Activision has officially trademarked ‘Call of Duty Infinite Warfare’ and ‘Infinite Warfare,’ which basically confirms this year’s title will in fact be called Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

The trademarks were filed to the United States Patent and Trademark Office on April 26, 2016, and are officially considered Activision’s trademarks.

SOURCE: US Patent Office: 1, 2 via VideoGamer



  1. Hopefully reveal is soon. Today would be perfect for me so I don’t have to sleep yet another night without any knowledge.

  2. Official Reveal Trailer is May 3rd with Pre-Orders opening 1 hour after the Trailer.

    – This year there will be 2 editions, Standard Edition at £54.99 and Legacy Edition at £79.99.

      • Season Pass works different this year for Legacy Edition owner,

        – If you buy the Modern Warfare Re-Mastered separately on the PSN Store, You can buy the DLC for the Re-Master separately BUT if you own the Legacy Edition then buy the Infinite Warfare Season Pass (Not included in any Edition) then you get the Modern Warfare Re-Mastered DLC with the Season Pass if you own the Legacy.

        • So in other words if I buy Legacy Edition I have Call of Duty 4 remake and Infinite Warfare without season pass?

          So if I buy season pass worth 50 £ separately from Playstation Store it would cost me 130£?

          ^ Assuming that you really are a worker in some store.

          • We have the official notes and pricing from Activision in our Data Base and details included for customers who are curious in what they are paying for or some questions about it.

            Legacy Edition Season Pass owners exclusively get Modern Warfare Re-Mastered DLC with the Season Pass which is available at Launch in the S.P.

            For those who individually purchase Modern Warfare Re-Mastered from the PSN/XBL Store then they must pay for MW DLC separate from the S.P.

          • So if I get Infinite Warfare season pass I get MW remastered DLC along with IW season pass, correct?

          • No Details yet sorry, If you add me on my Twitter – xsilentcommando I can talk about much more info and what I`ll be doing this year regarding IW.

      • From our store pricing from Activision from GAME in the U.K (I`m a worker) the Standard Edition retails for £54.99 and £79.99 for the Legacy Edition.

        • If thats the case im 100% done with activision then, they can go fuck themselves. Why should we have to pay more just because we use a different currency. Canada would be getting it for £60 and us for £80, ($110, $147).

          • GAME Prices can vary based on popular demand and countdown to Launch. Previous Call of Duty installments have kept close to the same price or sometimes kept the same price in this case when you mentioned an estimate of £42.99, Advanced Warfare`s Standard Edition dropped to that pricing due to less demand and to try get more interest at a cheaper price. I work in GAME, In Glasgow.

          • I don’t know about you but we have this thing called value-added tax which makes things a little bit more expensive.

      • Black Ops 3 is still £54.99 and the Deluxe is still £79.99 on the PS Store right now, so I wouldn’t put it past them.

        • Ps store is overpriced and doesn’t go down in price so id exclude that from any pricing comparisons. £55 release day from ps store, but £35 release day from sainsburys

    • 1 Canadian Dollar equals
      0.80 US Dollar
      55 British Pound equals
      80.36 US Dollar
      79.99 British Pound equals
      116.87 US Dollar

      LULZ that price

      Better hope its worth your precious MW remake.

  3. I feel sorry for Infinity Ward. First people hate Ghosts and now they already hating Infinite Warfare even though no game play hasn’t been released yet. There can never be a COD game that everyone will like.

    • And they always seem to go head-to-head with the next Battlefield game too. And get shit on by that community too.

      • They literally get the worst times for their CoD… always releasing around the same time as Battlefield…

    • Why is that? Because only almighty Treyarch can be successful. BO2 could still be considered bad if IW would have developed it.

      IW could still give us boots on ground movement. There IS NOT exo suit or any other worrying stuff. The guy on cover just holds space helmet which could mean normal movement BUT in space environment.

      • Normal is a subjective term one person’s normal isn’t the normal to the other and people don’t get that.

