Treyarch has announced that Double Weapon XP is coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on all platforms starting May 20th at 10AM PT and ends on May 23rd at 10AM PT.



    • They should just announce when it’s not a double xp weekend, would be easier.. Can’t moan at double xp tho still..

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      • Hey Scoot, haven’t seen you since the Bo3 reveal (been busy af), but what are your opinions on the IW game and trailer? And do you think that people in the IW comment section of this site are just tunnel visioning (being fanboys?)

          • Its impossible to target fake accounts created just for likes/dislikes. Fake views and subs are a different story. Its definitely bots working overtime

          • It doesn’t really matter anyways. 44 million people in cod community and 2.5 million dislikes. Do the math and you have a lot of battlefield guys that hit the dislike button just cause.

          • Or do the math and realize that it’s completely possible and most likely that .05% of the COD community (aka 2.5 million people) just might be upset at the direction COD is going and hit dislike. Just because someone dislikes the COD trailer video doesn’t make them a bot or a BF fanboy.

          • you really think 2.5million is .05%? that would make the cod community half a billion people strong. The most sold game in history, Tetris, hasn’t even sold 500million yet. the biggest recorded population for cod so far (counting repeated users) is 27 million. 2.5 million is around 10%. counting repeat users(people who buy games on multiple platforms) and the fact that the cod community is going down, that places that number closer to 15-20%, which is a BIG deal. Especially considering how effective word of mouth is, and when the people spreading that word are typically the ones who pay attention to trailers….they have a problem.

          • Ah my bad, I meant 5%. 2.5 million / 44 million is 5%, I was basing it off that guys numbers and forgot to multiply by 100 to get the percent. Either way 5% is still not a lot of people. My point was that 2.5 million in perspective to how many games are sold every year is not that much. More specifically, just because someone disliked a video doesn’t automatically make it a bot or a BF fanboy. Many people are just upset that Activision is unwilling to listen to the community and keeps giving us futuristic shit. So when the BF trailer dropped, it makes sense COD fans were hyped for that instead. The dislikes are a way to show that people don’t want to play in the future for 3 games in a row.

          • Yeah, propaganda should at least be believable. For example, Ben Affleck, who wears top of the line rugs, might deflect by feigning distress in the wake of pretending to find a grey hair.

          • So what if it was 24 million or 44 million? It’s still a small percentage of the population that disliked the trailer. The point still stands. The only fanboys here are the ones too ignorant to accept that the dislikes are coming from upset COD fans who are sick of the future, not bots.

          • Anybody can watch that trailer. All gamers and non-gamers. It had to have been botted because no video has been disliked so much so fast.

          • That’s stupid. Look at how many views the trailer has, then look at how many dislikes it has. The speed in which people watched the trailer then clicked dislike is irrelevant. The dislikes rose as the views rose, they’re proportional. It’s not like it has 2 million views and 2.5 million dislikes. Just because COD fans are butthurt that the video has many dislikes doesn’t automatically means it’s bots. Believe it or not, many people don’t want COD in the future and are using the dislikes on the trailer to show it.

          • Uh, no, it’s not stupid, because not even Ghostbusters had the same amount of dislikes with even more views, so it’s actually stupid to assume that they’re all legitimate. You don’t have any idea how many of the dislikes were from the fans and how many were from other gamers and YouTube users. No one does. Anybody can view that video. It just became a fad to troll this next CoD.

  1. I’m more interested in the 2x-whatever playlist that PC will get this week. Thank god for Treyarch for actually caring.

  2. For all the complainers, this is hands down the least sweaty out of the DBL XP weekends, since most people are working on guns that they normally don’t like or don’t use.

