Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was recently revealed, but fans are already up in arms about why the movement system will not be boots on the ground, and why Call of Duty is sticking with the the future setting for another year. The YouTube reveal trailer has more dislikes than likes at this point. Many retailers updated their listing to state that the title will contain a “chain based movement system” which sounds very similar to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s movement system; this movement is more controlled and not like Exo suits at all. Plus, we’ve only seen one second worth of thruster in the reveal trailer.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 3.15.11 PM

In order to really figure out why Infinity Ward made it the way they did, we have to look back at Infinity Ward’s last release first. Call of Duty: Ghosts was remarked as one of the worst Call of Duty titles by fans. Every time we try and tweet something about it, our mentions are filled with those hating on it; calling it a joke, and wondering why anyone would buy that. So with all of that, why would Infinity Ward even think of making a Ghosts 2? That would be a marketing nightmare for Activision.

Yes, we did not specifically ask for a futuristic game. But there were fans asking for innovation and wanting something new: Call of Duty community is a LARGE community (over 40+ million people). Everyone has their own opinions about each movement system, each game, and more.

This is Infinity Ward’s first go at the three year cycle. This is why we’re going to a new world. This is why we’re getting something new. It’s about innovation. It’s their chance to try and bring something new to Call of Duty. Sledgehammer Games did it with Advanced Warfare. Treyarch did it with Black Ops 3. Now it’s Infinity Ward’s turn.

Fans have to understand: when Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was announced, there was a ton of hype for the new innovation. Fans were excited to see how it would work. Once the game released, players loved it at the start. Negative feedback did not start until a few months after the release. Let’s say around February-April 2015. At that point, Infinity Ward was already a year and a half into the development of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. There’s no way they can change the entire idea and redo based upon feedback. Infinity Ward could not have predicted such a response to futuristic settings in Call of Duty 3 years ago when many folks (press and fans alike) wanted some innovation in this franchise.

Infinity Ward started development of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare right after Call of Duty: Ghosts launched in 2013. That’s how all Call of Duty developers do it: launch their latest game, and members of the team start transitioning to making the next one. That’s why it’s called a 3 year cycle; 3 years from start to release. When they lock down ideas 2 years ago, it’s not possible to redo everything after fan motivation and feedback changes. While the three developers communicate with each other, they all do have their own vision for what Call of Duty can be. Each team makes their own ideas and takes their own approach to their titles. And fans prefer different styles. There’s a lot of people still playing and enjoying Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Same with Call of Duty: Ghosts. The Call of Duty community is massive; there’s a ton of feedback that comes in, and we do no necessarily see all of it or the big picture.

And one last note: I am very confused why all of the people having such negative impressions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. All we’ve seen is a reveal trailer. That’s it. They have not shared MP, Zombies, or even full gameplay footage. TmarTn also made this point in a recent tweet. How can we judge something based off of a cinematic trailer? Once you see all gameplay, and play it and still dislike it, that’s okay. But hating it just because of seeing a reveal trailer is ridiculous.

Plus, Activision has finally listened and is making a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, so if you play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and you don’t like it, you have the Remastered to play. It’s seem like that’s what Activision might have even intended: give both, but let fans pick and play what they want too.

And yes, we see fans saying “but I have to spend at least $80 to get it?!” Well you’re paying $80 to get a fully featured Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare title and a full campaign and 10 MP maps in Modern Warfare Remastered. Not a bad deal. Activision could have easily made the remastered a separate $60 purchase again, but they bundled it in for only $20 more. And if you pay $100USD, you get Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered, and the Infinite Warfare Season Pass as part of the Digital Deluxe Edition. That’s $130 worth of content for $100.



  1. I totally agree. Especially when there is most likely a beta.

    But judging book by it’s cover is so usual today that I am not surprised.

    • People buy it for the MW remake, we’ll see in November how the community really likes IW when the supply drop and DLC sales are nowhere near that of Bo3…

      And those are Activisions biggest money makers in CoD these days, not copy sales…

      • I don’t, Activision and Infinity ward knew how the wind was blowing in the community for the last 1,5 years, and while I agree you can’t just trow away a complete blue print for a game at that time, it would still be enough time to change the movement system.

        Instead of shutting all the haters up by playing open cards to the community and showcase not only SP but also MP in the reveal trailer would’ve been a much smarter move imo, now we are left with A; no clue what MP is going to be (so everybody expect the worse now) And B; a bad taste of the trailer because it showed everything most of us didn’t want to see (space, thrust jumps, future warfare etc)

        My fear is that the fact they didn’t show us any MP footage means they are fully aware it will not be received well by the community, therefore holding it back and try to get as many pre orders pinned down as possible using the MWR as an ensentive

          • If it’s playable it’s definitely showable… if they can invite pro players/commentators to play test the MP, why not include some footage in the trailer ?? Bo3 did it and it took a lot of concerns away after AW…

          • Yeah, but if they are gonna make a trailer, it needs polish. The features can be there, but not the polish

          • It was a cinematic trailer, they can polish as much as they want too, to let it look as finished as needed.

            just a few snippets of gameplay to take away all doubt of the movement system implemented. That’s all what’s needed…

          • Core to what ? The game ? The maps ? With 1,5 development years left it would be a piece of cake to change minor things in the MP maps to make it suitable for BotG instead of AM, I mean they can shit out 4 complete maps in 3 months with the DLC so why can’t they change some parts of the maps in 1,5 year ?…

        • Dude, i think that youre right. Including MWR and not showing any gameplay at all, means that they wanna go fishing with the community. Really? Nobody notices anything? You CAN’T buy the remastered separatly… That smells like shit to me. Almost they put it at the end of the trailer, and thats the moment when you ask yourself, “should i buy it? Oh wait it alzΓ³ brings MWR (nostalgia)”. Its all marketing guys. These year are coming Doom, BT5 and Titanfall 2. Believe me… Theres no need for another COD.

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    • Tbh I’m actually really excited for this game and I bet more people will be too as time goes by

      • “my room mate Lori Is getting paid on the internet 98$/hr”…..!cc62etwo days ago grey MacLaren P1 I bought after earning 18,512 was my previous month’s payout..just a little over.17k DoIIars Last month..3-5 hours job a day…with weekly’s realy the simplest. job I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months. ago. and now making over. hourly 87 DoIIars…Learn. More right Here !cc62e:➽:➽:➽➽➽➽ http://GlobalSuperJobsReportsEmploymentsLinkGetPayHourly$98…. .❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦::::::!cc62e….,

  2. Damn right, trailer looked really cool and story sounds promising (characters showed more emotion in one trailer than throughout the entire black ops 3 campaign). Also excited for multiplayer as it’s set on multiple planets + space which should mean a variety of movement styles in one game.

    My only concern is that even if it’s a great game like black ops 3, supply drops/other RNG feature could ruin it – Please make it cosmetic only activision!

      • Infinite Ward does campaign best – Soap, Price, Ghost, sandman and Yuri to name a few memorable characters. They also are the only cod devs that create characters that you can truly hate, nothing was more satisfying than throwing a knife into that traitor shephards face or hanging makarov… Even after the 50th time.

