UPDATE: Another poster (that is very similar as the first one spotted) has been found in the other house on Nuk3town, but it has something extra in the bottom right corner:

New teasers has been added into the outside of one of the house, and in the Courtyard on Nuk3town. The poster in the Courtyard also has an audio file that will start playing at some point during the game.


In addition, the Courtyard poster has an audio file linked which will randomly start playing.



    • I wouldn’t get to hyped about the graphics, it’s either going to be on parr with A.W best case scenario, and worst case it graphics looking like bo3.. I wouldn’t expect anything better..

          • TBF though Scottie, we are kinda getting close to the ceiling already on current gen. Sure there’s still room, but devs are kinda handcuffed ATM.

            Unfortunately we’re not gonna really get that “Wow factor!” jump until we get 4K support on consoles, and when 4K TVs become affordable to mainstream…

          • Uh, there’s $500 4K TVs available right now so half of the criteria is already met.

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            It’s only the start. Looking forward to the future.

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          • BO3’s graphics are the best so far. MP has some of the best MP graphics I’ve ever seen.

          • Black ops 3 looks best graphically due to the bright colours and lighting, if you look closely at textures and models it isn’t great. AW made up for what it lacked in colours by having fantastic models and textures so technically that is the best graphically.

          • Lol what!? BO3 graphics were horrible! Even mw2 looked better and that’s like a 6 year old game!

          • No, are you blind? No one’s saying AW looks bad, BO3 just looks similar if not better.

        • What’s the point of making the sexiest looking game ever if consoles can’t run it? I’m already impressed by what CoD puts out graphically. There’s plenty of other AAA titles running at only 30 fps with the same, if not worse graphics. But CoD pulls off these graphics + 60 fps. That’s some quality optimization.

  1. Nothing amazing. Typical good guy team that you are gonna be working for with probably the commanding officer as the guy in this teaser.Although I am willing to give IW another chance.

      • well, the alien ”colonisation” has begun and all the non-alien Dna humans are slowly getting killed by antrax from polio vaccines. Mulder is intoxicated and Scully needs stem cells from their lost son to create a vaccine to cure the whole world, a ufo arrives above them, a light shines on them… Yes, i’ve seen it… they better make a season 11

  2. I was about to ask if anyone else has been hearing this weird dialogue in the background of Nuk3town. Thought I was going crazy for a moment.

  3. Ghost 2? ;_; since they abandoned it obviously I hope they at least make a comic out of the story or something or an animated film or something

    • too bad the Ghosts campaign was complete Fucking garbage with terrible characters and with a shitty american patriotic story that was so over the top that made no fucking sense, how the hell did Rorke survive getting shot with a revolver, then getting submerged underwater for over 5 minutes?

  4. Just can’t wait anymore super hyped for trailer release….. Who all think he’s gonna be the bad guy in some way??