    So enjoy your free kills and quit crying already… 😉

  3. There seems to be a ‘double’ something every weekend on BO3 now – everything apart from double supply drops!

    • Because they dont give out supply drips. But theyve had 2 double kryptokeys weekends in the last few weeks

  4. PSA Advanced Warfare is having a 2xp weekend plus a free elite weapon drop this weekend. I know where I’m spending my weekend…

  5. 2xp on advanced warfare too, and they’re gifting everyone that plays an imr boar strike. I’m excited – might be enough players to form a hc kc lobby!

  6. What about add a Feature that allows players EXCHANGE weapons… I mean.. you have 2 MVP´s and I have 2 FAMAS…so…lets chenge these weapons and everybody wll be happy !

          • Would it change anything if they did? Not really. CoD and BF communities have been beating each other down for years. Are we in any position to even criticize them for firing shots at each other?

          • Developers should be more respectful when representing a company. The guy at dice that did talk shit about infinite warfare was punished for his actions.

          • They’re dicks to the community. The people at DICE basically harassed Activision when the Infinite Warfare trailer dropped.

          • EA is the worst publisher as far as greed goes. If you think Supply Drops are bad…

          • I know. All I’m saying are all corporations only care about profits. People here are acting like they’re personally offended by the comments BF devs are making towards COD, because nobody is allowed to talk bad about COD apparently. Look at phone service provider commercials, they all smack talk each other constantly. Just because I have an android phone doesn’t mean I have to take offence when they talk shit about it, they’re just trying to get more sales like every other company. It’s nothing personally, it’s business. Is it a shitty way to go about said business? Yeah, sure. Doesn’t make them assholes though.

          • As far as my case goes versus the DICE “developers”, I’m not very fond of arrogance, but it doesn’t bother me ‘personally’, but that’s just me.

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  8. I have some inside information on Call of Duty 2017 that I am willing to leak. Sledgehammer’s new game will be called Call of Duty: Advanced Advanced Warfare. If you pre-order the Exo Boosted editon; you get double XP weekend even on Wednesdays! I saw a promotional poster flushed down the toilet in Michael Condreys penthouse bathroom. You heard it here first!

        • You obviously didn’t get the point. It’s not just the nac bullshit, it’s also about quickscoping, and the fact that these morons are attempting to do it intentionally. No one wants trickshitters in their lobbies. So, yes, it will potentially be a HUGE, game-breaking problem. Have you not experienced the “nac” in previous CoD games versus snipers?

          • Never had a problem with trick shot sniper people. It’s just an easy kill If someone is spinning 360 in the air before aimng at me and if he does kill me then.. Well jesus fair play to him, he deserves the kill..

          • It ruined Call of Duty, especially MW2. The thought of it existing is the problem.

      • Nac is some sort of reload cancelling used for trickshitting. Is “trickshotting” even grammatically correct? I just call it trickshitting, now.

        • I’m not surprised Infinity Ward is bringing back that crap. I remember back in Ghosts they outright lied about taking quickscoping out of the game and it somehow made it in to the game anyway.

          I wouldn’t mind quickscoping as long as there was a counter to it. Kinda like Juggernaut perk from CoD4. That always counter the quickscoping fags

          • Yep, but I think the Raven developer (the guy who calls all the shots, I’m pretty sure, forgot his name) either really thought that it was gone, or Raven and Infinity Ward both changed their minds due to backlash. This could mean bad news for Infinite Warfare. A literal make or break.

            That’s a good idea, but you know that they won’t do it, and will force it to be overpowered, like Black Ops 2’s broken snipers.

    • It’s so much fun to shoot spinning idiots out of the air. I just hate when they wind up on my team.

        • I hate the fuckers and wish they weren’t there, so the only thing I can do, short of leaving the lobby, is ruin their fun.

          • That’s the way to do it. The FaZe twats used to use OMA/Danger Close noobtubes in MW2 before switching to their snipers in Search and Destroy, AND they still had subscribers condoning such fuckery. Infinity Ward is making the wrong decision.

  9. Is CI not gonna make an article of the rumour of having to have the IW disk in your console to start up COD 4 remastered. So basically you have to have a copy of IW in your console to play COD 4.