    • I agree completely with the emotion you talk about. I think the scene with that woman touching the memorial with the names on it is a good example. So hyped for this game!

  3. I completely agree with this. This game could be the revival of the brilliant mind of Infinity Ward. Besides we should put a little trust in them since they created the series in the first place.

    • True. And Call of Duty is not the game to have that one setting. It’s a franchise of trilogies set in different timelines by different developers.

      • That’s the problem with the future setting. That’s why I understand the hate, that’s why I’m sick of future at least right. There needs to be a variety of timelines. There is three developers and they each do a different timeline. I’m honestly excited for Infinite Warfare though, but i hope this is the last future game for a bit.

  4. Those dislikes on the trailer are just people jumping in the bandwagon cause disliking and hating on cod is the cool thin to do in optimistic about it I’ll give it a chance but I won’t lie I am more hyped for the remaster

    • True… and those dislikes are pathetic compared to the actual community that we don’t see on YouTube.

  5. Haters shouldn’t hate and fanboys shouldn’t be ready to bust a wank.. We don’t know enough about the game to form such opinions, either u thought the trailer looked awesome, or u thought the opposite, that should be the only opinions u could possibly form at this point..

    But blind fan boys will be blind fanboys and blind haters will be haters.. It’s ok to be disappointed or annoyed about the movment, same as it’s ok to be happy about it.. But everyone is so quick to jump on each extreme and attack each other it’s pathetic..stupid comments like the one by “Tested” doesn’t help.. Morons the lot of ya.. Good night..

  6. Black Ops 3: Campaign, Zombies, Multiplayer = sold ~25 million copies worldwide
    Infinite Warfare: Campaign, Zombies, Multiplayer = …

    In fact, people love Black Ops 3. BO3 for me is one of the best COD of all times. (but I’m not gonna lie: BO3 campaign sucks).

      • everyone is saying that , and i respect others opinions but after i finished bo3 campaign i felt so fooled … i remembered NOTHING out of it , the execution was bad , not even a single name … all i remember is that there were some traitors and i was chasing them, and robots , stupid annoying robots … but i clearly remember every bit of cod2 cod4 waw mw2 and bo1 campaigns !

        EVERY SINGLE LEVEL and in some cases the exact lines protagonists say

        • Well yeah, the execution was terrible like you said. I had to research and read about the story to figure it out, but once I did, it was amazing. And no Black Ops 2? Almost every other line in that campaign was memorable. Frank: I lost my s**t. Mason: Frank, you don’t lose your s**t!

          • i still play bo2 multiplayer , but the campaign didn’t touch me that much ! i liked it though

  7. Wise words, Keshav. Wise words. And also, the thrust jump is there for a reason aswell…how are we gonna move in space?

    • No shit. I haven’t seen anyone mention that. I mean, sure the thruster packs might have limited traversal use on the ground, but their main purpose is to give the user the ability to move in zero G environments. One would think that something like that, especially given the new space combat, is a no-brainer.

  8. Many people just wanted the option to buy MW separately. I don’t mind, because CoD still deserves a chance for me. You’re absolutely right that it was too late to change what was already in development. Everyone but the dlc teams had already moved on. However, this doesn’t mean people cannot be upset. Consumers are not meant to care about why they didn’t get what they want. They (we) are justified to be upset if we don’t get the product we want. People aren’t justified in saying the game is bad, but they are in saying they don’t like the concept, or the direction, and are dissatisfied. They can say that they’d rather have boots on the ground. They can even say they wanted extinction and are very unhappy it’s gone (or maybe that’s just me). However, the main point is we can be mad about whatever we want, and we are allowed not to like IW and activision’s decision. We shouldn’t disparage the quality of the game, we don’t know what that is yet. But we can and should voice our displeasure with its storyline and setting. That’s how change starts. Awareness. Respectful awareness, but awareness nonetheless.

  9. I just want them to say, “and Yes we have now have REAL Dedicated servers”. I’m sick of the P2P Hybrid crap. Playing Battlefront, with it’s incredibly shallow multiplayer but ridiculously good dedicated servers, then trying to go back and play BO3 and the lag fest at times was extremely frustrating.

      • Wait so they have added dedicated servers to the Modern Warfare Remaster? Or are you referring to another game?

          • Well that’s definitely a plus then. I hope it isn’t their idea of “dedicated servers” and it’s REAL dedicated servers. Hopefully they say the same thing about Infinite Warfare multiplayer.

  10. Couldn’t of said it better with the exception of one or two small things.
    Still im keeping expectations low for now. Feel like thats probably the best way to go about it. As mentioned by someone else things such as supply drops would really hurt the game more than the damage already done by the community and so hopefully activision will realise that and therfore not implement it into infinite warfare.

    • Now, the reason we got pissed at the supply drops was actually the weapons… If they wouldn’t add those, we would be happy.

    • Oh boy yeah don’t forget supply drops. Definitely. Actvision could milk this game like AW and BO3, and what’s stopping them? They already fucked up Black Ops 3 with supply drops.

  11. I think Infinite Warfare should have space battles. Like that would honestly be lit. This is about innovation, right? Infinity Ward should give it a shot

  12. What did you expect from someone who’s income is BASED on this franchise ? TmarTn made 10 videos on the trailer reveal release date ! 10 VIDEOS

    Come on Charlie , if they can’t respond to feedback because of the 3 year cycle maybe the 3 year cycle is a bad idea then ! that’s not an excuse for not changing the game and if you know history of cod , WaW got some drastic last minute changes because cod4’s multiplayer was a hit and they wanted WaW to feel similar to it ! if they feel that their sales might be at stake they would make a brand new game in 12 months ! all they would need for that is money !

    Working on a game for 3 years doesn’t mean anything , it could STILL suck … and the trailer sets the tone for the whole game , it was INGAME graphics and movement , we saw it , we didn’t like it what’s the problem , in fact the fact that you DID write this article is a sign on how bad it hit them when all this negativity poured out !

      • well if the whole franchise is at stake they would do it don’t you think?
        i WANT the new cod to be good , but supply drops , soldier dance moves and kills that require the push of a button (specialist abilities) will ruin it again … my hope is on MwR … if they f this up too … then i’m sorry

        • The whole franchise is not at stake.

          People are going buy this game because of remastered. It’s going to be a great year for Activision.

          • 4 Real you’re so desperate ” its going to be a great year for activision” Why you suck off activision so much? Activision recieved the message after the reveal trailer of infinite warfare got more dislikes then likes. They had no option left then make cod4 in a bundle with IW or their new shitty game won’t sell shit.

          • Because people are going to buy it to play remastered….so they are going to make $$

          • Yes i know they will make money because of remastered only. I know you also are laughing at infinite warfare its so garbage , you just get paid to make this posts, give positive feedbacks and make infinite warfare look good like you did at advanced warfare while it was completely shit. The COD Community is tired of this futuristic shit.

          • I don’t get paid.

            And where am I laughing? I am going to give Infinity Ward and Infinite Warfare a chance before throwing it out.

