Activision has announced that Raven Software is the studio that is developing the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered. Raven Software studio has worked on Call of Duty since Call of Duty: Black Ops; they collaborated with Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Most recently, they are working on Call of Duty Online for China.

“The original Modern Warfare raised the bar on video games and forever will be remembered as one of the best. It’s an honor to be developing the remaster and we are committed to faithfully remastering this classic for Call of Duty fans,” stated Brian Raffel, studio head of Raven Software.

Activision has also revealed three out of the 10 multiplayer maps that will be available in the MW Remastered’s MP mode: fan favorites Crash, Backlot, and Crossfire are confirmed to be returning.

More details on what Raven has updated has also been revealed in the press release:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered boasts vibrant current generation visuals, with fully improved texture resolution and detail, high-dynamic range lighting, lit and shadowing VFX particles, revamped animation and audio, stunning sound, and much more. Fans will relive the full, iconic campaign as they’re transported around the globe with Capt. Price, Gaz and Soap across all the missions from the original game, including “All Ghillied Up,” “Charlie Don’t Surf,” and “Crew Expendable.” Players will also experience the online multiplayer mode that redefined Call of Duty by introducing killstreaks, XP, Prestige and more, and battle head-to-head in 10 fan-favorite maps from the original multiplayer mode, including classics such as “Crash,” “Backlot” and “Crossfire.”

Original game for comparison (not remaster):

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is included with select editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. More information is here.

Modern Warfare Remastered



    • There obviously isn’t gonna be mods in a new game… We won’t be playing with last gen it will be a new server

  1. Oh good, and here I thought Activision was gonna force IW to do the remaster as well. The 4th dev team comes to save the day again (I guess?).

    Also, guess this means Raven won’t be touching anything in Infinite Warfare.

    • Wait wasnt raven responsible for some of the dlc in previous cods? If so i might have more faith in this remaster.

      • Yes, to an extent. Raven did assist in the MP portion of Ghosts and AW, and they also developed Exo Zombies for AW. And they assisted in making Redwood in BO3, but that’s not really DLC.

        • If you read their page they pretty much helped on all the CODs since BO, and they are the lead developer for COD online

    • But I’m just here going “please don’t be 900p on PS4 please don’t be 900p on PS4” because I’m a graphics whore about that.

      • I will just play it on the PS4 Neo 😉

        Releasing in November will mean that it has to have a ‘Neo’ mode – If the rumours are true of course…

        • All CoDs on PS4 so far have been 1080p/60FPS on PS4, but every year, I’m worried about them not being able to achieve 1080p, and they do it somehow. I have faith that it’ll be 1080p like the others, though. Infinity Ward has proven why they should be taken seriously.

          • There’s a chance it’ll be 4k on PS4 with the PS 4.5 coming out this holiday season

          • Yeah, I hope so! And it’s actually called the PS4 Neo. I’m not sure if I’m going to trade in my current PS4 for it or not and keep it and buy the Neo to have a second PS4 or buy a Wii U/Xbone.

          • That’s perhaps the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. All it takes is the right video card.

          • no i have two sli titan x that have problems doing 4k with max gfx thats $1500 each

          • I can almost 4k with my GTX 970 so either your retarded or just a liar. I mean it isn’t all to playable at 4k but if I can “almost” with mine then you can with sli Titan. Sheesh I’ve seen people 4k GTA with sli GTX 970

          • you can do it yes don’t mean you can play good on every game 4k with everything max takes alot of power

          • If you’re aiming for max settings on every game out there, then that’s a reasonable price. At around $500-600, you can get a decent gaming PC that will do the job nearly as good..

          • But you can get a second hand PS4 for like $200-300. Aswell as that you don’t need to build it or maintain it, it’s pretty much a already build PC.

          • There are pre-built PCs as well. Second-hand PC hardware isn’t a rarity either.

