During Activision Blizzard’s conference call, an investor asked Activision CEO about his response to the community’s initial reaction to the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer. The trailer has some record number of dislikes for a Call of Duty trailer.

Activision CEO, Eric Hirshberg responded, “First of all, you’ve gotta love the passion of gamers. This is an industry like no other. And we love that our fans treat this franchise like its their own and have such strong points of view about it. There just aren’t many entertainment franchises on Earth that can generate the type of passion that Call of Duty can. That’s a good thing.”

He followed up to state that Activision has heard players’ request for boots on the ground and stated that’s why they decided to bring Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered this year. There’s two games that will appeal to different player bases and said player demand for both does exist.

“Secondly, of course we know that there are people in our community who are nostalgic for the boots on the ground style gameplay, and that’s why we made Modern Warfare Remastered. But we also have millions of people in our community who want to have new innovative experiences in the game each year, and Infinite Warfare is going to deliver that.

And the good news is is this year we found a way to deliver both in one package while keeping our community together.

And while of course we see the passionate opinions online we also look at other measurements and the fact is, although its very early, the preorders are off to a very strong start. Views of the reveal trailer are up. And in fact the number of likes per view on the Infinite Warfare reveal trailer are also the highest we’ve ever seen.”

Activision CEO also followed up by stating that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was one of the first Call of Duty titles to go into the future. He said that the reveal trailer for that title had some of the highest dislikes ever before for a Call of Duty trailer, and then said we all know how much the community ended up loving the title.

“We’ve seen this in the franchise before. The reveal trailer for Black Ops 2, which took the franchise into the future for the first time, had the most dislikes of any reveal trailer we had ever made at that time. And that [Black Ops 2] went on to become our most successful game ever.”

He finished up stating that preorders for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare are off to a strong start, and the Call of Duty franchise itself has never been stronger.

“The franchise has never been stronger. We have more people playing Black Ops 3, a game that takes place in the future with boost jumps and fictitious weapons and all the rest, than any game in our history. So what we know for sure is that if we always just did what worked in the past and never took any creative risks, we wouldn’t have a franchise. The day to worry is the day we stop trying new things.”



  1. If it wasn’t for COD 4 Remaster, the “strong start” for pre-orders would likely be horribly weak for just IW.

    • Exactly 99% of preorders are from cod4 even in college my friends all said that was the only reason they would get it

    • lol people always make up a reason for pre ordering the game.

      Last year it was “only for the beta”

      This year its “only for cod4”

      • But that’s a proper reason. I pre ordered bo3 for the beta, hated it and cancelled it. I still haven’t played bo3 since. And I’m getting this just for cod4, I’ll try out iw but I’ll getting this for the mw remaster, so it’s not an excuse like you think.

          • a franchise this big has 40mil+ fans. Even if 100k just 100k of that buy the game. That is 6 million already. Now obviously more people buy it. Regardless how many haters are there people will buy it. They only need1/4th(or even lesser)part of the whole community to buy the game in order to get massive revenue.

          • Yes, but to activision executives and investors, only 100k in sales would be a disaster. Activision only cares about $$$, they only understand the language of $$$. Anything else they care little about.

    • I pre-ordered for Infinite Warfare. The digital deluxe is $100 which includes Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered, and the DLC season pass. I paid $90 last year for BO3 plus the season pass. So the way I look at it Activision is giving us COD4 for $10 which for Activision is surprising! They could have easily charged $60 and still sold the hell out of it. So kudos to them.

    • That is what they all care about. I have this strong feeling that IW purposely left out MP from the reveal trailer cos they knew the community feedback would be outrageous. And I think they are just waiting for maximum pre orders. If the CoD casters and pro players got to play MP last week. Then Im sure 2 clips for MP is something that is possible. BLOPS3 did it and people did hate it at start but eventually picked up on it and BLOPS 3 is not even bad apart from the horrible hit detection/lag.

      • Infinity Ward gets the worst times for their games… Always competing with Battlefield and other FPS games.

    • I feel like a lot of players think of Ghosts when they hear IW. People need to remember the greatness of the Modern Warfare series that IW made. This game is in good hands. Personally, I’m pretty excited. I always liked IW. People need to lay off with the hate

      • But this IW didn’t make the Modern warfare series, the studio has changed so much since then. All we have to go off of is Ghosts

          • I love it for Infected (still the best version of it) and Face-Off. They dont exist in the first 2 MWs

          • Wasn’t it the same thing with toughness as well in BO2, yet people enjoyed the hell out of BO2

          • i didnt use assassin in mw3 either, it wasn’t nearly as mandatory as people made it out to be.

          • Sure it was. It’s the most OP perk in CoD history besides OMA/Danger Close combo.

          • Really? so u need to wear a perk for a entire 10 minute match because of of a uav or two? Mind you uavs had paper thin health that took maybe half a second to shoot down via gun and/or launcher.

          • So I should be forced to equip a launcher because of an overpowered perk? It was just as OP as Ghost lol.

          • Again, UAVs went down very easily with normal bullets in MW3 too. Even if u didnt feel like shooting them, they arent the end of the world to deal with once u understand that they only ping u every 3 seconds. I never felt helpless just because the enemy had a UAV up, most of the time i knew where they were coming from too courtesy of paying attention to my teammates spawns and positions on the map. Hardline/Quickdraw gave assassin a run for its money more than u think.

          • I’m going to have to play it again to see if it’s really OP or not. I’m pretty sure it has some players still online (I’m probably not going to enjoy the experience but IDK).

          • I just recently re-purchased a ps3 with mw3 again. have to jump on and give myself a refresher myself, hopefully it isn’t as hacked as i heard πŸ™‚

          • Exactly. I couldn’t rap my head around the fact that people would pick assassin over quickdraw.

          • IMO that depends on when you played MW3.

            Before the DS nerf/DRP buff (also known as the SRP PP) it was an awesome game.

            But after the SRP PP, lobbies were completely ruined by SRP scrubs, that could hear you a mile away.

            I would love to see MW3 remade down the road, but they need to buff DS back to where it was at launch…

          • “just didnt change much from MW2”

            ^ This is a big reason why we are in the mess that we are now.

            COD is either getting pounded for either too little change or too much change… πŸ™

          • Well, CoD not changing was more true than ever in comparison of MW2 and MW3.

            Look at CoD4 and MW2. Those are different. There is change in that. Graphical wise, gameplay wise and customization wise.

            Look at MW2 and MW3. Little to no change. Graphical wise it’s literally the same just more dull. Gameplay wise is a more watered down Mordern Warfare 2

            Ironically enough, doing futuristic titles every year just makes it less interesting and once again, little to no change. You can only tweak the movement system so much in Call of Duty. Pretty much Space Warfare was the last thing to do in regards of a futuristic setting and changing the series. After Infinite Warfare, if SHGames title is in future, it’s just proof they’re beating a dead horse.

          • Lol, little to no change? You mean like having both Assault and Support killstreaks? What about the Specialist perk system? Weapon Proficiencies? If you enjoy Kill Confirmed where do you think that came from? The Prestige shop? Infected? Sorry but I have to disagree with you. MW3 brought plenty of new experiences from it’s predecessor.

          • Hence why I said “little to no change ” even after everything you listed the game was still mostly the same and a watered down Modern Warfare 2.

          • Hey everyone has their own opinion and obviously ours are completely different. I feel IW was able to deliver exactly what the community asked for in MW3 because most loved the way MW2 felt and didnt want that to change. They maintained that MW2 feel and added everything I mentioned prior. It may not have had the innovation from MW1 to MW2, but it’s certainly no carbon copy.

          • It was a carbon copy lol if you feel differently, cool. I don’t care. But it’s a carbon copy. It was little to no change. It didn’t deserve to be called Modern Warfare 3 at all

          • Lol apparently you dont understand what a carbon copy is. I dont remember everything I mentioned above being in MW2. It wasnt just another MW2 with new maps. I’m sure I can speak for everyone and say I definitely wasn’t cussing out my TV when I would get nubetubed across the map in MW3…

          • I guess you don’t know how to read, I said multiple times it’s a watered down Modern Warfare 2. It was a carbon copy. It should have been an expansion DLC titled Modern Warfare 2.5

          • If it was a watered down MW2 it would have been less of a game and if that were the case it wouldn’t have out sold MW2. Again, not a carbon copy…

          • It out sold MW2 because it’s Call of Duty, not because it was better or different, and it sure as hell wasn’t different. It was a literal copy and paste with a few new features.

