Many reports about a “Modern Warfare Trilogy” started coming on the internet when Amazon UK posted a listing earlier in April. However, it’s not what you wanted it to be.

Today, a box art and BestBuy listing has been revealed that the Trilogy is just a collection of Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, and Modern Warfare 3 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

BestBuy has confirmed a May 17 release date and the package will cost $29.99. Wario64 backs up the claim, stating the street date is for this coming Tuesday.

SOURCE: @Wario64



    • My guess is this is to prime people for the next gen version which will come in separate parts. Maybe one each year with the new game for that year like we’re getting with IW and CoD4. We’ll see.

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  1. well if they ran on new servers, id buy it but i would assume they are not and being on last gen, would just get hacked again anyway

  2. Wtf they are really trying to milk pockets with everything they got. why can’t we just forget about last get already it’s been 3 years

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  3. Another great release by Activision. How will the spoiled brats spin this one and keep complaining?

    Thank you based Activision. And only 29.99? They are practically giving it away for free. Fantastic work.

  4. massive ball bust is what this is. Literally should have just done the entire MW series remaster (actual remaster, like what they’re doing with MW1), packaged that shit up for the PS4 and Xbox One, halted that shit until like 2 months prior to release of IW, and announced the shit out of that marvel, surprising the fug out of everyone. Sitting on a gold mine here activision, stop being ball busters and do the smart thing here.

    • They probably knew Infinite Warfare might get some hate so they put it as a bonus to make sure their sales were still up to par.

      • 100% sure they’re working on remastering MW2 and 3 right now, then announcing it like 2 months after releasing IW in order to sell as many copies of IW as possible with CoD4.

  5. So this is coming out for last-gen, but not as a remastered collection for current-gen? What the fuck? Why?

  6. The question is… what is the point in this… Xbox 360 has been discontinued and it’s last gen…

  7. I got COD 4 and MW2 for $5 total at Gamestop two years ago. I feel like $30 is a bit over priced…

  8. why would they do this if its already available to buy!!! freakin stupids they should have done this with next/current gen not last gen they are not thinking!!!!!!

  9. Are the servers being fixed? Because there are still hackers in almost every lobby; unless it’s campaign only.

  10. Buy our hacked to hell awesome games on a platform you may not have anymore.
    (Unless you’re me….but even I’m about to fix that)

  11. Wtaf cmon guys this is completely fucking over the cod community now. “preorder bonus remastered mw when you buy infinite warfare legacy” (overpriced and cod 4 didn’t need remastering just bringing to ps4 and xbox one) so what they do is announce a cod 4 remaster with the new shit cod coming out then release this on ps3 and xbox 360.(something everyone wanted) they didn’t even have to remaster mw, mw2 and mw3 just could have brought them to current gen with no hackers I would of been happy. They really fucked us all over here. Its fucking disgusting!

  12. What’s the point of doing this NOW? They couldn’t have done it when the transition to the next gen wasn’t in full swing and when 360/PS3 consoles where still in production? They have to do it when Activision is getting heat over not selling MW Remastered separately?

  13. Titanfall didn’t kill cod. Destiny didn’t kill cod. Cod killed cod. Battlefield won not because I’m following a trend or hating cod because dice listened to the community. Who tf are cod listening to!? I’m sorry but this has completely put me off cod now they really don’t care anymore. Activision are honestly the worst company they have destroyed a loved franchise and milked it to death.

    • CoD hasn’t been killed by anything, not even Activision. The sales for IW will be huge like all the others.

      • Only because of COD4 Remastered lmao. Activision say they aren’t scared but in reality they are otherwise they wouldn’t force you to buy Infinite Warfare with it.

      • A decent amount of games are coming out round that time for example titanfall 2 Nov,Dec and a little game called battlefield 1. Cod this year wont be number one.if you are that stupid to buy it you are dooming the franchise im sorry to say. They need a big break 5,6 years maybe even 10 then bring cod bk start again

          • You actually a reason why the series is going to shit. You are a horrible person. Liking your own comments and giving people shit on here. You probably get bullied in real life so you come here to give people shit.if your below 18 you have alot to learn. Im telling you mate you ever spoke to me like that in real life i would beat the fuck out of you. Piss off kid.

