Call of Duty World League casters, Matt “Mr X” Morello, John “Revan” Boble, and Clint “Maven” Evans, all tweeted out that they got a chance to play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer mode last week at Infinity Ward’s studio.

All three of them stated that the game feels “good” and that players will feel at home after playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Pro Player Anthony “Methodz” Zinni also tweeted out that he was at the studio.

Infinity Ward and Activision have not announced specific details regarding Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare MP other than the fact that it will feature an “evolution of Call of Duty’s movement system,” which is the “chain based movement system.”



  1. every year is the same bullshit… I dont really care about Activision’s friends opinions.

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      • “Activision dickriders” These people are literally payed to play CoD for a living. Yeah, I bet they’re gonna talk shit about IW lol

      • Actually, you are all entirely wrong. Players couldn’t care less about Activisions wishes, as they are the ones who have to play it for the full year, and therefore find and get to know its flaws, and more often than not deal with them. Last week Optic went as far as boycotting their league match after one of their players was experiencing uncontrollable lag, and publicly stated that it had been happening to many of them since the last update. So, as per usual, this is another example of people within the community making assumptions and trash-talking something they know absolutely nothing about.

          • ” It doesn’t sound bad. ” This is not opinion, this is saying it as if it were fact. There’s no ” in my opinion ”
            or ” I dunno, I like the sound of it ”

            He blatantly said ” it doesn’t sound bad ” as if it where the end all 100% fact.

            ” BO3 is not a bad CoD game. ”

            Is written the exact same way, this is written as if this is absolute fact, be didn’t singal as if this were just what he felt, or that he felt differently, he directly told me ” No, black ops 3 is not bad. ”

            I don’t even hate black ops 3, I despise it’s campaign and I feel blundell is killing zombies, but atleast multiplayer isn’t too terrible.

            I don’t feel that’s its bad, and at the same time good, either. It just feels ” meh ” to me now, and I usually just find myself back in their previous games ( especially bo2 ) a lot more.

            I’m just worried about us gets specialists back, not too big of a fan of them.

          • Damn, you been holding that in? He said it’s not a bad game. You clearly don’t agree. Saying, “in my opinion” is just fake modesty anyway. It’s basically like saying “most people think BO3 is good” vs “everyone thinks BO3 is good. It’s all opinion anyway since sales numbers of the worst CODs are still better than most franchises. Good or bad the game sales. Sort of sad of course but that’s the case….IN MY OPINION lmao

          • > “Damn, you been holding that in? He said it’s not a bad game. You clearly don’t agree. Saying, “in my opinion” is just fake modesty anyway. ”

            Holding what in? I already explained that I liked the game if you read anything that I said. If you’re thinking because I wrote a lot on what I felt, that’s because I have a lot to say.

            Have you not seen most of my posts? I always type a shit ton. It just sort of…happens.

            When I make it clear it’s my opinion, it’s so I won’t have no make more shitstorm arguments about who’s opinion is more correct, but it seems to have happened anyways.

            > ” It’s basically like saying “most people think BO3 is good” vs “everyone thinks BO3 is good. It’s all opinion anyway since sales numbers of the worst CODs are still better than most franchises. ”

            Yes, which is why I made it clear it’s my opinion, so I don’t have to go into a argument defending how I feel and who’s opinion is better.

            > ” Good or bad the game sales. Sort of sad of course but that’s the case….IN MY OPINION lmao ”

            Yeah, it sucks 🙁

          • Damn man, I’m not a big fan of Bo3 but I play it from time to time but I never experienced these types of errors or freezes !! Or it must be something since last week but the last time I got a freeze was in the beta…

          • On Xone is practicly unplayble, I’ve actually tried multiple BO3 discs on 4 different xboxs thanks to my friends and it’s all happening to me and them.

          • I’m on xbox as well, played for about an hour or so and got indeed kicked to the home screen once after a match, but further I have no other issues…

          • Chill bud and the reason why he says bo3 Isn’t bad is because it’s better when compared to the last cod which was advanced warfare. Bo3 for a fact is better than the last cod, look at the sales. What’s up with your hate for bo3 man?

          • Sales figures aren’t a good way to decide whether a game is. better. Obviously, the community prefers BO3, but AW is a better game

          • Yes it is, sales say everything and LMFAOOOOO I’m done man if you think AW had a better multiplayer all the guns sounded the same and everyone could just instantly boost jump out of your view and had the worst weapon balancing ever at lauch not to mention they came up with supply drops

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          • A game being better than other is subjective, it is not fact, and I have already said within the post YOU REPLIED TO that I don’t hate it.

            What’s up with YOU?