          • Then tell me what IW should have done differently with MW3? This is just more classic CoD community getting what they asked for and then detracting to ridicule the developer. Everything you are saying is exactly what led us into Advanced Warfare. There’s just no winning for IW, 3ARC and SHG. This type of mindset is like a cancer to this franchise. Try putting yourself in the developers shoes for once. We ask, they deliver, and then we throw stones at them…

          • I don’t give a fuck what they should have done because I moved on from Modern Warfare 3 the minute Black Ops 2 came out. I remember Modern Warfare 3 for exactly what it was, a copy and paste game that offer little to no change.

            And spare me your bullshit generalizing argument about how “the developers can’t win and people get this and that” fuck off.

            I had no problem with Advanced Warfare with change. The problem with it is that it was executed poorly. It was a lackluster game. Hell, it was even mostly through same. Then Black Ops 3 came out and i fucking love it. The game was very well designed and it’s what AW should have been..

            As far as Infinite Warfare goes, I’m interested in it and I think Infinity Ward needs to go balls to wall with this game.

          • As I said before we have our different opinions. Not a big deal. I feel that MW3 offered enough to not be considered a 2.5. Go our seperate ways on it.

            There is no generalizing or even an argument of how the community perceives the developers. Even BO3 which I also “fucking love it” gets a bad rap from some in the community. So I will go and “fuck off” after you go and do so yourself.

            I, like you, am all for the change in to the CoD franchise. Advanced Warfare was a nice attempt and I was able to enjoy it for the most part, but as you said, executed poorly. Black Ops 3 has been the CoD to finally become my new favorite over MW2. 3ARC outdid themselves with this release (with the exception of the supply drop system). Black Ops 3 is the direct result of a CoD vs TitanFall and feel that Infinite Warfare is going to take it a step further.

            I hope Infinite Warfare will blow our minds and show us that Infinity Ward still has a great studio. It makes sense for them to make a game to directly compete against their old studio heads West/Zampella. So I’m with you, balls to the wall on this one.

          • Obviously, it’s different opinions. I’m glad you have the brain power on that.

            And yeah, it’s pretty much generalizing. Unlike, a lot of other people, I actually understand why there is hate, why there is dislikes instead of doing fanboy tactics and lumping everybody into one. It’s ignorant. There are fickle yes, but they don’t make up everyone.

            Everything else I agree with in your comment

          • Well I can say I tried to reason with you and keep it clean. I have no problem getting into a debate with someone that understands it’s simply a debate. When I ask you to clarify you instead behave like a child throwing out your insults.

            Regarding my so called “generalizing” I base my opinion on year after year reading countless posts being mostly complaints about each release or studio. Not that some arent warranted (supply drops for example) I understand that doesnt count for 100% of the community. But I do firmly believe its the majority. Either way I’m not coming down to your level on this one. I just think to myself “I really hope there isnt an adult behind that keyboard…”

            Come talk to me when you decide to grow up.

          • And your opinion is based off of generalizing. Not facts, not evidence. Just you being a fanboy because you can’t handle different opinions or understanding other people’s opinions, so you lump everybody in to one. Which is ignorant.

            Please come back to me when you aren’t so ignorant with your generalizing.

          • Lol, then why was this article posted by CI even posted if what you are saying is correct??? The CEO of Activation had to make a press statement because of the MAJORITY! Who’s really ignorant here?

          • That reply literally makes no sense. Are you sure I’m ignorant still? All the dislikes show is that’s people aren’t a fan of Infinite Warfare and there are multiple factors as to why people aren’t not happy. Not because they’re fickle fans. Use some logic.

          • My God… You cant be that far off. Alright man, let me spell it out for you. When the CEO of Activision has to release a press statement based off of the community feedback for a game they haven’t even seen actual game play for, pretty much says it’s the majority. That isn’t generalizing, that is in your own words, it’s fact, it’s evidence. IW/Activision listened to the boots on ground requests and blew my fucking mind when they announced MW1 as an option. So why all the dislikes? That’s the only reason I can see the community not being happy. They gave us the option with either advanced movements or boots on ground. Better yet the boots on ground their giving us is one of the best CoD’s ever released. Which is exactly why I made my statement before, we ask, they deliver, we throw stones.

          • You’re obviously not that bright.

            The majority, i never said anything about that? You’re literally lumping everyone into saying the reason why CoD gets hate is because people can’t make their minds up on what they want which is insanely ignorant and wrong and not the case.

            I can easily give you two major factors as to why that trailer is getting the hate it gets.

            Factor one:
            One of the reasons as to why Infinite Warfare is getting hate is because of the Legacy Edition or any of the bundles. They don’t want to be forced to by a game they don’t in order to get Modern Warfare remastered and I understand why they hate that and why they’re strongly against that.

            Me personally? I think $80 for two games is a steal. That’s a pretty good deal to me. That’s why I’m getting the Legacy Edition. However, I understand why people don’t want to be forced to buy a game they don’t want in order to get another game. There should be an option.

            Factor two:
            People are just tired of the futuristic setting in Call of Duty. It’s become more clear each year. And I agree with the hate. The futuristic setting is beating a dead horse at this point. It’s not because of change, its because this setting is played out and Infinite Warfare is unfortunate and so is Infinity Ward. I feel for them because they started developing this game when the futuristic setting wasn’t over done at that point. However, I think Space Warfare is the last thing to do in the series that hasn’t been done.

            Me personally? I’m giving Infinite Warfare a shot. Space theme interests me. The way the developers describe it from Campaign to MP sounds interesting. I think Infinity Ward needs to go all out like I said. They need to make this game the best it can be in every way. Try out space battles or add vehicles! Make this Call of Duty fun and make sure it doesn’t fall flat like AW.

            However, I do think after Infinite Warfare there should be a break from futuristic shooters. You honestly can’t blame the fans for being skeptical about Call of Duty now.

          • Actually no, I’m correcting you by telling you that my comments are not a generalization but are based on a majority of the community. I don’t know how many times I have to break that down for you. Listen, majority doesn’t mean everyone so your hearing me wrong. Your assumption of lumping everyone into an opinion is your own misinterpretation. I’ve made it perfectly clear more than once that I understand not everyone in the community is in on the CoD hate.

            I completely get that gamers dont want to be forced to buy Infinite Warfare to get their hands on COD4. But as you said and I 100% agree it really is a steal. If you buy the Digital Deluxe your getting Infinite Warfare, DLC Season Pass, and COD4 for $100. I almost paid that price for BO3 + Season Pass alone. But to his their own I guess. As for everyone who is upset about it, how do you know your not going to like Infinite Warfare? We have seen zero game play and know nothing about MP. IF it’s anything like BO3, your going to get your moneys worth. BO3 nailed it… Thank you 3ARC!

            As for futuristic settings, I understand that. But… I also feel it’s pretty split within the community as well. I for one really enjoy it and know a lot of die hard CoD fans who do too. But lets say if there are in fact 100 million CoD players and half want the futuristic setting and the other half are hoping for modern day or past warfare. As a developer how are you going to satisfy the whole community base? That’s why I get pretty frustrated when I read all the hate because I think IW made the best possible compromise that they could. As you are I’m pretty exited to see what they bring with this space concept. Infiniti Ward needs to hit this one out of the park. I really want to see them succeed as they were always my favorite studio.

            After Infinite Warfare I think SHG is going to have their work cut out for them to satisfy the community. I know they are more than capable because they are actually a very talented studio and worked first hand with the original Infinity Ward crew on MW3 (I know… you hated it). So, I’m not saying I dont understand in some aspects why fans are showing the hate. I am however sick and tired of reading about it over and over again all the way back since MW3. It would be nice for a change to see some gratitude to have 3 studio’s producing enjoyable games every year. I’ve seriously put in a minimum if 60+ hours into every CoD since CoD 2. You really cant say that for any other franchise. So I for one try to show some appreciation when it’s deserved. I’ll be fucking pissed to see CoD go away.

          • It’s their opinion. Also, why is it okay to be hyped for game and be really excited for game to come out, thinking it’s going to be awesome before even trying the game but it’s not okay to think a game sucks before trying it out?

            In the end any or us could be wrong and that’s the thing about. People are going to judge it regardless. If they’re wrong, they’re wrong, if I’m wrong, I’m wrong. It doesn’t really matter. It’s all subjective.

            As far as the community being split, that’s probably true, but doesn’t mean do futuristic shooters every year with every developer. You have three developers doing the same thing and I and many others have said all developers should do something different. Do a different time setting that way every setting feels fresh and you still keep the community happy. And honestly SHGames needs to a game in the past next year. They’re the wildcards here. I think Treyarch is more than likely working on a past setting for their game in 2018. But with the way the community is, I don’t think they will handle anothee futuristic shooter next year and I know I won’t like it.

