Three new official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered screenshots have been released.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Official Images:



    • You’re very vocal what do you think about zombies being in every cod. Don’t you think zombies should just be exclusive to treyarch? They are really talented with it and made it so popular

      • Well in my opinion they should have made Extinction 2.0 or special ops (space ops). But I am fine with Zombies too although it isn’t as unique anymore as it used to be.

        • But that’s the thing zombies should be unique like it used to be. What made zombies unique was waiting for it to come out now if every cod has it, it would just become old and repetative

      • Hmm.. I’m happy about it.. didn’t like extinction but I was kind of hoping that it would return just bigger and better none of them tiny aliens (would of made sense going to space)

        But saying that I really enjoy bo1 zombies and if a.w zombies wasnt locked behind dlc I would of enjoyed that also, I only got to play the first map..

        Be interesting to see what iw can do with zombies.. I understand why u hardcore zombie fans are pissed off, I get ur point but as for me as a casual zombie guy this is great news…

        What u think about the trailer?

        • But that’s the point you guys aren’t looking at it from a hardcore zombies fan point of view I was there when cod zombies first became popular and ever since I’ve been hooked to it. I like the map designs treyarch come up with for zombies. Treyarch makes the best zombies in my opinion and they are the founders of zombies it should belong to them

          • I won’t believe me I said that about Exo zombies then I tried it and was dissapointed its not even zombies anymore people are blind activision knows zombies is a seller and they are trying to put it in every cod it’s not even quality. Treyarch did zombies for fun and they made top quality. Exo zombies is like a bootleg version of zombies and so will infinity warfare zombies. Treyarch are the founders and now it’s just getting ripped off them

          • A.w zombies not on the same level as treyarch for sho.. But I mean u should at least give these guys a chance.. If u feel the same when u have played it then fair enough.. But these guys seem ambitious they might pull something off…

    • Dude it’s not gonna happen , atleast for now, BUT, if it does happen, the only way you’re going to see the other 6 is through DLC or free updates ( which is pretty hard).

  1. So about that second picture from Infinite Warfare… are they going to use cutscenes like in Advanced Warfare? I liked those movie-like cutscenes.

    • I really don’t get why they keep doing that… I mean they’re pre-rendered cutscenes anyway, but why not just use the game engine itself, to maintain consistency? Treyarch does it, and it works pretty damn well.

  2. In terms of the fifth picture of Infinite Warfare that has the close up of the Marine in armor. If you look at his neck it has a clearly identifiable but futuristic Eagle Globe and Anchor. And underneath that is the actual acronym of SATO. If you zoom in, it reads “Solar Associated Treaty Organization.”

  3. We gonna use the fucking CGI cutscenes from AW? They weren’t exactly a problem, but BO3 did it better imo