During Infinity Ward’s studio stream, they shared a first image from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Zombies mode.

On the stream, Infinity Ward’s Project Director Brian Bright talked about the zombies mode and stated “its own completely different universe apart from Infinite Warfare” and will be separate from Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games’ zombies modes.

He followed up to state that there will be easter eggs and they are taking it “even one step further.”

More details to be announced at a later date.



      • the EE focus on BO3 zombies is what is dragging it down and well Origins and MOTD were the only good maps of BO2

          • Buried made sense and it was one of the most fun maps because it gave you a bunch of shit to do. If that’s “way too easy”, then I don’t care; “challenging” people with no real incentive isn’t fun. BO2/BO3 > BO1 Zombies for me.

          • Buried is this easiest map ever and they had to many glitches but I truly think this the best year ever for zombies the storylines also amazing

          • tranzit/die rise/nuketown = crap
            buried = meh
            MOTD/Orgins = great

            BO3 is not done yet and I’m only on DLC 1, but Blundells direction i disapprove of, maps shouldnt be too focused on EEs

          • Blundell made motd and origins and those are the best maps in bo2 without a doubt

          • that is correct, but i like variation in maps, and all his our the same, focused more on EEs than survival – which is the core of the mode

        • Well your going to hate IW zombies cause the guy said tons of EE and they’ll take it a step further

        • “the EE focus on BO3 zombies is what is dragging it down”

          And then you name the two EE-focused maps of BO2 as the only good maps. That’s pure logic right there.

      • Who’s brain dead idea was it to make the storyline an Easter egg in the first place?

        If they like Easter Eggs so much, then why don’t they just put actual easter eggs that you acquire when you complete each step, then spawn the fucking easter bunny to help you when you’re finished?

        As a matter of fact, since they treat all of their consumers like kids, then the next COD should feature rainbows, ponies, and toys. Is that good enough for the kids?

        • Yes they should of kept extinction because space and aliens go together not space and zombies but hey nobody here knows anything about logic and now zombies will become repetitive and boring. So overused

          • Director Brian Bright talked about the zombies mode and stated “its own completely different universe apart from Infinite Warfare. Read that carefully ok dumbass


      • Extinction there was nothing wrong with it and you would think SPACE = ALIENS right? I don’t understand “infinity ward’s” logic

        • Director Brian Bright talked about the zombies mode and stated “its own completely different universe apart from Infinite Warfare… Read carefully

          • Go suck his dick he couldn’t even talk without being afraid to say that their adding zombies because he knows they’re copying treyarch to bring people to their game. Zombies already has its own universe with treyarch zombies we don’t need another bootleg zombies version that will fail like Exo zombies I gave Exo zombies a try and trust me nothing beats treyarch zombies

          • The community didn’t like Extinction. Personally, I thought it was great and was definitely better than BO2 and BO3 zombies. My guess is that IW will make zombies different from Treyarch and will probably make it closer to Extinction than the zombies that we have seen.

            Treyarch zombies is already boring, but I do see where it could get repetitive. Exo-Zombies changed it up and I think IW will change enough to prevent it from being repetitive. I trust Infinity Ward. Just wait and see how it is before continuing these rants you are doing.

          • Extinction was okay and it fits the space theme perfectly. I’ll continue to rant about shit I don’t like. It’s so stupid having three development teams doing zombies. that’s lazy of them trying to steal another studios idea

          • Nobody liked Exo zombies only like 1% it felt so cheap like a want to be version of treyarch zombies

          • I bet cause they just want to boost their sales when they are just actually throwing random shit in instead of quality content. Money hungry activision

    • Too bad dude, Zombies is going to be in the game & you can’t do anything about other than complain. I doubt seeing IW look at your opinion & rethink about putting Zombies.

    • Maybe its just (again) an activision decision to increase de [email protected] 🙁

  1. guys what if treyarch helped with the zombies and were able to tie in their zombies with this universes zombies so we see like the 4 zombie characters come back for more next year?

  2. Hahaha… So cool! They’re going to base it on the 1985 “Return of the Living Dead” movie style. Or at least it’s based on older zombie movies at least that’s what i get from this image.

  3. Should have kept to extinction, makes more sense since you’re going in space and other worlds, and plus extinction was different and unique.

      • People hear zombies and people go crazy, definitely should have kept with extinction and treyarch with zombies, and sledgehammer just no to exo zombies.

        • The reason why sledgehammer got zombies was because people were mad at Exo survival they weren’t supposed to have zombies in the first place. And they got their zombies which was a joke. I’ll take treyarch zombies over Exo zombies any day

          • i quite liked exo survival tbh lol, i played that more than i ever played the zombies. was sad they didnt make the dlc survival waves.

        • Some people dont like ghost, im ok with that .. but extinction.. extinction was the gem of the crown in that game , and was the new co-op mode people was waiting .. but now .. now its all about zombies .. and that zuk, with infinite warfare its a 3 years cicle playing zombies.. y was specting something diferent than zombies ..

        • Me too. Loved it! Had like weeks played. Wish they’d brought it back. Even now I sometimes go back and play through the maps again.

    • blame the community for crying about zombies, now it’ll be milked every year. im not mad at it though, aslong as its good. But extinction definitely could have been improved for this.

      • Of couse! They are sending us to the space! All the things they could have done with that sh1t, but no, now instead .. more zombies .. what a same.