          • Yeah, I’m cool with each studio going with a different setting. I’m also fine with the formula their delivering with Infinite Warfare as well. Release an advanced movement CoD with a remaster legacy title. Although, this will not work for SHG, but 3ARC could put out a World at War Remaster and people will go bat shit crazy over it. I would love to see (assuming Infinite Warfare is amazing) a Infinite Warfare 2 + MW2 Remaster for 2019.

          • Yeah, I’m thinking they’re going to do a WaW remaster come Treyarch’s next turn in 2018. It would make sense after all especially 2018 would be ten years since World at War was released.

          • Technically the outselling has to do with the prior entry anyway, i.e. MW2 outsold MW1 because of the hype for the next one, then BOPs1 outsold MW2 because of hype only for MW3 to become the series high-point thanks to hype and to then trigger the downward spiral we’ve been in since after it disappointed many and the subsequent games failed to recapture the audience.

          • Didn’t change and people cried changed to much and people still complained. What they supposed to do?

        • Somewhat true. They have about 50% of the original team albeit their main talent left to Respawn Entertainment. I will give them credit either way. Ghosts was developed smack in the middle of a new console generation for XBOX 1 and PS4. This title they have had 3 full years to develop Infinite Warfare for our current gen hardware. Boots on ground or not I think they will redeem their reputation from their Ghost release.

      • Nobody who currently works at Infinity Ward made any of the Modern Warfare games. That was a completely different team fronted by Jason West and Vince Zampella. They departed Activision back in 2010. The studio may have the same name but the personnel are very different with an influx of people from the likes of Neversoft joining the team.

          • They still have original IW devs on the team. On the plus side IW has also snagged some awesome talent from other great studio’s for this next COD title.

    • This is good news for the next Cod tho, they have no choice to make it boots on ground, while I really do hope IW is a success I’m glad the video got so many dislikes.

        • It shows activison the majority of us want boots on ground, and even tho many of us will buy the next CoD they still know what we truly want next time.. This could be the end of boost jumping in cod forever after this game, and all the community had to do was hate a video.. I know most won’t agree on here but I’m happy about this..

          • It may be upsetting that the video has so many dislikes, but at the same time, the CoD community has for sure expressed it’s hatred towards the game. People need to remember that this game started development before the hate for advanced movements, so it’s not like IW could just scrap the game. Meanwhile, SHG started developing CoD 2017 around the time that advanced movements started getting hate, which means that they’re probably doing a BotG game, and this next game could possibly a WW2 or Vietnam title considering the added weapons during AW’s life cycle could be a hint. But if CoD 2017 does have advanced movements, then that right there shows that they’re stubborn.

          • So I take it no one here at Charlie Intel liked TitanFall? Just as Vince Zampella and Jason West pioneered Call of Duty, they also pioneered taking FPS into the vertical movements which COD has now been competing with. So the reality is that the founders of COD are the reason behind these changes. I for one like the new vertical movements (although not so much in Advanced Warfare) but really enjoy it in BO3. To me it add’s more skill to the game to juke your opponents.

          • No the reality is the exec’s at activision are copying vince and jason wests ideas and trying to incorporate them in a game that was not originally designed as a sci-fi shooter! Titanfall was never sold under the premise of real modern day warfare.

          • CoD has always been a war shooter period. Whether past, present, or future shouldn’t matter. If CoD spent 13 years making WW2 shooters the community would eventually loose interest and we’ll no longer have CoD titles to enjoy. I feel Respawn, IW, SHG, and 3ARC are all doing an amazing job at keeping the FPS genre alive.

      • Yep, this will mean they’ve done the 3 year cycle and it was clear two years ago that futuristic games with advanced movements are not welcome in the wider community. If Sledgehammer go against the strong community opinion and do AW2; they will receive an unprecedented wrath and it’ll prove nobody listens.

        • They will not do AW2.AW was terrible. Ghosts was also terrible, Infinity Ward had to rework everything cos of how bad Ghosts was. Imagine the backlash if it was Ghosts 2. Similarly it would be equal or even worse if they make AW2. I am going to bet on it that they are making the Vietnam game they first made an original prototype of.

          • Ghosts wasn’t that bad. I play it still because of the fact that it is the only ‘boots-on-the-ground’ Call of Duty game compatible on Xbox One.

          • I don’t think aw ended on cliffhanger like ghost but then what of the ghost campaign

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        • You can complain all you want, but the only way you can make a difference and make a statement is by not buying the game. ATVI said it themselves – everyone hated on BO2, and then it was the biggest selling game ever. Ghosts, AW and BO3 weren’t failures either, they made a crap ton of money.

          • Ghosts and AW sold half as many units than MW3 so they were a failure in Activision’s eyes and only AW managed to mitigate losses with their paid supply drop charade which they desperately included when their share price dipped after Christmas. Even with COD selling 50% less copies than what it used to; the blinded lot will continue to line Activision’s pockets with microtransactions so either way; they’ll continue to rake it in regardless of how well the base game performs.

        • They did listen retard thats why they made the remastered as he clearly stated “And the good news is is this year we found a way to deliver both in one package while keeping our community together.” you retard

          • Nobody 2 years ago when MW:R was being developed wanted a remaster – we wanted a new COD game set in the past or in the modern era. This remaster BS has only been talked about for months. Just because MW:R is being included doesn’t mean it’s what people wanted collectively. That game is only being included as bait to sell a game nobody wanted to mitigate any potential losses. As usual; the kids just don’t understand basic business and logic…

          • No they fucking didn’t you tard they made it to save their asses and if people want the remasterd they have to buy infinite warfare because marketing m8

      • I just wish they did the cycle of

        3ARC=Past War FPS
        IW=Modern War FPS
        SHG=Futuristic FPS

        That way, it can be balanced as people please. Sadly, activision doesnt have the brain for this, cause all they give a shit about is money.

        • That would be fantastic if that cycle happened. I would always skip SHG and consider IW. 3ARC would be my favorite wait!

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          • I don’t think ATVI wouldn’t like the idea of a large group of people skipping out an entire year to wait for the title they do want. They want you hitting up those twitch stream$ and preorder button$$ y$ar aft$r y$$r.$$$$$@!>$@#$$$$$$$$$$$$

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        • Actually that doesn’t really help… Cause people would still complain about it being the same shit and that they want the next CoD to be WW2 every time…

          • No. Thats the point of the cycle I just pointed out. Different fans like different settings. Personally for me, I love Modern and Past War FPS, but some fana love Modern and Futuristic, or Past and Futuristic. Keeps they cycle balanced for fans to await the next game.

          • I doubt it will help very much… People would literally ignore the futuristic (i won’t), cause WW2 is the most wanted setting

        • F*ck yes! Been saying this the whole x3 dev cycle started!!! If infinity ward want to start an infinite warfare trilogy let treyarch/sledge do Historical and contemporary games…keeps it varied and fanbase happy

        • Yes they have enough brain to think that, but keep in mind that CoD unfortunately is also part of the eSport console scene, so they have to keep making futuristic games (If you look at all actual competitive shooters for consoles you will understand what im talking about)

          • You mean the 4th most profitable game in the series with 27,000,000 units sold and the fan favorite game of the entirety of the older CoD community? Yeah, that game is terrible.

          • If people see a MW2 remaster is coming they will be happy, especially the guys who signed that petition.

          • Well I’ll still get it and just OMA noob tube that “perfect game” and some RPGs too because why not and just camp a door way with claymores and win the entire game with that strategie

          • If they not fix the problems, people will complain. But will the game feel as MW2?

      • Why do they have no choice? Black Ops 3 and Advanced Warfare are critically acclaimed and some of the highest selling CoDs ever. Advanced Warfare was the number one selling title of 2014 and BO3 has sold more units than Modern Warfare.

        • Cod is going to sell well every year, it has no competition on console not as far as decent fast paced arcade shooters go, I want boots on ground more than anyone and il still buy and play the new game. Even the worst CoD is bettrer than most other titles in it genre on console..

          The fact that they have acknowledge the fact the video got disliked due to lack of boots on ground Is a good sign, I mean a video with more dislikes than likes kinda speaks volumes. They clearly see what we want as fans and Im pretty sure this bunny hop stuff will be gone by the next game..

          • TitanFall is now CoD’s competition. Unfortunately Respawn cant release a new title every year, but now having the competition is good for the gamer. I cant wait to see what TitanFall 2 is going to bring.

          • Arcade shooters…..you mean kinda like all those moba/ hero shooters that are coming out? Or kinda like the new Doom thats coming out? Or like the new Titanfall?

          • If u think they can compete with Cod then fair enough.. imo they don’t even come close.. I’m a big doom fan I played the original back in the day and the new one il be picking up day one, but I have no intrest in its multilplayer…

          • I am pretty sure they appeal to the same audience…..