          • And there’s me thinking it was fact, phew.
            Thanks for the paragraphs

          • “Doesnt not.” you mean your opinion nobody else here agree with your opinion moron

          • Your a retard just because he doesnt say “in my opinion” does not mean he speaks for all of us.

          • I’m just saying that calling a game “bad” is a strong opinion to have.

        • Bo3 isn’t bad, but it isn’t a classic either.. It’s just better than the last two games. >imo<

          • I didn’t think BO2 was a classic, either, because of those fucking quickscopers and LMG’s.

    • The YouTube friends of Activision always compare the games movement with that of AW’s exosuit. But we want bootsontheground.

    • LOL none of those guys are friends with Activision, they work with ESL, just because they got invited to play doesn’t mean they’re buddies. Plus, they said it felt great competitive wise, it doesn’t mean IW is gonna be great for the casual player

  2. They said the same about Advanced Warfare and how “blown away” they were and we all know what happened with that turd of a game. I don’t trust them one bit, however I’m still optimistic about the Multiplayer.

        • But what does that mean ? No wall running ? No double jump ? No slide ?

          These were the advanced movements in Bo3, and if i could choose which one i wanted to see removed it’s the double jump, but it seems to me that is definitely returning….

          • No doubt here as well, and mainly the reason I cannot really care for IW at the moment…

          • the double jump (on bo3) for me is what made the game so smooth, and the gameplay so enjoyable, it opens more doors for routes

    • JxB to be fair the first week of AW was pretty kickass, it was before SBMM took effect and started getting data, and nobody really had any SD weapons so it was equal.

      I don’t mind the movement system of these futuristic cods, I just hate the fucking SD cancer and the redicious mood killing character customization.

          • Lol. It was hardly just me. I vividly remember entire lobbies dropping to red bars for the first couple days of the game. I’m aware that the launch weeks of many CoDs have been known to be problematic, but AW had to have been the worst.

          • You’re actually still defending the worst CoD of all time. Too cute.

            I realize bars are misleading; I’ve been playing CoD for a long time, pal.
            However, the connection matched the bars. It’s not like I’m complaining about the visual fluctuation of the connection meter. You could feel the lag.

          • ???? Your argument is nonsensical here, and you’re trying to talk down to me for defending a objectively bad game’s good aspects?

            You tell me here:

            ” I realize bars are misleading; I’ve been playing CoD for a long time, pal.
            However, the connection matched the bars. It’s not like I’m complaining about the visual fluctuation of the connection meter. ”

            But then previously you said that you know everyone else is experiencing your ” lag. ”

            My suggestion is get better wifi because during that time of release, it was just you.

          • Because I played in full parties with my friends and they all experienced the same thing…Lmfao. You’re trying to pick apart my wording as if I just hopped in one game by myself, saw some red bars, and immediately freaked out.

            If you’re so ignorant as to STILL think it’s “just me”, take a gander on Youtube of AW lag on launch week. Countless videos and parodies exist showing the lag that WAS PRESENT at the time.

            I honestly believe that at this point in the argument you’re just aimlessly defending the shit game at every turn, regardless of the logic I’m throwing at you. We get it, AW gets you hard. Doesn’t mean it isn’t regarded as the shittiest CoD to ever be released. Maybe it’s “just you” who thinks it isn’t. 🙂

          • I don’t get it, are you trying to get under my skin or something?

            At this point, you’re just saying whatever and anything to try and prove me wrong or something, but it doesn’t matter, you’ve derailed the argument anyways.

            >I honestly believe that at this point in the argument you’re just aimlessly defending the blatantly shit game at every turn, regardless of the logic I’m throwing at you. We get it, AW gets you hard. Doesn’t mean it isn’t regarded as the shittiest CoD to ever be released. Maybe it’s “just you” who thinks it isn’t. 🙂

            I don’t know where you’re getting this from.

            I never ” defended ” Advanced Warfare as a game, I defended that the very first couple of days during the week were prefectly fine.

            Why are you twisting that into ” XD AW GETS U HARDDDD ” like come on kid, you’re embarrassing yourself now, I’ve said before that yes, I don’t like multiplayer, but I do enjoy campaign.

            The best part is that you’re consistently trying to tell me ” I don’t care what you feel, what you feel is wrong and what I feel is right ”
            If I say did like AW’s SBMM filled rainbow soilder supply drop focused multiplayer, that is what I feel, I don’t give two shits that you think it’s ” blatantly shit “, you can fuck right off if you’re actually trying to sit here and repeatedly tell me that my opinion is ” wrong. ” in a discussion about lag. I don’t know what you have going on in your head and why you can’t bear the game’s existence, bringing it up in a situation that has nothing to do with it, but you should keep that shit inside, I don’t care what you think, I can like campaign if I want to and you can’t take that away from me.

