UPDATE 2 — May 3: GameStop has added in a product description for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and their description of the multiplayer mode has information that other retailers/press releases did not: it claims that the movement system will be a “chain based movement” similar to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will incorporate the popular chain-based movement system players know and love into an innovative multiplayer experience that rewards players more than ever before for utilizing their surroundings and applying strategy in the heat of the moment.

UPDATE: In a new fact sheet provided by Activision, they have provided a few more teasers about what to expect in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer mode. They state that players will have “rewards players for utilizing their surroundings and applying strategy in the heat of the moment.” Talking about the maps, it says, “Maps are designed to immerse players into fast, fun, and frenetic gameplay that players have come to expect from Call of Duty.”

Original Story:

Activision has revealed some small details about the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s movement system in MP. In the reveal trailer, it looked like there was thrust jumping (very similar to Black Ops 3) at the 0:59 mark.

For online action, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare promises to strike with maximum impact in a world where every second counts as it delivers the future of warfare. The game’s Multiplayer mode features an evolution of Call of Duty’s movement system with an emphasis on front-line engagement.

Players will be able to achieve specific goals in MP in “creative ways based on their specific play style.”

More details regarding Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare MP will be announced at a later date.



      • Same here, but mainly because of Zombies. And space battles. And the graphics. And the more polished sprint mechanics (seriously, Infinity Ward, that needed changing, thank you) (unless I’m wrong and it’s the same).

        • So how exactly they changed the sprint mechanics? I couldn’t tell because I haven’t paid that much attention.

          • It’s not a big deal, I’m talking about the first person sprint animations. MW3 and Ghosts’s sprinting animations looked wonky and deformed.

        • I gotta get it, mainly for Zombies, CoD4, and space combat in the Campaign. Multiplayer is just a bonus, for me. Always has been (yet I never treat it as such).

          • Campaign and Zombies are gonna be my priority as well, but I have to see how good Zombies looks and plays in IW’s hands first. If it doesn’t turn out well, I’ll just torrent the game for campaign and that’s it.

            Although I’ll probably toss $100 into this eventually, because I say this every year.

          • I hope they do well. They’re a fresh development team, now, so anything goes, and I lol’d.

          • At least the deluxe edition has mad value though. Game + season pass + COD4 remaster. Now all I need is confirmation of a good, working PC version, and I’m all set.

    • Lmao, you guys said the same about black ops 3 and now you guys hate it. I’m so sick of this futuristic billshit. Hopefully battlefield 5 takes place in world war 2.

      • I don’t hate black ops 3, I just said that black ops 3 makes me want to drink bleach sometimes. What I like most about this game is that it doesn’t look goofy like BO3 and AW. Those games were silly as hell and towards the end of AW’s life cylce, I legit thought I was playing a game made for little kids.
        Infinite Warfare looks tactical, it looks like a military shooter, it’s got that dark, gritty feeling that we’re used to in a Call of Duty game, the only difference is that the game is set in space.

  1. I hope the movement isn’t chaotic and that they won’t make us use the thruster pack (if it is in MP.)

  2. This doesn’t mean thrust jumps. Don’t jump to conclusions just yet (inb4 aaaaaaand it’s gone).

          • Doesn’t mean it’s going to be in Multiplayer, nor does it prove that we’re going to be doing it, too.

          • Oh, I didn’t see the image at first. I’ve already seen that, and it’s Campaign, not Multiplayer, so you proved nothing. Last time I checked, none of that trailer was Multiplayer. It’s best not to speak in absolutes, because it makes you look ignorant, especially about a game that barely has any confirmed information, especially about its Multiplayer.

          • Alright, watch… I’ll come back to this thread and laugh at you…Even if it takes months.

          • Nah, doesn’t need to be any laughing involved, I’m just saying, that’s not Multiplayer, so you were wrong about that point.

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          • People please!! Stop with all this denial!!

            Search your feelings and let the Activision hate flow through you!

            Only then will you realise that this is not boots on the ground.

          • Why? He did not provide any evidence that there is no BotG in *MP*. I’m waiting until *CharlieIntel* proves me factually wrong.

