Things keep getting interesting with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s reveal trailer ratings on YouTube.

As of this writing, the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare reveal trailer now has the most likes and most dislikes out of any Call of Duty reveal trailer before it. The previous trailer to hold the record was Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, which had just over 400k; Infinite Warfare’s trailer now has 420k+.

More news on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is expected at E3, including the gameplay reveal. E3 starts June 13 with press conferences, and we can expect the gameplay reveal to take place during Sony PlayStation’s E3 conference; the PlayStation conference is June 13 at 6PM PT. We have a handy countdown timer in our sidebar!



      • I don’t see the problem yet. If it plays and feels like Call of Duty, then it’s a Call of Duty game to me, regardless of setting. So far, none of the main games have really strayed from that, even with all the advanced movements.

        Now, if CoD became a looty RPG open world type of game, that’s when we’re gonna have problems. For MP, at least (I’m fine with SP).

        • Well it’s already looty so it’s only a matter of time. I feel Call of Duty has strayed far, far away from its meaning. I’ll still play IW and give it a go, but damn the past 3 years have been hurting to me.

          • To me, Ghosts was a really lazy title, but given the pressure that IW had to go through at the time, I think I’ll save a proper judgment with this year’s COD.

            AW and BO3 were fresh experiences, and remain top-ranked COD games for me, because they at least tried to shake up the normal formula, whether people liked it or not. More devs need to take risks and change up their game.

            As far as the meaning of Call of Duty, I think the campaign still sums it up well: a story of soldiers arming for war and protecting their nation, whether it be large-scale war zones or covert ops. The only difference being that in recent CODs, they focus more on personal matters than the overall goal.

          • I loved Ghosts which at the time was weird because I preferred Treyarch over (NEW) Infinity Ward at the time. AW and BO3 may have been “fresh” (Exos were fun for like 2 hours before they got annoying imo) but people don’t want another far future game. I’m hoping Infinite Warfare will be the last futuristic title we get for a while. The fact people are already talking about Sledgehammer’s game when Infinite Warfare gameplay hasn’t been shown, let alone the game released speaks volumes.

          • well to be fair people were looking forward to treyarchs next game when AW was coming out too

          • Beta was great. The first 2 months of BO3 were great, but then it got boring really fast. Did better than AW, but didn’t do it enough for me personally.

          • BO3 is okay AT BEST, when I can find a decent lobby without lag. But good? No. BO3 will never be good in my opinion. I have standards for what a GOOD Call of Duty ought to be. Black Ops 3 falls far below the line. I bought this game for $30 three weeks ago, and it still feels like I overpaid.

        • Wtf are u serious? Glowing and colored soldiers jumping and flying around. And don’t forget that fckn specialist abilities (some of them are really fckd up). That doesn’t feel like CoD to me.

          • So? Does that stop you from shooting guns? If anything, customization is doing you a favor, because now people stand out way more for you to shoot at. And Specialists are just glorified killstreaks/deathstreaks. Don’t see the problem here, other than balancing issues.

          • Honestly I love bo3 but the guns are fake so in my mind they feel like pea shooters as I know they aren’t real, Also another point is that people don’t realise that cod and bf are 2 different genres, COD is an arcade shooter and bf is a military strategy game, but I don’t think cod should keep going the way it’s going, soon it’ll become the new mass effect with aliens speaking different languages and shit, I just kind of would like 1 game that isn’t a remaster of an old game, that is BoTG. Anyways I got bf1 to be hyped about, I’ve had every cod since cod 2 but this is too far for me, Battlefield 4 got me addicted, and one more topic I want to talk about is how people are saying this is a cod news site, it’s prominently a cod news site, but is also other news, I remember a time where it did bf news and battlefront news on the sidebar on the right

            Tl;DR Read it because it’s an opinion -.-

          • Open-world could definitely work. But the campaign length needs to be massively increased, because a 8-hour open world game doesn’t sound very appealing to me.

          • Well it is IW after all. They definitely make the best CoD campaigns. And I doubt it could be worse than *shudder* Black Ops 3’S

          • “When you say open world, do you mean like GTA, or Arma? I was just wondering, but that sems like a really cool idea, a FPS set in an open world where you can make a squad and all those other essential things that make an open world game, all the while having the same MP? What do ya think.”

          • I’d say more like GTA. I don’t think that the Arma style of open world would work well in a FPS game, a Call of Duty game or that matter. You could choose where to go, customize your weaponry, acquire vehicles, et cetera.

      • It’s still COD. You can’t really change a war game. Everyone pisses about COD making the same game every year, but the only way we can have new things is by going to the future, this way they can make things up which add’s the game. It’s a war game, you can’t change it that much, you have a gun and you shoot people.

