The official Call of Duty website has just been updated with a new audio file for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

The video is called KNOW YOUR ENEMY:

In addition to this, Call of Duty is live streaming the teaser on Twitch, with a SDFBot posting in the chat. SDF appears to stand for Settlement Defense Front.

The SDFBot posted these quotes:

  • “We are the Settlement Defense Front. You answer to us.”
  • “Our blood boils, and so too shall your oceans.”
  • “Our destruction will be final. You will watch as the walls around you crumble.”
  • “You will know loss, and you will be left with nothing. We are in power now.”
  • “We are your enemy. We are the Settlement Defense Front.”
  • “What can you do to prevent what’s coming? Nothing.”
  • “Your future is obsolete. We will pour destruction like molten lava.”
  • “Your bones will shake. Your monuments will fall. Your world will be left in ruins.”

The official Call of Duty Instagram also just posted the images and have made a new reference to the UNSA and SATO. On Instagram, they posted nine different images that formed a skull.

SOURCE: Call of Duty



  1. Can you guys imagine if Infinite Warfare is actually going to be better than COD4 Remaster? Dont doubt them just because of Ghosts.

    • I honestly feel like it. Cause no way in hell the remaster is gonna be as good as the original game. They’re gonna go in and tweak gameplay as well probably. No way they’re gonna have all these people playing a remaster when a brand new game is out.

  2. Well… that was cryptic.

    But why including the Nuk3town easter egg in there? Are they trying to imply a shared universe with Black Ops III or something? I sure hope not.

    • Same here. Same universe? No thanks. Keep it as it’s own.

      Also I didn’t know IW is this cryptic… surprising.

          • I don’t want more mindf*ckery. I want my Michael Bay linear story and it is automatically better than BO3.

          • What if they work with each other for the story part ? We might get a great story that way …..

            This is not a video game but look at Marvel cinematic universe…they have made a great story from the first iron man movie so far …they say the story ends with Avengers infinity war part 2 in 2019 🙁

        • I’d like the devs to build their own story, rather than having to rely on other games within the same franchise. If Infinity Ward wants to build a universe that’s rich and full of lore and all that, then that’s fine by me. But don’t even think about piggybacking on Treyarch’s Black Ops universe, because they can’t handle the richness of that territory.

          • I don’t know somehow I get Elysium feeling from these pictures, audio files and rumored space theme (pretty much confimed now).

          • Were talking about CoD story, its doesnt need a rich in depth lore, its not Fallout or Mass Effect. Combining ideas, themes and story Is not piggybacking.

            The vast majority of people who play CoD only really care about the MP. They’ll play the story once for some achievements and never go back.
            For those that care about the story, having a shared story universe could keep the flow of the games more consistant with eachother.

    • Im saying infinite warfare is not going to be futuristic its going to be all of the call of dutys from all the different universes or it could be like cod online

      • Which is something I’m not comfortable with. I don’t want IW to start picking up characters from Black Ops or Advanced Warfare and fuck them up due to lack of understanding of the characters. It’s OK if they do a little nod like having mentions of “A. Mason” and “F. Woods”, but don’t actually use the same characters.

        • If Infinity ward handles the campaign with some help of Treyarch and SlegdeHammer

          Treyarch will do the campaign and Sledge will do the modes (Survival,Space battle ,…)

          Than this will be the best COD

    • Him and his organization just made an example out of Nuk3town by blowing it up! Just to show what they are capable of, “make no mistake”

      That’s what I got from it.

      • That actually makes some sense, but if that was the idea hopefully it’s just a placeholder/example with no other options to turn to and not actually a connection to BO3.

        • It’s Activision marketing at it’s finest. There will be no relationship with BO3 and discussing about it is only pedaling fiction.

    • Same here, definitely do not want that. Hopefull it’s just that they had to tease in Black Ops 3 rather than Ghosts cause unlike BO2, where BO3 was teased, not many are on Ghosts to go and see it. But the fact they actually put the end scene with the ship and NUK3TOWN OFFLINE has me a bit worried, hopefully it’s just a weird decision.

    • IW/Activision know where most of BO3 players are. They put the teaser in Nuk3town because it’s an easy way to advertise the next game since Nuk3town has its own playlist this weekend. It’s like the CoD Ghosts skins and calling card in BO2.

  3. Anyone else a bit confused why all the Nuk3town stuff is in the video? I’d understand it if this would play at the end of a match on Nuk3town, but why does it in the video? Personally I’d expect them to cut that out for the YouTube video.