    • i highly doubt this rumour. IW’s disk wont include cod 4 remastered because it will be dowloadable via ps/xbox store. It will be a completely different application that dosent need a disk to start up and run, like every other digital game.

    • I was actually thinking about this the other day and I’d have to say that it is a credible scenario that would ultimately enrage the community further but Activision would definitely contemplate incorporating something like this. They’ll probably count the people playing MW:R as people ‘playing’ Infinite Warfare just to save face against any embarrassments in terms of player counts for the latest COD. The last thing they’d want is people trading in IW day one with no prospective sales on DLC and Supply Drops so keeping people on board and forcing them to insert the disk is certainly something they’d consider IMO.

    • This was the first thing I thought when it was announced, I got shot down by someone on here for saying it lol

      As I said then, I wouldn’t be surprised if you had to load up IW and select MW from the in game menu….. as much as people might hate the idea, that’s how I would do it, have it as an extra mode in the game, just like Zombies.

    • Wouldn’t shock me. Actvision is the masters at being total cucks. EA and Actvision are both competing to see who can outcuck each other. How far will the cucks go to cuck their consumers?

      Anyway, how would the work out for people buying the game digitally too?

      • As you can’t refund or trade in digital copies; you’re stuck with Infinite Warfare either way. Unfortunately, I’d have to admit it would be a very smart business decision but yet another massive kick in the bollocks towards the community if it does happen to the physical copy holders.

    • And? You have to buy IW if you want to have the remastered title. So it doesn’t really matter. This is smart on activisions side. This prevents people from selling or buying just the remastered.

      • And what’s wrong with selling it separate? Yeah it’s smart for them but nobody should be stuck with a crappy game they don’t want. More people would be happy buying it separate and maybe even more would buy it if it came separate. Stop trying to defend a shitty game that nobody already wants. COD4 is what we’re actually paying for here

        • Infinite warfare could be better than bo3, we know nothing about the game, anyone who hates the game blindly is no better than the people who are spamming the YouTube downvote button.. I don’t understand how u can call the game shitty and insist ur only buying it for CoD 4 when no information has been given…

          Ya all going to look pretty stupid when ur discussing Infinite Warfare next year in the articles, because I doubt their will be hardly any, if any CoD 4 articles.. I’m taking mental notes of who’s shit talking the game just so I can have some fun at their expense later down the line..

          • Fo real? I was talking to someone the other day and I was saying having gone back and played bo1, on the xbox, has actually made me appreciate how good Bo3 actually is.. I didn’t rate it very highly at all up until then. But I mean I’ve got 8 days played on it, last time I played a game this much was Bo2, I mean I much prefer boots on ground but seen as we ate stuck in the future at the minute I think they did a pretty good Job..

          • I still enjoy the game (keep in mind I’m still playing it on last gen, so obviously not the same, but I have played the PS4 version plenty at my nephew’s), but there’s something about it I’m not as big on. Like you, I do enjoy it more than BO1 as well. It took playing that one online more this week to realize that.
            BO2 is still my favorite of the BO series, but I enjoy IW’s games the most.
            I also played a bit of AW this weekend and enjoyed it quite a bit more than expected.

          • BO3 isn’t bad, I appreciate it vs. the broken snipers, LMG’s, and perks in BO2, it’s only bad when the lobbies are bad imo. But there are obvious problems that ruin the game, like most CoD’s (seriously, why do the MK14, MP-7, and ACR 6.8 still exist in its current form in MW3? Why aren’t they patching BO3 more often? Vonderhaar is really screwing up with the balancing like he did in BO2).