            It’s actually disgusting and shameful that you would actually try and force your opinion on me, who do you think you are to tell me ” No your opinion is wrong and you should feel this way ” only because other people agree with you.

            Also, just because you have awful wifi dosent mean SH’s servers are bad. You can bring up as many YouTubers as you want, and I can throw the same amount of people who agree with me back.

          • So apparently adding some humor into the mix = derailing the argument…Lmfao. Remind me next time that you’re a buzzkill.
            Why are you ranting about Campaign? WTF does that have to do with anything? Jesus, dude. All I’m saying was that my friends and I lagged like shit for multiple days during launch, and others in the lobby did as well, so I can assume they were lagging just as bad. Do you think I’m making that up or something?

            Also, please copy anything I said in which I FORCED my opinion on you. I’m simply baffled at your attempt to disregard other’s people issues just because you had no lag. Must be a selfish little twat, huh?

      • I agree the first couple of weeks were great, but AW will always be crap in my eyes, at least the Multiplayer part.

    • They are E-Sports players. They want to make it a competitive E-Sports game.
      We, skrubs who play in pubs are just casualz

    • Because it’s early impressions, therefore they haven’t had enough time with the game for it to kick them in the nuts yet.

      • Sorry man, Your name has “Staff” in it, and since this website promotes eSports, your not entitled to an opinion on this matter, try again later.

          • Doubt it.

            Keshav is severley leniant with the banhammer.

            In about 3 years I’ve only seen Jesus get banned, and he was back after a couple of months.

            I saw a troll account that spammed about 5 articles with 60+ comments full of the world ” TROLOLOLOLOL ” and the guy was just posting like a normal user right after that, as if he did nothing

            He said once that he really only bans people when it they start doxxing, not even the near consistent harrasment of JxB warrrents him to do anything.

            I dunno, it’s not even like he’s lazy or anything. JxB and I think two other people where made actual mods for a while ( I don’t believe they even got to do a single thing ), but it didn’t last long because Keshav talked to them and decided to remove it because he didn’t want his ” Mod ” brandishment to intimidate people or something like that.

            I really wouldn’t mind some moderation here, though.

            TL;DR Keshav and the staff here aren’t very fond of any kind of moderation.

          • Feck that I would of got banned a 100 times by now, ive had some of my comments removed before, I don’t want that getting any worse.. All I do is state my opinions.. Mods should stay away, let people say what they want, that guy doesn’t deserve to get banned, the trolls that went after Jordan yess and the advertisements can go, but no matter how stupid someone’s opinion might seem it’ shouldn’t be able to get removed and they defo shouldn’t be banned..

          • Yes, there no denying his comment albeit harsh, defintley isn’t ban worthy.

            That doesn’t change the fact that there are definitely some people here who should be banned here.

          • I’d be happy to moderate again, but whether Keshav would be I don’t know…

          • In general I feel we really do need some sort of moderation, the amount level of toxicity these comment threads can get sometimes without any punishment is redicious.

            Especially the guests, they’re the worst.

          • Good, that’s something that I respect. it’s anti-censorship, which I admire.

          • There’s a difference between anti censorship and moderation.

            If I can sit here and spam gore of animals, women and children while also posting racist obscenities to everyone, shouldn’t at that point, I should be banned? In our current state, I would have practicly no punishment at all.

          • I personally respect the staff here more for not being crazy with the censorship. Cod has a very passionate and polorizing community and as a COD news/discussion based site its important to not only allow that but also encourage that to florish without intimidation. The staff here seems to understand that better than anyone else in this business and that is one of the reasons why this site is the go to site for hardcore COD fans. Big ups to them for not getting all butthurt kim jong un/tina palacios on us on every comment that isnt a compliment about COD or Charlie Intel.

          • Depends on the perspective of the beholder, The oppressor says its moderation but the oppressed say its censorship lol.

          • If I directly say something like ” we should kill all forgeioners, fuck niggers, jews, muslims and gyspys ” on a website about call of duty, should’nt I be punished in some form and the comment remove?

            If I post dead children and change my name to something terrible like ” fuckyoursister ” shouldn’t that be removed and I be banned? That’s what I’m talking about when I mean moderation.

            At this point if I actually did that, I most likely wouldn’t have anything done to me.

            If someone posts something dumb like ” there should be a call of duty in the world war era, expect all the guns are futuristic with lazers ” they are definitely gonna be insulted by someone here, but they should’nt be punished.

        • lol this is a COD NEWS site, this isnt a site endorsing COD in any way, its merely reporting news with a few very well written and OBJECTIVE opinion pieces ever so often.

      • Yeah but now infinity ward focus more on pleasing the eSports players rather than pleasing the fans, because they know that they can get the eSports players to say good things about the game, even tho the majority of the eSports players don’t agree with what there saying..