          • A theory but the sdf could be settelers from an other planet that found some alien WMD and now have some beef with earths goverment and now come to invade and use said WMD ( could be the diagram on the screen in the back)

          • ah don’t like it to much. It feels like pages were ripped from the Battlefield 3 campaign. But hey we will see could be an invasion and a counter-attack but that would also feel to much like Ghosts VS The Federation

  4. This is basically a confirmation of a futuristic space based CoD. I think this’ll be some dark shit. (good shit). Settlement Defence (Fract). Settlements on other planets. Probably uprisings on various planets. Some star wars senate thinginmybob. I’m really excited. Would love to see some other peoples look into what they could do with the various settlements.

  5. Lol Clash between The heroes of Call of Duty it will be epic Captain price ,Saop ,ghost will be coming back from time traveling

  6. Ummmmmm OK, so it might have a decent campaign.

    Hopefully the MP is good, otherwise it’s gonna be BO3 and COD4 for me for at least another year… 🙂

    • IW knows how to do campaign despite the setting. Trust me. We might get our linear Michael Bay story which I prefer over co-op shooting galleries.

      • Mmmmmm Agree and Disagree.

        MW campaigns, I agree.

        Ghosts, meh IMO not as much, just couldn’t get into the new characters I guess…

        • MW campaigns are the best out there. Hands down. Army Rangers, Task Force, Delta Force… loved all of those missions which included one or multiple factions listed in this comment.

          • The American sequences were pretty boring in comparison to the British/Russian ones, where it’s more up-close and personal. There’s more story, there. CoD4’s Griggs helping the SAS was pretty cool.

      • Uhm, no. I don’t want another linear Michael Bay experience. COD has been looked down as having cheap campaigns for so long, that not even the Black Ops series got to shine. We need deep, enriched story and expansive, non-linear gameplay. Not more of the pew-pew “do this and do that” stuff.

        • IMO I would love to have somewhat a linear story just ’cause I really enjoy the cinematic moments that COD brings to the gameplay. But that just me.

          • And you can still have those moments with non-linear gameplay. BO2 and 3 handled that pretty damn well if you ask me. Could’ve been better, but it’s a much better effort than what IW and SHG did with their last titles.

          • Nah, I will have to pass on those. It didn’t felt the same to me. BO2 give the ability to choose how your story played out. BO3 was cool but adding the Co-Op but the cinematic moments weren’t as unique to me personally because I had my 3 other friends in the campaign. There were times where my friends would be way ahead of me and the cinematic moment would play on his screen and I will be skipped to his location and get a loading screen. That is not cool. I much prefer to have somewhat a linear campaign, solo where I experience unique cinematic moments and not have any other interruptions.

          • Then the developers should get rid of cutscenes entirely and build its story via lore, by scattering items around the level, as well as having NPC’s available. That’s why FromSoft’s games are so good.

          • No, just no. That will never happen in a COD game. & great! let Fromsoft games continue to do so good with THEIR games, such as Dark Soul, which has nothing do to with COD.

          • CoD games never had cutscenes pre-AW. They had scenes pre-mission, and they took away from the gameplay in in-game scenes. I don’t want to play game with morons talking to each other, I’m playing a game, not a bad movie.

          • Ghosts had cut scenes? Also, I thought you typed that AW was the first to have them?

          • AW were the ones that had cutscenes in the style that they did; pre-rendered in-engine. Ghosts had pre-mission cutscenes, and the rest of the scenes were in-game.

          • I don’t remember Ghosts having any of those? Just the kind that MW1, 2 and 3 had.

          • You right never had cut scenes but now they do, it happens and most people demanded a new experience with COD. & Unlike you, I love cinematic moments in which some can be manipulated by the player. It gives the feeling of being merge into the game. That is what COD campaign is all about. Fyi everyone who plays COD is not a moron, cheer up dude.

          • Oh my fault, I wasn’t really giving it mind to catch what he actually meant. Thanks for pointing it out thoe lol

          • Cutscenes take away from the gameplay. It’s not a ‘new’ experience if it’s heavily outdated. Uncharted and Tomb Raider do it better.

          • I want a FromSoft-like CoD. No heavy emphasis on on-rails gameplay, just lore-building via items and NPC’s. Let the rest have RPG elements. My ultimate CoD experience.