          • No it isn’t an “already built PC”. I play BF4 on a very powerful PC and also on PS4. The difference is staggering. Not only is the resolution higher on PC at 1440p vs PS4 at 900p, but the textures, antialiasing, framerates, objects on screen at one time, explosions, particle effects and many more things are far superior. If you saw a side by side comparison, it would blow your mind.

          • But you have to build it yourself, some people just want to play some games without worrying about anything so they can just buy a console, plug in 2 wires and you’re done.

          • Building a PC is like playing with legos, pretty easy. If you don’t want to build it yourself, ask a professional to do it for you. What’s the deal?

          • Whats the deal is that it takes work to build it yourself and money, where as you can buy a PS4 for $200 and its already built and you can play any game you want on max and not having to worry if you can run it or not.

          • lmao. You can’t play any game on max on a ps4. Have you even seen the difference between a PC and PS4? I doubt it’ll play COD max settings on 1080p 60fps. And the reason a ps4 is so cheap is because, when it first launched, you were getting 2-3 year old hardware. Which just keeps getting older every year without the ability to upgrade it.

            And with a PC you dint have to pay a yearly membership to play online.

          • Yeah. That’s nice and all until something doesn’t work. PSN/XBLA get hacked? Guess you’re not playing online. Have to transfer your saves over to a new HDD because the old one included with the console is terribly slow and dying? Better copy every save over individually. Have any general issues that are on Sony’s or Microsoft’s end that involve you not being able to use the console you paid for? Well expect shitty customer service. I have only had 2 problems that weren’t my fault over the past 4 years I have built and owned my 3 PCs. 1 was a defective hard drive, 1 was a bad motherboard RMA for another issue. In the meantime. I have had credit card information stolen on Microsoft’s end, I had to deal with a friend and myself recovering lost PSN accounts because the password reset system for some damn reason was tied to your birthday which of course you put in a fake birthdate because we were under 18 when we got our consoles. I lost 2 complete saves too one of my favorite games because some Playstation games don’t like it when you copy over saves. Oh some it will let you but some won’t and you can’t do it at all if you are using saves from a different profile which you had to make because you couldn’t recover your old account because PSN support is ran by monkeys. Consoles are easier, right up until you have an issue. Then it’s a massive headache. At least with PC, I can fix the issue myself.

          • As a PC, Xbox, PS and Nintendo gamer.. I will switch exclusively to PC as soon as it allows for lobbies restricted to only controllers. Sorry PC elitests but your mouse/keyboard doesn’t make you a gamer. Keyboard/mice isn’t TRUE “gaming. If you use a keyboard/mouse, please stick to your terribly made, paid to win MOBAs and stay the flock out of shooters.

            That is why I mainly play on my Xbox One, or PS4 if my fiancé wants to play Division together because I love the feel of kicking back on my couch or bedpost with a smooth controller in my hands with a superior sound system and larger screen that having to be hunched over staring at a grossly overpriced, undersized monitor with retardedly grade computer speakers.

          • PCs are not meant to be quick, one-time investments. They are workhorses. My PC fuels a gaming YouTube channel, edits photos, writes documents, browses the internet, controls computers remotely, allows me to work from home AND plays games at 4K, 60 frames per second. A console plays Halo and movies. That’s it. The added expense of PCs is a stupid argument on both sides. They’re not the same devices and don’t have the same purpose. One of them consumes media, the other makes the world go ’round. Literally.

        • There is no point with the dismal player population pc has. I don’t play black ops 3 on PC anymore for that exact reason. What’s the point of having nice fancy graphics and settings when there is no one to play?

          • Not with that kind of attitude. If you just keep abandoning a community because of lack of players, then it will never have enough players.

          • It’s not an attitude I wanna have man but you have to face facts. There is less than 20k players on PC that ONLY play tdm and dom whereas on PS4 there is over 400k that populate all the modes. I have been having a blast playing demolition on ps4. Only time I was able to play that on PC was the first week and that was it.