            And yea who would want a fun quick paced mp with custom made maps……

          • What ever floats ur boat man, I honestly think ur crazy if u Consider it competition for CoD tho.. They simply can’t compete with a franchise that brings out a game every year..

          • Why not? What is your reasoning? You do know that most of those hero/moba shooters are going to work with updates, bringing new characters with updates…….constantly changing the game elliminating the need for yearly releases.

            Dont get me wrong, I won’t be playing them. I’ll be playing Doom till BF comes out. But I am pretty sure there will be LOADS of “shooter” lovers going over to these kinds of games, just logics…

    • Infinite Warfare is obviously not boots on the ground.

      How can futuristic space warfare be boots on the ground? lol

  2. It is what it is at this point. It’s not as if they’re going to say, “We need to cancel this because people don’t like it.” I’m interested in the campaign. Then again, I said the same thing about Black Ops 3 and actually liked the multiplayer more than the “tree in the forest” campaign. But that’s just me.

  3. I just didn’t like the reveal period. It didn’t show much. Just some David Bowie music with some action going on. BO2’s reveal however was awesome because within the first 10 seconds you see that Woods really didn’t die. And him just narrarating over the whole trailer was pretty intense. The trailer, to me atleast, showed absolutely nothing.

      • You’re right it did, but I was expecting to see a bit of MP in that trailer like how BO3 did with their trailer. That’s another reason why I didn’t like it. Plus, I wasn’t fully engaged in watching it. I can go back and watch Ghosts reveal trailer and be fully attentive to it. Because it looks and feels intense.

        • Idk, this campaign really looked especially if what they said is true where your fighting on earth and then quickly go into space with you space ships, destroy some other ships and come back to earth to do the regular stuff. That sounds awesome to me.

          • Same for me… Considering that one Naughty Dog dude is Lead Game Designer, this could happen.

        • People say that the only reason people are buying IW is because of COD4 and dont like IW because it has advanced movement, futuristic etc

          if that was the case then why did so many people buy Bo3 last year?

          • because BO3 was made by Treyarch and this game was made by IW? I don’t understand your point

      • Take off your fanboy defence goggles – he’s referring to the Remaster in the Legacy edition which is currently the only decent selling point.

        • The legacy edition bundle is actually one of the main culprits of the hate.

          After all people want choice. Buy there remaster separately. Then there is player counts to consider. Matchmaking with splintered community sucks.

  4. I mean he kind has a fair point about BO2. I remember Treyarch getting a lot of slack for going futuristic, the amount of hate or Halo and Battlefield 2142 comparisons. But i think next year shouldn’t be futuristic.

    Take my word for it, if Battlefield is going back to WW2 you can almost bet 2017 CoD will be WW2 or something in the past.

    • It’s going back whether BF goes back or not. Don’t think that the COD devs change something drastic based on another company. Sledgehammer is already working on the next COD and if it’s futuristic, then they’re probably taking out the exo movement right now. They won’t go, “Oh, people want WW style games so let’s restart our development”

      • Jesus, you’re extremely delusional. It’s highly doubtful ShGames is working on a futuristic title considering the hate it start to got when Advanced Warfare release. And don’t think CoD won’t do a WW2 because of Battlefield

  5. It would be nice if I could get CoD 4 remastered without preordering the legacy edition. I never got to play CoD 4 when it was first released and I want to see what all the hubba is all about.

      • Unfortunately I no longer have a PS3 and I don’t want to buy one just for a game that may or may not be filled hacked lobbies. Oh well

  6. That is true, BOII was pretty hated by the community and it still ended up being a decently good game. Personally I like Infinite Warfare. Did I want a WWI/WWII setting? Yes, but I would leave that for Treyarch as they made WAW and the graphics in BOIII would look beautiful in a world war setting.

    For those people online who complain that it’s too futuristic, tough luck. You might get lucky when they announce BF5 tommorow. IMO they should have release MW Remastered as a standalone edition in June to keep players preoccupied till November… or at least to cash in their checks earlier this year.

  7. The dislikes is coming from butthurt two faced Call of Duty players who literally have no idea what they want and should just buy Uncharted 4 so I can fuck them up and upload clips to YouTube/Shot shot shot. Anyway, as retarded as it is to respond to the dislikes, he made a good point, there’re two games for two different crowds, everyone should be happy… But then you said you “won’t” release MWR separately, sooo… I love how he also pointed out how contradicting the community can be at times, relating to BOII, that game was constantly compared to Halo 4 when it was revealed…

    • “2010 game” my ass. The graphics are nothing to complain about. Those DICE devs dug themselves one deep ass hole!

        • Nah, they’ll get Raven to do it just like they’re doing MW:R. Let’s face it; AW2 would probably need all the help it can get for sales and MW2R would be good bait.

          • They’re not going to release an IW Remaster with a Sledgehammer game, that makes no sense

          • The current IW team didn’t even make COD 4 and they aren’t even remastering it this time either. It’s not what makes sense; it’s what sells.

          • But, it’s an Infinity Ward game, they own the rights to it, regardless of whether or not the original team is still there. They aren’t remastering it because they’re working on Infinite Warfare, derp.

            Just like when Treyarch releases their next game in 2018, it would more likely come with WaW Remastered, rather than say MW2.

          • Infinity Ward don’t own any rights to anything they create – everything belongs to Activision. Advanced Warfare also had zombies so it’s not what makes sense; it’s what drives sales and MW2R would be ideal for beefing Sledgehammer’s next game. It’s a business and not continuity. Sledgehammer also worked on MW3 so it’s not like they’re separated from that aspect.

        • they can they’re part of the MW series they helped with MW3 but if SH really makes AW2 a game with just as much maybe even more hate then ghosts would be a dumb move there is no excuse of the game being in development for a year next year so it should be boots on the ground

          • I think we all do at this point I’ve never seen one person say they love advanced movement and want it again

          • I won’t play a lot of MW1 so I don’t mind. Not because I don’t like it, but I prefer new things

        • Sledgehammer won’t remaster it, some other studio that works with Activision will. Activision knows AW2 or whatever SHG’s next title is won’t do well so they’ll chuck MW2 Remastered in with COD 2017 to make up for it.

          • I’ve got a problem with this. Why are we assuming SHG’s next title will suck? What if it’s incredible? We don’t know yet.

            This “judging before seeing” is getting out of hand in this community.

          • Kind of like how some people think Infinite Warfare is going to be the greatest thing ever before actually playing it? Why is it okay to think something is going to be amazing before trying it out and it’s not okay to think something will suck before trying it out? Or is it all one sided?

          • Because they didn’t listen to the community’s cries about SBMM in AW, so why would they, now?

          • Do you know that Treyarch was one of the “bad developers” after they released their first Call of Duty games? People thought it was bad; wanted more from them. And then they delivered on their second game.

            AW was SHG’s first Call of Duty title alone. It’s a learning experience.

          • Then why didn’t they patch SBMM? Don’t get me wrong, I’d forgive SHG if they did boots on the ground (and no SBMM).

          • Doubt it. MW2 Remaster will come in three years. When Infiniti Ward releases their next title.

      • Advanced Warfare has almost just as much of a bad taste with the community as Ghosts so I doubt they make AW2 but it would not surprise me at this point

        • The current IW team didn’t make COD 4 and they aren’t doing the remaster either. It’s not what makes sense; it’s what sells. We had zombies in AW for god sake and that didn’t make no sense whatsoever.

    • Sledge probably started AW2 with the boosts due to the original good reception. I wouldnt be surprised if it also had exo movemebt, but Treyarch’s next game will probably be WaW2

  8. Okay fair enough, but now you know the fans want a boots on the ground cod so next year there should be new excuse. Now if you do make another futuristic cod with jet packs/thrust jumping then you can go shove it up you, cause you know the community want a boots on ground game but you keep giving us double jump. There is no excuse for next years cod.

    • Next years game is already way over a year into its development…. hopefully the backlash from AW was enough to get them to change it…. but maybe not!

  9. The majority of the dislikes are from the biggest fans of call of duty… people love to hate, but they will still end up buying it.

    • Also there were way more likes than dislikes “around 30%” more, then the dislikes started flooding in.. would not be surprise if someone/ dice payed to get the video disliked with a bot or somthing.

      • It took time for people to notice the details.
        The jetpacks were pretty hidden. Then the bundle only for the remaster was easy to miss.

        Don’t be a conspiracy nut. People are just upset for multiple valid reasons.

        • “People are just upset for multiple valid reasons” THIS GAME SUCKS.. For real know anyone who likes or dislikes a trailer are idiots. play the game or atleast see reviews before you rate something.

          • alright since you have trouble thinking i will spell out some main reasons.