          • no the franchise IS at stake

            this year sales might be good but ONLY because of MwR

            what happens next though ?

            another remaster ?

            and then ?

            do you know who’s turn is to release CoD next year ?
            SLEDGEHAMMER ?
            the one’s who made AW…gg

          • Do you know what SHGames is making next year? Cause I don’t. I have not seen it. So I am not gonna even try to judge next year’s game until I see it and play it.

          • Next SHG game could be great… Michael Condrey said that they have a lot of visions for the game like third person etc

    • You cannot make a good, functioning game in 12 months. You cannot make a good game in years either. It all depends upon the studio, the team, and their vision.

      This is Infinity Ward’s vision. Once, back in probably 2013, they locked down space and Activision approved it, there’s no going back. There’s no time to redo assets, make new everything when the entire fundamentals of the game is already set.

      • brother there are TONS of games that were developed in one year , maybe CoD isn’t one of them YET but it’s not because of the time it needs to be made , it’s because of the studio’s manpower and the complexity of the game !

        CoD 4 took 2 years , and it’s STILL praised by the community
        Stardew Valley was made by ONE SINGLE MAN

        Everything is possible if you pour the money in it !

        they don’t have time to redo assets and can’t really change anything now , but that will cost them , sales will be lower this year too !

        Only MwR can save them and Activisions cheap tactic of bundling and forcing us to buy both games , smart move , but a dickmove

    • In your last comment you literally just said “Not giving it a chance shit looked awful” ….. Now here you said “Shit looked awful but we will see” …. wut

  13. I think not only are players growing weary of the future setting, but the dislikes are a form of protest come to manifest by what they see as Activision not listening to and even screwing over the fans. People are sick of the future setting, people are sick of the micro-DLC supply drop practices by Activision, and people see holding MWRemastered hostage and making those who are not interested in Infinite Warfare buy it for access as a dick move. Activision has shown time and again that they are in this more far for the investors now, than the fans, and the fans are starting to take serious notice.

  14. Exactly. People probably wouldn’t expect me giving a futuristic CoD game a chance, but knowing how much hate Ghosts got I am more than willing to give Infinite Warfare Multiplayer a chance. And if it flops, then we still have a Space Campaign to play and COD4 Remastered.

      • You’re not the only one not bo3 bs where you spray an entire clip and the enemy turns around and 1 shot ylu

      • Thats what im saying. if im gonna feel like im getting 1 shotted anyway might as well make sure my gun melts too.

      • And its hit detection. and melee. And i personally would love it if it had Ghosts’s CaC system. Wouldn’t mind the return of field orders and map-specific scorestreaks also. Ghosts did way more right than wrong. too bad a few bad maps blinded everyone to that.

    • And Zombies. There is a massive potential for a Dead Space-esque storyline here with Infinite Warfare Zombies.

  15. Gosh, This makes me so sad u idiots defending infinity ward. ”You didn’t tried the game yet , so stop complaing” Once i buy that piece of shit game its to late, I need them to give first my money and they won’t care if i like/or not like it. i already gave COD 3 chances Advanced warfare , black ops 3 , black ops 2 It’s basically the same shit, and it disappointed me to much. And now ‘infinite warfare’ is coming this year and again futuristic Shit. U guys feel sad for infinity ward but honestly they don’t care about you once you give them your money.

  16. I’m not giving any more chances. I gave a chance when buying AW and BO3. Enough with this bullshit. They should finally listen to the community.

    • Did you read the article? they were already a year into development before they found out that people weren’t happy with Advanced Warfare.

  17. I always hate Infinity Ward games and this one just looks so bad it would make more sense to not buy it and wait until Sledgehammers next game. I don’t mind advanced movements but I would prefer them if they can be Sledgehammers thing and have them once every three years. Also why do they have to add zombies? I think zombies should be Treyarchs thing and Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward should try to make there own modes. So even though they are trying to be “innovative” it’s not innovative when we see the same thing three years in a row. Each studio should have something that makes it special and gives fans something to look forward to. Treyarch has zombies, Sledgehammer has exos, and Infinity Ward could of started something new in this game. But now all three studios are combining ideas and it makes every game very similar and a lot less creative then the last.

    • Youre not a real cod gamer if u say u hate Infinity Warfare games. Everyone knows it all started there. Cod 4 and MW2 were by far the best.

      • Oh shut up child and grow up. If you done your homework; you’ll know that nobody currently employed by Infinity Ward on a full time/permanent basis worked on the old Call of Duty games like COD 4 and MW2. Jason West and Vince Zampella’s IW staff made those games and none of them are at the studio now. ‘Not a real cod gamer’ is such an immature comment too.

      • I never played those but those were by old Infinity Ward not new Infinity Ward that only made MW3 and Ghosts two terrible games. I would be willing to try COD 4 and MW2 but not for $80…

  18. I will definitely give IW a chance although this will probably be their last chance if they deliver as poorly as they did with Ghosts. There has been a lot of changes at the studio over the last few years and I hope the quantity of staff is backed up by the quality they used to have back in the West/Zampella days. I do hope this is the last futuristic Call of Duty game for many years though. IW are on thin ice but Activision have done a smart business decision where the Remaster could actually save them but it’s just a shame we can’t choose which one we want to buy.

  19. Most of the dislikes are by sheep who follow youtubers and do whay they say. Its a hate trend. The game looks pretty awesome and i have no problem with the movement system. Taking it away feels like im going backwards now. people say “im only buying it for cod4” but they are lying. Everyone will play Infinite Warfare when it launches because when it does itll be trending….and thats what all these haters follow.. πŸ™‚

    • You can’t really blame people for disliking what they’ve seen. I don’t think people are lying when they say they just want the Remaster – Ghosts sold 15m less than MW3 so it’s clear people don’t hesitate not to play the current game and happily play the old ones or no COD at all.

  20. Bull shit! They have had 2 years to adjust the movement mechanics for MP. They can keep advanced movement in the campaign, but remove it from the MP it can’t be that hard to do..

    A good portion of the backlash is because they’re only releasing MW:R with IW. And people will have to pay Β£80 for a 9 year old game that only has half the maps.

    If the beta feels like AW or BO3 I’m out. It used to other games that copied CoD, now its the other way around, and CoD is becoming just another sci-fi shooter.

    I’ll wait for MW:R to be sold separately, because i know it’ll happen. theyll make tones of money from it, so they’d be stupid not to. they just want to inflate IW sales and convince 1000’s of people to buy into their strategy.

    • Why offer it seperately when everyone will buy both? Youre like the 1% of people who say they will wait for it to be sold seperately..stop lying and pre order already

      • Because not everyone is willing and dumb enough to spend Β£80 on a 9 year old game, that they will most likely sell separately 3 months later for Β£30. ?

    • Yes it is…

      If the entire MP design team has maps designed from the ground up for the movement, you cannot just delete the movement…1 map takes MONTHS to make…why do you think we only get like 13 maps in a game? It takes a lot of work to build maps around the movement, mechanics, and more

      • it takes 3 years to make 13 maps ?
        and then in just 4 months they have DLC of 4 maps ? BRO COME ON

        if they had boost jumps in MP removing it will need some drastic changes in MP maps but at this point THEY SHOULD do it , because otherwise it’s gonna be hated A LOT !