        • But here’s the point your acting like a cod-fucking retard over a game that is its downfall. Btw your not normal your just a fucking idiot

    • I’ll just say that I don’t hate it and I don’t think anyone actually hates it, they just hate the idea of boost jumping

        • Sigh i had to make a comment cause i see a circle jerk here telling Abyss to leave ? Cause this isnt halo or destiny? Lol , it was you all that complained COD needed change, when games like Titanfall , Destiny came out and Battlefields engine, destructible enviorments all that crap came out , you all complained about cod needed to change to stay relevant with these new shooters, now they do it and make it fresh every year whether boost jumping or not, it remains cod, fast paced action shooter, you arent cod fans, the same bunch of you praised Ops 3 and AW for the movement even before the game released, you hyped that up when the 1st trailer came and now you bash it again another year cause IW is doing it? Ops 3 has thrust jumping yet plays like a cod should, AW played like a cod should with more added to make it even more fun and you still bitch about it? You are not fans, saying you will play cod4 instead of IW makes me lol aswell, dont tell him to leave cause his views are different than yours, his points made sense, but again the circle jerk chimmed in and tried making points about their own points and i failed to find any logic or anything that made sense in it. This community is very childish, toxic , and bipolar , the real fans would love to enjoy the new game, so stop fkin up the community for people that do enjoy it, the community will not listen tho, this is the cod community, youd think each year that passes most of you would mature, we all have dreams

          • LMAO you fucking weeb. We know that you’re abyss purely because you keep mentioning circle jerk. Stop gassing it up when you’re too scared to use an account and post the comment with a guest account.

          • Im actually a guest my friend, I have seen comments about peoples paranoia about certain users using guest accounts, that isnt the case with me, im a normal person who views this site for news and reads tje comments to see what us gamers liked about said news, this is why I havent made a account cause as much as i love cod this community is so bad hence the comment you made thinking im Abyss lol. Random fan making a comment, and as i said before look how easy this circle jerk chimmed in to defend, and if this was said before then lol i see someone else agrees cause thats what i see.

          • Discussing with this dude is like talking to a brick wall full with painted anime in a fantasy world…the only thing is that we come thru like a sledgehammer, knock that shit down cause we the only ones getting our point across.

          • Cry me a river. Your post is a giant wall of text with no substantial information and a bunch of whining. Also, knock it off with all the generalizations.

          • That isnt whining , its stating fact at what i see, but yea im done posting, ill be here reading everyones posts everyday though , to when you bash the game and then love it and say IW did better than Ops 3 , the same rinse and repeat comments you guys normally do.

          • Again with the generalizations. Knock it off with your “holier than thou” knowledge. Infinity Ward can’t hold a candle to Treyarch’s games. You’ll never see me say IW did better. Every person has a different opinion. You just choose to form your own biased opinions and act like everyone thinks the same.

          • Where did I tell him to leave? Also you need to calm down. I read that like it was your tenth coffee of the day. Chill dude.

      • Again only unpredictable if you don’t actually use your brain as there are still only a finite number of things you can do in the game.

        • I never said it’s unpredictable to me, to most other players it is that’s the most #1 thing I hear that it just sets off for randomness in gunfights

          • What about ground combat is so appealing? When it’s been done in every FPS that came out before halo and most of the one’s after it should get boring and repetitive quick.

          • Yet CS:GO is still one of the biggest games currently, despite everyone playing on Dust II and Mirage 24/7. Just because it’s been done before doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done again.

          • And CS:GO players are the bitchiest group of people second only to the COD community when anything changes.

          • That’s not the point he’s making. CS:GO is one of the most popular FPS games and it’s “boots on the ground” warfare…

          • It’s not the boots on ground that makes it good it’s that fact that it rewards accuracy and knowing spray patterns this is coming from my LEM friend.

          • Just get outta here dude your embarrassing cod. You know there’s a game called halo and destiny if you like that kind of stuff. Cod isn’t another halo

          • And this is where is starts I don’t fall in line with your train of thought and I’m ousted as someone not worth listening to which is why I like to say this like is full of people who are insecure about themselves.

          • I’m not insecure I just refuse to argue with your point which doesn’t make sense because bo3 has that fluidity and acuaracy better than advanced warfare and everyone still prefers boots on the ground

          • My points make sense you just turn your brain off because they counter your own and you are in denial.

          • I’v played both got boring like every other game I’v played that came before it. And COD is what ever the devs Activision and the majority want and guess what that’s been future warfare whether you want to admit it or not.