            1. The remaster isn’t gonna be available separately. It exclusive with a expensive pre-order legacy edition or worse

            2. Community wanted boots on the ground. Jet packs are clearly visible.

            3. Community wanted a traditional setting. Not Sci fi space bullocks. Which given Destiny Halo battlefront titanfall killzone is something we can easily get somewhere else.

            4. David bowie is a dead legend don’t disgrace his legacy with a piss poor college boy band cover.

            5.The editing was poor. There is a better version floating arround which took a student literally 2 hours to cut and edit.

            6. The remaster has only 10 maps. The original had 20 at the end with DLC. Usual remasters come with DLC included.

            7. Graphics and particle effects still look dated.

            There you go. What they showed was juat cringeworthy bad with the usual Activision despicable business practices.

            In short they really got it coming.

          • 1. the remaster would not be possible without infinte warfare.
            2. community used to say “cod is always the same, do somthing else” future cod games is the community fault.
            3.Community does not care if it’s sci fi or not, they just want boots on the ground.
            4. David bowie was “ok” at best, two hit records, after his death, everyone’s said ” I was a fan of his” when really they did not even know him.
            5. The editing was great, this was the best trailer they made so far.
            6. the remaster has 10 maps but also cost half what a full game would cost, if they would of made 20 maps and charged $110 instead of $80, you probably complain about that.
            7. Graphics are not importante, however i think the trailer looked great, and cod has never been about graphics, it’s about that 60fps.

            There you go, I spent 5min to counter argue all the points you made.

            In short dislikes don’t mean anything, we all know that it’s going to be the best selling game of the year, just like all the other cods.

          • 1.It’s impossible to remaster an old game without making a scifi new. one?!

            Ow man that logic Hi frickin larious.

            2. Always the same doesn’t equal reskin the same game in a futuristic setting.
            People asked for a new engine. more mechanics better netcode. Practically the things that were never delivered or got worse

            3. People do care. Just read don’t want this space bullshit is this Halo? comments which pop up virtually everywhere.

            4. Still pay respect to the dead. Don’t let some spoiled brat ruin his hits nor your own reveal trailer.

            5. What?! that’s why it’s the worat rated so far and by far. Yeah makes sense.

            6. For me it’s twice as much as a usual 40 buck on release remaster or even a complete reboot like ratchet and clank.
            Since i am not laying a finger on infinite garbage.

            I am complaining that i can’t buy it seperately. I would pay 50-60 if it had all the old DLC included. And i am not alone 360k at least agree with me.

            7. Cod has been about graphics. i think you were playing with Lego back then but modern warfare was graphically a stunning game back in the days.

            It didn’t always have smooth gameplay either. Ghosts was a technical nightmare especially on PC.

            Call of Duty’s have been running on dated technology for far too long. But that is Activision mostly. They don’t wanna license nor develop a good engine from scratch.

            They are just as stingy about proper dedi servers.

            You didn’t counter anything. You just made yourself look stupid.

          • 1. No, It’s hard to sell an old game, cod 4 was great, but it’s a dated game, that’s why hardly anyone plays it now, better graphics are cool but that would not justify the majority of people to go out and pay full price again.

            2. They have to keep the core of cod the same, otherwise it will no longer be cod, we seen past, and modern, now it’s space.

            3. The majority do not care what the game looks like, e.g maps.. if it plays like call of duty, the majority will not care if it’s on earth or another planet.

            4. Infinity ward payed whoever owns the rights to david bowie music, so blame them, also i could think of 100 more “space songs” better than david bowies, they probably just used his music because he died.

            5. The rating is not on the editing, if the editing were the best, the likes and dislikes would still be the same.

            6. Well it’s there games, they know what best for there brand, if they want to sell them together, that’s there right, don;t like it, don’t buy it.. simple.

            7. Cod has always and will always focus on getting 60fps than graphics.

            8. “Call of Duty’s have been running on dated technology for far too long” Well since they use “dated technology” there not doing to bad, considering the game is always the most sold every year.

            I did counter everything, and insulting other on the internet “stupid” either proves your a 12 year old or have a small penis, good day sir.

      • I truly believe its a majority of butt hurt Battlefield players who are jealous that COD has a pretty solid release every year. DICE hasn’t delivered anything worth a shit since BF3.

    • That’s because the biggest fans know what a good COD game and are upset in the direction COD is going. The new fans just accept everything Activision throws at them and gobbles it up like they enjoy being fucked over with locked paywalls, supply drops, preorder bonuses, and less content than should be included in the game to begin with. Apparently everyone who is upset about COD is just a mindless hater who “always finds a reason to hate on poor, precious little COD and Activison”. In reality the people upset are the ones who WANT COD to be good so they can enjoy the game, but they keep getting shit on by the devs who simply refuse to listen to the fans because all they want is money. And guess what, the biggest problem are the fanboys who defend COD at all costs and immediately pre-order and buy all the hype. You’re just showing Actovision that what they’re doing is okay because no matter what, they’re still going to make bank at the end of the day. We complain because we want things to improve, not because we’re just “hypocritical haters”. If nobody voices their opinions, things will only get worse.

    • BF fanboys, people creating multiple accounts to dislike again, someone had bot disliking it (I don’t know if that is possible), people disliking COVER not the game and people who disliked for nothing (picture can be found from Infinite Warfare Reddit).

      Count these guys off from the count. Also remember that people end up buying it anyway just like earlier titles.

    • Yep and the game wasn’t that futuristic being set in 2025 plus we had classic campaign levels. The game was also made by trusted Treyarch and supply drops weren’t an issue back then. Times have changed very much in COD.

      • Indeed,

        It would’ve been far better for the company to drop the defense and say Modern warfare remaster will be available separately.

        Details on the multiplayer will follow soon.
        Clear the skies quickly. After all the hate train has left and is getting roughly 100k dislikes each day.

        Better to fucking listen and get your act together fast. People actually respect that.

      • Shit 2025 isn’t even the future anymore we’re in 2016 back when the game was gonna come out I was like damn that’s so futuristic now I’m like it’s actually pretty modern

      • True,

        It just didn’t impact the actual gameplay by all that much.

        Then it was treyarch which has an excellent track record. infinity not so much.

    • Yeah, but it still is the second most disliked trailer for CoD… And it is their most succesful CoD they have published. Ghosts had a shit ton of likes and literally almost 20k dislikes and it is classified as the worst one in the franchise. Both are boots on ground

  10. people should just wate an ebay sellers will have cod4 remaster game codes,were your not force to buy another exo boostng garbage cod an pay $80 or more for it to get cod4,Screw activision an there greed,they will have it were you find cod4 remaster by it self,just have to wate,ebay will make a killing off that,lol

  11. I ain’t falling for this MW:R will only available with the legacy edition bull crap. I’ll wait for it to be sold separately.

      • Didn’t they just say they had no plans currently to release it as a stand alone?

        Not that they would not ever release it at all

      • That’s just PR to stop people holding out. It will probably become available 6 or so months after IW’s release once it’s exhausted its peak revenue.

        • I hope it’s sold seperatly don’t get me wrong, but as of now, the only way of getting it is by purchasing the Legacy, Legacy Pro, or Digital Deluxe editions of the game.

          • Yep and it’ll stay that way certainly for a while after release. I do think they’ll sell it separately down the line as a download to nab more sales from those unwilling to buy the Legacy but for now and after release; it’s both or nothing.

      • Of cause they’re gonna say that to boost IW sales. To make all the gullible morons pay Β£80 for a 9 year old game, and a halo wonnabe that no one wants. 3-6 months later they’ll sell it on it’s own.

    • But at what price? To be honest, if it does come separately, I could easily see it being $40 at least. They charged $50 for just MP + Zombies for Black Ops 3 last gen.

  12. This doesn’t exactly confirm the game not being boots on ground, we don’t know what portion of the game the Activision CEO is referring to. We wouldn’t be given hints by the FBMessenger Bot referring to it as being “boots on ground”, the campaign will be over the top, but I’m sure multiplayer will be boots on ground with new features implemented, not everything refers to the game being anti-boots on ground and as such. We saw a campaign trailer, nothing to do with the multiplayer and as per usual everyone hits at it.. what percentage of the community really play campaign?

    • Chain movement system could literally mean anything at this point.
      We have only saw one movement ability in the whole trailer… And that was the thrust jump, which is probably used to move in space most of the time

  13. I want to fight on earth in multiplayer, I don’t care if there are thruster packs or not!! I don’t want COD turning into Titanfall or Destiny and fighting through out the solar system!!! WTF!! Ur killing us Infinity Ward!!!