          • I’m not shit taking the game but cod4 is what I’m mostly excited for and so are most of the people. And I remember you were bashing the game too at the start when we found out it wasn’t boots on the ground

          • Yh I was gutted we not getting boots on ground and it’s set in space and still am, but all these people are taking it too far, no one can say it’s shit without playing it, it could be the next bo3 which would be good.. I really hate the direction CoD has been going in recent years, but even tho I hate the direction the current game proves it’s not impossible to make a good CoD set In the far future.. It’s just a shame to see so many people hating already..

          • Infinity Ward is considering bringing back quickscoping and trickshitting… if it happens, then that game cannot be saved. It’ll be shit on arrival, if it does. But I’m being optimistic until E3.

          • I rarely see quickscopers in BO3 and Advanced Warfare (yes, I’m even playing that game again, what a hypocrite I am!), let alone trickshitters. The engines were pretty overhauled, as far as I know. But Infinity Ward, being the morons that they are, are putting them in intentionally.

          • I’ve seen FaZe idiots trying to quickscope in BO3, but the sniper rifles just aren’t set up for it, even though they try.
            Definitely saw plenty of QS’ing in AW, even gave it a shot myself and did well with it. Still would prefer the games didn’t have it (especially MW2 and BO2).

          • I’m a beast in terms of quickscoping in Advanced Warfare. I was mainly talking about [trickshooting/trickshotting/trickshitting whatever the fuck]. There aren’t as many snipers in the past couple of games in comparison to the past, which is welcome. AW just had terrible design flaws during its prime.

        • I’m with scoott on this one plus why would they sell the COD4 separate…I understand most people only want the remastered but It’s just non-sense from a business perspective.

          • No, it’s non sense because morons like you just put up with it. “Hey I’m gonna defend them taking more money than necessary from me” – You.

            Grow up and start thinking.

          • Ur lucky we even getting a cod4 remaster dude. Chill ur pants..

            If they decide the bonus game needs the IW disk then so be it.. Can’t belive ur crying over an amazing bonus we are getting, and people wonder why our community are seen ungrateful spoilt kids, u are the reason..

          • im not lucky at all. pc has the game in hd plus mods plus server browser. this new version is going to be worse without those features. stop being stupid.

            people like you are why the cod community is seen as 12 year old children and a complete joke. no thought.

          • No, you’re not. You deserve a remake, a standalone, quality remake. Not a tack on with 10 maps. Seriously, your comments aren’t even in your own best interest. How can you be so mind controlled and dumb?

          • Lol why do I or anyone deserve a remake? It’s a fecking bonus to the new CoD that’s coming out that is all, we ain’t entitled to anything..

            They do something kewl for the fans, and u still act like a mardy bitch man… They need their main game to do well Its their business. The bonus game is a great thing they have gave us..

          • “Lol why do I or anyone deserve a remake?”

            Did you actually just ask that? Because you have money, and ATVI aims to take that money, and you have power as a consumer that they have to please you. You’re entitled to whatever you want with your money. If you don’t want IW, or don’t want to keep IW, then you shouldn’t need it to play CoD 4. Yet, somehow you sit here and literally tell them “hey, if you do all these consumer unfriendly things to me, I’ll take it no worries”. I mean, even if you will, YOU DON’T TELL THEM THAT. It’s against your own self-interest you moron. It’s amazing how stupid you are. Truly fascinating.

            Basically, you’re acting absurdly easy to please, even against your own interest, or against anyone elses interest. I mean, this is how stupid you are. You just publicly posted and decided to let someone trying to take as much money from you as possible that you would let them do it. How is it in your best interest to do that? It’s literally against basic instinct, that’s how dumb it is. You accept things on a non-logical basis, while we think and act with logic and reason.

            “They do something kewl for the fans, and u still act like a mardy bitch
            man… They need their main game to do well Its their business. The
            bonus game is a great thing they have gave us, that they didn’t have

            Oh boy, you’ve gone and contradicted yourself. Ok, here’s a few thoughts. They actually required thinking, so try to keep up. Not sure if you can, being that you literally like throwing your money out the window for fun, but we can always try.