    • Yes, it isnt killing
      A minority dictates how the majority will play, like the map design and philosophy

    • Absolutely, they’re the reason behind shooting gallery map designs, those 2 op guns that never seem to get nerfed and the lack of personality that factions have now as its easier for them to adjust when there’s no bambis, tactical headers etc. being shouted ( I will say though bo3 does at least have good in game music and the kill streak pilots call outs are a nice touch)

  3. This all a bunch of fluff. Remember when Nadeshot said AW was going to revolutionize CoD? Yeah, that’s the game that made him QUIT.

    • this is the sad cold hard truth lmao, these guys werent even enthusiastic about the game either which leads me to believe its going to be pretty mediocre.

  4. Omfg , this shit is getting fake, They said the same thing about advanced warfare. Just stop callofduty and the pigs @ activision. They’re getting so retarded.

  5. Pray that someone at IW got some balls and told Activi$ion to go shove BS supply drops up their ass

  6. Aaaand cut the pay checks. After the atrocious dislike count on the reveal trailer, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were told to say this type of shit

        • Go watch the AW trailer again dumbass and let me know if hoverbikes, spiderman gloves, ship missiles, spider tanks and deployable cover are in MP

          • Hoverbikes and spider tanks would have been nice. These guys also said that AW and Ghosts’s Multiplayer experiences were awesome lmao. They have as much credibility as we do.

          • Ghosts DLC maps were Great!!! If you dont played, you miss very good maps…
            Departed, Mutiny, Dinasty, Remake of FAVELA, SHOWTIME…

          • I’m not spending a further $50 for what I should have gotten out of a $60 experience!

      • Silly Me, here I thought campaign and multiplayer were both components of the entire Infinite Warfare package… I guess nothing about the setting and gameplay mechanics are shared between them at all…

        • Other than setting, yes its almost entirely different between MP/Sp. Go watch the AW trailer again and let me know how much of it came to MP ..

    • Those dislikes are nothing compared to the actual community… The games sell millions, so 200k dislikes is nothing.

  7. You’ll never see someone who’s exclusively been able to play the game say something negative about it…. fuck these “opinions/reviews”.

  8. We all know these are paid reviews …
    Let the real reviews on steam tell us if it’s worth it !

    Also what a coincidence that these posted today , after all the hate IW got …

  9. Looks like I will be purchasing my first Battlefield game this year.

    P.S. I hate battlefield

  10. If it’s like Black Ops 3 then I don’t have a problem with it. I enjoy Black Ops 3, so I’ll most likely enjoy MP in Infinite Warfare. I do however hope after this game, we get a break from the futuristic setting

  11. I was disappointed after hearing the announcement of Black Ops 3 instead of WAW2, now this is just devastating to any real COD fan. This MW remaster better be incredible or COD might just fall off the tracks of relevance.

  12. Let’s all at least give this game a chance (in the rumoured beta). I don’t trust these guys, but I want to give this game a fair chance.

  13. Isn’t it funny how this game is getting so much hate, whereas people are getting hyped for Titan fall 2.

    • Titanfall was a good game. The advance movement felt like Call of Duty. The problem was it didn’t have a true Single player campaign and the game really lacked content.

      • Woah, the advanced movement felt like call of duty? Titanfall came out before Call of Duty has “advanced movement”

          • In terms of people playing it didn’t last too long for online game. More people play B02 than Titanfall as I type.

          • I mean I know you were obviously exaggerating and I was a day one player on aswell in Xbox but I like to think the game stayed around for a decent amount of time despite its flaws/criticisms. On PC however…

  14. Okay it will suck
    FUCK competitive, wish they were gone
    E sports ruined CoD (gameplay/maps/guns/progression/killstreaks

  15. Yeah i think i’ll take the words with a grain of salt. It’s fine if they liked it, but they very rarely ever say something is bad, so i can’t really trust there words to the fullest. I’ll wait till i see it myself and get my hands on that beta. I will however remain optimistic about the title, i’m not anti-COD, and the franchise is at least fun to play.

  16. Notice how they all said the same things just reworded. It’s couldn’t be more obvious that they were paid to promote it or at least told what to say.

    EDIT: Also they all pretty much were talking about the feel just like Infinity Ward as talking about. This is just dumb.

    • BothG needs small/medium sized maps.

      AM needs larger size maps to compensate the fast movement speed of your character.

      Bo3 maps feel like you’re in a shoebox so fast you are at the other side of the map… making it way to frenetic…

    • Ghosts have a lot of Large maps and guess what…”the WORST call of duty game ever”
      Players dont like big maps, small/medium are better.

