UPDATE: We Came As Romans band have also posted an image of the front side of the shirt, with the IW7 logo.

Original Post:

Boston Red Sox Pitcher, David Price, has teased Call of Duty 2016 with a new shirt. The logo on the shirt is the same as the logo that was just found in Nuk3town in Black Ops 3.

The shirt says “DO YOUR PART…ENLIST.”

There’s also a shirt of the chair to left and right of him, which could be the front side of the shirt.



  1. Hype game too strong, IW. GG
    For real, who else thinks that our minds will be blown away due to the lack of knowledge of the story, with only the knowledge of the setting?

    • yeah it actually is the 7th. There is CoD, CoD2, CoD4, MW2, MW3, Ghosts and now Infinite Warfare. I don’t think that’s what the t-shirt means but if it does good job mate for pointing it out.

        • You think I don’t know that the original team is long gone and that the new guys are just holding the name. It doesn’t matter that the guys from CoD to MW2 are working at Respawn right now. As a developer team and as a name they are Infinity Ward and so yes Infinity Ward made 7 CoDs no matter if it doesn’t have the same people.

          • The people who created the brand leaving tarnishes said brand, making it not the same studio as it once was. Respawn IS Infinity Ward.

        • Only half of IW left to form respawn, the other half stayed. Respawn only has half the credit for making cod1-mw2.

        • Win what? Their last 2 games were complete shit. MW3, Copy & Paste of MW2. Ghost, slowest CoD game ever made. I’m not giving in to this hype bullshit. You kids can have fun with Infinity Ward 2. I’ll stick to a decent CoD on next gen: Black Ops 3.

          • You haven’t even seen gameplay. lol, how can you base a game based on a picture & the past?

          • I never said anything about the game. I said I’m not falling for the hype that all the kids seem to be falling for. We all saw MW3 and thought it’d be great. Look at how that game turned out. We all saw Ghosts and thought it’d be great. Look at how that game turned out. Infinity Ward doesn’t have a good track record of making good games (Im talking about the NEW Infinity Ward, not the original team). Until they WOW me, I’m sticking to my judgment that this game will most likely disappoint us like they have in the past.

      • Opinions are like buttholes tho
        We all have one and they stink
        I think I’ll just stick with arma 3 if IW and bf5 dissappoint me

  2. Please. Nail. The. Gunplay. Personally speaking I haven’t enjoyed the gunplay since MW2/BO1. MW3 felt clunky mainly because they took out YY (personal taste), while the rest, well they just didn’t feel that great to me.