            You said they NEED CoD4 to sell their main game. That means they had to do this really consumer unfriendly practice to sell their main game. Then you say it’s just “kewl (lolwut) for the fans”. No, cool for the fans wouldn’t be ripping them off, trying to sell them something they don’t want. I mean, paying 80 dollars for a 9 year old game, which is more than any other game ever and it’s super old? How down the toilet does your brain have to be to say that?

            Here’s a question I think you’re too stupid to answer, but let’s try. Give me one logical reason that IW should be required to play CoD 4? Just one.

          • Lol dude I actually enjoy reading ur posts ur funny, insults are great.. But seriously dude, u have already admitted u have a better version than the remaster on ur p.c why an earth are u getting so mad about this..

            This deal is for those of us who are buying the next Cod game. A bonus for supporting their new game.. If u want to play ur old Cods play them on ur p.c

            This isn’t a stand alone purchase.. Nor is it their main title, they ain’t forcing anyone to purchase Infinite warfare..

            U are literally buying the new CoD and instead of a bonus Map or camo we get a bonus game..

            U might be losing ur fecking shit over nothing this hasn’t even been confirmed, and I’m not paying any more money than what I normally would for a CoD game, I have 8 days played on bo3 if I get the same enjoyment out of IW than great, I have spent the money I normally would have and got a cool bonus..

            I’m waiting for gameplay and beta to form my decision.. If ur willing to spend that much money on just Cod 4 then ur fecking crazy.

          • This I can agree with. It fucking destroys the PC version. I can’t stand gamers that think that they’re just upscaling the Ultra PC textures. I find that to be severely ignorant.

          • The remaster destroys the PC version, no matter what mods are thrown on it, so what are you talking about?

          • ???????

            “Something I haven’t seen automatically wipes out ‘x'”.

            Well, I can tell you aren’t big into logical thought exercises. You actually just tried to tell me something you can’t possibly know out, and then state it with 100% confidence. That’s called bias. That’s called stupidity. I’m actually baffled I read it. I knew you were dumb, I didn’t realize anyone could be this dumb.

          • Wow, you’re acting like a cunt. I’m stating a fact from the footage that we’ve gotten and you act all butthurt and intolerant. You can have a preference, but you’re being hypocritical. You call me biased, yet you say that the remaster of CoD4 isn’t a big leap over the PC version only because it suits your narrative over Infinite Warfare, and you just as confidently said that the CoD4 remaster looks better than the PC version. Now THAT is a new level of bias, and ignorance, or you might just be blind. I was just saying that your analysis on the remaster is illogical because of the footage that HAS been shown, so what are you talking about “not possibly knowing”? What the hell are you even trying to say, here? You’re just acting like a prick for no reason because of blind hatred over Infinite Warfare. Grow up.

          • But it’s 80 fucking dollars… It’s illogical to defend Activision in this situation, at least if this rumor is true. I don’t think it’s logical to force the consumer to pay $80 just to play a remaster for a game from 2007 that’s only been touched on the graphical (and sound) side of things with no game design fixes. Maybe the games will grow on me, but I still won’t defend them for forcing you to put the Infinite Warfare disc. Fuck them.

          • It’s just a bonus game dude, I don’t know much about dollars but I’m guessing that’s the same price as the hardened edition normally is, what do u get normally a chappy big box and art work.. We are getting a whole fecking old game remasterd man..

            This is a fecking good deal if u ask me..

          • It’s a pretty decent deal. It’s one of the best remasters I’ve ever seen graphically (it’s damn-near a remake graphically, let’s be honest), but I still think that the principle of forcing/locking the game behind a paywall in order to sell units for Infinite Warfare is bullshit. IMO, they should just let Infinite Warfare be Infinite Warfare and allow those who want to sell it be able to sell it.

          • I understand how some can see this as bulshit, but in reality it’s a business, they want to sell as many copies as possible. Can u imagine how easy it would be to pick up a second hand Infinite Warfare game?