  17. Who knows guys maybe they will have a wormhole in space that takes them back in time to WWI and we can get back to the original Call of Duty. Boots on the ground,,not on walls or in the air!! Call of Duty: Versailles Unsigned! @callofduty @activision @infiniteward @esports

  18. Well they’re not gonna say the game felt like shit now are they ahaha I’ll be my own judge when the game launches

  19. With all the hate going on right now, Infinity Ward needs to take this as motivation and need to go balls to the wall. They seriously need to go all out. Loads of content, new modes, ACTUALLY TAKE SOME ELEMENTS FROM CAMPAIGN. Lets fucking have space battles! Add vehicles! Make this game fucking amazing. Prove everyone wrong.

    If you’re going to use a space setting, use it to your fucking advantage. Do not make it “Call of Duty: Mostly the Same” like Advanced Warfare.

    I’m skeptical and i talk shit about Infinity Ward, but i want it to succeed.

    • The maps would have to be ridiculously big to accommodate space battles though. And even if that happens, you know Battlefield fanboys are gonna rip this shit apart, saying COD is now “BF with no Levolution”.

      • I think the opposite would happen. I think it would interest Battlefield fans. Either way, it’s something Infinity Ward should look into. There are way too many opportunities in this game and they should take them.

        • Fans? Yes. Fanboys? Nah.

          I think that space battle could do well, but only in moderation. Like, say, a dynamic event where fighter jets are made available for both teams, and whoever gets on first can engage in dogfight with the opposing team’s jet.

          • And you act like most battlefield fans are cancerous or something. And if you do think so, the easily could be said about Call of Duty fanboys.

            Anyways, I’m not saying do it literally like Battlefield, my point is, do it period. It’s something they should definitely do. They should even add vehicles in certain maps like WaW and it functions like that. My point being is that Infinity Ward needs to go all out. Put all the cards on the table.

          • I’m not denying cancerous COD fanboys, but usually, when there’s a COD/BF war going on, the BF guys usually start first.

            And I would love to see IW go all in on this. But as far as I can tell, they don’t seem to be going in that direction. They seem to be aiming at making this game feel like authentic traditional COD as much as possible.

            But hey, you never know. Let’s see what awaits in the future.

          • Your first statement isn’t really fact. Probably more of personal experience, but not fact, so there is that.

            And I’m sure they can achieve both in terms of trying something new and staying Call of Duty. If you’re going out to space, do different stuff, not stay mostly the same.

  20. I would be saying the same thing if I was getting invites from Activision and the devs, but of course can’t say anything negative or you’ll lose your v.i.p. access. Same people saying the same thing every year (yawn).

  21. This is all propaganda. I’m not falling for this bs from people who get paid by Activision and Call Of Duty. Ofcourse they are not going to say “The MP is whack”. Can’t bite the hand that feeds you and I understand that.

  22. God damn it, it will have the same movement as BO3 I’m done getting BF5 and buying MW Remaster separate from Amazon people always sell it seperate

  23. ” players will feel at home after playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.”

    Its going to have the black ops 3 movement system. Confirmed.

  24. COD Multiplayer is all about:

    The rest is just Cosmetics…

  25. Those COD cocksuckers play eSports for a living and also liked Ghosts and Advanced Warfare. I don’t trust them at all.

    • And believe people who get paid to play CoD? They want another invite back to the studio, do you really think they’re being honest?

      • No but people would still bitch had these tweets not even been made. “Advanced Movement” just sent these kids into a frenzy. At this point, people just need to wait for the beta and try it out at least. Because there are gonna be a lot of salty motherfuckers if this game actually turn out to be have really good MP.

        • I’m just saying that pros have no credibility because they do not represent CoD in the slightest, at least to me, because their community is a joke. I’m definitely trying out the beta, if it even comes to fruition. Having betas in CoD is so fucking awesome and I’m incredibly grateful. Don’t know why many aren’t appreciative, because another beta is a huge deal. Looks like the Sony deal paid off, if it has anything to do with that.

      • They must be lying because they are under Activision’s command! /s

        Maybe they are being honest. Maybe they like IW’s movement. Positive things about IW can’t be automatically lies. I wait for multiplayer reveal and possible beta to see myself.

        • No, it’s because they said the same thing in the past about 2 bad CoD games. IW could be decent. I don’t care. I’m blindly buying it for Zombies. The rest is a bonus.

  26. Aren’t these guys paid to give the game a good review? If so, this ain’t news at all. They said the same with Ghosts and AW from what I hear, and as far as I know, both games got good reviews, but suffered from a sub-par multiplayer experience.

  27. Gee doesn’t seem like scripted responses at all. Esports is what ruined cod anyways. That’s why Noone gives a shit about mlg anymore.