        • Yah, the game consists only of 13 maps, showcasing them….
          They obviously have other stuff to work on too for fuck’s sake.

          Not only did the CoD community turn into shit but also this one it seems.

        • Obviously it doesn’t take 3 years to make 13 maps. The entire time isn’t spent on making maps. They probably barely even touch multiplayer until a year to a year and a half in development. Then, alot of time is spent on figuring out what will be in multiplayer (from previous games, new ideas, and especially campaign). It takes time to make a game.

        • They start out making more maps than that, but many maps get cut in early versions of the game around 1 – 1 1/2 years into the game for many reasons such as bad flow, or the map just isn’t fun. DLC is often started before the game comes out by people who have already finished their work in the base game. A single map can take anywhere from 5-8 months from start to finish. From the outside looking in, you say “how hard can it be?”. A lot more goes into developing a game than you might think.

        • DLC maps are already partially complete and they already have progress towards them by the time the game comes out.

    • If they implemented movement into the game, that probably means that they built all the Multiplayer maps around said movement, don’t you think?

    • You’re not paying $80 for a game. You’re paying $80 dollars for a brand spanking new COD with a remastered version of a 9 year old game. You’re pretty much paying only $20 bucks for MWR.

    • Redoing the fucking maps is another thing and it’s not easy designing a map. AW was fucking horrible without Exo’s

  21. lol nah. But you can all waste your $$ on space wars & a decade old “remaster” with half the maps with the normal half assed support from Infinity Ward ’16. Have fun with supply drops & Activision toying you over every little piece of content created. I mean how else will Charlie Intel be relevant anyways? Of course youd make this article lol.

    Truly done with this game after all this time. Ill go back to my old CoDs if I want to engage in the real versions that arent parodies of themselves.

    • Its not wasting money if we enjoy it Einstein. You suck at COD because only those who do bash it. I love them. Enjoy your 60 player battlefield circus.

      • Calling me bad without any evidence is pretty fanboyish lmao. I can promise you my gun would most likely destroy you 9/10 but thats another story. If you enjoy it, then great, fuck off & enjoy it then like any other kid here will wasting their money on shit youd normally get in the past with ease. Dont care what this circlejerk thinks, the game. Fucking. Sucks. Now. Get over it. This franchise you defend is literally laughable outside of your little circlejerk.

        “Youre not a real cod gamer if u say u hate Infinity Warfare games.” Yeah, hey, wake up fanboy. 2007 is not 2016, this ain’t the IW you know. You’re not getting any real support in this game, I guarantee you.

        • Lol i doubt it…saying it sucks before any real gameplay has been released has got to be the dumbest thing you and the rest of the bandwagons can say. This game will crush all previous cods. Watch

          • “This game will crush all previous cods. Watch” BAHAHAHAHA. GLADLY. & ALL FOR FREE. Sorry I gave COD about 100 chances the last three years to not suck fanboy.

          • I own all the Call of Duty games; even the ones made before you were even born. Grow up and respect other people’s opinions instead of acting like a butthurt little brat who’s trying to protect his beloved ‘Infant Warfare’.

          • I dont need to respect your hateful opinions on a game you havent even seen yet. You morons are judging a game because its not set in history or a modern era. Both of you need your asses whooped for judging a book by its cover

          • You should look up ‘hateful’ in the dictionary. If you are getting soured so much by harmless opinions; you need to man the hell up instead of crying about what others say. Kids these days christ…

          • crying? hahaha i love this article and im hyped about this game. you and the other clown are the sour ones claiming this game sucks already without even seeing the multiplayer. hater

          • oh ya my bad youre the guy that said “activison is forcing us to buy infinite warfare to play cod4 and holding us ransom” lol no ones forcing you to do anything. shut your mouth already and preorder. i suggest you get the deluxe πŸ™‚

          • The word ‘sucked’ and no negatives in that statement are in relation to Call of Duty games. Clearly you aren’t of a competent age to understand such basic language let alone be allowed to buy a Call of Duty game.

          • Guess what thoe, you’re still going to get this new COD and it will be your 101 given chance! lol

        • I have been a fan since COD2 and let me tell you, I will take modern warfare or TBT over the futuristic theme, any day. But this is what COD has evolve to now! Unlike you, I know how to accept it and move on. I actually welcome change to the brand even though I wish they could take the boost jumps away but it is what it is. I’m not wasting “my money” because I enjoy it the series on my perspective. & I’m not with this so called “circlejerk” nor defending the franchise. Just being real. Hating on Infinite Warfare (which only has a reveal trailer) for what it is or has become it’s really a waste of your time. Watch you and the others stay checking Charlie Intel for news update and stay posting hate comments. Because it’s what most of ya’ll know how to do best anyways.

          Ohh btw, telling a fan to “fuck off”on a COD site it’s laughable in so many levels! Lmao

    • what space wars?

      They’ve already said MP maps will be on Earth/other planets.

      Campaign will have space wars.

      • You just get paid to tell good words for callofduty. Tell me you liked advanced warfare? you liked black ops 3? Bo3 and AW is the same project but they changed campaign and some textures and weapons lmfao. I remember when AW revealed their CO-OP ‘survival mode ‘ Every1 was disappointed and so much hate. you guys made again a post like this to give it a chance . Guess what we did and its a piece of trash mode.

        • I don’t get paid at all. I have got $0 to say anything good.

          I didn’t enjoy Advanced Warfare. I barely played it. I think Black Ops 3 is okay.

          • B03 Is shit. Tiny maps and walls mean nothing why even have walls if bullets go right threw them. WTF is up with 15 bucks every couple months for a couple more tiny maps. Running on walls? Yep no more money on COD for this guy. Too bad so many retards keep handing Kotick fisfulls of cash so they just keep putting out shit and the kiddies spend more time in game trolling then playing this garbage. Fuck Kotick the goof and a smarten up bitch slap to the idiots with thier head up Koticks anus.

  22. COD is COD!
    “99% of these bandwagon haters are gonna be grinding Infinite Warfare come November” (by TmarTn excited)
    I just want a good Multiplayer..thats all !

  23. The fans will speak with their wallets at the end of day. Think it’s safe to say that advanced movements are a great addition, just as long as it’s done right. If this game does just that, I’m sure most of this hate will die down. Remastering old CODS would be a great way to settle the community down a bit too, that’ll leave two CODS a year, for the advanced movement games, and the BotG games, and remastering won’t cost as much as the new COD either.

  24. Well Activison going to destroy it with supply drops so there is no point giving a chance, Call of Duty need real reboot like another publisher.

  25. Good point, Keshav. That’s pretty much exactly what I’ve been saying these past few days. This is a completely new game setting-wise and gameplay-wise that we barely know anything about. I’ve been playing these games since the series’ very beginning, and although I really liked the WW2 games and the modern games, I honestly believe that going back would be a MAJOR step backwards. Besides, it’s not like it’s a massive departure. You still fight battles boots on the ground, but on a more distant rock. You do fight alongside the navy, but this time in the cosmic ocean. The gameplay of the Call of Duty games has always stayed the same in my eyes, but each year brought an addition to the gameplay itself. We have to realise and accept that the game has to evolve for it’s own good. It has to stay original, it has to bring new features constantly, because that way the game can always feel fresh and we get more/new content to play with, which, I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a win-win for both sides. This is just my honest opinion.