  14. I understand that when this game was being made it was already started as Futuristic warfare. I totally understand that. But the movement system has caused equal amount of outrage.Ever since AW that is what people did not want. They could’ve removed that. Absolutely no excuses on that. I highly think they are gonna change but at the same time I highly doubt it that they will lol.


  16. See people? Just fuck off with your anti-IW bullshit because you’re being listened to. I still say you guys should give it a chance, but if not, just play COD 4 for another couple of good months before you grow tired of it and buy BF 5

  17. Apparently most of you are blind. The reveal clearly shows thrust jumping in it. In addition to the fact you are clearly supporting it by buying it for a 9 year old game which has new paint. You are then going to cry about last stand and other features because they did not remove that and other shit. Then you will move on to how you have a spaceship drop instead of whatever crap their supply drop has for mp. My guess is that it will be some other feature stolen from treyarch games or another company, since clearly they cannot come up with their own content.

    • Use your brain and don’t be a dumb dumb. Answer me this one question… How do you move in space without a thruster or any boost pack?

      • that makes no sense from everything i read on here you would think it wouldve been packed!!!!

          • Oh, I never tried it because I didn’t mind the jumping stuff but what you said Def makes sense

        • People did play it but the SBMM algorithms made it nigh-impossible to get a match going most of the time. Also many of the maps were verticality focused for boost jumping and they didn’t play well with boots on the ground so it was a pretty redundant playlist in the end.

  18. We need to create such an outrage, then he should announce no RNG systems coming to IW. (The Dream)

    • Pfft, please. Let’s be realistic: unless there’s an even more ludicrous system that makes even more money than supply drops, Activision will continue to shove this shit down our throats.

      Activision exists to make money, that is their priority. So any suggestion that doesn’t make money to them won’t matter. They have shareholders to please and marketing expenses to pay.

      • People really don’t seem to understand marketing. Activision just announced they are doing record with in-game content sales. Why should they stop? Because they should be nice to us? No. If people want to buy supply drops or other in-game items, so be it. If you don’t have money or will to buy don’t do it. Simple.

        These things are basics of marketing that everyone should know.

  19. AW’s storyline was pretty good considering it was their first go at it. I think CoD should dive more into the PMC world

  20. People are way too unfair on Infinity Ward, when you add all their circumstances together they were in an impossible position with Ghosts which was NOT terrible. I think they were overwhelmed and torn for a direction to go in.

    • That being said, if I didn’t enjoy Ghosts, as many people didn’t, then I’m not about to keep forcing myself to play and buy all the DLC just because I took some pity for the developers’ situation. As the consumer who gives money in exchange for the game, I only care if the game is good enough to be worthy of the price I paid for it.

    • And Infinity Ward tries out a lot of new things. Ghost had new stuff we didn’t see. So will Infinite Warfare, it seems.

  21. I seem to remember the Activision CEO saying they wanted to remaster COD 4 and WAW. So does that mean we might get a WAW remake in either Sledgehammers or Treyarchs next COD? I would love to see remasters being brought back each year along with new games.

    • Possible. Treyarch is the one who will probably do it. And then fans can stop bitching right?

      • Well Ravensoft makes the remakes so the best possible situation for me would be WAW next year, bo1 the year after that, and mw2 the year after that. But if I had to guess I think WAW will either be coming with the next Treyarch game or they might just make a HD collection with WAW, BO1, and BO2 halfway through Infinite Warfare since Treyarch games sell so well.

        • I don’t exactly believe that. Next year might be no remaster, but after that when Treyarch comes along, it’s probably BO1 or WAW. Probs BO1, since that was more succesful.

          • Yeah that’s what I think is going to happen to. But I would rather it be the other way but hey as long as we get old zombie maps either in DLC 4 or in a remaster I’m happy.

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  23. id love another cold war era cod, its classic cod and i love the whole conspiracy theory esque part of the original black ops

  24. Say what you will, but Hirshberg is very professional when it comes to dealing with criticism. However, I still feel that the right thing to do is offer MWR as a separate package, but not for a cheap price of course, so that the Legacy Edition will still come off as a reasonable package.

    • So if they sell Mordern Warfare separately, you want it them to sell it at a higher price compared to legacy edition? Charging higher than $80 for a remastered game? One game higher than $60

      You realize that’s price gouging, right?

      • No, I don’t mean that. Right now, the Legacy Edition is $80. Subtract the $60 of Infinite Warfare, and MWR basically costs $20 if you buy that edition. So, you add $5-10 to it if you sell it separately, so it’d be around $25-30 as a separate game. No one in the right mind would pay $80-90 just for one remastered game.

    • I can see where you going with this BUT there’s no right thing to do because it’s all a strategy, After the low sales with ghosts, by only selling COD4 as a bundle with IW. They can secure their sales for this year. If it were to be sold separately, $50 would have been the lowest price for the game, cause they know that fan will still buy it!

  25. This is why Call of Duty fans are the most *obnoxious (the word he meant to say rather than “passionate”) fans on the planet. You think Call of Duty has a bad rep because of the game itself? No, it’s because the fanboys swarm around like a hive of angry bees– a very juvenile, myopic, regressive, bellyached hive. The fanbase consists of the most bipolar people I’ve ever seen. If you make it futuristic, people complain of excessive change. If you keep it boots-to-ground, there are no new fun mechanics to explore while maintaining the Call of Duty styled gameplay. How about you guys buck up and accept the fact that Call of Duty is NEVER going back to the past, nor should they. If you want to open the gates for this franchise to be creative again, let them go to the future. I hope all CoD dev companies take a break from the franchise for a couple years and sort out a new game-plan for the next future-oriented game to REALLY launch the franchise forward: maybe even re-make their engine.

    • I blame most of those votes on the anti-CoD crowd, not the fans. Notice how once the news broke, the number of downvotes increased tremendously.

  26. Good on him for not caving in to this retarded community. Hes right about the idiots clamoring for the series to go backwards, having CoD 4 to play instead.

    Meanwhile people like me want the series to innovate and i’ll gladly be giving Infinite Warfare a fair shot in November. If it all works out, i’ll have two great CoD games to play this year. πŸ™‚

    • They are hyped now for CoD 4. Few weeks later they aren’t hyped anymore and they try out IW and maybe even like it. In “best scenarios” CoD cycle appearances.

    • When it was “leaked MWR was gonna be a thing, and was gonna be a pre-order bonus, everyone was like, “I’M GONNA SHIT MY PANTS!!!” No one said boo about it being a pre-order thing. Now it’s, “The heartless bastards that rule my existence (Activision)is screwing me yet again, because I can’t buy it separately.” So, maybe I’ll start a trend for like 5 minutes and say,
      “Why is no one giving a fuck that they are only giving us 10 maps? Huh? HUH?!?!” #MWR black out, bitches!!!!!!

      • That black out thing was childish and also Youtubers got childish for calling people traitors who didn’t support black out. Really? I hope they get a lesson someday (supply drops in MWR would really do the trick lol!)

    • Yeah, they should have get to play CoD4 without buying IW. Basic logic goes a long way. But, no, defend them more. This community gets dumber by the day.

  27. And he has a point. I was saying days ago on a YouTube comment that Bo2 was the first game to go into the future and people loved it and still do til this day. I feel like BO3 has revived the series and if IW is heavily influenced by BO3 then we’re in for another great year of Call of Duty. Everyone’s so hyped about CoD 4 but I’d rather be playing a brand new game than a remaster.

    • The reason why Black Ops 2 is loved til this day is because it was the first Call of Duty game to be futuristic. Fast forward five years later, Infinite Warfare is like the 5th game in the row to be futuristic hence why it’s getting hate, people are tired of the setting and want a break from it.

      • But what happens when they give us ww2 and people get tired of that? Then modern and they get tired of that too?

        • They give us a civil war game where there will only be like 10 guns in the game, no grenades, no killstreaks.

          Now that I think of it, that sounds awesome.

        • World War 2 use to be overdone just like futuristic shooters. WW2 is being welcomed back because it’s been almost ten years since we last seen a WW2 game

  28. LOL all the spin! Side stepping the investors questions! Past success does not guarantee future success. If they truly wanted to appease both types of COD players, then they would offer Modern Warfare Remastered as a separate game. But since they know Infinite warfare might not do so well, they are offering MW remastered, its a wienie to get people to buy this years COD. What a joke these executives at activi$ion.

  29. He has really good points. They give both sides of community what they want. Yes, there are people willing to buy futuristic title. Millions end up buying it. Me and many others are hyped for IW like it or not. This is only a win situation atleast for me.

    • Activision CEO has words of wisdom. To keep things interesting the only way is forward in innovating Call of Duty series.

      Edit: ignore that guest with his tinfoil hat.

        • Love killer and Guywithbrains account all of a sudden made private, lmao! Scared someone’s going to catch u out even further..

