Infinity Ward has revealed on Twitter that  Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will not be coming to last-generation platforms (PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360).

This will be the first Call of Duty title that won’t be on last-gen since the original Call of Duty.



  1. RIP Last Gen.
    On the bright side you guys can have a remastered CoD 4. Just plug in a good HDMI.

    • They do, again, they hire another studio to port the game to ps3 and 360. Treyarch focused entirely on current gen, Beenox, did all the work of porting it to ps3 and 360.

    • No they didn’t. Treyarch said that “they” are only making the game for current gen and that wasn’t a lie. Another company made the game for last gen. Infinity ward closed that by just saying “No,it will not”

  2. OMG, EVERYONE ALERT THE PRESS!!! Sorry for the caps, but if anyone had an ounce of logic, they could see this coming. R.I.P. new CODs on the PS3 and 360, you will be missed

  3. Thank goodness COD isn’t on last gen anymore. It’s not so much the fact that it makes the new Castle all of Duty be less of game, (that’s what everyone claims, but I’m not so sure on that) it’s just that last gen needs to just be gone. Sure, we all probably saw this coming with the production of the 360 ending, but still. This is great. Current Gen has been out for 3 years, and it’s about time it felt like 3 years.

  4. Out of morbid curiosity i would be interested to see how it looked if they tried to make a last gen version seeing how BO3 turned out

    • Infinity Ward wouldn’t make it, they would of hired a low budget studio to do it, like BEENOX did for Black Ops 3.

    • It would depend on who they farmed it out to. Beenox sucks, but High Moon did a pretty decent job.

  5. This might be true considering the halt of the manufacturing of new Xbox 360’s. The last gen consoles have reached their end as far as I’m concerned.

  6. So they made this move this fast? Well luckily I have PS4. Lets see if this move boosts up the sales of PS4.

  7. awwwwww booooooo. here i was hoping it would be out for the sega mega drive…. GUTTED/guess ill play it on the XB1 instead then. was gonna buy a ps4 then i realised im not 5 yrs

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