          • The day CoD goes from flashy explosions to keep their fans awake to making fans dig for lore by reading item descriptions is the day…..that won’t ever come ever. I don’t think there’s any two other formulas that are more polar opposites than CoD vs. Soulsborne.

            But it sure is funny to think about.

          • Gaming is about the gameplay… I’m tired of games like CoD where gamers are okay with getting boring ass interactive movies and “set pieces” that take you out of the experience. Are you actually playing a game, at that point? At least BO3 has some lore in there. I personally just hope that more and more CoD games have more lore.

          • Scripted set pieces take away from the gameplay. It’s why I love Zelda; your main cutscene is scrolling, not on-rails sequences. Gaming is all about the gameplay. If I wanted a Michael Bay movie, I’d watch his shitty movies.

          • Okey, that’s your two cents. & great! Don’t buy nor play a COD game and continue to not enjoy Michael Bay movies.

          • I’m saying this for feedback as a CoD player since 2007, and as someone who can’t stand on-rails games.

        • This. We need a playable, fun experience. Linear Campaigns don’t have any longevity, nor replayability.

      • 3arch can make WAW, BO1 and BO2 campaigns but then they did BO3’s campaign and ehh….

        New IW can make MW3 but then they did Ghosts…

        IDK man we really can’t go by their past work anymore, they can either make good campaigns or really awful ones. We’ll just have to see when the game comes out.

      • Considering how I like to PLAY videogames instead of having an AI soldier hold my hand like i’m some sort of idiot, I’ll take the co-op shooting gallery, thank you very much

  7. As I’ve rewatched the video I’ve taken note of his choice of words. He says ”The whole world will be witness to this”, ”we will *** your skies and bury you in darkness”. This could possibly mean we’re still on earth. Hence The Whole World. Or just another ”main” planet that people will live on. Also, look at the schematics on the screen behind him. He says they will bury them in darkness. Sun destruction device? I love this teaser <33

  8. I guess this audio is in NT as well, also the guys face on the solar boards over Dom B.

    Chaos just made a video of it. Coincidence that we have a 24/7 NT weekend?… 😉

  9. I want to join him. Blowing up Nuk3town was just making an example of what his organization is capable of…it badass! >:)

  10. Just think what if COD2016 is a reboot of the whole franchise maybe we’ll see stuff like this nuk3town easter egg in other CODS. What im trying to say i guess is maybe they are wiping all other CODS from existance.someone go back nd look at other CODS to see if anything changed.

  11. Also from the sdfbot on twitch: “Our destruction will be final. You will watch as the walls around you crumble.”

  12. “Our blood boils, and so too shall your oceans.”
    Sounds like he’s talking to humans or aliens on another planet IMO.

  13. Is Infinite Warfare a continuation of Black Ops III, lmao, wtf. And why does this dude look like Deathshead?

  14. Most of ya’ll need to stop talking about what COD it’s worst over the other and so on, seriously. That’s shit is old news and out of context. You liked it? Good. You didn’t? Great, there’s more games in the market! Don’t come here and bitch about something that in the right mindset, nobody cares about.

  15. Why is nuk3town the focus in this viral marketing campaign is it connected with iw in some way? Preoder bonus map for iw maybe?

  16. RoboCop is here. 😛
    What a boring futuristic settings again. “Make no mistake. We will rip you from the history books. Every last trace of you gone.” Time travell confirmed hype 😀
    This is going to be a disaster.

      • If this robocop will go back to time and kill the black market guy or whoever invented supply drops, then this will be the best game ever 😀
        But we all know that this Murphy will be the new black market seller. Thats the connection with BO3 i found out. Epic shit. What an easter egg. And time travell. Hype is fucking real. Cant wait for this shit (…or no).

    • I was going to quit cod [Skipped (Ghosts),AW,Bo3] if it was going to be another futuristic bullshit shooter, but I’ve changed my mind. This might be good after all.

      • 13th CoD. Its the luckies number in earth. So it will be good, right?
        Dont think so, but hey. Even a blind goat can score sometime.
        If the new BF will be future settings also, and there will be TF2 then God its a bless Destiny 2 wont be out this year. Its already too much futuristic shit out there.

        Why every developer do the same shit every time the same time?

  17. Dont Know what you think guys but if this gama sucks i will go to Battlefield 5. I have bought every game of cod until now. But i AM tired of jetpacks and exequias.