          • Thank you for missing my point. Whether you like it or not, there is a demand for more modern/past boots-on-ground shooters again. Either way, you can play Infinite Warfare while I can play COD4 Remastered so we’re both happy.

          • Again it’s not the boots on ground people like it’s the accuracy and spray pattern recognition people like.

          • “Again it’s not the boots on ground people like it’s the accuracy and spray pattern recognition people like.”

            So people will like CS:GO more if everyone is flying around?


          • Just stop replying to him I figured he’s probably under 18 and doesn’t understand logic yet. Hes probably still in the non fiction mindset stage filled with ponys and unicorns being shot in space (a child’s imagination)

          • So instead of trying to continuing to make me see your point you make your own argument null and void.

          • So then add jetpacks? Jetpacks weren’t ever appealing. At least BO3 doesn’t have terrible verticality and you could actually choose to stay boots on the ground (sliding does count as boosting, even if it uses up the meter). AW’s movement wasn’t very appealing.

          • Because ground combat is real. It shouldn’t matter if it’s the same movement. I’m not going to argue with you, if you want to fly and a non realistic fps go play halo or destiny cod is supposed to mimic real combat. Sliding/ diving/leaning and swimming are all real life combat tactics. Boost jumping won’t be possible anytime soon

          •’s a game so wanting realism is a lost cause already
            2.It’s a game it’s supposed to take you out of the real world not keep you in it .
            3 COD is a arcade shooter and is not realistic in the least
            4. The game is set in the 2050’s which isn’t soon so what the hell is the deal here.

          • Yo guys is this abyss a kid a phaggot on CI because I’ve never seen this creature before. Now abyss you can GTFO plz because you’re really embarrassing yourself and I’m also guessing that you’re one of those bunny hopping AW bum licks but what i really want to say is that no one here really wanted a advanced movement however BO3 made it balanced and overall we would just like boots on ground to be back not CoD turning into Halo or Crysis because if we wanted to play a game with advanced movement then we would play those games but not on Cod so plez gut owt f ere r drenk da BLEACH. peace

          • Thats the weeaboo sound the alarm weebo weebo weebo weebo weebo weebo weebo weebo weebo weebo weebo

          • It’s what cod used to be. It’s what we all grew up with. We’ve been given the opportunity to try new movement mechanics, but we as a community enjoy boots on the ground more. It makes the game more simplified with less to worry about. As a player you are more focused on killing a person with our guns as we don’t have to worry about flying monkeys all over the place. Having no fancy movement mechanics makes the game more focused on one-to-one combat. This seems to be why everyone (including me) likes boots on the ground.

          • Why don’t u stop playin cod and start playin destiny since u clearly don’t know Wat COD was I feel sorry for u missed out on tha best game

    • Honestly Infinite Warfare will be amazing. Something completely different and never seen before which will be awesome. And cod 4 included is even better. Infinity Ward knows what there doing

    • The most loved COD games are COD 4 and COD: MW2, but IW are jumping on the futuristic bandwagon, which is a path that the majority of the COD players don’t want.

      • I’v said this before it’s not the majority is the minority that are very vocal making it seem like it’s alot more than it is and key word “loved” past tense which means it shouldn’t get in the way of anything in the present or the future.

    • That’s just the internet being the internet man. Remember when all the youtube comments were FILLED with stuff like “ugh, call of duty is always the same thing every year!”? People are just gonna find something new to complain about every time, whether it’s a genuine complaint, or hogwash.

    • “There can never be a COD game that everyone will like.”

      Looks at CoD4 on shelf. Oh look, a CoD game everyone liked!

      • Nope… Sure, it’s loved, but people did dislike it including myself… It had flaws… a ton of em.

    • i’ll like it . ive liked every cod game apart from ghosts. game sucked.played a full prestige on that game ( through gritted teeth) then decided couldnt go any further. but apart from that enjoyed them .really anjoyed AW and currently enjoyin BO3.i enjoy the non boots on ground approach to the game. makes it more fun.( my opinion) jet packs … running on walls. love it
      specialists. love it ..only way it could be better is dont ask for headshots with a damn shotgun….torture.

      • This is the same development team that made Ghosts, just short of Mark Rubin, so there’s still some faith left, but he was a CoD4 OG, so good luck.