          • It’s that people don’t like to play games with a mouse and keyboard, only basement virgins… I use a controller, like a man… I sit on my couch and play. I don’t hunch over a desk with a mouse and keyboard… don’t tell me “oh you can use a controller on PC” No you can’t, not in multiplayer unless you want to get 0 kills and 50 deaths

          • He’s not, though. He’s just not willing to enter a field where a playerbase hasn’t been established yet. If you start playing a game and there’s not a single person playing, will you wait for them to get on? I wouldn’t. I play PC and Consoles fairly evenly. So don’t say he’s part of the problem, he’s being perfectly reasonable as a human being.

          • While I agree there is a problem with PC games and their multiplayer areas being “abandoned”, my point still stands. If you don’t play the game, how can you expect anyone else to? I’ve noticed a trend in PC games. The ones with simple core elements, high skill gaps and dedicated servers do well. Everything else does not. Treyarch said they were bringing mod tools and dedicated servers to BO3. I haven’t heard anything else about that. Maybe if they did, their community would return.
            If you load up CoD4 right now, the online community is huge and thriving……because it has all those elements I mentioned prior. PC gamers don’t want console ports. Developers gotta put in a little extra work to please this crowd. I really admire what Bethesda / id Software are doing with Doom. I’ve read it’ll be chock full of PC options. Along with SnapMap, that game may actually do well on PC.

        • and also where hackers await. If hacking wasnt such a big problem on pc, i would consider it. Thats why i like my xbox one so much. I see so many peole complaining about hacking in games like the division and thank god that its not currently possible to mod an xbox one.

        • PC is far from master race nonsense as they claim. The amount of caveats and loop holes they have to jump through, yearly, populated by the pinnacle of the geek world who know all the ways to break a game. Sounds just lovely!

          • As a PC AND PS4 gamer, I have to say that you are incorrect. Completely and totally wrong. Flat out wrong.

        • I agree with both arguments. I effing hate that I can’t play the game mode that I want on PC. But, until they allow keyboard and mouse on console, that’s where I’m playing the game. I already have a CronusMax for this purpose but no matter how much you tweak the settings, it’s still not exactly like keyboard and mouse for PC.

          • people already figured out how to play keyboard and mouse on console and they get banned because its cheating. If you want to play keyboard and mouse, then play on pc cuz it doesnt belong on console.

          • Who got banned? Let’s see a list of people that got banned. Can anyone respond to this thread with verifiable proof they were banned because they used a KB+Mouse on a console game? I’m waiting.

          • I dont have a list I just know that when people keyboard in competitive UMG and GB matches (in specifically cod that i know of), and are caught with video evidence, they get banned.

        • Piff typical pc fag, 60fps LMAO you pc elites get shitty erratic frame rates jumping all over the place even on high priced gfx cards you morons buy

          Keep upgrading and playing moba junk and half life 2 mods for another decade HAHAHAH so elite

          • The sad part about that statement is the fact that those games are far higher in replay value and quality than most multiplayer games on console. I’m a PS4 and PC gamer, but I have more fun playing multiplayer games from 10+ years ago than half the crap on consoles, these days. I’m going to go ahead and use Destiny as an example. This game is the biggest piece of shit failboat to leave the docks in at least 5+ years.

          • Don’t see any erratic frame rates on my i7-6700k/980Ti PC. Pegged at 144 fps and 2560×1440. Now, when I play the occasional BF4 on PS4, the frame rate drops are frequent and problematic even with the console’s ultra low texture resolution.

        • 1080p60. lol. I think it’s about time you upgrade that 10 year old PC and ascend to 1440p/144Hz!

          • Nah I’m good. Just gotta ease the console users in slowly, get them accustomed to PC building first. Then you take them to the next level.

            Besides, 1440p? Pfft, we are in the 4K era, comrade!

          • I’m well aware of 4K. But refresh rate takes priority over resolution. There’s nothing like playing at 144Hz. Since there are no 4K/144Hz/GSync monitors, 1440p will have to do for now. I highly recommend it. Once you go 144Hz, your eyes can’t go back to 60.