  28. While casters and Esports guys always hype this shit up (whether they’re paid to do so or not), it does give us an idea of what Infinite Warfare would be like. The general feel of this seems to be that the MP plays similarly to BO3, so we can expect the movement system to be mostly the same (thrust jumping, sliding, maybe even wallrunning, all limited by an thrust meter).

    The big question, though: will IW retain the killstreak and perk system like in Ghosts, or will they finally make the move to Pick 10/13/whatever like Treyarch and Sledgehammer, and use Scorestreaks rather than Killstreaks? Personally, I think the latter should be implemented, because it does help to promote objective play more than just killing shit.

    • Killstreak or pointstreak > scorestreak. Also pick 13 > pick 10 because you can choose scorestreaks for every class which means you can change your streaks to lower streaks while in match if you’re not doing well.

      • I don’t like the scorestreak system because sometimes I can’t even get UAV.

        Pointstreak system is welcome. It is easier to get killstreaks and it also promotes objective play.

        • Àgreed. I hope we get powerful and rewarding streaks this year. Remember MW3? Predator, attack helicopter, strafe run, overwatch, reaper, AC130, pave low, osprey gunner… and these were only assault streaks. Damn!

      • Well, I do prefer Pick 13, since I could just slap on UAV and assist my team, while I equip either more attachments or more perks.

    • Absolutely not – they are saying it whilst receiving a huge cheque after being pampered by Activision at their HQ with Mountain Dew, Doritos and T-shirts!

      • I mean if you were getting some nice amenities for saying nice things I bet most of us would. Not saying it makes it okay. Just saying just complaining about something all day for free doesn’t seems a lot worse than paid nutsack riding.

        Besides the first week most all of us have that, “the game isn’t that bad” feeling.

  29. I’m pretty sure these ‘pros’ said exactly the same thing about Ghosts and Advanced Warfare. I think Infinity Ward are feeling the heat and Activision are now paying the usual suspects to say the usual scripted PR like ‘feels great’ and ‘another great year’. If they are so confident about the MP; they should release footage now to shut any serial moaners up but they wont so we’ll have to wait until August…

    • Lets just remember it is THEIR OPINION. Just because it doesn’t represent community it doesn’t mean they can’t think that way lol. I see this “they are paid” argument a lot in IGN.

      • ‘Their opinion’ is questionable seeing that many of them did a u-turn after praising Ghosts pre-release and then slating it and going back to Black Ops 2 a week after release. Nobody can deny that this type of PR is blatantly suspicious. They should either invite balanced critics or release footage to the wider public instead of allowing for potential bias at a time where they gravely need it.

  30. This is a desperate move Activi$ion. We all know they do this every year and then place a gagging order on the eSport’s players opinions until the game is out when the community has bought the game. Remember Nadeshot and his 10 minute video praising CoD Ghosts only for him to release a 20 minute video in December criticizing the hell out the game and contradicting himself.

    Infinity Ward should start releasing MP gameplay now to try and convince people but as been said already; it is clear they dont have the confidence in their own game but its just sad they have to go the paid promotional route with people who are contracted not to say bad things about the game whilst it is in development else they’ll breach the gagging orders, having DMCA takedowns filed against videos and be banned from publicity events and lose their eSports careers.

  31. Playing MP on a LAN connection is probably a good experience with all the COD games (even Ghosts and AW, wash my mouth out). The reality is that the vast majority of us have to deal with the P2P connections after release and there the good experience ends. If Activision spent 0.001% of the money they make from supply drops then they could pay for dedicated servers worldwide. I don’t know the real cost, but they can and should pay for them.

    • Thank you. Blackops 3, every single time I sign on I get joined into a game in progress, game ends everyone backs out of the lobby, I finally back out and get joined into another game in progress. Over and over. Then my game freezes and that’s usually where I just turn it off and quit. I’m either a 10-30 ping destroying everyone or a 150-400 ping getting shit on. So dumb.

        • They can say whatever they want. I’ve played on less than 10mbps all the way up to 150mbps and it makes no difference. Currently have 75mbps. I’ve had my lines replaced, had the area swept for interference by my isp, it makes no difference. If anything I feel like I played better on the slower Internet. I’ve had multiple long talks with Microsoft a few times. The people that work for Microsoft play too ya know, everyone has the same problems. That’s the one thing they always say year after year (dedicated servers) they will do but don’t because 99% of the fan base is oblivious too it. The servers are what kills online cod. Always has been. Always will until more people realize it’s a joke. All these other small time games can somehow afford them. Just another prime example of how it’s only about the money.

      • Infinity Ward will give us game that works properly connection wise. Consider IW as working Black Ops 3.