        • The only people that really hated COD for being the same game every year were the people that hate just to bandwagon. I was fine with it feeling like the same game with new features because the Call of Duty formula was already nailed. Why fix something that wasn’t broke in the first place? Call me stupid for paying Β£40 a year on essentially the same feeling game, but I love Call of Duty for what it was, not a wannabe Destiny clone.

  1. I like the jumping system, but can’t we just go back to basics like boots on the ground. I’m a Massive Cod Fan but at the Moment I’m Actually enjoying Battlefield Hardline. More looking forward to Battlefield 1 at this point.

  2. Funny things is tho that 90% of people who disliked it will be the first to buy it.. Not for me tho, This will be the first time since cod 2 i have not got it. I don’t really care if the cod is in space, Sounds cool. I just won’t pay for pay to win cods anymore.

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    • COD really hasnt been pay to win ever… Advanced warfare may have given quite good guns in supply drops, but by no means were they unstoppable weapons of mass destruction… Black Ops 3 is the same, the weapons they drop aren’t really overpowered. The Marshals maybe, but very easily beaten by base weapons at the same time…

      • Not the point man, There should not be supply drops in a full-price game.. I understand that small developers have to put in drops and stuff because they don’t make much from there games. but call of duty makes a billion+ every year so there just trying to pump more money out of the loyal fans who buy the game every year. Cod was good when you used to buy the game and the season pass and you got everything.. now you need to spend thousands for guns.. yes thousands.. and even then you might not get them all. Also it’s not the fact they put supply drops in the game, its the fact they do it after everyone buys the game.. I bought black ops 3 then a month later they added cod points.. thats just a scam. They said that they would not add guns supply drops into black ops 3.. yet they did. I bought the last 2 call of dutys because i grew up playing them.. but now cod is dead to me, Until people stop buying them, they keep adding supply drops… and these big youtubers are the reason people buy them, so they never stop adding them because kids will always buy them because the fav youtubers do.

        • That isn’t true at all…All developers do whatever they can to make more money, its a fact of life. Treyarch announced there would be supply drops very early on and while they did say there would only be cosmetic items, the weapons that are available now are by no means “Pay to win”…Fact of the matter is, if you do not like them, do not buy them. You can still have an enjoyable experience on the game without paying for extras…

          • A developer that makes 1 billion every year should keep the fans happy. They will learn when sales are low this year. And yeah i think games that allow you to buy guns is pay to win.. some of the guns in the supply drops are op. and later when they add more they will be more powerful to get more people to buy them. And no “if you do not like them, do not buy them” I won’t buy the games. I’m not bothered anymore, cod is dead to me, I would not play the game if it was free. I don’t care about jumping or future stuff. but supply drops.. is a big no from me, and alot of other people won’t buy either. I hope this year cod sales are horrible then they might make cod good again. But we all know they 90% of people will still buy the game.

          • I am a fan, and black ops 3 kept me happy? It had the highest sales yet from a COD game, so it seems that people were happy enough to buy the game? You don’t understand how pay-to-win works then… A game like league of legends is a small example of pay to win. A game like Battlefield heroes is a shockingly pay to win game. Call of Duty…Not even remotely close to pay to win… Realistically none of the guns as of right now are OP and unbeatable. So until they actually release something that is, you cannot claim that “They will add more powerful guns later so people buy them”…If that happens, sure, I will eat my words, but I am confident it will not happen. Either way, you can play COD without supply drops, they do not ruin the gaming experience. Sales this year will be good, they will always be good.

          • Did you just try to say black ops 3 sold more? than what? A quick google search will show you its one of the worst selling call of dutys.. worst than the last 8 made.. Call of duty game sales are dropping every year by a lot. thats why they’re adding supply drops because people like you buy them. And why you keep replying saying things like “you can play COD without supply drops” I told you, Cod is dead. I would not play it if they paid me to. It’s a stupid pay to win game. cod was good years ago. now it’s a dying piece of crap. I give it 6 more years then it’s dead.

          • Battlefield is technically pay to win by your logic as well then. Since you can only unlock base attachments, if you want the best and best looking attachments, they need to be opened in a battlepack, which you have to BUY. It’s quite funny seeing bf fanboys hating on COD for supply drops when battlefield’s battlepacks are more scammy.

          • Havent played BF, dont know if you are referring to me. I thought battlepacks can be unlocked overtime too?

          • Too true, I dont understand how they are a talking point for “What makes COD bad”…

          • If it’s cosmetics I’m okay with it. Not anymore in bo3. I still like bo3 it’s the best cod since bo2

          • But, you’ll sit here and piss and moan and bellyache and rattle off all your beefs on a game that is “dead.” If it was dead to you, you wouldn’t feel the need to blow all your bullshit on a CoD site. I don’t believe in God, but I don’t go on christian websites, just to start shit. If the game was dead, why does it need 6 years to die? Fuckin’ moron. You’re pissed at the sleazy business tactics, but you have not said one word about gameplay. Because you can’t. And I agree, the sleazy business tactics blow, but it does not affect gameplay. Would I win more if I had a baseball bat in my inventory? Nope. The Garand? Nope. Famas? Nope.

