Forbes has revealed two more maps that will be coming in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, which is available with select Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare editions.

With the reveal yesterday, Activision confirmed that the remastered will have Crash, Backlot, and Crossfire.

Today, Forbes has revealed that ‘Overgrown’ and ‘Bog’ will also be included in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

Images from original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: 

Overgrown was one of the Call of Duty 4 maps that was actually updated and returned in a DLC pack in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

In total, Raven Software will bring 10 multiplayer maps into the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. There are still five more maps yet to be announced.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is available in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy and Digital Legacy editions. Learn more here.

SOURCE: Forbes



  1. Vacant, Strike, Countdown, Shipment and ambush would be great to add. Especially vacant and shipment.

    • I love this map so much. I liked the cross map shootouts between the spawns with snipers, the battles between the bus, the tank and the shipping containers, or the two buildings with the fence area. Well, I guess that pretty much sums up the whole map.

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    • I’m 100% sure it’s comming back that’s like the signature map think of it like the Nuketown of Infinity ward or dome of mw3

      • How about not those two. Though Wet Work is almost certain since its the first campaign map so easy port. Personally I want Broadcast and Strike would be cool too.

        Screw it, they should just bring all of them back instead of this half-maps bullshit.

        • It’s already confirmed any DLC maps won’t be in cod4 there’s only a chance of 10 out the 16 base maps. Yeah I think wet work will be in because we can see it in the trailer. But I agree I wish we could just have all of them Instead of having to pick 10

          • I get it probably won’t be DLC maps but out of all of them Broadcast is a quality map I’m sure if there was some sort of vote it would make the top 10 for sure. It’s probably the best DLC map iv’e played on any COD.

  2. I don’t even want shipment because u can’t play that online. If they add map packs tho I’ll take it

    • DLC probably won’t get remade, but I’d like Broadcast if they do. Creek and Chinatown can be left out though, considering the other really good stock maps that would be missing.

  3. Ambush, Showdown, Shipment, Vacant and District/Strike would be my choices for the last 5. Also please don’t put Bloc in there, that maps sucks.

  4. Overgrown was by far my favorite map of the entire Modern Warfare Series!!!

    Really glad it is back!!!

  5. Hopefully at least 3 out of the next 5 make the final cut for me…


  6. These fives maps are great so far. For the last five, I’m leaning toward: Downpour, Wet Work, Vacant, Countdown, and Ambush. Wouldn’t mind Strike or Shipment. Please not Bloc.

    • Bloc was fantastic in my opinion. I just loved everyone sniping while I would flank and work the buildings from behind, and rack up kills. Granted i would snipe now anf then as well. I thought it was a very unique and underrated map. Not bashing your opinion, just giving you my viewpoint

  7. My prayer was answered. I said I hope they bring back Bog, and they did. Now I’m just hoping out of those 5 maps left, we get Vacant, Bloc, Strike, Downpour, and/or Showdown.

  8. I didn’t play COD 4 so I have no idea what the good maps are.

  9. Going to be a little upset if they don’t have Creek, Vacant, Bloc, and Strike. Those were great maps

  10. They aren’t remaking enough maps… I want pretty much all the originals to return and not just fan favorites but the other ones too.

  11. I hope they will put map dlcs on COD4. COD4 is going to have more players than stupid star warfare

  12. Can anyone remember Killhouse. It is like another nuketown. Close range and always activity. Really hope they add it

  13. First of all, English is not my native language, so I apologize for any mistake.

    The purpose I’m writing this is because I fear that the developers will change the unique and good things that call of duty 4 MP had. All of this is IMO and I know a lot of COD4 players that loved the things I don’t want to be changed. I would like that the developers leave the game mechanics as it was before. Please do not change the map design, leave the map exploits and small glitches for the player to have advantage positions or shortcuts in the map, like for example that you could climb on almost every roof in Ambush map, the mattresses and soft spots where you could jump on without receiving falling damage, the old school invisible ledges, special parts in the map where you could use it as a hiding spot by doing a small glitch or jumping through various objects to get where you want to go. Leave the maps exactly as they were. Also like I mentioned before, don’t change the mechanics of the game, like for example, the unique and strategic prefire and prenade spots. Please “DON’T” put penalty for throwing the grenades early when the game start!!!, leave the bullet/wall penetration as it was, do not put invisible wall everywhere, leave the maps exactly as they were. Also I would like to see the option to manage both the game volume and music volume.