    • Ghosts? you mean the game with hit detection so good that people complain about how fast you die? retard

  32. Well, obviously…. no one will say anything bad cause they all want their early invites to play the next COD game early too!

  33. It’s not like they said that about Ghosts or Advanced Warfare, am I right? *cough* *cough*

  34. I hope they will use the same movement (without the leaning) and perk system as they did in Ghosts. The game wasn’t that good, but the perk system and movement was great. Still core cod. I prefer that perk system over pick 10 every day. That combined with mw3 pointstreaks rewards.

    • If the movement is the same as in BO3, I’m out! Fuckin trust jumping and wall running. Just keep it boots on the ground style.

    • And I agree with you fully. Perk system and movement in ghosts was great! I wish they still had stoppingpower as perk with like value 2. But now they had dead eye which costs 5 points. Oh and pro perks would be great!

      • The leaning went automatically even when I did not want to lean when aiming from a corner position. But that’s just my opinion. I just wish the movement and perk system from ghosts comes back. BO3 movement, even though it is not as bad as Aw, sucks. Just boots on the ground no flying around shit.

        • There was a little arrow that became orange when you were gonna lean. You could easily avoid leaning. I thought it was a cool addition.

          Im fine with the advanced movement, but of they go back to boots on the ground, id like it to be like Ghosts.

      • It made headglitches and camping spots out of things that really should not have been. I dnt think I’ve ever seen the leaning mechanic used by someone that wasnt playing like a straight up bitch the entire game lol. The last thing cod but especially ghosts needed was more ways to cater to campers.

    • I hope there’s Ghosts perk system and every advanced movement is a separate perk, so if you wanna fly around like a crackhead you’re going to have to sacrifice something.

      I don’t want there to be advanced movements, but it will happen, so I think that would be a good way to balance them.

      • Good point there! If they indeed implementate advanced movements they should cost a couple of points.On the other hand it would be a shame because they would take space for real perks.

  35. This sounds a lot like we are getting Black Ops 3 movement. Maybe there isn’t wall running? At least we didn’t see any wall running in the reveal trailer.

    I am pretty sure if this is the case people are going to like Infinity Warfare’s multiplayer in terms of gameplay.

    • I think that we are getting Black Ops 3 movement without wall running. I have to admit I miss exo dodge.

    • Jordan seems to know something, he said it’s a waterd down version of bo3 movment so it sounds better than bo3 In that sense..

      • Exactly. Black Ops 3 movement without wall running and possibly addition of exo dodge would be awesome for me at least.

        • He does, a few days before the reveal trailer even happend he said, look out for the woman in white, referring to the trailer..

          Trailer comes out a woman dresses in white, u can’t just guess that..

          plus, he must know summin, he’s not just some random dude, he’s the top commenter on here and has respect off a hell of a lot of people i doubt he would chuck all that away by telling lies..

          And even when the Facebook thing was saying boots on ground, he kept saying it won’t be..

          I belive him man..

          • Activision has confirmed that it will feature an “evolution of Call of Duty’s movement system with an emphasis on front-line engagement.”

          • That’ statement doesn’t shout out to me it’s going to be a waterd down version of bo3, that just sounds like advanced movment will be in the game, he is saying specifically it’s a waterd down version of bo3..

            And anyway he said this before the statement was released..

            But hey, if u still don’t belive then fair enough, I respect ur opinion..

          • No one would tell information to a Youtuber with 1k subscribers that averages 100 views per video, serious information. He has also done this with Advanced Warfare, claiming to have inside information but couldn’t provide evidence, even when the game came out.

          • Fun fact: Shinobi actually knew again what this year’s Call of Duty would be.

          • Sorry babe, i was wrong about Shinobi. He also said “Watch out for the man in black”

          • Exactly. Either you need to be entertaining like elpresador back in the day or a silent beast like TheSandyRavage back in the day. A slightly above average guy that isn’t all that charismatic nor exceptional at the game is a difficult watch.

  36. as long as they bring back satcoms iEDs and fish ai i can see infant warefare being the secund werst call of duty game ever behind gohsts so infinity word shuould be proud or there creatsion.

  37. I was invited to play the Infinite Warfare multiplayer at IW HQ and I can’t say much but the game felt great and it will be the best Call of Duty yet.

    Now I’ve gotta run to the bank to cash in a completely unrelated cheque. Don’t forget chaps; keep buying those Black Ops 3 supply drops while you wait.

  38. People are just being too picky. I actually liked AW exo movement because it changed what we knew and expected from a CoD game, and most people couldn’t keep up so they started hating it. BO3’s movement was better because it was a little more predictable but at the same time allowed for players to pull some fast one on the enemy. The only real problem, if anything, with BO3 was the specialists. They were really unbalanced; I mean, who actually uses Active Camo, Kinetic Armor, or Combat Focus? I actually had to look those up just to remember their names. And the problem with AW, in my opinion, are those damn variant weapons. They made the game so unbalanced. And some of the weapons from AW were really bad, like those akimbo only SMGs. Who used those?