          • Well said, business tactics/money making methods are lame, but gotta be done. Onya Dazza

          • No point denying the fact that it is a necessity. It is going to happen regardless, you can either accept it and not let it bother you or complain about it… Which will get you nowhere.

          • If you don’t say anything, then no action will be done, so there goes the idea that we should just take it or leave it and move on. No thanks, I refuse.

          • Did you say league is pay to win 0_0 Have you ever played league XD You can’t buy anything that isn’t cosmetic :p As someone who’s spent countless hours on league (probably more than cod( i can say there’s honestly no form of pay to win and there never has been.

          • You can buy champions last time I played. It is similar to COD in the sense that you could play LOL and COD and never spend a dollar. However in League some of the champions are quite OP compared to others and they are locked behind a more expensive paywall.

          • There’s no pay wall and in league you choose which champs you get, sure some take a while to save up for but a lot of the cheaper champs are really good anyway. Besides that every champ is balanced in their own way and not having “X” champ for a few extra days while you play to earn them isn’t that bad compared to cod where you’ll play for god knows how long to get a rare that will get you nothing pretty much all the time.

          • None of the guns in Supply Drops are OP, nor do you have to pay to get them, I have the MX Garand, NX Shadowclaw, Wrench, FFAR & HG-40, yet I have never, nor will I ever buy COD points, I got them all completely free, I also still have my 10 free rare’s and 1 weapon bribe available from the 75 win contract, so I’m pretty much guaranteed another free weapon…. but Im waiting till they add more, which will hopefully be soon.

            So, if you can get them for free and they are not over powered….. how can it possibly be pay to win?

          • Not even slightly, I would say its one of the worst, it has no range at all and only one shot before you have to reload, I would say its outclassed by the KRM in almost every way, and completely outclassed by every other gun at any kind of range, I think I have only ever been killed by the Marshall 16 about 3 times since its release.

          • It’s intended for close-ranges. It definitely outclasses the other pistols, making it overpowered.

          • The odds of getting guns is way low, I have 600hours played, And got no guns though them.. So sorry but don’t believe you got 5 guns without playing. try again later tho..

          • lol, deny it all you like, luckily for me, I don’t need you to believe me, I still have them and I’m still not stupid enough to spend money on them….

          • That’s just dumb. Doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s an anti-consumer business practice.

          • A company doing something that benefits themselves at the cost of their audience? Shame! As if that has never happened before!

          • Not as much as the bigger AAA publishers. It’s different with them. Other publishers/Independent developers do things like DLC because they’re forced to because of said bigger AAA publishers and *their consumers* condoning the business practices. It’s inexcusable.

          • The way I have read that, is you think a smaller developer releases dlc, because larger developers use micro transactions as a source of profit… If that’s what you are trying to say, then by that logic, you think dlc stops when micro transactions do…

  3. I for one am very excited for Infinite Warfare. I just really hope that it’s overall success turns into a reverse Ghosts.

  4. Most people who dislike the trailer are just people who think its a trend that you to need to do to fit in with all the cool kids.

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    • But to be fair, the trailer WAS absolute garbage. Are the numbers inflated? Of course, but the like/dislike ratio was negative even before it became this huge online campaign.

      • The general sentiment I’ve seen has been that it looked good, even according to people who don’t normally play CoD.

        • I don’t know where you’re getting this from. This trailer was being trashed on arrival from what I saw. And I followed the reaction when the trailer was only in the early thousands in views.

          • I’ve been following it since the moment it went up and most of the opinions were positive, and then confusion at all the downvotes.

          • Well I didn’t notice that. If you did see positive comments it was probably from those die-hard fans who would praise anything they do. Objectively speaking, the trailer was undeniably bad, hence the downvotes.

          • Undeniably? I deny it and more than just myself have as well. I’ve seen plenty of people who do and don’t play CoD say, “I just watched it and thought it was awesome. Why all the negativity?”

        • Uh, yes it was. It wasn’t as insane as it is now but when I saw the trailer at only around 150,000 views the like/dislike ratio was 1:1 and getting worse.

        • There was already a coordinated attack on it the moment the trailer dropped. It only got worse once the articles started up.

          • Just because its WW1 doesnt mean it wont be a BF4 reskin

            meaning that people that dont like BF4 wont like BF1, the novelty of playing a game based on its setting alone will die down after a few weeks or even a few days.