          • They made their profiles private within 9 seconds of each other…on the same router again LMFAO!


            They/he cannot hide no matter what they try and if anything, its just making it more embarrassing!

          • Lol they are lucky not many people are going to see this, because its so low down the comments, but im not going to let this drop man, im going to be right there everytime they comment, they need to be exposed for being fecking fake fagits.. *u will get full credit of corse lol*

          • LOL! Every time they post together; they will be exposed so don’t worry! The word will soon spread and I think most people knew it anyway.

            ^ Same router LMAO! Most of it is masked and I’ve reduced the field by only including the first and partial digits but the chances of a user having the same staticID unless they are on the same network is ZERO because it’s not possible.

          • Ur a smart mother fucker man lol… u already made them admit they share the same router and got them to private their accounts.. I just wish u had done this in the A.W days would of helped my constant arguing with them even more of a walk in the park..

            edit* got to stop saying “them” i mean him..

          • Yep lol.. Have u only just figured this out after reading the whole convo on here? Lol

      • Lmao ur the same person! I always knew it!!! Lmao dude.. Me vs u and lovekiller all though advanced Warfare, that just makes me laugh even more thinking about how much trouble u had to go through to reply to me.. That is so sad man..

        • I don’t know why you even think I would have time to use two accounts. Logging out and back in two times, upvoting “my second account” and answering him… all of this as a working person? Also both of us have THOUSANDS of comments. Same router doesn’t mean same person.

          • Yet u used to text each other to tell each other when I had commented.. Thats what u used to say.. U also pretended that when “love killer” first started commenting that u had just become psn friends..

            All them upvotes and convos u have with both accounts!! I honestly can’t stop laughing! It’s the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard!! Lmao!!!!!!!

          • We are friends in real life lol. If having friends in real life is illegal then sorry. Believe it or not I don’t have to convince you anything.

          • Two friends sat on ci together.. Of corse.. Bhahahahahhaha.. This is fecking golden man..

          • This is saddening. This just shows how childish some people are in here. Believing some random guest account… lol’d.

            However, as he already stated we know each other in real life. And we have said it before. Just go and check out.

            But let them be… we both know that we are two individual persons.

          • They also believed this “arcengine” so no wonder they believe everything LMAO. We don’t have to convince ourselves we don’t lose anything even if they believe in such conspiracies.

            Oh sorry I forgot that upvote! Here you go! Now to feed my ego with these endless upvotes! /s

          • We ain’t sat on the same computer everyday tho are we lol.. it’s clearly bulshit lol.

          • If this is true.. Kill me now.. I couldn’t cope with watching some of the shit u find funny..

    • As usual; you lot get hyped and then moan like hell when the game is released regular as clockwork. Also why do you keep upvoting yourself with your multi account and then replying to yourself? Seems a pretty desperate move to try and convince others and don’t bother denying it as the webcache logs say’s it all..

          • Lol yup! The data from the webcache shows the user is logging one account in after the other in literally every thread and the fix data which masks the IP location is the same so they are posting off the same router as the fix stamps are identical.


          • I think someone has finally exposed that Lovekiller and Guywithbrains are the same person LOL!

          • Correct. I noticed these two accounts were working hand in hand with instant replies to each other and constant upvoting along with using the same language and styles. So I popped up the webcache logs and determined that this account @lovekillerx and this account @disqus_fTrCRtep9w (guywithbrains) were operating under the same router which means either it’s two people in the same house or it’s the same person. There is also hundreds of login logs between articles on this site where one account signs in within 30 seconds of the other and then numerous post logs of instantaneous replies. Upvotes aren’t tracked though but it’s blatantly clear what’s going on haha! Next up; I’ll try and do a device track using the cmd.static/Dev_traceLog/ to see if the accounts are sharing the same PC or if one is posting from a phone or alternative method…

            Stay tuned;-)

          • Lmao welcome back dude, u get a ps4 yet? Guywithbrains made a second account called lovekiller and he talks to him self and sticks up for himself by logging into both! It’s all Been happening here on Charlie Intel.. U good?

          • “I’m about to get one very soon, soon we will be able to party up comrade, and looks like I got caught up to speed, it’s a shame Infinite Warfare has so much negativity around it, our community is so toxic, the hate is unnecessary, but hey I can’t stop it, plus I think it’ll look good, and lastly Battlefield one looks good two, I just hate how people compare games, that’s the only upsetting thing, but anyways, it’s good to be back..”

          • Good work. What’s funny is that people think they can hide things like this or that they don’t exist when it’s easily accessible through the code overlay console.

    • Im hyped as well. The only worry I had before seeing the trailer was Zero-G space battles being the main focus. I thought this would be Infinity Ward’s “new” thing to the series but they’re doing away with it the way it seems.

  30. Actvision is like the WWE of gaming. That quote β€œFirst of all, you’ve gotta love the passion of gamers. This is an industry like no other. And we love that our fans treat this franchise like its their own and have such strong points of view about it. There just aren’t many entertainment franchises on Earth that can generate the type of passion that Call of Duty can. That’s a good thing.” just reminds of WWE’s mentally with John Cena on turning into a heel, now I know I’m on a CoD website, but “heel” is a term for a bad guy and WWE is hellbent on keep John Cena a good guy in storylines, etc. Hence why they’re stubborn. kinda like Actvision with the futuristic stuff and they’re typical “our fans are passionate” that’s exactly why WWE does lol.

  31. honestly i gave bo3 a chance i liked it at the begging of its cycle, but then the boost jumps got too much for me and so i don’t want to give call of duty a 3rd chance unless they take out boost jumps and wall running. I don’t care where the setting is but make it boots on the ground.

  32. Dislikes and negativity on this trailer dosent mean anything, most of the ppl hate for obsolutely no reason, they dont know anything about the game.

    • There are BF fanboys, people disliking the cover, people creating another account just to dislike again, people who dislike just because it is Call of Duty… just to name few groups.

      I also think that amount of dislikes doesn’t correlate with people who actually buy it and actually will love it. I wait for footage and beta to make my final judgement call.

      • Or perhaps they are just dissatisfied Call of Duty community members who wanted something different? There’s no point in coming up with childish assumptions that the ‘hate’ is all down to jealous Battlefield or general haters. There’s plenty of loyal COD community members who aren’t overwhelmed by what they’ve seen and it’s those who were bang on the money with their early assumptions with Ghosts and Advanced Warfare.

        • But I never said everyone has no reason to complain? It is a fact that these groups are also disliking the trailer. Sure there are loyal communoty members, not going to deny that.

  33. They shouldn’t worry, all the haters are the ones that put 40 days playing time into the game, I will buy it because I’m a general fan that won’t leave the franchise but I’ve got to say, when MW2 was the newest Call of Duty I could replay that game so much, I played everyday and spent a lot of time on the game even after max rank, however lately since BO2 and especially now, literally as soon as I hit max rank I am bored and it’s because the games lack the re-playability, I as a fan don’t want waterpark maps that look like they are in perfect condition even though a massive war has broken out, I want realistic maps that look war torn, I dunno if this is just me or what but it seems like Activision cater more for the kids with the visuals, I mean come on that gingerbread man costume in AW was pathetic. I just hope they add the other maps to CoD 4 because I know IW will lack replayability, I know they keep adding onto the max levels but whats the point if there is no reward

    • “I as a fan don’t want waterpark maps that look like they are in perfect condition even though a massive war has broken out, I want realistic maps that look war torn”

      You act like there’s a lack of war-torn maps. Most people complain about Gray Rubble Map, Brown Rubble Map, Gray and Brown Rubble Map, etc

      Maybe the war just started and that water park hadn’t been affected yet. (Campaign doesn’t matter in multiplayer)

      • Maps don’t have to be grey to look war torn, why can’t the water park be full of bullets holes as if there is a war, rather than just making the colours bright to keep the children’s attention spans long enough to finish a game, at no point did I mention campaign, maps were better in the past. It my opinion that’s all that’s why I said “I dunno if this is just me”

        • I mentioned the campaign because in the past the maps were mostly altered versions of campaign maps.

          There’s no story attached to MP maps, so maybe the waterpark is just now under attack.

  34. Interesting … looking at the comments on the Official Call of Duty: Ghosts Reveal Trailer. I find it interesting how people all of a sudden ‘love’ Ghosts even though it was regarded as the WORST Call of Duty title ever released.

    In short, the older it becomes, the less hate it garners.

    Hell, this time next year, you’ll see tons of people flocking to the Advanced Warfare trailer saying how much they ‘loved’ it, even though it was regarded as WORST Call of Duty title ever released after Ghosts.