    • Don’t you think it will most likely be sold separately some time after launch? Actually, I’m pretty convinced that’s what will happen.

          • Yes I do. It’s honestly the first CoD I ever played. I remember my brother and I did split screen Backlot and Shipment for hours back in the day. I eventually got my own 360 and got a copy of the game with it.

          • So you’re willing to spend 60 bucks (if they sell it separately) on the exact same game but with a graphical upgrade? No disrespect. We’re just talking here.

          • I’d have to pay 80 for a graphical upgrade and so would everyone else. That’s ridiculous. But to answer your question, yes. I’d be able to play it on current gen with friends who never got to play it, play without hackers, and relive the campaign in 1080p. I bought Master Chief Collection and that’s all that was too. That’s the point of remasters. The population is restored on current gen and the graphics are better.

          • Even so, if you pay 80 bucks for the legacy edition, you get two games. TWO. It would be a waste and a shame to refuse such an offer. Now I personally don’t give a damn about the remaster, but for those of you who want it, I say buy the legacy edition. Just think of it: if the remaster gets sold separately, you’d have to pay the regular price of 60 dollars for it. That doesn’t sound like much, but if I were you, I’d say that the legacy edition is a pretty solid deal.

          • We don’t want infinite warfare. We don’t want to get charged for something we don’t want. We’re tired of future shit as are many people in the community. I grew up trying to catch Makarov, hanging off the edge of Arctic mountains, choking Dragovich, and stopping the Nova 6 program. Not boosting around and flying into space. That’s not Call of Duty, that’ll never be Call of Duty for me and for many others. The majority doesn’t want this.

          • Stop saying “we”. Alright? There is no “I” in “we”. Just because some people in this community don’t like the idea, that doesn’t mean that the same applies to the rest. A lot of Call of Duty fans like the concept of Infinite Warfare. Also, before saying that I’m a little kid or whatnot, know that I’m 23 years old. I’ve seen that “little kid” shit enough times to make me sick. As a fact I know that kids these days don’t even know what real sci-fi is with authors such as Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and many others. I’m gonna leave with some friendly advice. If the remaster won’t be sold individually and if you don’t want to buy Infinite Warfare, why not just save your money for something else? Now that’s some food for thought.

          • “We” as in the old school Call of Duty fans like me. Which as you may know, IS THE MAJORITY.

          • Still, there are even veteran Call of Duty fans like me and (if you say so) you that like the idea behind Infinite Warfare and are more open minded. Be patient. There will most likely be a beta. You will play the beta and you will see if the game is worthy of all the pointless hate. Hating the game without seeing actual gameplay, be it campaign or multiplayer, is simply absurd AND ridiculous.

    • stfu. A company releases what ever they want, and the consumer either gets it or not. Or are we going to start signing petitions for Mcdonalds to sell us the patties alone because we dont want the bread and the full price. Your toxic mindset is whats wrong with the world these days.

      • Great advice genius. I guess the guys in the Destiny community were wrong for protesting against the Taken King right? Bungie tried selling exclusive in game items to people who only bought the collectors edition, which forced you to buy Destiny twice. I guess they should’ve took it up the ass like you and just went along with it because “A company releases whatever they want.” If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. I’m not the one who’s toxic. The people who kiss Activision’s ass are the ones who are toxic. You don’t give a shit about Call of Duty if you find nothing wrong with this.

        • Well, I’m not sure, but no one is forcing you to buy said thing. You don’t solve a problem if you keep yapping about it. Don’t give them money. When they force you to buy something, then it’s time to light the torches.

        • lol so you think that this petition will change their whole marketing campaign. No one is forcing you to buy it. You WANT MW:Remastered then you have to BUY the bundle. Its not that complicated. And I do care about CoD, but I find nothing wrong with this. Its like a bonus. Like when you pre-order any game. I can see you protesting that pre-order bonuses need to be sold separately. lol And its not like youre paying $80 for $20 worth of content because youre still going to have it. How about selling it? Youre going through all the trouble of making and spreading a petition, then why not spend that energy after the game comes out to sell it to a friend, or online. Its not harder to do than making a petition campaign to fight the evil Activision lol

  26. I agree with this and i hope it is one hell of a game cuz that means i will have 2 great games to play and for those that whine if it’s just little thrust like in a trailer c’mon that is nothing compare to AW,,i’m routing for infinity ward peace

  27. I think the Advance Movement system will be better than AW and BO3. IW brought in Todd Alderman from Respawn to overlook MP. If you guys ever played Titanfall you would know that their Advance Movement system felt more like Classic COD than AW and BO3. So I will give the new Infinity Ward a chance this year.

  28. IMO, when I wanted change, I never had jetpacks in mind. But the setting doesn’t matter all that much, as long as it’s fun.

    • What else would you have in mind? If you said destructible environments then everyone would just hate on it for being a knockoff Battlefield.

        • i think Ghosts had ther perfect level of destruction for a CoD game. it really wouldnt work well at the level of BF’s. I would like to see more interactibles though.

    • People never wanted change, they just wanted enhancement of the same core mechanics that attracted them to cod in the 1st place. They just didn’t know how to say it and we somehow ended up with jetpacks and supply drops lol

      • CoD was always enhancing the core mechanics and people just said they didnt count, accused the games of being identical, and demanded drastic change. Now half the people are saying exos and stuff dont count and the game is still idenetical while the other half is saying its too different.

      • Yeah… They could definitely change core mechanics without having crazy jumps and shit tbh. Hope this opens their eyes moving forward. The jetpacks are just way too chaotic.

        • Its probably too late for SHG but maybe the next 3arch game has a chance of really bringing cod back to its roots πŸ™‚

  29. CI is the only place where there really isn’t a lot of hate when a reveal trailer is released

  30. The purpose of a trailer is supposed to give an impression of a game and the impression we got was poor. However, most of us know that it will not all be flying around and campaign will completed then not touched for another 6 months (?) – we’re looking for MP and Zombies which will of course feel like Call of Duty.

  31. “once you see all gameplay, and play it and still dislike it, that’s okay” – Pay $65+ just to decide if we like it?

    In all fairness this is what I’m doing but that’s because I want a new game to play but, of course, I would prefer if it was one I enjoyed.

      • Fair point. Pre-order, if we don’t like it – cancel.

        As I just tweeted you, I would say the main reason for the dislikes on the video are because that people didn’t like the video. It is the role of marketing to create an impression of the game, and the impression they created – epic as it was – is not what the fans wanted (but the community’s mind always changes). Therefore they received dislikes.

  32. Guys, sorry my bad english but, COD4 has his time! Was a GREAT GAME but you guys will play it again and you will see that some Call of Duty Games are better! Look:

    – MW2 have some streaks better than COD4: AC-130, chopper gunner, predator missel…

    – With the “SLIDE” players are able to keep their momentum.