          • na that has no logic.. you could say the same for cod then if thats the case which it isn’t. bc ppl play cod for an entire year until the next cod

          • I replied to your comment saying the game is the same thing every year, that is all

        • Yea man, the BF1 dick sucking is real… real right until the point they find themselves buying COD instead of BF1 that is lol

        • …Are you screwing with me? The BF1 trailer was hands down amazing. It actually made you want to play the game. The IW trailer was like… really? Meh. It is a blunder to say that trailer wise that BF1 wasn’t better – that is if we are comparing the games with the trailer. Otherwise, the marketing team for the BF1 trailer did a fucking great job compared to CoD.

        • I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that you’re calling “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes Dubstep.

        • It’s seven nation army you dummy ?? and the music don’t mean shit as long as the game plays good I’ll be happy

          • i don’t give a shit if it’s seven nation army, point is, music doesn’t fit with a world war one setting and i was talking about the trailer, not the actual final game. We haven’t seen jack shit about gameplay so far so stop saying that bf1 is better than cod iw, i’m not saying that one game will be better than another, i’m just tired of all this ea dick sucking lately, this is the same company that made BATTLEFRONT 2015 may i remind you…

    • Most people who liked the trailer are just people who think its a trend that you to need to do to fit in with all the cool kids.

      Easy to flip it the other way around no ? Bots or not, bandwagoners or not, it still is the most disliked CoD trailer to date, even if you count 1.5 million (more then half) as bot votes or bandwagon votes it’s still a million plus down votes, people just don’t want another “innovative” futuristic CoD…

    • … orrrr call of duty hasn’t been great since 2010 and it continues to get worse and worse every year, and people who are loyal fans to the series are pissed and don’t like the direction Activison continues to move toward…I don’t buy into the idea the almost 3 million people are just “trying to fit in” or “be cool” by disliking a trailer on YouTube…

        • So maybe we will some good news? you know maybe they will sell MW1 seperate or they will confirm other remasters or something idk

          • They will not announce MWR separately until much later. It would be stupid of them to say it this early.

          • He literally hates every single call of duty from the past 6 years, 99.9% of this website is call of duty. He literally has no reason to come here.

          • Comment sections are for opinions. You have to love every CoD in order to be able to post on this site? Who are we to dictate? I didn’t like half of the games for the past 6 years, at least during their cycles. I’d just give him reasons why I’d disagree.

          • I don’t understand why someone would stick around in a community for a game they don’t like for 6 years.

            That makes literally no sense.

          • They can if they choose to. I do to discuss and debate because I like to write, think, and challenge myself, even if I didn’t like a couple of the games from the past 6 years. They all have qualities that I DO like and I will always play Call of Duty, to be honest. That’s why I’m here, not because CoD is my favorite game. I don’t think that THAT makes much sense, either.

    • Bring back boots on ground no exo or jet packs and where you need skill to be good oh wait…I basically just described battlefield 1 lol RIP COD ?????

      • funny thing is your like most kids who think skill is sitting in a corner camping with a lmg with trip minds all around. Meanwhile you hate exos and jet packs because you need to move around and go get in gun fights and use the EXO to help you meanwhile you can’t win a fast paced gun fight to save your life. Exos give you another tool to be better at the game and most kids just stink at using them to there advantage

      • CoD kids like you that switch to Battlefield will just play TDM all day lol… Battlefield is all about big Warfare aka Conquest/Rush etc…
        And not about farming a high K/D that a lot of CoD Kids do in other games

    • No because future is shit. Its looking like Halo open your fucking eyes. We want to see the new technology applied to replicate older war scenarios because they were more brutal and interesting. They like it to be with the cool kids. The trend is everyone love cod every year and they always buy it.

          • Wouldn’t really call it exos, but more as thrusters. Thrusters give you a boost, unlike exos, you can exo-jump and do much more of the advanced movement than BO3’s. IW is going to have BO3’s movement, and I’m fine with that for IW, although a change of history in CoD would be nice (WW2, Vietnam War, anything from the past).

          • well techincally anything that you wear which gives you additional abilites is an exo

          • My bad, they’re called Warlords – it was on the tip of my tongue.

            I think the BO3 characters, other than Outrider, are just simply wearing armor (or maybe they’re just crazier exos?), but I haven’t really invested time into looking at what makes the Specialists use the chain-based movement.

          • From what game? If you’re talking about BO3, then that was only in campaign and even the Juggernaut didn’t have much of an advantage with it. They are technically exo-skeletons (military grade, lightweight), but by no means they have those high jumping movements. I think the people at SHG were smoking pot when they added those jumps.

          • (I forgot their name, they’re called Warlords). The jumps were way too vertical, but that was their goal, and it didn’t work. All it did was create unfair advantages on rooftops and headglitch spots. The game was *too* vertical.