    • its funny cause ghost wasnt futuristic it was modern and people hated it to hate it i find it wasnt good but it wasnt bad and as for cod iw people are fucking still stupid and know nothing about this game thats why they are hating the fact you got to pay 100$ to play cod 4

    • Perfect example of the cod community, bitching already before the game comes out. How be fully grateful they did a remastered when they didn’t have to.

      • Because they took out half the maps already. He said he get’s it that we would be paying only $30 for the remaster, but considering it’s not a whole new game and they are just remastering it that they are ripping us off and they are taking maps from the game and re releasing them as DLC.

        • Dumbass, there was 16 maps on disc so no its not half and there’s no fact that they’re gonna release the others as dlc. Be glad they’re even doing a remastered for $30 and not charging $60.

          • If you include the Variety Map Pack, it’s 20 maps which means half of them will be on disc. 21 maps if we’re talking COD4 on PC.

          • That’s what I’m saying the other 4 were dlc, the point I’m saying is yeah they took out 6 maps, but big deal I can live with that, least I’ll be playing cod 4 again and for half the cost of a full game.

          • Trust me I get where you’re coming from, I’m just saying for $30 for a remastered and giving us online multiplayer along with a new cod is a win-win situation for me, I’ll get to play the new cod and when I want to play cod4 I can just hop right on it. Now, if they release the other 10 maps as dlc then yeah that will be fucked up.

          • Again like I said, I am still happy we’re getting Multiplayer & Campaign for MWR 🙂

          • The Last of Us remastered was 50$ first it was 60$ for pre-orders but they got 10$ refund

          • Would you rather pay $50 or $60 like what they did to last gen for bo3? They could have easily done that, but for $30 giving me campaign and multiplayer, I’d rather that than not having nothing at all.

      • Do you love getting ripped off though? I don’t and neither do others, but I’m just glad we get Multiplayer & Campaign remastered 🙂

        • As Birdman said, he would be fine if they released the old DLC maps and new DLC. But they are taking out maps that are supposed to be in the game and making us pay for it. I guess Drank Bleach loves taking Activision dick.

        • For $30 getting campaign and multiplayer is not getting ripped off. Getting ripped off is what they did with bo3 for last gen and paying $50 for it.

    • I hope they bring us more killstreaks. No chaotic killstreaks but some variety please. UAV, airstrike and chopper gets old fast (although it made Call of Duty 4 more gun based killstreak).

  4. Maybe the whole thing is a huge troll by IW and Activision and all we are getting is the MW remake. If I had to listen to all the bitching we did about Ghosts, I would troll the sh*t outta the community. I love cod, and will buy the next game regardless but even I think this future stuff is getting outta hand. Oh well.

  5. Do you guys even think ∞W will feature any sort of “new” movement that will make the bandwagon players butthurt? I mean with there being MWR, it makes believe it’s to satisfy that itch for Classic…

    • I hope it does maybe they’ll go to other games and let a series progress for once instead of dragging it down with an old mindset.

          • So what’s the problem here everyone in the game had access to the EXO and it’s movements and people bitch about it being “too fast” when they can be just as fast I don’t see a problem.

          • Because A) it’s not fun for a lot of us old school CoD players that like playing it tactically and B) if a game’s pace is too fast, this causes chaotic spawns, hitboxes having trouble catching up etc.

          • Then

            A. Get better
            B. Get used to the pace

            and I played this game on a Wildblue satellite connection with 700 ping so I don’t know your problem.

          • whenever you faggots get called out for ANYTHING you always go to the same bullshit “it’s just an arcade shooter stop taking it seriously xDDD”

          • He says its just an arcade shooter and takes no skill then says cos advanced warfare has boost jumps that its harder, requires more skill and that we’re shit at it lol.

          • What u keep failing to understand is,we can get used to it… It takes no skill to jump over someones head…

            The words getting used to and prefer have two different meanings ur struggling to understand that..

          • Lmao u still don’t get it.. People are used to it, they just PREFER walking instead of bouncing..

          • Why would you want to go slower in a game like this there is a reason everyone picks perks that speed you up all the time.

          • most useless perk in call of duty has been that one perk which gives you infinite sprinting lmfao

          • Made it so much better because I could keep running all the time instead of stopping to catch my breath every 10 feet.