        Im not saying to continue the extinction history, but to adapt the game mode to a diferent story o something. Just like they do with zombies, and let each developer have their own speciality.

        Zombies and Infinity ward does not match.

        • well, dont say it doesnt match quite yet, it could work. But extinction with the aliens definitely fit the whole space theme, and it wasnt too bad in ghosts, they definitely could have made it better. I personally didnt like AW’s version zombies though. But zombies wont be hyped much now cause its not rare.

    • But the community would continue to bitch that their precious Zombies mode isn’t coming back.

    • the zombie has a unique strory line and different from the others zombies(treyarch and sledhammer games)

  4. The zombie is a basketball player hence why he is wearing a wrist band, head band and a tank top. The date at the top is also 1985. So maybe a 1985 kino remake?

  5. i found something when u zoom into the photo top right corner there is a 19-atvi-85 which is blizzards slaes or stock prices found somethin

  6. lets hope……………………………………..ahhhh who cares about zombies….. go buy dead rising.infinite warfare MP HC DOM for the win

  7. I kind of wissh it was part of a zombie universe we already know (3arcs or Exo), i think that would be interesting

  8. Back when Exo Zombies was a rumor, I had my finger crossed it would be Cyborg-Terminators, but nahhhh…
    With the Future-Space rumors of IWs game, I thought it was to fit with the Extinction mode… But nahhhh, prepare to fight “You Can’t Scare Me” mons- I mean, Zombies on Mars, lmao…

    • I was specting sone sh1t diferent.. nor zombies .. leave zombies to treyark .. iw had to make something diferent, now it looks like a game to grab more people instead of making them happy.

  9. I just hope there’s a campaign to this zombies mode to make it different. Kinda like Nightmares mode from BO3, but made with different characters not in the campaign. I’m kinda tired of the same old survival type gameplay, and I was actually looking forward to Extinction coming back. But I guess I can understand IW’s thinking because of all their fans complaining about everything in Ghosts.

    • No matter that Ghost was not loved by comunity, but extinction was really good. I wasspecting something of that overhere.. since they are lunching us to the space .. was the perfect opportunity to make some really good and fresh stuff, instead of that .. another year with zombies .. i suppose this is (Again) an Activision decision.

    • Yeah that’s the problem I have! The maps are so huge and have so many tasks to complete they might as well be a campaign. It would be a nice change! It’s a shame Nightmares mode was essentially completely pointless

  10. Where its the extinction similar mode?? Left zombies to treyark, IW was doing pretty work with extinction .. now they r on space it was the perfect opprtunity .. but no .. activision decides to put zombies in iwarfare to capture more people .. this game its like a mixture of diferent games .. 🙁 i ll be missing the xtinction mode or sonething like that. 🙁 3 years playing zombies .. not fair

  11. Ughhh… Honestly Treyarch are the only ones who know how to do zombies properly. Exo Zombies wasn’t bad but just not on the same level and it was an Activision money-grab decision. I honestly though Extinction was solid, and it would make even more sense to have an alien mode in, you know, a fucking space COD. It would be a perfect fit. But no, more zombies.

  12. Whelp this is going to get repetitive with every cod developer making zombie modes. Should have kept extinction.

  13. We’re all gonna be bored of Zombies if all 3 devs are making it. Extinction had so much potential. It was unique yet familiar at the same time

  14. At this point, complaining about having Zombies instead of Extinction would be pointless. So at the very least, I can comment on what we might be getting.

    The concept art seems at least promising. Judging from this, it doesn’t even seem to take place in space (at least, not this one map they’re hinting at). The theme seems to be 70s-80s related, given the sweatbands the zombie is rocking. The film reel and the popcorn is interesting though. It could be a hint at the setting, or it could be a style of loading screen they’re using, to contrast the comic book loading screens we had in BO1 and BO2 Zombies.

    Brian was part of the team at Neversoft and he was leading the team on Extinction, so I feel he knows a lot about what should be done. He’s like the Jason Blundell of Infinity Ward, so I think Zombies could be in good hands with IW. Extinction had a good foundation with the progression system, so if we could have that in IWZ, that’d be amazing. That said, gotta wait for a trailer first.

  15. I am personally not too impressed by infinity ward. I’m not too happy about all 3 developers having a zombie mode. (Exo zombies was ok because it was almost completely different to treyarch zombies). I’m hoping that infinite warfare’s zombies will be very different to treyarch zombies.

  16. IW missed the opportunity to make an excellent extinction mode too bad they wanted to copy zombies. Imagine what they could’ve done with extinction and space

  17. Would be nice to get some zombies maps where you don’t need a PHD and 10 hours of free time to get anywhere for a change. Zombies is great, but by the time I played Moon I completely lost the love for it and it hasn’t been the same since. The maps have gotten far too complicated and the easter eggs have been mostly impossible without a lobby full of people that know the game inside-out. Most of my friends either ditched COD for something else or switched to PS4 so yeah, I’m pretty fucked there.

    There’s nothing more annoying than getting rediculously far into a game to get downed over a daft mistake and have to do the entire slog all over again. I’ll probably get shit for it but Exo Zombies was the most fun I’ve had in zombies in years. It was nice to be able to actually complete the easter eggs and get far on my own, plus the boost mechanic and the different types of zombies were pretty fun.

    I really want to get back into Treyarch zombies, I’ve tried so many times and I’ve wasted 2 season passes because I’m so fucking intimidated by how enormous the maps are. Ugh.