  5. My opinion i think there are more legit dislikes from real accounts than likes. Activision knew the majority would not like the idea of going into space, hence why they needed to remaster cod 4, but it’s bs that i have to buy IW in order to play it.

  6. Disliking it is just a meme, and liking it is a futile attempt to save it.

    Honestly, at this point, it’s genuinely a stupid fucking thing that will literally change nothing.

      • It means 30 million people have seen it and about 3 million people cared enough to rate it. That is Activision’s point of view anyway. All this buzz about the dislikes only promoted the shyt out of the game to the point that even non-gamers are talking about it. No publicity is bad publicity πŸ™‚

        • Yep! But I’m tired of this notion that YouTube is some sort of giant entity in regards to advertisements and sales.

  7. Why is this even a story? Is it because you guys finally found something positive to say about Infinite Warfare? Hey look guys, it’s the 2nd most disliked video in YouTube history but on the bright side, it has the most likes of any Call of Duty reveal trailer ever!

  8. A lot of people think they are disliking the trailer because of herd mentality, which is partly right, but most people including myself disliked it because we were sick of futuristic bs and activision knows we are sick of futuristic bs, but did it anyway. Plus the fact that that you have to buy Infinite warfare to play COD 4 just seems desperate.

    I’ve seen a ton of people defend this game, but it is possible to be a fan of something, but disagree with a choice they made at the same time.

    That being said, does IW deserve almost 3 million dislikes? Hell no.

    • We disagree with most of what they do these days, but I don’t really have a problem with anything having to do with Infinite Warfare or MWR so far. They will totally sell it separately later, but they can’t say that yet.

  9. Those dislike also come from who can’t buy COD 4 separately and they dislike the video not because COD go into space. I wish that COD 4 remasterd won’t exist.

  10. I don’t know if most of ya’ll are cool with the boost jump COD…but for those who are, I recommend using (R3) for the boost jump. Xbox users, you’ll figure it out. You won’t regret it.

      • Why pay all that money for a Scuf when you can pretty much do the same using the method Sentinel suggested for free?

        • If you play a lot and appreciate comfort, a Scuf or Elite is the way to go. Bumper Jumper feels awkward as hell. The prices are a bit high, but someone who gets daily use out of it will get his/her money’s worth.

          • Bumper Jumper is awkward as hell, I agree, but thats not what was suggested here, Stick & Move is the one which puts jump on R3, and that is not awkward at all, I play pretty much every day and still wouldn’t spend the amount a Scuf costs, it just doesn’t give enough of an advantage over a normal controller using Stick & Move to warrant the price…

            Also, I’m on PS4, so no Elite controllers for me anyway.

  11. Off topic, Ghost Recon Wildlands looks very, very interesting. Shout out to ’em gamers who enjoy 3rd person shooter as well. Thinking about it, I wounder what Sledge Hammer Games 3rd person Call of Duty game set in Vietnam would of played like if they actually made it…we will never know. It would look nice imo, plus cosmetic gear would of made more sense!

  12. I know this has nothing to do with the article, but can someone make a video guide on how to get the different Chernov Diary entries from World at War? Because I’ve been trying to figure it out, but I can’t and I was hoping someone could help. Thanks.

    • This should help.

      In the missions “Their Land, Their Blood” and “Eviction”, you are given the choice to kill or spare captured German soldiers.

      If you spare them all, Chernov will call you a war hero. If you kill them in one level but spare them in another, Chernov will say “Perhaps heroes need not question their actions.” If you kill them all, Chernov will say that Dimitri is a savage “just like the rest of the Red Army.”

      • Let me rephrase. I know what is supposed to be done, but saying spare Germans is a little hard because they don’t tell me how to spare them. Example do I shoot the ones trying to escape into the tunnels or do I let them burn from Molotov cocktails? Plus, whenever I spare them, something doesn’t work right. Which is why I was hoping someone would make a YouTube video on this since it’s a very difficult thing to achieve. (Plus, I can’t just leave the game without finishing all the Easter Eggs and finding all the secrets).

      • The graphics are good. CoD is probably the only huge AAA franchise that upgrades its graphics come release (Black Ops 3, for example).

        • Unlike a certain company that does the opposite nowadays…(cough) Ubisoft (cough)… But, like you said, the graphics are good. Like, really good, in my opinion. The shadows and lightning quality is great. Especially in the outer space footage. Personally, I’d rather have a game with CoD-like graphics that is stable, tells a great story and has fun, simple and enjoyable gameplay than something that has monsterous otherworldly graphics but sub-par gameplay and story…I’m looking at you, The Order:1886…

          • The Order has potential. Potential to be a great TPS franchise. But I’d like to see more 60FPS 1080p games (PS4) CoD impresses in that territory. Advanced Warfare was Battlefield 4-like, for example.