    And the cycle will keep continuing …

    • That is true.. the older, the better… I swear, WaW was hated when it released, cause it was a change from CoD 4. But now it’s considered literally as the second best CoD.

      • Yeah I remember that too, everyone used to leave it for CoD 4, I actually loved WaW at the time and still do.

    • regarded as the worst cod by irrelevant 0.5 kd faggots. it’s the best cod hit detection and gun balance wise

  35. Problem is you can’t Compare Black Ops II to Advanced Warfare,Black Ops III,and Infinite Warfare because although it went into the future, it didn’t go THAT FAR into the future. Most of the technologies displayed in BOII are technically plausible and used already existing weapons (SCAR-H,M27,AN-94,etc.). As for the other games, they’ve gone too far into it with technologies that look like they came out of Star Wars. I mean come on, laser weapons?

    • Ok, seriously, this is what you’re bitching about? Fucking laser weapons? It’s a fucking videogame, it’s not real. Who cares?

      • You misunderstood, I was just using that as an example. The point I was just trying to get across is that if I wanted to play a futuristic war game with laser weapons and such, I would rather just play Star Wars or Halo. You can’t necessarily have to separate things that shouldn’t mix together. It’s like combining Football and Baseball together making the game confusing. (Also, you should take your own advice, I wasn’t yelling about anything. Obviously if you say “who cares” you imply that someone out there DOES care.)

  36. The reason Activision love future COD games is because they can make up some random ass guns instead of having to pay licences to use modern guns in their games.

    • Even though I hate when people outside the franchise treat us like this, it’s still a pretty good joke. Upvote!

  37. Lol, they don’t dislike the game, they don’t like all this s**t that coming afterwards – all these RNG DLCs and so on.

    I also like the way they keep telling how strong this franchise. When had this started, like since the BO2.

  38. couldn’t have asked for a more hollow political response. this game is going to be garbage. you can go float yourself if you care to tell me why im wrong.

  39. Oh you sly bastard.

    “And the good news is is this year we found a way to deliver both in one package while keeping our community together.”

    Yes… I believe the community is calling that blood sucking money for the better game…

  40. this should be redone after the battlefield won trailer, I wonder how many refunded preorders they got

  41. The only reason you want to try this, is beacuse you want more money. I struggle to buy this game every year hoping to get a good game. Please don’t let me down, I have started youtube a year ago and I grow so slow because it is bad.

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  43. he said that before battlefield 1 trailer released, now I am sure that he regreated every word he said.

  44. I’m reading the comments on the trailer and I am absolutely disgusted. The comment section, in case you didn’t know, is full of ignorant, mindless haters, some of which you can tell were part of the call of duty fanbase at one point in time. Some people are disliking the trailer just because it’s the cool thing to do. This is one of the most toxic, idiotic and most immature community I’ve ever been apart of. I’ve been playing call of duty for 8 years, and this just baffles me, the fact that so many people can turn away from something so quickly without second thought. Everyone says IW will be a horrible game, and for what reason? Because it’s set in space? Because it’s set in the future? All these people do is bitch and whine every year that they aren’t getting what they want, and it fucking sucks, because you know that some poor bastard out there spent 3 years of his life, working hard everyday on a video game that he is truly passionate about, just so that he can go home and feed his family, and now, millions of people are crawling up that dude’s ass, all because they didn’t get what they wanted. Unbelievable. The people in this fucking comment section are fucking animals, and I’m not making that up, I am genuinely disgusted by the people’s lack of civility in this matter. I have seen people literally threatening other people because they said they liked the game…


    • its our fucking money and if we want to share our opinions on this comment box then we will. what you think your comment will stop people from expressing their opinion? shmuck. if someone wants to hate a game they’re going to hate it whether you comment a 1 page essay about why they’re wrong or not.

  45. “He followed up to state that Activision has heard players’ request for boots on the ground and stated that’s why they decided to bring Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered this year.”

    If that really was the reason then they wouldn’t have made the game only purchasable with IW.

  46. “Mindless hate, but that’s how the world works sometimes, sadly, but if someone dislikes it then what can we do, on a side note, that Battlefield 1 trailer looked nice.”

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  48. Interesting. The response on Facebook is completely the opposite to the response on Youtube. It also has more views here than on Youtube.

  49. He actually just made all the naysayers on the internet look foolish and insignificant… Which we are mostly. Lol.
    Truthfully, they know the franchise and the numbers and our feelings better than us.
    But regardless… If there are supply drops in this game, i am not buying it.

  50. “And in fact the number of likes per view on the Infinite Warfare reveal trailer are also the highest we’ve ever seen.” I don’t think he is watching the correct trailer

  51. ”He finished up stating that preorders for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare are off to a strong start, and the Call of Duty franchise itself has never been stronger”

    Only reason for this is cause there’s a bunch of A-holes that decided NOT to sell the remastered edition on it’s own, and the only way to get it is by pre ordering that special edition. Only go’s to show that they don’t give five fucks about there community.

  52. We are all getting older we like the old setting world war type of games the young kids although likes to fly around and have unique abilities.

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  54. Guys we all should just accept the fact that COD is going to be set in the future from now on. Yeah we all love past COD games but just remember the video got a lot of likes as well. The new generation; kids to young to be even playing cod, like this futuristic bullshit and they probably outnumber us. Activision doesn’t care about the minority they care about money and nothing else. This speech about fans being passionate is just him sugarcoating what he really thinks which is, “screw these people were doing what we think will get us more money”. This has become even more apparent with the introduction of supply drops where even if u drop $100 bucks on the game an season pass u still need to spend more on supply drops to get new weapons. I’m a decent player and i haven’t really spent any money on supply drops so yh i don’t have any of the new weapons so does alot of people who plays bo3 and it reeeaaaallly pisses me off when some guy has an mx grand or a hg 40 and tears my team to shreads, and if that wasn’t bad enough all your teammates stop trying and focus only on picking up these guns and die needlessly. On the bright side the new battlefield trailer looks cool maybe i’ll convert lol.

  55. I think we should start loving the futuristic setting, that way activision will give us a WW2 setting cause they do love to do the exact opposite of what we, the fans want

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  57. Currently Amazon uk has higher pre orders for battlefield than cod. Things are changing, cod needs to step up

  58. It’s been blown a bit out of proportion but I still won’t be buying it. IW had one chance to win me back and I thought they might have it after 3 years of hard work but it isn’t happening with another future warfare game.

    Hopefully the backlash will be enough for the other developers to actually start paying attention to what the fanbase wants, but it’s a bit late now that Battlefield has answered first.

  59. I honestly don’t know what ppl have their panties in a bunch about. . . Its destiny for COD to evolve and come out with fresh new aspects of the game. . . not just new map packs with the same boring ass weapons they used for 4 or 5 titles straight. . . yeah they had different names and a slightly different look but we all knew which weapons were supposed to be what. . Advanced warfare for my money was one of the top 2 or 3 titles they ever released. /Rant

  60. “And in fact the number of likes per view on the Infinite Warfare reveal trailer are also the highest we’ve ever seen.”
    I seriously hope he is joking because he is somewhat demented or just stupid, or not really looking at the current amount of dislikes that now lies at 2,2 million. It almost sounds as if he is doing a propaganda show to fill in and tell the people that there are no dislikes but only likes for this trailer when it isn’t, basically denying the truth and verbally rejecting it.

  61. “But we also have millions of people in our community who want to have new innovative experiences in the game each year, and Infinite Warfare is going to deliver that.”
    And that is by all means delivering a game that nobody wants? People are demanding for a World War II or World War I game, not another stupid idiotic futuristic game when there are enough of these game genres on the market already. I also congratulate DICE / EA for their latest win, by creating a Battlefield game set in the time period of World War I, and they will which I can guarantee, get millions of customers buying this game and they will end up getting a huge profit.

  62. as a pc gamer. lolololol modern warfare 1 still works. why would you need to remake it? oh right.. you console gamers like to rebuy games

  63. Talking about the Black Ops 2 reveal trailer having the most dislikes. Had under 100,000. We’re talking about 2.5 Million here. That’s 25 times the difference. Think Activision needs a new CEO

  64. They are actually being smart about the idea about going in the future because if every CoD game is always WW2, then it would have failed a long time ago with no innovation. Every CoD game will fail because it is the same game every year.
    I cant also wait to see the faces of IW haters after realizing that they were wrong about the game and it is awesome.

  65. I think its funny that they claim the remastered cod is for the fans that do not like the futuristic crap they been making but you cant but it separately and you only get 10 maps wow what a lame excuse to cover there ass on yet anther pos cod

  66. Shit if they really cared about the fans, they would allow us to buy the remastered modern warfare seperatly instead of trying to boost their sales of another shitty cod.