  39. 330,000 passed and the most hated gaming video of all time. The community has spoken and keep up the good work – just don’t let Activision fool you with some eSport sellouts who are paid to say scripted stuff written by Activision. Every tweet looks like it was written by the same person too and we all remember that they said the same with Ghosts.

    • I’m not going to judge the game but it does seem wierd that all those tweets were all posted at the same time in the last tweet of it was 15 minutes apart from the first one.

      • aqua said “one thing I can mention” so that right there is 100% proof they were told what they could and could not say.

      • Activision most likely sent them a script and told them to publish it at a specific time on Twitter as an emergency to counter all the negativity. If they were proud of their creation; they would have released footage of the game instead and let that speak for itself. Most people have seen right through it especially as they did this with COD Ghosts. A few people are also suggesting that two of the people who published the tweets weren’t even at the IW studios last week based on their social media updates and location fixing so that further dampens the credibility of this charade.

  40. Well they aren’t gonna say its shit are they because they wouldn’t get invited to an IW event again, CoD dick riders…

  41. Let some people in that have already called the game out for being bad. Let them play and give a true opinion. Not people that feel obligated to say that it’s good . Chances are that it’s a really good game. It just sucks for IW to follow SHG and 3ARC after there attempt when people already have a bad taste in there mouth about it. On top of that – GHOSTS. I am going to give it a shot and hold judgement until I can decide for myself. Come on, worst case, we get to play MW on current gen. I have been a follower for a long time and not going to stop now

  42. Lmfao all of them said some vague lame money grabbing “it feels great” statement. Understand people that these guys are nothing but spokesman for Activision and will say ANYTHING to continue to get that pay check. Never come to conclusion about anything until you use it or play it for yourself. That goes for everything in life. Stay strong out there. Know when to spot BS. Most of all, enjoy the CoD4 remaster!

    • Oh how misguided and incredibly WRONG you are. Yes, it is a PR move, but do you really think they are going to say anything else after a few hours of playing? Only an immature moron would say ‘nah it’s sh!t’. Activision does not pay players to participate in the league, infact, players have publicly stated that this is woefully unfair, as they lose money by not being able to stream during the week, whilst league matches are on. Be under no illusion that players hold Activision accountable for many of the injustices they experience, as if they wernt around, Activision wouldn’t be profiting off of them. Many of them upload videos or mention on stream some of the flaws within the game, as I said in a post below. The casters, Mr.X, Maven and Revan are probably under contract to not speak ill of the game as well. I also find your statement highly contradictory, as on one hand you are disparaging their opinion, where they have actually played it, but you go on to say that you should not form an opinion, until you have played it?!?! If you are going to downtrod others opinions, at least make sense yourself…

      • You pretty much made my point for me. Actually you just added onto my point and agreed with me. Of course they won’t say it’s crap. They are obligated and controlled by activision to put in a good word. The system is corrupt just like the government. My statement is not contradictory at all because I’m talking to the average fan. Probably you. And me. Though I’ve been playing cod since cod2. None the less, most of us don’t work for activision or are influenced by PR moves. For most of us, it’s ideal to not judge the game until playing it. For these “it feels great” fellas, they are nothing but fake hype. Nobody should take what they have said to heart yet.

  43. These are the same people that said they were ‘blown away’ by Advanced Warfare’s MP. They haven’t had enough time to play it and they are OBVIOUSLY being told to say good things about it by Activi$ion and IW.

  44. Y’all idiots will never be happy!! Even if we went completely boots on the ground y’all will find something to complain about! I swear the human race is filled wit a bunch of idiotic hypocrites

  45. This is honestly just the pros sucking cock because they were lucky enough to play it early. So sad.

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  47. I got to play Infinite Warfare MP last week, wish I could say more but I can say I loved the way it felt

  48. We all gotta understand the fact that they need to advance to the future to come up with new ideas. If they had to keep making classic games, there is so much shit they have to do. First of all, making the same old games again and again. They have to stick to stuff that has been done already. Another big thing is that they need to use classic gun-names. Guns like the AK-47 and the Remmington require copyrights by these companies for them to use these gun-names in the video games. Also, going into the future will open a new door of opportunities. Not saying I don’t like classic COD. love black ops 2, mw3, COD 4, World at war. Been there, done that. But I also understand so as to not jump on the bandwagon and start hating on something even before it comes out. Give it a chance, and it might suit your taste. Anyways, just saying!!!