          • Perhaps. While it DID have potential, The Order wasted that potential. A bit of false advertising here, a bit of generic gameplay there…When I saw the first trailer, I was stoked. A steampunk 3rd person shooter set in victorian London with the main characters fighting against dark forces that had crazy good graphics? I was excited. Only to find out that in the final game you fight mostly humans (mind you, that is when you actually got to shoot stuff). Not to mention the PS4 exclusivity and the basic Gears of War-like cover based shooting mechanic. The graphics were the game’s only redeeming quality. But this is strictly my opinion. If a sequel ever gets made, I hope it improves on the lore, the gameplay and the overall storytelling.

          • They’re the best for what they set out to do. Slightly more objectively speaking, Black Ops 3 has higher graphical fidelity than Advanced Warfare as far as I know, surprisingly.

        • Look at 2:41 of the trailer. Look at her hand as she moves it across the chalkboard and tell me those graphics are “good”.

          • Again, CoD is the only game I know of that upgrades its graphics. The rest of the game looks quite good. Nothing worth complaining about.

          • Most games upgrade their graphics, that is nothing new… however if the studio can’t use the new technology to enhance even the smallest details then graphics is not being optimised to it’s full potential.

            There are other graphical issues I could point out in the trailer.

          • Nah, this generation has been known for controversies surrounding the fact that they’ve been dumbed-down, no matter how slight. It’s not really “new”, but it’s something that CoD boasts, and noticing a bad-looking hand in a CoD trailer is like noticing the bad graphics on Hendricks. I don’t judge the entire game based off of one development flaw, especially when the rest of the game’s graphics aren’t worth complaining about, IMO. At least CoD always shows real-time trailers, that’s something that I can compliment about this franchise; the developers are pretty great, I’m not gonna lie.

            I won’t complain because of a few development flaws. We haven’t even seen the entire game, yet. Black Ops 3 was awesome-looking, graphically, and it looked even better than Advanced Warfare, objectively speaking.

  13. So its the most liked ever and because of the bot attack, we will never know how many genuine dislikes it got….

    That says it all for me, I gave it a like cause I think it looks cool, still won’t buy it till its in a sale sometime after release, but that’s not cause its in space or cause of advanced movements, its because of MW3 and Ghosts, 2 terrible games, I have no faith in Infinity Ward at all.

    • After the last two games, you really need to try Ghosts again. I think you’ll find it more enjoyable now. (I’ve always loved it)

      • I never played AW, after Ghosts, I was not going to get another COD again at all….. then Black Ops 3 came out, I watched a ton of videos and eventually purchased the deluxe edition in the boxing day sale for Β£60….

        I have enjoyed it ever since and I would say its my second favourite COD after Black Ops 2.

        Also, I have Ghosts, I recently downloaded it again, its on my Playstation right now, tried playing it several times recently and its just awful, some of the DLC maps are cool, but the rest are utter garbage and the game just plays horribly…. I loved MW & MW2, but since then I believe IW had a major change in staff and so far, this team has not made a COD worth playing.

        • “the game just plays horribly”

          You may not like some of the decisions they made, but the gameplay is excellent. The community ruined it more than the game itself did. Sure, it promoted camping with certain setups, but also had great run ‘n’ gun loadouts (which is mostly how I play it).

          The main game had four maps that were too large, but the rest were great, as were the DLC maps.

          The PS3 version has the occasional framerate issue while the 360 version does not. I still play weekly.

          • I have it on PS4, I find pretty much all the base maps too big and open, I prefer smaller maps with lots of tight corners and small rooms, also, it was super campy, you can run round for half the match and not see anyone, then get popped in the back after running past someone hidden in a corner somewhere miles away.

            It is quite easily the worst COD game to date, and it is the one that put me off COD, it was unplayable then and is unplayable now…. luckily I had Black Ops 2 to fall back on, but even with it being my favourite COD so far, 3 years was just too much of a cycle, which is the only reason I looked into Black Ops 3…. and I am glad I did, no way I will ever give Infinity Ward any money upfront again, I will be doing my research before making any kind of purchase from them.

  14. I think it’s the best trailer a video game has had in a long long time. Haters will hate but I think Infinite Warfare will make us true cod players completely forget about Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward is the most talented developer and Treyarc is just second fiddle that is there to fill in the years where Infinity Ward is coming up with great new ideas.