          • I plan to buy a new rig and monitor this year to replace my potato one, so I’ll look at the options and see what works within my budget.

    • raven where hugely involved in AW and Ghosts … now i feel kind of sad …
      i hope they don’t fuck this up …

      • We’re getting a pretty big graphical overhaul, so I think that that makes up for it.

        • Is the graphical overhaul going to make only 10 maps not repetitive? I wouldnt care about graphics id just be happy with being able to play the full game on the new system

          • That’s why Infinite Warfare includes it; it’s technically a side-option, one that looks great graphically.

  2. Judging by the trailer they seem to also have changed some of the gun models which is a shame because i liked the ones that where in cod 4.

        • As someone who started with cod 4, MW2 has more replay value! Better maps, more guns and amazing killstreaks! But COD 4 still GREAT

          • MW2 was crazy. It was good at launch, but is one of the worst CoD’s ever after we knew what its true colors were. And I’d say that CoD4 arguably has better MP maps.

          • Worst CODs? I can’t even take u seriously.. That bias is strong with this one.. Crazy u are!

          • You can NOT play MW2, it is literally unplayable to this day, so yes, other than it being in its prime, MW2 is no longer enjoyable.

    • I would put money on the fact, they’re just doing the original for now, but if the original manages to keep the player count up then they’ll probably redo MW 2. Which opens the possibility for WaW and Black Ops getting remastered

  3. Fingers crossed for shipment! (also killhouse and a few others i cant rememner the name of right now)

      • i always used to play custom games on my mac at school with my friends and i used to use the console commands and it got really out of control. i guess its just because i have good memories about this map, sorta the same reason everyone thinks the futuristic stuff is crap

      • tbh, yeah, i wouldn’t think so either. 3 maps have actually already been confirmed though. Crash, Backlot and Crossfire. i wouldn’t expect pipeline to be remastered because it has already been remade in AW

  4. Raven Software isn’t bad at all. They helped alot on previous games and also they have made Call of Duty Online. I have faith! 🙂

  5. They couldn’t have chosen a better studio to do it (and I mean that in a good way).

  6. Anyone remember [………] is on a 10 killstreak! Idk why but I liked that feature and everytime it popped up it made me feel like everyone was out to find me lol I’ve managed to get to 50 I think back in the day but I think that display thing only goes up to 30

  7. So is there any legit reason as to why they left out six mp maps? It’s an entirely another developer doing this, so what’s the reason or what’s stopping them from adding the other six?

    • Or the 4 from the DLC – I really liked Creek and think that would look great remastered.
      Trying to pick 7 from the remaining 17 (as 3 have been mentioned) with many being ‘iconic’ for this game – Vacant, Bloc, Overgrown, Wet Work, Downpour, Bog, District, Strike, Ambush, Pipeline, Showdown….

      • I think all of the base maps should have been in there to begin with and if Actvision wants to resell DLC, they can. I really would like to see Chinatown come back

        • We saw a millisecond of gameplay at the end. If it’s smooth, I couldn’t care less. I’m sold by the graphics alone; they look as good as Infinite Warfare. Hell, even Advanced Warfare lighting-wise.

          • got a feeling we are going to see some gameplay today with the livestream. I mean it would make some sense, instead of showing infinite warfare gameplay, as that is probably saved for e3

  8. I and many others were expecting MW 1-3 incl. all DLC, but this will work for a while.

    Please tell me there is a party lobby like in MW2 at least.

  9. Ughhh… Raven is one of the worst devs in the industry. I suppose it isn’t that hard to do a remaster, but please don’t fuck this up Raven…

  10. These are my favorite maps not in order by the way and 1-3 are already in the list
    1. Crash
    2. Backlot
    3. Crossfire
    4. Wet work
    5. Pipeline
    6. Overgrown
    7. Countdown
    8. Vacant
    9. Bog
    10. Shipment
    11. Bloc
    12. Strike

  11. If they bring Shipment, Bloc, Showdown, Bog, Countdown, Vacant and Wet Work, I will literally buy the game

  12. Please don’t screw it up… “introducing killstreaks, XP, Prestige and more”

    Just give us HD and let it be. If you must remove do something, remove frag x 3 and martyrdom

  13. Game store are going to have an abundance of Infinite Warfare copies two days launch with everyone returning them and only keeping the COD4 digital download.