            That’s just one reason they might do this, there is many more, I can totally see why they would do this and wouldn’t hold it against them if they did.. At the end of it all its the best hardened edition we have ever had. They ain’t trying to screw us over, their not being unreasonable.. I honestly can’t belive this is the year they give us a remake with the actual CoD and still people find something to moan about..

            I’m one of the first to shit on activison when they deserve it which is pretty much 99 percent of the time… But this one time they done good imo

          • I know it’s a business, but I’ve seen people defend microtransactions in CoD. IMO, it’s greedy, over-the-top, EA-like business. CoD4 Remastered existing is the best thing in recent memory, but the only thing I don’t like is forcing it behind a paywall with the Infinite Warfare disc. I’ll take having to buy Infinite Warfare’s Hardened Edition, because then I’ll actually have the option to return it if I wanted to (after trying it, of course), but this is literally dictating what we can and cannot do… I really don’t see the difference between this and shitty always-online DRM business practices like in Destiny and The Division. It’s pointless to the consumer, and it’s, well, anti-consumer. But does it make sense? Yeah, I’m not arguing against that.

            …but I really don’t want pre-order bonuses to exist, either.

          • Honestly man, this is only a problem if Infinite Warfare is shit.. And we don’t know it will be yet.. U might end up fecking loving IW, having to keep the disk shouldn’t be seen as a choir at this stage.. When the beta hits, is the time to decide such things.. As it stands I’m happy with how it is at the minute..

          • “in reality it’s a business, they want to sell as many copies as possible”

            And, in reality, consumers want to save as much money as possible (except you apparently), and it’s up to ATVI to please consumers to make sales. THAT is how business works. The only problem is we have idiots like you over here saying that you’ll just hand your bank account over to them for a 9 year old game.

            “They ain’t trying to screw us over, their not being unreasonable”

            WHAT? Unreasonable = illogical. There is ZERO logical reason that IW is needed to play CoD 4. ZERO. That is the very definition of illogical and unreasonable.

            “they give us a remake with the actual CoD and still people find something to moan about”

            BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT THE NEW ONE WITH IT, or at minimum not required to keep the new one to play CoD 4. How can that not enter your head? It’s the most basic concept ever. There is no logical reason an IW disk is needed to play CoD 4. None. End of story.

          • Tell me how your argument makes any difference here thoe? Go ahead, I wait…You stay here bitching about it along with a few others who just don’t know how to deal with it and move the fuck on ’cause ya’ll feel some type of way. Bohoo too bad. This shit has been around longer than I can remember and little to nothing has changed. It’s old news dude, welcome to the outside world of today. All corporations are about make huge profits, not steep down to the level of your “thinking” to look for a “better” options. HAHA give me a break. Tell me something I don’t know. & Yet you sit there and call me a “moron” when really I’m on a whole other level, I grew up to realize that not everything is going to be my way. Learn to adapt to changes and started thinking way back to make more than enough to say I can afford to lose $. Don’t act like you wouldn’t done the same if you were on their side of the table. But since you an actual moron, you’ll be long gone to a point where irrelevant suits you the best. I’m done here.

          • People with your mindset are the EXACT reason why Supply Drops exist. “Just get used to it” “just adapt” “just take it like a man” Nobody should ever be forced to “just like” something, fuck that. It’s called consumerism, and many gaming practices like DLC and pre-order bonuses are just plain wrong. End of.

          • Umm I don’t know if you are aware but BO3 has gotten a lot better with the latest update on supply drops. The addition of contracts rewards giving you a better chance of loots. I’m cool with it because it works. At least devs try to seek a fair options for the community. You see, I just know that since this was added along with all micro-transactions, activision saw the huge profit made from this and believe me when I tell you that backing off from this it ain’t an option they would consider anytime soon, not at all. I just be patience and wait for the changes and there are times that I fully disagree but I know that improvements it’s something that I expect from a triple A studio. End of.