          • And that’s what they added it to the base game because there was no point having it eh.

          • My point is that you have no idea what you’re talking about. You said COD was a point and shoot game and it takes no skill. That’s what COD 4 pretty much is, so why not go back to that instead of jumping around like rabbits on cocaine.

          • Funny how you contradicted yourself by saying the new CoDs are the “same shit” as Call of Duty 4, but before yet you acted like the new ones are new and innovative.

          • It is but it has enough new shit to be interesting instead of of same bland format every year.

          • “same bland format every year.”

            Call Of Duty was one of the biggest selling franchises of all time. And can you’re small brain understand why? Because that “bland format” was the WINNING format, the best and most fun one. But retards like you whose brain capacity is so small that it zones out from walking for 3 seconds so instead you want to jump around like a kangaroo on a pogo stick.

          • CoD sales as for april 2016 …

            so you tell me why B03 and AW sales are much lower than other CoD which were boots on the ground ?

          • Because people got bored of COD in general as there where better games to play COD isn’t the fucking messiah like you think it is.

          • Because people do not like/want a fcking CoD game with advanced movement even Ghosts has more sales than those 2 even though it’s the most hated CoD

          • BOY….. You went full retard! How the FUCK do you CoD got big enough to be a “recognized brand” without a FUCKING game style you damn parrot.

          • OMFG…. If I marketed a piece of shit it won’t sell well, even if it’s the best piece of shit in the world (pretty much AW & Bo3). If the game isn’t good, NO ONE is gonna buy it.

          • 30.7 million was the highest selling number for COD and that was for MW3 and about 25-27 million for AW so no it’s not nobody.

          • Because people *thought* that AW was gonna be a beast game. More than 70% of those people sold their copy and the other 29.99% stopped playing it.

          • 6 months into AW it was still going strong got lobbies in any game mode almost instant so yeah keep on trying.

          • Using them is super easy even a 4 year old kid can use them ..the hate is not toward futuristic it’s mostly toward this advanced movement types which the majority of people don’t like it even though many people do want a WW2 or WW1 era game

          • I think it adds more depth to the game besides

            1. Camp
            2. Everyone is on the ground like every other shooter from the past 2 decades.

          • COD never had depth it was point and shoot still is but now you have to actually think about more than what is in front of you.

          • No u can just jump straight over people’s heads it takes so much away from what CoD used to be.. I know cod was never the most skilled of games but jumping over people has just took that bit away… I enjoy bo3 but it could of been so much better without the movment..

          • As I said that person should be prepared for it all it takes is some thought and key words “used to be” as in not now and these thoughts of yesteryear should not bleed into the present or the future.

          • Prepared for what? I said it takes away from the game not that I couldn’t shoot the guy jumping over heads…

          • I hate it when I surprise an enemy in Black Ops 3 and then he decides to panic fly over me and then shoots me…

      • you’re one of those losers who say you want ‘progress’ for everything. what you really want is the destruction of everything tradtional and normal

      • They very may well be fan-made, but this seems to be legit to me. Would have been weird if a man made this account and started posting this cryptic stuff in August. I guess we have to wait and see.

        • If it were something legit, Infinity Ward or Activision would’ve been their first follower. It’s been months and neither company have done so. I’m sticking with fan-made. Also the CharlieINTEL Twitter stated it as fan-made too. Does it look real? Yes it does, but I feel it’s a brilliant fake.

        • In addition, they have the same logo that seems to have popped up only in the last day or two. Add other similarities, the accounts they follow and a picture with a barely-visible Call of Duty watermark and it seems legit to me.

  6. Notice how all the people in the comments that are saying AW and Bo3 are better than the old CODs are all upvoting each other and all have anime as their picture. Hmm? Maybe Devin/Abyss got his squad to come roast us. Whatever their trying to prove it ain’t doing shit for them lol.