  15. Slightly beside the point, but here’s what I’ve deduced regarding some gameplay features.
    Advanced movement – It won’t be like AW. Now, we’ve already been told that the movement will be similar with BO3, but even without that announcement it wouldn’t be hard to figure out. Those future soldiers have thruster packs that are supposed to be used to easily navigate in space. The soldiers that we see in the trailer boosting are using the packs in the exact same way. Navigation. However, the thruster packs might have a more limited use on Earth or on rocks with stronger gravitational pull. So, do the math…Probably no wallrunning though.
    Specialists – They probably won’t return. In BO3 multiplayer, there was an explanation for why many people could play as the same specialist at the same time. This mechanic wouldn’t fit in Infinite Warfare, unless they came up with the exact same premise and explanation (unlikely). I know we’ve heard about “abilities” on various posts on the Internet regarding the game, but my bet is that those abilities will be more similar to the ones in AW.
    Those are my thoughts.

    • Good. Hopefully that means next year it’s WW2 and I can look forward to SHGames CoD next year. Even though I want Vietnam, WW2 would tickle my fancy. Maybe Treyarch is doing Vietnam for 2018

    • It’s still gonna be a futuristic game, but without the exos/double jumps. It’s probably gonna be like Black Ops 2 but less fun.

    • Unfortunately Activision seem to dictate things like this and they for some reason want futuristic ones now despite these games selling 10m+ units less than the more credible COD’s.

  16. Liked/disliked who cares it’s not COD anymore it’s just a cash cow for actistink bring on titanfall 2

  17. It such a shame to see what this community has turned into reading all the comments of you up tight little cry fanboys we all know you’re going to buy the game 4 years ago you were all saying you want Change they give you change you get pissed and want them to change it back sits actually hilarious how much you care about a GAME jheez

    • Well, i kinda agree with you but when you change something you have to change for the better not worst, ghosts and AW were both ”innovating” in their own way, the problem was that those changes made them worst not better. This year cod is very good imo, i enjoy it , its something new and changed to the right direction, i hope IW learn from 3arch and make a really good game that brings something new to the table.

  18. I’ll probably not get this game, just because there are so many more interesting FPSs in the market : titanfall2, R6S, DOOM, Overwatch, BF1, unless IW is bringing some refreshing things to cod, I’ll not get it.

  19. CoD doesn’t need all this fancy shit, and none of it will mean anything if the core gameplay isn’t there. And I can’t seem to find it there. I haven’t seen that level of core gameplay since BO2, or really since MW2/BO1. It’s too hard for them, so they chose to go the path of gimmicks which give the illusion of “innovation” where none exists. Now if they had BOTH crazy ideas implements on top of already solid core gameplay, then we’d be getting somewhere. But it sadly does not.

    Put aside the bias for now and let’s take a look at something like Overwatch. Yes, as it is plain to see, it’s rather basic in terms of modes and variety. But it’s got crazy depth, and highly polished everything, with addicting gameplay. The CORE gameplay is extremely satisfying and solid, and this coming from a class-based shooter veteran of over 10 years.

  20. I legitimately disliked the trailer once because I didn’t like what I saw. It’s not a Call of Duty game and it’ll just be yet another over the top, cliche-ridden sci-fi blockbuster that is another world war oriented game with nonsensical fictional gadgets and guns down to the interpretation of the future from Infinity Ward. It’ll also be dumbed-down with simplistic gun and movement mechanics on shoebox sized maps. The last two futuristic COD’s have been no fun at all because it takes absolutely no effort or skill to do well as the games nowadays just like Battlefront, simply cater towards bad players. This kills the enjoyment and sense of reward for competent players as the gameplay is not satisfying in the slightest with it being so easy. You get about 50 medals popping up for running on a wall in BO3..

    The campaign will likely be the usual 5 hours of painfully linear missions and a generic story with bland characters on the predictable backdrop of an ‘unforeseen attack on a country’ whereby you have to save the world and stop Mr Badman who is another soulless villain. They’ll probably have some big Hollywood writer doing the scripting and it’ll turn out as farcical and cringeworthy as Black Ops 3’s story. It’s embarrassing to see what COD has become.

    • I have noticed that the last two games have been extremely easy. Black Ops 3 and Advanced Warfare are the games I have the highest K/D on. The rest of the CoD games I have played have been average or below average or just negative.

      Actvision should just face it, futuristic games are just fucking boring and outplayed. There is no need for all this nonsense. I’m letting Infinite Warfare slide this year seeing how Infinity Ward couldn’t have predict the hatred for futuristic games and the movement. But SHGames should know better next year. And if they do AW2 or a futuristic Call of Duty, I’m not buying it. They know about the feedback and if Actvision were smart they wouldn’t allow a futuristic title next year especially after the Infinite Warfare backlash

        • Obviously, it’s obviously always been a casual game, but you missed my point (not surprisingly) I said Black Ops 3 and AW are probably the most easiest games in comparison to the other games in the past.

          • not true at all. I found AW to be one of the harder cods and I have been playing since cod4.

          • AW is the easiest Call of Duty game I have ever played, so yeah it’s pretty much true when it comes to my department. Same goes for Black Ops 3, easy.