          • All this could have been avoided if people didn’t allow it to happen. People buy into them, they’ll keep existing, and more and more significantly so.

          • Yet it happened and it is already part of COD and for the upcoming future installments. Let’s not bring the past here ’cause it really serves no purpose.

          • I’ll still say it’s bullshit because they’re business practices that shouldn’t even have existed.

          • Okay dude, keep saying that is bullshit “till you grow tired of it but the reality is that they do exist and it won’t go away now, not if something drastically happens but who knows. It’s activision so what do you expect haha

          • Well, you just dug yourself into a whole. “I accepted I’m going to get exploited, so I won’t do anything about it”. Pretty much every positive change that humanity has ever made wouldn’t be possible with that mindset. That mindset literally holds humanity back. You accept things on a non-logical basis, while we think and act with logic and reason.

            I mean, this is how stupid you are. You just publicly posted and decided to let someone trying to take as much money from you as possible that you would let them do it. How is it in your best interest to do that? It’s literally against basic instinct, that’s how dumb it is.

            Unfortunately, there is no clue for stupid. It’s evident you’re lost. You act against both humanity and your own self interest. That’s flat out sad.

          • You write to me as if you got me all figured out…yet you don’t know me nor know what I do for a living. Get exploited? Dude, are you really that naive…when did I ever shown hate towards Infinite Warfare? I will pay $60 for the full game, an additional $20 for the remastered. That’s a great deal to me. Yes, I want to get BOTH games. Is that taking as much money as possible for me again? Unlike you, since you feel like you are “being forced” to buy IW just to play the bonus game. “Ohh I don’t want to get exploited and I won’t accept it! Let me just hop on Charlie Intel bitch about it to make a change!” Wasting your time ’cause the funny thing is that you will end up buying anyways.

            I usually don’t reply when I state that I’m done in a conversation but since you want to feel superior by writing stupid shit to me that for the most part has nothing to do with the forum itself. I just want to let you know that yeah, I do not care about anybody else nor half of humanity but me and the people that I fuck with. & no, I do not act against my own interest because I know my potential and ambition which has gotten me to a six figure career. Ohh and that you are a dipshit. Anything else that you want to write, suit yourself. I’m done here.

          • Lol @ “thoe”. I can’t believe I just saw that typed, and I was hoping for an intellectual argument. Yeah, you’re way beyond hopeless. You got the IQ of a peanut over there.

          • Thoe, I do not need to write a certain way to fit your writing context, so fuck your standards & yeah, it has nothing to do with IQ here you dipshit.

        • I don’t “dickride” a company. I just said it’s a very smart move Activision does. Nothing more. I never said I support this practice. Activision wants to make money and it’s their product so they can sell it the way they want. Call of Duty is a strong brand and this practice will definitely have a positive effect for the company. For the customer? I don’t know and I don’t care.

          • If you say so. I neither care about Infinite Warfare nor the remastered title. I not plan on buying them. Look how I “dickride” them… If I don’t like a product or I don’t like the business practice I don’t buy the product. It’s that simple. Buy it or eat it. Companies want to make money, customer satisfaction is ranked on the 1314th place.

          • But you know what? Screw it. Why am I even arguing about it with some random internet person. I’m in a neutral position. I don’t give a fuck about the 2 titles and therefore the practice of them distributing it. Don’t like a product or how they handle the business? Don’t buy it. They sell the remastered title with those conditions, agree with them or don’t throw your money at them. Some people act like drug addicts, needing the next shot no matter what.

  10. Unrelated but people were saying how bo1 is gonna dead within a week. Well its currently 72k players..

    • Yeah I was playing last night and there was near 90k on and 1k was in HC S&D yet I kept being put into a lobby by myself waiting for others to join :-/ can’t get a match on it at all.

