered than the new game. It really say’s a lot about the current state of COD.

    I’ll be hoping to get MW somehow without purchasing the new game, that would be ideal

  43. If this is true, then I will buy IW at Best Buy w/ Gamers Club Unlocked, 20% off, download CoD 4 and then sell IW on ebay or to someone 😀

  44. If it is the whole trilogy remastered than it also hints at what Infinite Warfare will be.

    More than likely they are doing it the same way 343 did the Master Chief Collection where it is mainly just 1080p and 60fps graphical upgrades with better lighting but for all of the games. And then Infinite Warfare will probably be a part of the same timeline pretty much making it Modern Warfare 4 !!!

  45. I say make a CoD, with ALL previous maps, weapons, attachments, killstreaks, perks, camos and ultimate player customization, jetpacks have their own class lobbies, using the pick 10 system. No DLC, no supply drop BS.

  46. Yo, I hope the new CoD isn’t fu**ing in the near or distant future. I agree with you Deadpool, need boots on ground warfare…My fav CoD game was MW2 fa sho!

  47. I actually really liked Ghosts also, the lean, slide and vaulting mechanics were dope, maps were interactive i.e. destructable stuff like gates, use of elevators, switches/doors u can use, earthquakes in shit during matches. & map scorestreaks……Story was also intresting; a no nonsense CoD game that is precise!

  48. Has anyone noticed that the helmet he’s carrying looks almost exactly like the space helmets from the zombies map “moon”

  49. Couldn’t the remaster only be the campaign though? If they were to include multiplayer also then no one would play the new game. I guess we’ll just wait and find out.

  50. HAHAHA! I’m rendering a video about this right now. If you think for a fuckin second you’re going to get a REMASTERED COD 4, you obviously have no idea what was decided on when the lawsuit doc was closed. They can’t do it. Activision may have the rights to the name and the copyright, but they can’t make the fuckin game.

    Also…well. Just watch the video on my fuckin channel.

    You goddamn CODentologists are the biggest fuckin suckers I’ve ever seen in today’s consumer marketplace.

  51. who cares what it says. we r all gonna buy it. weer all gonna play it and weer all gonna have a moan at whats wrong with it. so shooooooosht

  52. I see a lot of people skeptical about the remastered MW game having mp and I understand all of the arguments but has anyone considered the possibility that this is Activisions way of testing the water to see how many people will play the old games online?

  53. Cod mw is cod 4 look at a cod 4 game cover it doesn’t say cod 4 we just call it that bc it’s the 4th cod ever made

  54. Call of duty4: Modern warfare is the title. When COD4 was released for the WI, it was COD4 but called Call of duty: Modern warfare. Can these gew generation of cod players stop calling it MW1 its starting really piss me off. COD4 IS COD4!