    – Semtex is better than only grenades

    – LAST STAND and Frag Grenades X3 is a PAIN IN THE ASS!!! People can spam Grenades all over the Map…

    I can tell A LOT of better changes since COD4…

    Some changes are inevitable!

  33. Anyone else think they should change the colour of the Infinite Warfare logo from yellow to something else? Its the same as AW it could at least be blue or something?

      • Why not? It worked great in Ghosts. People just need to be a little more careful when they run around.

          • The TTK in Ghosts is perfect for camping. There is pretty much no time for your victims to react.

          • Do you get a lot of hate messages? My friend would always camp in Black Ops 2 and make people lose their freaking minds.

          • I just don’t know how you have the patience to wait in one spot for a kill dude. I have to be on the move all the time. Sometimes what I do is pick a small portion of the map and run around that area and collect kills on FFA. That’s the only close to camping I do haha

          • You don’t have to be on one spot to camp. A good camper moves near the enemy spawn, corner camp, and shoots the enemies on their backs.

          • I still hate you lol You are one of the notorious players in COD. I don’t let a camper get away with shooting me in the back thoe!

  34. What’s really pathetic about this is now kids are opening multiple youtube accounts to dislike the video a few times over. Do you not have anything better to do or…?

    • Who cares? Most YouTube companies pay Asian sweatshops for likes or buy script bots to inflate ad revenue. Don’t concern yourself with likes/dislikes on a video as it’s all BS anyway.

  35. Every year it’s the same thing with the cod community. The ones with the smallest stick yells the loudest. I.E The few haters there actually are make the biggest impression.

    • But where are the fans then ?? If the launch trailer gets over 200k dislikes over 1,6k likes you can’t ignore the fact that it isn’t just the bandwagon haters anymore…

      Otherwise every CoD trailer in the past would’ve had more dislikes then likes, according by some who state it’s the loud minority of haters who voice their opinion on the trailer.

      • It’s cool to hate COD now plus you have all these old ass youtubers egging it on on Twitter and Facebook plus it has the Infinity Ward name which people have hated since MW2 it’s alot of things.

      • It’s mostly a combination of what I said and the bandwagon. Also there’s the people who don’t think and dislike cause they see thrusters in a cinematic trailer for campaign.

  36. My gripe is the Black Ops 3 maps have become a lot larger to accommodate the new movement system. We’ll never see smaller maps as long as there’s infinite sprint and the ability to wall run across long distances without ever touching the ground.

    Who else remembers Dome from World at War? It was always an intense, fast paced game.

  37. I’d say by giving out COD4 remastered it’s more of an incentive for people to play the new game they spent 3 long years of hard work, on. They want people to give it a chance, and offering a remaster of MW is just a way of saying, hey, we have listened to what you guys want, we remastered your favorite game, now try out our new game that we feel Is an improvement on the last game we made.

  38. Fair arguments but it just comes down to your tolerance level of bullshit.

    I could never find myself giving a chance or making excuses with the company that has chewed me up and spit back out only to aim for a new/younger audience.

    • Well, they have to grow their fan base and what better way to do it than to entic little kids? This is why COD partnered with Mega Blocks. You got to start ’em young. Lol

  39. I’ll defo give it a chance but Inf Ward have little to no faith in their game I feel. During the interview the guy was going on how it’s not a sci-fi game but it clearly is. Also MWR is in the IW bundle because they know it wouldn’t sell as much without it. Little to no fans wanted a cod in space this year, but what did they bring us? A cod in space…
    I don’t know what’s going on but activison needs to get their asses in gear or cod will defo decrease in popularity and sales. I mean you have counter strike these days with just as much if not more players on it that cod and counter strike isn’t a new game or anything so I can see cod losing its title as the best fps fairly soon, even though it’s not been the best for many years now anyway

    • Or midway they realized, oh shit. I imagine CoD 4 remake wasn’t that hard to do when compared to IW. Also, sci-fi is fictional… And there is more possiblities of Infinite Warfare happening irl than BO3 and AW imo

  40. I think people are taking things too far. This game is being hated simply because it has Infinity Ward’s name on it. Nobody has even seen gameplay of it yet!

    Give ’em a second chance. Their last game was not a success, and they are trying to make up for it. They want to give us a good game, they really are, but you don’t know if it’s good or not unless you actually play it. Try the beta, if you don’t like it by then, cancel the preorder. Simple as that.

  41. I don’t get why people are so against the movement system, I think there is nothing wrong with it.

    • It’s not just the movement system. People tend to group together all the problems with current CoD and attach it to the future setting. But let’s be real, if they change the setting and don’t do anything about the issues plaguing CoD, nothing will change.

    • I pre-ordered the game as well, just to make sure I get a disk version of the game with the MWR code inside. Chances are very high I sell my copy of IW within the first week if MP game play is near AW or Bo3…

  42. I’m hyped for infinite warfare all the people that are saying i thinks it suck are just walking with the big group of sheeps i think this game is going tonbe awesome!!

  43. I would’t mind if Activision didn’t lie to our faces. That’s my biggest turn-off. Makes me wonder what they’ll lie about next.

  44. Infinite Warfare’s Reaction on Facebook is far more positive than the reaction on Youtube(Via Facebook’s react ratings).

  45. Kk we’re all hyped yay everything’s great, fine.

    But why is everyone using “oh they could’ve sold us CoD4 remastered for $60 separately” as an argument? Building the game up from nothing = work, money, time to justify full price. Giving us a fresh coat of paint and half the maps =/= $60.

  46. As long as it’s better than Ghost and AW, I don’t really care. Looking more forward to COD 4 only because I never played the original.

  47. This article has so may points that i try to get across to people when im on IGN. (not that a damn soul listens).

    And lets not pretend that even half of those dislikes are genuine. The CoD hate bandwagon is strong with this one.

    • Yeah there is no point. People won’t listen to your argument because they hate CoD so much. Some people are so sad. IGN community is toxic imo

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  49. No, look at the game with unbias eyes and check for things you’ve liked/disliked in previous titles. For example, I can tell map design at this point. If we get more maps like BO2/AW/BO3 where they’re the size of my closet, it’s not happening. If there’s a free beta you could try that, but don’t spend money just “to try it”, especially if previous titles have been letting you down.

    Don’t mindlessly spend 65+ dollars on something you don’t think you’ll like. That’s just financially stupid.

      • Well, of course I like my comment, I made it…. Basic logic goes a long way

        Also, fantastic job staying on topic. 10/10

        Now, I have to wonder what you hoped to accomplish making your comment. What does it matter to you? It doesn’t matter at all, is the correct answer. You just tried to place yourself in a position of superiority by insulting someone for something that has no need to be insulted. You can get your ego out of these comments, you prick. Intelligence isn’t your strong suit is it? Thanks for showing me your superiority complex. Need to insult at least 1 person on the internet per day to satisfy it? Your really sad. Really sad. Terrible person.

  50. I’m honestly really excited, I like space stuff and I love Call of Duty so it’s a good combination. As long as I get a new Call of Duty, I will play the living crap out of it.