    • Saturday morning there were 106k on. I ran into my share of stupid asshole aimbot cheaters, but not very many.
      Two of them:
      C isnt sharp

  11. Damn, no news…I was really looking forward to any updates or short leaked gameplay. I remembered how excited I used to get on CI when they leaked BO1 news on the site

    • Yeah we should have gotten new COD news by now. I guess even Activision stayed quiet about Infinite Warfare. Infinity Ward doesn’t seem to want to promote Infinite Warfare either. Last year it was the opposite.

    • I think Activision are probably rethinking their strategy after the reception IW received or burying their heads in the sand after being knocked down a peg or two. After the initial hate; you would’ve thought they would be desperate to prove people ‘wrong’ but all we’ve seen is a few eSport ‘pros’ on Twitter releasing scripted statements within 15 minutes of each other that look like they were written by the same person saying the MP is amazing. They should’ve showcased proper gameplay to shut people up if they really are pleased with the game but it just feels like they’re hiding and desperately trying to protect the brand. They also don’t even have a stage booked for E3..

      • They probably are! and true, to think that they will come up with something to prove us wrong…no, instead they release tweets. Sloppy haha But maybe they working on something big to hold back for this long. We probably won’t see anything till E3! which sucks… & I think Activision won’t get their own booth for this year E3 ’cause they are going to showcase it with Sony since they are partners.

      • They will be showing it off at Sony’s so they don’t need a stage. But I think you are right about the marketing strategy. They realized the same marketing style that they did for BO3 is not going to work here so I have a feeling they are going to try to make us as hyped as possible in the multiplayer reveal.

  12. Yo guys, what if IW are working to make Infinite Warfare 4K supportive as a comeback! I will be so into it since I am a sucker for sharp graphics!!

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    • Guess it’s just current gen, since I was using the BAL a few hours ago on 360 and it was the same as usual.

    • Honestly they didn’t need to be nerfed again the other guns needed buffs like the SN6, amr9 and ak12. Kinda sad because I really liked the sn6 but it’s pretty weak

      • Nah, they did. They were still pretty powerful, hell, they still are. But I don’t see how they can’t buff those guns, now, besides the AK-12 (powerful enough). The AK-47 isn’t all that great imo, I use it and never succeed.

      • IKR? Hope they take out SBMM next (not just nerf it). Glad they’re supporting the game so late after its lifecycle.

        • On the topic of SBMM, since I have a very high rank in AW ( prestige 17, I played too much ) and there are few players in that game, I literally can’t find ANY game, even TDM.

          Now, I really want SBMM to be removed.

  13. Must be slow in cod news or leaks, there’s usually some kind of leak about the new cod around this time. Activision and IW are really keeping to themselves, they figured they would get more hate.

  14. *Attempts to break the ice*
    *Brings up Infinite Warfare*
    *Publicly shamed*
    *Commits genocide against Battlefield/WW fans.*

  15. Great, so it appears Keshav was overheard talking about “planting the bomb,” KEM strikes, and IEDs, and got picked up by homeland security a week ago.

  16. So that means no double XP this weekend? That means I need to plan something worth while to do instead

  17. Rumors slowly growing that Sledgehammer’s next Call of Duty game has been cancelled which is why they’ve gone back to supporting Advanced Warfare. Wonder if Infinite Warfare will be the last ever Cod?

    • Lol the games sell 18+ million units every year trust me COD has got a lot of years left in it. Its still the biggest cash cow for activision

    • Umm Infinity Ward is dead. I have no respect for them as they are the creators of Call of Duty that could have innovated, or go back to its roots, but chose not to. All we know is that Sledgehammer games and Treyarch are taking notes. They got saved this time around.

  18. I thought I would buy BO3 on PC to give it a go, little did I know that my PC was too shit to even play it and I was playing with everything on low, 600p and 7-8fps.

    Still went 2-19 though.

  19. “my room mate Lori Is getting paid on the internet $98/hr”…..!ti48ur

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