  18. hahahahahahahaah im here for the new game . if u want the cod4 buy a 360 and play it there . xb1 – new games. u think im gonna go pay 50/60 quid for an old game……. nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mate.infinite warfare …. yes… cod 4 not even a chance unless its included in the season pass…….dont get you people. you play cod 4 on the 360. then go buy an xb1 because its better then complain you want the old game back. .lol wheres the sense???????thats like me buying batman the arkham knight then complaining i want mario 3 <?<< its stoooooooooopid

    • Except the multiplayer on CoD4 is hacked to shit on last-gen and unplayable.. so you make no sense whatsoever. That last part of your comment is even more ridiculous as they are two completely different games.

          • lol someone not get their ice cream after their burger at mcdonalds tonight?? bit .grow you forgot about cod4 until this stuff came up…… you just gotta have it. whereas if it wasnt even mentioned you wouldnt be here replying to my BS.

          • I was born grew up and grew down so there’s that, why call your own comments BS and proceed with them though I really am intrigued.

      • Or you know… play it on PC, where it’s playable and literally anything can run it.

  19. So anyone knows what happens when the pictures are connected to each other forming one big picture in Instagram? Reveal?

  20. The facial animations aren’t looking very natural there. Just like an action star with too much botox 10/10 realism.

  21. if the spaceship is in Nuketown in Bo3 —–> Bo3 multiplayer is actually a simulation——-> does that mean in the next CoD you’ll be able to simulate the future? I guess, LOL might make a video about this

  22. Best Youtube comment I’v ever seen.

    IW: NB kiid have Modern Warfare.

    Treyarch: NB lad have Blops 2.

    I will skip the Ghosts timeline for more than obvious reasons.

    Now, 2016.
    ActiVision:I’M SICK OF YOUR SHIT! YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERY SPEC OF DETAIL! (And so, ActiVision enabled the new supply drop perk, EarPlug PRO.)”

    • You really don’t stop do you. You got shutdown every time you tried to say something smart and you just keep going. You’re like a little kid who wants something and when he doesn’t get it, he starts throwing a tantrum and keeps trying to get it.

      • I never got shutdown it’s you guys who cut a hissy fit when I can narrow down why you feel the way you do and call you out on it as it’s very easy to psychoanalyze this community.

    • It’s just the current game. And where else would they get the attention on this that they need, BF4?…..see

        • Well they did with Black Ops 3, they put callofduty snapchat QR codes in Plaza and Express, and they removed the letters from some guns which might’ve said something, but I agree with you in the way that’s it’s really weird they put Nuketown *in the trailer*, which more standalone and not just a vehicle to spread hype for the game.

    • Marketing… Treyarch is loved and so is NUK3TOWN and it is a simulation map, so that’s the best way to market it, i guess?

  23. WOAH! Now i know most people hate the future concept but im kinda starting to like it u know. Like that teaser is awesome dude! So hate me if you want but the space concept could be kinda cool.

    • are you saying he could be a bad guy and there’s no doubt about it but he could also be a good guy maybe?

      So there is doubt?

      • Maybe but we have seen in the past that such people are always bad guys given the new audio file uploaded

  24. I photo shopped some of the images I found on Call of Duty’s Snapchat, don’t know who this guy is but my guess is that he’s interrupting the defenses signal to get his message in and his message will be the teaser of tomorrow, possibly the other side of the story…

  25. Call me a faggot and tell me to drink bleach like the cancer you are, but i’m more excited for Infinite Warfare… I have my reasons tho!

    • I am happy for several reasons that this year is Infinity Ward’s turn. But the biggest reason is that we get rid of infamous Treyarch’s lag.

      I am watching GIFs about lag in Black Ops 3 and it makes my blood boil.

  26. Does this guy’s chat remind anyone of North Korea? Hollow threats! just slap some deeper sanctions on their asses. Clearly they have already embargoed futuristic hair creams.

  27. I’m actually really excited for this game now even though I know I shouldn’t expect it to be good but maybe I have feeling is going to be awesome

  28. i can tell the graphics aren’t finished, but yeah. The face looks very plastic and his clothes….

  29. When they remaster CoD 4 MW they better not touch the sounds of the guns it would suck if they were like black ops 3 or advanced warfare all base and silenced sounding, and all guns sound alike , remind me allot of battlefield gun sounds ,

  30. What links this to Infinity Ward and the poster that was leaked? This seems more related to Treyarch than anything (or maybe not I never really played their games)

  31. I ordered a tub of G Fuel because their having a deal where it comes with a free FaZe cup, and like the retard I am I didn’t use a discount code for 10% off. 🙁