  51. I loved MW1 but now i feel sick. I just cant stand with the fact that many people hate IW(IW = Infinite Warfare)all because of a cinematic trailer. Its just absolutely sickening. Im honest with you guys at this point that im more hyped with IW than MW1 remastered. Hate me if you want but the 40+MILLION people in the cod community just give infinity ward the *ORIGINAL COMPANY THAT CREATED CALL OF DUTY!* 1 chance with the game the game looks beautiful with this picture and the logo is AWESOME!!! So everyone give infinity ward another
    chance ok
    If you look at the picture of space theres a rainbow

  52. Infinity Ward needs to remaster MW2 and MW3.
    Treyarch needs to remaster BO and BO2.
    With all the original maps btw

  53. I enjoyed the trailer. Especially when David Bowie kicked in, that was great. If the movement system is like BO3 I’m ok with that. The AW movement system not so much.

  54. I really don’t understand the Cod community sometimes.First they complained about Cod being the same now they’re saying that Cod is being too futuristic.I feel bad for Infinity ward putting their hard work throughout their early development over the years to only see that people are judging the game from one trailer and jumping the hate bandwagon.Infinity ward can’t really scrap their work and change it to fit the fans needs because that would be pointless and time wasted.I honestly thought the trailer for Infinite Warfare was awesome with Call of duty 4 being remastered. When I saw the like/dislike ratio, I see the cod Community as ungrateful fucks where they think their voices would matter but it doesn’t. I totally understands that people want Cod to go back to its roots but they have to understand that Cod was never meant to stay at one setting forever. Call of duty is evolving and most people cannot accept that change so they think that hating it would justify it when it without doubt means anything. I like playing a variety of games and I like playing Cod because it’s fun and easy to get into. Of course it isn’t realistic but that’s what makes the game realistic. Battlefield has some realistic elements but I would hardly call it realistic because of the bullshit you can do that is not possible in real life. I’m not really defending Cod but I’m really just stating my opinion from the backlash that is happening currently and awhile ago.

  55. Imo the Black ops 3 movement system is fine. You don’t even have to use it to be successful in the game unlike AW where everyone is jumping like grasshoppers. If the movement system is similar to B03 i would have no problem with it.

  56. the COD community aren’t stupid sheep like some people think. eating up the new COD that comes out every year, buying can see when a game is going in the wrong direction when there’s even a debate about the likes on a cinematics trailer. the fact that it’s even a conversation is what shows the controversy. people wanted another WaW and got AW. yeah some people wanted it and enjoyed it, but so many still wanted something current or in the past. PEOPLE GET BORED. especially millennials. kids brought up on smart phones. everything has become extremely rapid and product life cycles have been cut in half within this generation. you give us another future based game with more EXO bullshit? Call it what you want but that’s what it is. Car companies do the same shit with their features to avoid copyrights. [ie. all wheel drive] the game failed and it hasn’t even been shown yet. THAT’S how you know. the gameplay will be the nail in the coffin. it will win some haters back with the flashy new skins and textures but their core fanbase is depleting. fuck cod im out

    • Did you miss the whole part where they cant cancel a project 1-2 years i to development because people de ided theyre already tired of future CoD?

  57. Hm nah Im good, you can have that. I’ll stick w/ Treyarch’s CoD. I’ll shamelessly buy IW just for CoD 4, download it and sell IW on ebay πŸ™‚

  58. I agree with you. I’m not just going to hate this game from just the reveal trailer. I also hate to say I hate Call of Duty because I’ve been playing for years.

  59. dude,, i have given many chances to CoD from mw3 to bo3. don’t u get it. if activision cared about fans they would have sold MW1 separately instead of bundling it with IW. This is one of their cheap marketing tactic to increase their sales revenue for IW. They don’t care about fans. All they care about is $$ as evident by bo3 supply drops. Fans are crying for free weapons but they don’t listen. so don’t give me the bullshit that they care and listen to fans. and on top of that do u know why they aint talking about movement stuff and multiplayer because they know community wont pre-order it if they showed the futuristic movement again. Its all about moneyyyyyy!!

    • Why would they care about you lol, more to the point, why do you feel they should? if you need someone to care about you, make friends or ask mummy for a hug…. Activision are a business, the whole point of a business is to make money, they are always going to do that by offering something people want for money…. pretty simple!

      They obviously know what the majority want better than you do, cause as far as I am aware, they have had the best selling game for many years…. if people didn’t like what they were selling, that couldn’t happen….

      We had year after year of boots on the ground and as good as most of those games were, they got real boring and stale, I didn’t bother with AW cause I completely went off the COD series 2 weeks into Ghosts cycle as it was once again, the same tired old rubbish….

      I came back for BLOPSIII as it was very different and fresh, hell, I even like the supply drops, well, at least since they put the weapons in, before when it was cosmetic only, they were completely pointless, but now they have given us a chance to get some pretty cool stuff for free…. you don’t lose anything if you don’t get anything from them, but you gain everything if you do, that’s a win win for us.

  60. If you don’t like it. Then don’t buy it. But stop you’re complaining. It’s getting old. And yeah, you won’t get mwr right away. But almost everybody here says activision are just looking for money. So i guess they will bring it out a few months after IW releases. But for now shut the F up. It’s like a group of women who are in their period out here.

  61. Even if this game turns out to Be a great one in the series, I will not purchase it. The microdlc in the previous Games has gotten me to a point where I will only get the next game if it Does not include supply drops. Playing €60 for a Game and then having that kind of microdlc is Just too much, especially if those drops contain weapons that give you an edge over other players. I have been a fan since cod 1 but this has Just killed the game for me.

  62. I’m excited about infinite warfare tbh, it looks good from the reveal trailer and they are even throwing in a remastered game that everyone has been asking for for ages and the community still isn’t happy? One thing I’ve noticed about a lot of people that comment is that they won’t be happy even if the developers put everything you wanted in to a game because you would still nitpick it apart toll you find something your not happy about. People wanted bigger maps and they did that with ghosts which I actually enjoyed but that game was ripped apart.
    People wanted a new innovated system and advanced warfare did it but gets moaned about too.
    Black ops 3 was hyped about for everything and now you see a lot of comments complaining about that.. All it shows is that this community gets what they asked for and most are still unhappy and ungrateful that they actually listened and tried to give you something new.
    This community is huge and the developers are trying to please you by giving you what you asked for which is a remake of cod4 this year so just give them a chance and you may actually enjoy both games.

  63. people need to have patience, im sure within next couple of cycles they will have groundedness, especially treyarcs since theyre done with the trilogy. [probably even a waw2].

    Theres so many other games thatre grounded. i dont understand why people want cod to be like every other game out there.

  64. Ultimately, people will never be happy, but IW has done a poor job of managing expectations. In the lead up to this reveal, a lot of their teaser items have referenced “boots on the ground”. This dev team doesnt seem to know what that means, which is a scary thought.

    On the hate re cod4 not being sold separately. Your point that it is a good value is not the point at all. It is only a good value if you want IW or IW + a seasons pass. Certainly, some people do, but some people do not. So to suggest a person who just wants COD4 should be happy to pay extra money (whether that is $1 or $60) for something they do not want is silly.