            The recent CoD games easier than any Cod I have played before, so yeah.

      • What backlash? they have only released 1 trailer so far and its the most liked COD reveal trailer yet, we will probably never know how many genuine dislikes it got cause of the bot attack… so I would say its more positive than negative, I certainly think it looks cool, I like the direction they are going with it and if it wasn’t for the mess IW made with MW3 and Ghosts, this would be a pre order game for me.

        I’m almost certain I will end up getting it at some point, probably around Christmas time after I have had chance to watch plenty of videos to make sure I like it.

        • What backlash? Are you blind or something? It has a horrible dislike and like ratio and it’s one of the most dislike videos on YouTube. It being “the most liked CoD trailer” doesn’t give the trailer a ribbon and nor doesn’t neglect anything.

          And I have nothing against Infinite Warfare, idk how many times i have to repeat myself, but I’m not going to waste my time for you doing it.

          People are tired of futuristic games and so am I. They would be stupid to allow SHGames to do another futuristic game next year

          • Seriously? thats it? the whole backlash of which you speak is the dislikes on the trailer which are not even genuine? lmao…. proved my point for me, a bot attack by probably one sad lonely little butthurt boy sitting crying somewhere cause he didn’t get the cod he wanted is hardly backlash….. being the most liked cod reveal trailer is a very positive step for it though…. so unless you have anything else? its all good so far, unless you are incredibly naive and think all those dislikes are real? lmao

          • You must be really stupid honestly. I never said I believed that all dislikes are real. In fact, I have said there are bots to it plenty of times here on this site. However, before it reached the millions of dislikes, it was legit. Especially when the CEO of Actvision came out and made a statement towards it. If you truly think there is no backlash or controversy, or people are unhappy with CoD, then you my friend, are the true naive one.

            And I didn’t prove anything for you, i actually stated facts that the dislike and like ratio for that trailer. That’s a fact regardless of bots. It’s the 2nd most disliked trailer on YouTube. That’s a fact regardless of the incoming bots lately.

            Like I said before, it being “the most liked CoD trailer” doesn’t neglect any of the backlash

          • There are always people unhappy with COD, but that’s just the COD community and its the same thing every year and has been since MW…. there are always a bunch of people hating on COD, yet they will all still go out and get the game anyway, and they will all bash it for a year till they start hating on the next one, that’s hardly a huge backlash, the point is, its still the most liked COD reveal trailer ever, the dislikes are not 100% genuine, so pretty much irrelevant and COD will still be the best selling game this year regardless of any so called “backlash”…. which is no more than any other COD has gotten, pretty minimal.

          • And you’re just making baseless generalizations that arent backed up by facts. Nice dude ?

            Doesn’t change the fact there is a backlash and controversy surrounding IW

          • I just find it funny, you make the backlash sound like a tsunami completely destroying a country, when in reality, its more like a wave knocking down a sand castle.

          • I never made it sound like that, but if you want to try to make my statement seem over dramatic then go ahead. I just states there is a backlash. Me personally, I’ll be fine either way.

          • The only backlash they ever need to worry about is people not buying the game…. and that’s just not going to happen, cause for everyone who leaves the franchise cause they can’t adjust to the new games, there is another person just itching to get their first COD game…. so your tiny backlash is irrelevant.

          • “Your tiny backlash ”

            You act like I support the hatred or the 2 million dislike, when really I don’t. You should really learn how to read. And you stilll carry on with ignorant generalizations. Congratulations on making yourself look stupid again.

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    • You think that’s innovation? It’s more like garbage gimmicks and they try to pass it off as innovation.

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  23. Personally I am quite looking forward to Infinite Warfare. The campaign sounds interesting and not quite as Linear as Ghosts (although I wouldn’t have minded a sequel to that campaign). The fact it has 2 ex-Naughty Dog developers at the helm also interests me.
    Interested to see how IW handle Zombies too. I hope its more like Treyarchs than Slegehammers but the fact it has no Exo’s leads me to think it will be.
    As for the MP, BO3 movement adds another dimension to the game – making it more fast paced and easier to get into gun-fights – no more getting killed while ladder climbing or mantling. Funny how Titanfall was described as a ‘CoD killer’ because it had Advanced movement which was innovative and fast paced that was something CoD hadn’t been for years – now that CoD has tried to bring the franchise forward, people want to go back to the slower paced, restrictive (both creatively and game-play) style of historically set CoD’s…

  24. I find it hilarious how 10-15 year olds are saying they are gonna buy iw only for mw yet they never experienced 1 day of the game in its new year and are claiming mw2 was the best game yet they were 4-9 years old when mw2 came out back then 9 year olds didnt even know what online was in a videogame or what the internet was capable of and 4 year olds were still being potty trained while 5-8 year olds thought the earth was flat