          • They should just make a thruster playlist and a non-thruster playlist then everyone will be happy…… Jk it’s cod community they’re never happy

          • Those separate playlists never worked in AW, because the non-Exo playlist was DOA.

          • They had that in Advanced Warfare and it didn’t work since nobody went in those lobbies.

          • that was because the map’s where based on the exo movement so they where to big for foot movement but it is a good idea to do that if it possible

          • Your honestly retarded… Its obviously going to be in multiplayer if you have played any cods you would know this.

          • Except for the fact that this isn’t even Multiplayer footage; and we also have information on boots on the ground, so how can you speak so absolutely like an idiot? We literally have no footage of the Multiplayer at all whatsoever, and you are all jumping to conclusions. You’re saying that there’s proof, and there isn’t. Get over it.

            And you’re*.

          • You want your proof? Go look at the black ops 3 campaign trailer. It had extra movements and look what is in multiplayer.
            Go look at the Advanced Warfare campaign trailer. It had extra movements and oh look its in multiplayer too. Do you know what a core mechanic is? The movement is a core mechanic and it’s going to be in Multiplayer. Stop praying that it won’t be in multiplayer because it will and if you don’t like that than you can play COD 4 remastered along with the rest of the COD community. Also don’t correct people on the internet it just makes you look like you have no comeback because you know your wrong. (And ya that was on purpose Nazi lol)

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          • Lol I never said I liked the boosting shit I just confirmed that there will be boosting shit in the game by pointing it out. (Infinity Ward and Charlie Intel have confirmed that it will have the chain movements we know from the past call of dutys btw) Also your saying that Black Ops 3 chain movements takes no skill? Lol bro this is the most skilled COD you will ever see, the objective of COD is to kill people right? So how do you win most gun fights? By avoiding the other person’s bullets and being able to get an advantage over your enemy. How do you do that? Flank them, jump shot them, drop shot them, flash them. slide, out think them, the list goes on and movement is key because it takes a few bullets to kill so you have to avoid bro.

            Yes I agree we should go back to classic call of duty like the old cods where it was simple and everyone could play and enjoy and that will happen when sledgehammer comes out with their game. The only reason why we got exo suits in the first place is because the community was saying it was the same every year. Than Advanced warfare came out as something new and then everyone hated it and black ops 3 was already in development at the same time so it had to follow the same trend of something new. Than infinity ward is trying something completely different this year and nobody knows how good it will be. The community complained about exo suits when AW came out so now the next 3 cods after Infinite Warfare will be made all boots on the ground old school COD. Nice try trying to make me look stupid btw 😛

          • But calling me “retarded” over something so minor? Grow up, and learn what “proof” is.

          • Except for the little fact where in bo2 and many other call of duties where they implement something like wall crawling with magnet gloves and that doesn’t show up in multiplayer

          • True but we have had wall climbing in multiple Call Of dutys before and we already knew it would not be in it because we know there is no use for it in multiplayer.

          • BO3 also didn’t have information that stated that there would be boots on the ground combat.

          • Dude this is movement, this is not like ghosts where you’re in space and then go to mp and nothing is their… THIS IS MOVEMENT

          • As stated by Mizhe5 it’s a core mechanic. The boots on the ground quote was probably trolling to bait fans on the fence into pre-orders. You might as well get mad now instead of being in denial about it.

          • Wait till we see MP, it could also mean that it’s mostly boots on ground than using BO3’s system

    • I’m not saying there isn’t going to be boost-jumping in multiplayer, but I wouldn’t say that if it’s in Campaign then it’s definitely in Multiplayer.

      Black Ops 2 had things in its story mode that weren’t in multiplayer and same with Advanced Warfare.
      I don’t recall using the Nano Gloves or Mag Gloves in either of their multiplayer modes.

    • They made a game that’s just as beautiful, so no, I don’t think it’s “sad”.

        • I have no idea. BO3 looks amazing, better than Advanced Warfare (AW just has more exaggerated lighting, BO3 has physically-based rendering).

          • Oh, that’s right, silly me, I guess BO3 just had more of it. And that’s not being a douche, that’s important information (at least to me, I like the detailed tech analysis stuff), so no worries. Both games look crazy good, especially at 60FPS, but if you asked me, BO3 steals the show in visuals. That’s what happens with CoD; they take an art style, and polish it every year. Doesn’t mean that I’m saying AW looks bad, because I could still play its Campaign to this day for its graphics alone.