    • I’ll give Infinite Warfare a chance but I’m just over advanced movement hopefully it’s done right this reminds me back like 8 years ago when all games were going in the past and people were bored well now future is just wayyy over saturated by all these companies were bored of future and it just isn’t COD it’s so many others

  14. Is it sad, that for the first time I want DLC of maps I’ve already played thousands of times? Side note: Backlot and Crossfire? Fucking awesome.

  15. If there is advanced movement in IW then I may hardly even play it. I just really hope that they leave all the crazy flashy stuff in campaign! CoD4R >

  16. Martyrdom, Last Stand, Frag x3, Jugg, No Stinger, and couple more. Just some things to keep in mind during all this nostalgia hype!

  17. Watch these sales do so well because of the COD Remastered and Treyarch takes into account to make a Remastered CALL OF DUTY: WORLD AT WAR!!! to be included in one of their editions! I think is soo gonna happen my comrades.

  18. I have a feeling this is to save their asses if infinite warfare fails. Im personally going to pre-order only to get cod4 mw remastered, though I’ll give infinite a shot since its mandatory to get the other. And the only cod I’ve bought was bo1 SINCE the original mw and them killing dedicated servers on pc. Even if infinite falls on its face like the last few cods they’ll be able to claim record preorders and sales all due to mw1 be bundled within and that’s what has people excited

  19. yeah well it only includes 10 mp maps when there are 20 mp maps in the original game which basically Activision has found a way to screw people once again.

  20. wow at lest someone one knows how to make a good cod game even if its a remastered old cod at least it’s not a futuristic piece of shit like we got now for cod games they need to make cod games like the classic good cod games and stop making these futuristic pieces of shit they call car games with super jumping and shit like that wall running.

  21. i will I will laugh when people play cod4 remastered more than they play the new Cod game just going to be so funny then they might realize that we want the classic cards back the way they used to be instead of this futuristic bullshit.

  22. okei, to all the people that are saying that the PC version of cod has no players “and if you are abondoning the game its no wonder that the PC version has no players” I just want to say that the reason PC players are lacking in the cod games, is because it looses something with every cod… CoD 4 was GREAT on pc, and still is, so is WaW but MW2 got matchmaking on PC, and that is shit… BO1 kinda restored everything halfway back, still a good PC port, then MW3 shipped, still the same problems as MW2 on PC… then BO2 came out, had dedicated servers on PC, but it was matchmaking, so that kinda sucked, but the game was still a good port, and the dedicated servers where pc exclusive at the time.. ghost was shit, for all the reasons, aw was a bad port just like ghosts and had issues with gaming mouses with over 250hz polling rate (most gaming mouses) made the sensitivity spike every now and then.. then BO3 seems good as we speak, modding tools comming soon, with a server browser (yeeei!) and I do hope Cod4 remaster will stick true to the original with the server browser and non mm nature of the pc as a platform, but I’m not sure… anyways, back to the point, my point is, that cod is a great game on PC, if the devs actually make it a great PC game, like in the past with cod4,waw,bo1 and now bo3, but it needs player hosted servers, and it would help with mod tools, because if we dont get any of those 2, we have other games on the platform that I would say is better…

    • I was in a hurry, might be some spelling errors and should probably be more or less commas..

  23. Why not just include all of the maps? Or just remaster MW 1&2? I would pay 200 to have a remastered MW 1&2 pack.

    • It’s not re”mastered” if it doesn’t include everything in the original. However I will still pay $80 to play just MW, i don’t give half a shit about Infinite. Lol i want classic CoD, find developers that enjoy classic CoD gameplay. Not people that want to “revolutionize” CoD.