  7. Ass that’s not tha reason people who like this crap are people who neva really experienced tha greatness call of duty was tha best thing I Eva touched back then it was ment to b a WAR like game with chaos limbs flying blood buildings collapsing .. N now it’s a fake ass full on sci fi with jumping even if it was boots on tha ground it will still b wack cause it’s not call of duty point blank

    • You know, things are prone to change and involve. I do welcome changes and see what devs want us to experience every year with COD. But I find myself not getting the same excitement when I play this futuristic games as I do with WW2 or Modern War related games. I noticed that all 3 studios exchange and reuse ideas within each other and I think they should stick with what they originally came up with. That way we get different themes eras COD every year from each studio (not gonna happen) Another thing is that games like AW and BO3 do exceptionally well on sales and pre-orders that Activision will continue uphold some creative restrictions on the brand because of sales. The cod community, we a rare breed cause no matter what the devs come up with, all of us will never be pleased with the new content, point blank.

  8. And please all this space shit with jumping fall off to a different title call that shit space wars.. And have someone one studio develop a CALL OF DUTy .. Only tha bums who bought a scuff controller want a full sci fi bunny hopping game

      • I’m a fuckin beast at every COD I have a scuff I destroy on bo3 and I did on aw I was number 8 in Dom .. But it still isn’t COD call of duty.. I feel sorry that u missed out on want call of duty is

    • U don’t have to play it. Play Ghost if u love boots on the ground so much. U see what happened to that game because of the same babies who cried about wanting boots on the ground didn’t even support that game. It was basically MW4.

      • Ghost was shit tha last best COD was mw3 that shit was nowhere close to bein a mw4.. It ain’t about boots on tha ground it’s about a “MoDern war like game” chaos buildings falling kill streaks rapein limbs flyin soldiers screamin blood flying a real war like game is what call of duty is.. U stick to your sci fi space wars and I’ll stick to COD 4 and the remastered after ??

  9. Anyway there are some people saying there will be 4 game modes in infinite warfare and one of them is space zombies …hope it’s just extinction cause it was fun ( for me at least ) zombies is a treyarch thing remember what happened when sledgehammer games tried to make zombies ???

  10. 9 cods were made boots on the ground before AW launched! 9!! AW and blops 3 were the first 2 cods to change up the movement because the setting warranted something new because it was future! I honestly believe that cod needed something new and fresh and Aw and Blops 3 delivered just that. With 3 studios working on cod now I do believe that at least 1 of those studios will release boots on the ground while the others continue to distance themselves from the classic cod formula. It’s needed and it’s essential in order to keep cod fresh. No other shooter has yearly releases so you can’t expect them to please the entire cod community. The community has evolved along with the games. This same community complained every year that cod was just a re-skin every year and demanded change. So the developers listened and tried to deliver something fresh. From my experience playing every cod ever released is that the cod community is divided on what exactly they want. 2 games are not boots on the ground and everyone cries. They continue with boots on the ground and everyone cries that the game is the same every year. There’s no pleasing this community. You gotta give them credit for giving us a new game yearly unlike other franchises like halo or gears or cs or whoever that takes years in between releases.

  11. who cares boots on ground or higher……….. we are all gonna buy the game. and it will only take 1 person to throw a strop and complain and you will all jump on the band .sure complain if the game glitches but dont complain if the game styles not to your liking. get over it .go buy battlefield <<<<hahahahahahahahahah

    • A majority of that “boots on the ground” circlejerk are newcomers who’ve only come around since Ghosts or AW. No wonder they scream for no exos since they barely even know what a ground-only CoD plays like.

  12. Praying for a good campaign this, praying for a good campaign that. No, no, no. No amount of hints or news could possibly tell you there’s a good story. Like Ghosts, they picked up Stephen Gaghan (wrote the amazing screenplay for Traffic) for the story. Was expecting a well-written story for Ghosts. But no. He half-assed it. In all the interviews it sounded liked he didn’t give a shit about the games industry or respect games as a story-telling medium. He was saying all kinds of basic shit like, “Oh, we decided that the protagonist shouldn’t talk to keep that immersion.” THAT’S FIRST-PERSON SHOOTER 101! EVERYONE KNOWS THAT! Trying to make it sound like he gives a single fuck but clearly the result proved otherwise.

  13. It’s funny cause probably over 90% of this chat has probably played the last few CoDs and they have no reason to dislike the new one.

    • Think of it as an updated version of a game. Take Cod4 for example. They are taking that game and remaking it so the graphics and framerate will be better and more up to today’s standards. If you want to see a remaster comparison, just look up the Halo Master Chief Collection Halo 2 before and after.