          • Kinda agreed there — BOIII had a better motion blur technique than AW and had volumetric light shafts and more dynamic objects. However, I’d say that came at a cost — at least due to the lack of optimisation on the campaigns part. The game used dynamic resolution (hitting sub-1080p resolutions half the time) and often never hit its 60fps target frame rate (it was quite unstable as per Digital Foundry’s numerous analysis) compared to Advanced Warfare’s near-locked 60fps and 1080p (at all times) campaign. I also feel there were more inconsistent textures on BO3’s side, but I think that’s mainly due to less time spent on the campaign 😛



            It’s funny because I was discussing with someone on GAF, who is more technically knowledgable than me, who said that BOIII is actually more technically advanced, even though it [the artstyle/visuals] may not show it all the time. I certainly agree with that since I preferred AW’s ‘cleaner look’. He said (after me saying a similar thing to to the above):

            “People have a big misconception thinking all COD games use the same engine when they don’t. Treyarch’s engine is different from IW’s engine which is different from Sledgehammer’s. They all might have originated from the same spot but all teams have done individual developments on it and they don’t share codes with each other. Treyarch got the engine from IW for WaW after COD4 and that was the end of it, any development they did from that point onwards for their BO games was their own, while IW did their own development in their version. This engine you see in Infinite Warfare is not the engine you saw in BO3, but rather an engine that has been worked upon by IW for the past 3 years !!

            On to the point of Treyarch’s technical competency, in all honestly Treyarch always pushes more than any other COD studio in terms of tech. They implemented physically based lighting in Black Ops 1 when it was a rather unheard phenomenon. The fact is Advanced Warfare might looks better but at the same time is significantly less technically advanced than Black Ops 3 in terms of tech. Changing engine wouldn’t change the fact that if one wanted to do what Treyarch was trying for with BO3 it would have come across similar performance issues too.

            It all comes down to the fact that Treyarch seems to rely a lot more on crazy design which pushes the engine, and when you do that you end up giving way to a few rough edges here and there. Others like Sledgehammer on the other hand would try to play it safe and keep it as clean as possible even if it means doing away with crazy design and big levels. It’s nothing to do with Sledgehammer artists being on another level, remember they did work on making the most boring looking COD SP ever…MW3…”

          • I actually saw from DF that BO3’s PS4 resolution rarely drops and it’s actually 1080p a majority of the time, so it’s not really that big of a deal, unless I’m wrong. And that post about the engine was interesting, despite that being something that I pretty much already knew about, it just proves how good developers that the 3 studios really are (Advanced Warfare running at a locked 60FPS/1080p on PS4? Remarkable! Hope this game achieves 1080p, too, I don’t like 900p). It’s all crazy, because Treyarch used to make games with “meh” graphics (Black Ops 1), but when I saw BO2 and 3, I was shocked at how good the visuals were.

        • Oh I see. As if Treyarch is going to be mad lol, CoD devs are all friends, I’m sure.

  3. This is interesting , each faction has its benefits. If you want thrusters you can choose a specific faction. If your old fashioned and want boots on the ground , you can choose a different faction.

  4. what if we only can jump like a foot more off the ground. So lets say you jump 5 ft in previous Cods(like mw2 and black ops 2) what jf now its a little thrust which takes you 6 or 7 ft off the ground. I don’t think that would be so bad

    • Judging by the jump in the trailer I’d say it’s just as high as in bo3, if it was only used for climbing obstacles I didn’t had a problem with it, but being able it to use in a gun fight, ruins the whole CoD experience for me, for a 3rd time in a row…

  5. …evolution of Call of Duty’s movement system with an emphasis on front-line engagement.”

    Their article further states that players will be able to achieve specific goals in MP in “creative ways based on their specific play style.”

    This has me intrigued. Are we going to see different classes similar to Battlefront?

  6. They’re probably going to have different classes that have different abilities similar to specialists. Maybe one thats a robot, one that can exo jump, a regular soldier, etc. each with its own pros and cons.