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          • Also what’s funny is you actually will buy this and infinite warfare. You probably didn’t play these games in there prime because your too young. Charlie Intel should remove people like you who troll, are too young and don’t have any knowledge or played cod from the start. Cod 4 isn’t the start by the way before you say you did. Now go cry to your mum about getting bullied on the internet as well fuck off you little gremlin.

  14. Activision has got something stuck far up their fucking asses man. Why are they trolling us so fucking much lately? Why release a trilogy on the old generation consoles? These guys literally don’t have the common sense that us consumers have. It’s unfucking real.

  15. I just bought all 3 games in the trilogy used from gamestop for 14 dollars USD with tax. Im not kidding. Don’t waste your money on this crap. Buy each game separately used

  16. Literally no one is going to buy this shit if it’s for last gen. They had the opportunity to have a goldmine with this buy bringing it to PS4/Xbone/PC, yet they do the cheap/retarded path and don’t even remaster them but just release them on last gen. I actually had faith in Activision again when this was announced, but now I hate them more than EA.

  17. It’s a nice gesture, but after this year’s shitstorm, Activision isn’t getting any more of my money.

  18. $30 is basically a steal, because these games cost, what, $20 each brand new? But Activision still found a way to fuck this up, by being lazy and not allowing them to be remastered. They can nickel and dime us for microtransactions/Supply Drops, yet they can’t fund a cheap remaster collection?


    • Why would anyone buy it brand new at this point? You can get these games second hand for like less than a tenna each. Hardly a steal. More like a kick in the nuts for not being on current gen.

  19. LOLOLOLOLOL. Who’s gonna buy this now? If they really wanna play with a bunch of hackers then I guess that’s good for them…

    Meanwhile MW1 and 2 still cost $19.99 and MW3 $39.99 on PC… Get your shit straight, Activision.

  20. This is a bigger troll than having to buy Infinite Warfare to get COD4 Remastered. Activision are just scumbags playing with people’s emotions.

  21. I was wondering where a Modern Warfare triple pack was since the Black Ops Dual Pack… Literally the worst time to announce it though, but whatever…

  22. This is so cool cant wait to buy this i knew activision was gonna make a new call of duty for last gen #fuckinfinitewarfare

  23. Hopefully this sells well enough to inspire activision to provide some long overdue balancing and security patches to those games. Unlikely but it would be nice.

  24. A lot of hate on here over something that is essentially nothing at all. Why would I be upset that they are packaging the MW series together, on last gen, that isn’t remastered? If it was remastered, and only on last gen, then, yeah, I’d be like, “WTF!” But it isn’t.

  25. “Right, so we’ve made another future game no one wants, and we’ve remastered the game everyone does want but forced them to buy our new game to own it… what else can we do to piss them off?”

  26. There is literally no point in this collection as people already likely own the games or can pick them up individually at bargain bin prices. Also the games are riddled with hackers so unless Activision start supporting the games with dedicated servers; the MP aspects will be unplayable. Also who the hell plays on old gen systems nowadays anyway? The PS3 and 360 were epic consoles but let’s just move onward.

    • I agree they need to fix their shit if they’re going to sell these again, but PLENTY of people are still playing last gen.

  27. What’s the point if they don’t support their old games? Is it that hard to maintain it from hackers

  28. Its crazy because they’re aware of what we want but they fucking piss us off doing shit like this.

      • According to CI’s Twitter the Black Ops combo pack they released last year did well in sales so they’re trying to repeat with this combo pack.

        • Its not just that, what ppl is asking for ( trilogy for current gen) is actually a death for the new games , imagine what will happen to future cod titles if mw2/mw3 or bo1/bo2 come to current gen, nobody will touch the new games and of course the player base will be fractured so much that ppl will have ploblems finding good lobbies in each of these games. Cod 4 is fine but if they keep remaking old titles for current gen soon enough they will be more cods than playerbase can take.

  29. Now that they have the trilogy in 1 disc, they could easily make it backwards compatible for X1 if they wanted it to be in the future.

  30. These games are currently unplayable due to all the hackers with contant uav, god mode and invisible classes and people getting deranked at all times.

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  32. This is only good if they are actually going to support them with these games being hacked. If they are implementing patching to fix issues that’s one thing. Otherwise they are selling broken games. As much as we love them.