    If activision said you could only by COD: IW if you also buy mirrors edge but they will only charge $100, which is a $40 savings, would you feel the same way? Is that the deal you are looking for? maybe it is, but its not the deal I am looking for.

  65. Not to mention we still got boots on the ground mode in AW for those players that did not like the Exo suit mechanic

  66. Ghosts may have been terrible, but from what I hear, it’s mostly the multiplayer. Plus, whenever I asked the people about the campaign, they’d say “Oh, I didn’t play the campaign.” I didn’t mind Ghosts, but they ended it with a cliffhanger leaving the whereabouts of Sgt. Logan Walker and the Federation War inconclusive. That’s kind of the reason I was hoping for a Ghosts 2. Of course the first one was bad, they were JUST testing the waters, that’s why some people make sequels to make up for the first one. If they were to do ANY Call of Duty game based on REAL wars again, they should cover World War I since most WWI FPS games only focus on either one year or battle and are exclusive to PC, or the Korean War (They made a game about a war that the US lost, why not make a game about a war that remained inconclusive or a stalemate). Not only for the history, but for the fact that many characters throughout the franchise were involved in those conflicts and many of them first met each other because of said conflicts.

    • The multiplayer in Ghosts isn’t terrible, it was mostly the community that made it appear that way. I just play Squads now, Wargame, and it is still a blast.

      • Yes and no. The weapons in multiplayer were unevenly balanced and I’m not talking about how they are supposed to be in real life, but some of the weapons were made weaker than they were supposed to be. Also, the maps made it difficult to find everyone at times.

  67. Besides, if I wanted a FPS game that takes place in the future and space warfare, I would rather play Destiny,Halo,or Star Wars Battlefront. I feel like the developers have been influenced by people who like those things and said, “I wonder what this would look like in a Call of Duty game?” It’s like trying to combine two sports into one (Gridiron Football and baseball), they don’t work together. In other words, don’t put in something that doesn’t belong there in the first place.

    • HAHA! Don’t even mention Star Wars Battlefront EA, cause that shit got no content. Destiny is not really good imo and Halo is a Xbox exclusive.

      • I never said Star Wars Battlefront. YOU did. Plus, why are you bitching and moaning about it? I’m only stating what I think makes a good COD game. I’ve played almost every single one up to ghosts. (I haven’t played any of the newer ones because I want to wait until I can afford a better console. I want Call of Duty to succeed, but it won’t if it keeps making stuff like this. I’ve said it before, make something that hasn’t been made like a Korean War game that covers all the years of the war and a full-length WWI game that isn’t solely exclusive to PC and only covers one year and one battle. They have plenty of characters from previous games to provide a good story and a realistic FPS again.

          • Again, you’re still missing the point. Whether they like it or not, it MUST appeal to what the players want in a game. We can clearly see by the amount of dislikes that they aren’t all that excited for this game. Plus, Infinity Ward developed the FIRST Call of Duty and it was a decent game for it’s time. They did better when they still had their employees from 2009 before they were fired and or left. Since then, they’ve lacked the certain flare that made their games fun. They were kind of my last hope in making a game that I was expecting to see made. And now they’ve followed suit with Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch with an already saturated theme.

  68. All this proves is how sheepish the CoD community is. The only reason why it’s getting the “hate” it’s getting is because we live in a generation where “hating” is cool & people will listen to the favorite youtuber without even touching the game.

    • I Dont think that is true. There has been an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the cod4 reveal. people just want something specific and they are concerned about a developer producing more copy and paste content. the problem is that with the millions of voices online, you have to yell loudly or nobody hears you. I cant be bothered, but can understand how polite opposition to something doesnt get you very far in this day and age. Its Haterade or nothing

  69. These year are coming: Doom, BT5 and Titanfall 2. Believe me… Theres no need for another COD. MWR included in the game? They are using our nostalgia just because they dont know how to keep us buying every 9 months. Bussiness is bussiness. Keep telling you idiots that they are making games for the COD community. Next game with MW2? Go to hell Activision!

  70. Already pre-ordered the Legacy Pro edition – I want Infinite Warfare and Season Pass! I am looking forward to the campaign – 2 ex-Naughty Dog developers working on it and Ghosts campaign wasn’t ‘bad’. BO3’s movement is a lot of fun and speeds the game up a lot more – no more camping behind claymores!!

    At the very least, it can’t be as bad as Advanced Warfare!!!

  71. Thrusting ruined cod. If this has advanced movement I’m out and I’m not the only one. The cod community as a whole doesn’t like it, I don’t understand how they don’t see it

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  73. honestly i gave bo3 a chance i liked it at the begging of its cycle, but then the boost jumps got too much for me and so i don’t want to give call of duty a 3rd chance unless they take out boost jumps and wall running. I don’t care where the setting is as long as it’s boots on the ground.

  74. I like it how they say Black Ops II had a lot of dislikes but was still successful for them to make Black Ops III, but then won’t make a sequel for Ghosts (which kind of needs one).

  75. AW is one of the best CODs of all time. I remember when BO2 came out everyone was throwing shade on it, today everyone loves it and forgets the hate it got.

    AW did many things right:
    1) pick 13 was better than pick 10. Those of us who have been playing this for a while are sick of tons of scorestreaks.
    2) ranked play–the system worked wonderfully. The near broken “ban system” in BO3 is terrible.
    3) Mors sniper in AW was great. The black scoping mechanics in AW is top tier for quick scopers and sniper fans (which I am neither.)
    4) Gun range from AW solved so many problems a) waiting on lobby b) testing new weapons/ scopes c) helping accuracy

    AW also did many things wrong. The weapon variant system was a joke. Infected was an afterthought. The weapon balance was always terrible–pretty much you played a Bal-27 till you unlocked the Bal-27 Obsidian Steed or Bal-27 Inferno. There were three good guns in game.

    Overall though it was a good game! The movement was great and haters are going to throw shade because they need to L2P. It stinks that because of a small vocal minority, that the great movement system from AW will probably not show up again.

  76. originally lots of people hated on black ops 3 so I agree that people will probably change there minds later

  77. The most annoying thing is when people complain about the time period the game is set in and then complain about the lack of innovative gameplay at the same time. A future setting means there is the potential of new game play mechanics. When the genre goes back to WW2 there really isn’t much that they can add gameplay wise, except for maybe more realistic vehicle mechanics and not the ridiculous and mindless turkey shoot it usually is. Also, I don’s see why the setting is so important to some people? The game play is exactly the same whether you are shooting down thousands of Germans, Russians, Arabs, North Koreans or robots… I’t pretty much a series of gauntlets with you unrealistically taking on massive armies all by yourself by taking cover, emptying a clip in some poor conscripted soul, throwing a grenade, rinse and repeat.

  78. I would like a more realistic my multiplayer shooter. No jumping all the time, wall running, no cartoon specialists, and more separation of solo and team players. I hope battlefield 1 does well and call of duty gets the hint.

  79. When can I get this game for free cause im not spending 100$ just to get the game I have been waiting for to be remastered