    • That would be a huge deviation away from the norm – as long as one class wasn’t horribly OP if could be cool

    • How would that work within the maps, if you’re able to wallrun/boost jump etc and I am not, that would mean certain areas are unreachable for me while you and your thrust buddies could camp there and snipe away.

      or vice versa, all parts of the map are reachable for all reducing those advanced movement to nothing more than a gimmick. I don’t know mate…

  7. Players will be able to achieve specific goals in MP in “creative ways based on their plays styles.” *caters to the thumbless campers*

  8. the different style probably depends on weapon and the persons playstyle such as me I would be a smg/sniper so exo jump would be good to get to high places

  9. Never really cared for movement. I’m all for getting around the map quicker anyways. I feel like the new movement makes me better player as well.

    • I feel the completed opposite, with all that jumping around I feel like Im watching a digital version of those plastic containers with locusts you find at your local fishing store…

  10. Exos or not, I’m still going to be shitting on you “muh boots” noobs. Just remember that.

    • Yeah, disappointed that boots on ground ain’t a thing anymore in COD…I’m cool with that! BUT let me be clear that I’m the one who’s going to be shitting on you. All you gonna see in your screen is my kill cams on how I owned you on every single gun battle, noob.

        • “Never” would only implies if he doesn’t own the same console as I do. Although, rumors are going around that both Sony and Microsoft might let both console have online connectivity with each other. But there’s still the possibility that he actually does join the same match and I might not even know it! Hell, he probably played against on a FFA and he got owned lol

    • Start a petition for them to sell COD remastered separately!!! I’ll sign it, I don’t want o have anything to do with any form of boost jumping anymore

  11. God Damn it!!!!!! They will claim this was already in development before they knew people didn’t like the thrust jump. I guess to give Sledgehammer a chance to make a true boots on the ground . What in the flying fuck dude ! COD ain’t for the oG’s anymore (cod 4 – Mw3)

    • Sledgehammer actually tried to make a thirdperson Vietnam game before AW. However, Michael Condrey stated that he would love to go back to WW2 or something like that.

  12. if that is only jumping that is going to be then is not that bad tbh..but if it’s like AW then hell noo but we need to wait multiplayer trailer for any conformation anyway i hope it’s going to be good i like infinity ward

  13. I think boosting can be fine if done Like Destiny and used just for getting around. I’m a big destiny player and 99.9% of guns fights are boots on the ground. I love that. You can boost around to get places but fighting is boots on the ground. Hope it’s similar to say a Titan.

  14. Could be on another planet where the gravity is more like the moon’s than Earth’s. Or the suits they’re wearing that makes them jump a little higher

  15. “that players have come to expect from Call of Duty.”

    I don’t know anymore what to expect from CoD for some years now…

    • Yep. Same.

      They said the same with AW, that it would still have that same CoD “feel” and flow to its maps.


      I’d say Activision are on a different planet, but, they are… :/

    • They mentioned something about having customizable jets, but I’m pretty sure that’s only in Campaign. It would be cool to have on game mode incorporate ground and jet combat both in and out of space or just a jet only game mode in and out of space

    • Me… I think it’s gonna be even better than CoD 4… CoD 4 simply wasn’t fun to play.

  16. They know hella people will just jump ship if they say advanced movement confirmed for multiplayer they arre beating around the bush so hard bro lmao i guess we will see in the multi reveal

  17. I don’t understand why people think this is going to be a purely on the ground COD. The last 2 games were set in the future and had boost movement… This game is even further in the future. It’s not like somewhere in the COD timeline the military powers decided “wouldn’t this war be a lot more fun if we stopped using advanced movement tech and went back to the good old days of walking everywhere?”. Face it, as long as they continue making future warfare games there’ll always be boosts, double jumps, etc.

  18. at the :59 mark you could see soldiers thrust jumping no joke. Probably just elite troops that could have that ability and regular troops like Lt. Reyes dont have that ability Know wht i mean

  19. It’s gonna be awhile until there’s another 100% boots on ground cod, AW introduced a movement system then cod3 did the same, continuing with an even newer movement stern system wouldn’t be surprising at all, but 1 things for sure; AW movement system isn’t gonna come back.

  20. you people are stupid there will always be multiplayer because thats the only reason 95% of people play this game