New images from E3 2016’s venue, the LA Convention Center, has revealed that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered posters are placed at one of the entrances to the LA Convention Center venue.

The banner has Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare shown at the top, with a lower banner highlighting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

In addition, the art shown for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare appears to be brand new, never before seen art. The art is different than what currently appears on the official box arts for the game. The new art does not have any space helmet or spaceships on it, compared to the one shown on official box arts.

What’s interesting is that, although Activision has these posters up, they do not have a booth at E3 this year. New information regarding Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s campaign mode and Modern Warfare Remastered is expected to come during PlayStation’s E3 conference, which takes place Monday, June 13 at 6PM PT.

Call of Duty’s banners have been at this same location before, including for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

SOURCE: @Wario64



    • Yh it’s going to be good, Ghost Recon Wildlands is one of my most anticipated games, really hope we get more details for that game, it looks fecking awesome man..

      • Wildlands will be the same Ubisoft crap, I hope it’s not, but I wont set my expectations very high.

        • I actually have no problem with ubisoft.. I know people give them stick, but what looks promising so far.. Kind of game that doesn’t need a story if the gameplay is good, they already shown multiple ways of approaching the same mission. And the transition from 3Rd person to first person looks good..

          • The big 3rd party publishers suck this generation IMO. Must be the huge development budgets. Wildlands can be good if Ubisoft actually gave their games value for once.. And don’t get me started with Multiplayer only and DRM games like R6 Siege and Overwatch on the Activision side of things. If it brings awesome gameplay, long hours, and a ton of content, then I’d be interested. We’ll see. Prepare yourself for filler during Ubisoft/EA’s conferences, because their conferences are practically pointless.

          • Have you played R6 Siege? I love CoD, have since MW2, but Siege is by far the best FPS ive ever played. It doesnt need a campaign. The game is about its incredible MP, and thats all it needs. If i could only play one game for the resr of my life, id choose Siege. Its that good.

          • I don’t care about MP-only games, so no. I just don’t think they’re $60 worthy, nor do I see Siege’s longevity.

          • Thats not fair to write off a game jut for not having a story. The MP is so good that it doesnt need a story. And there is SP. there are 10 missions thats take youbaround 5-6 hours to complete and get all stars on, plus you can do terroris hunt solo.

            And you can definitely get the game for less than $60 at this point. If youre on PC, you can get it for $15, with increased operator prices (earned currency). But you could probably find the normal version on sale for $30 or less. Its 100% worth it.

          • That’s not traditional SP. And I’m okay with multiplayer only games, but just not for $60. Siege just doesn’t have enough content going for it in order to ask for full price. I’m sure it’s an alright game, I’m mainly talking about its launch.

          • Siege is awful, and terribly unrealistic to the point of being comical, the lack of attention to detail is actually amazing, almost as if they went out of their way to fuck all the aesthetics up while still trying to play out the ” badass ultra tactical operator ” theme, it’s laughable.

            Plus OP shit like Blackbeard’s AR shield and the sniper rifle that is the other seal’s SPAS 12 is insane.

            That’s if you can even play the game, people will presumptuously vote you out for having a low rank
            ( before being getting to see you play )

            And that’s if it FUNCTIONS.

            For me, I haven’t been able to play for 2 weeks straight because no matter what I do, the game spawns me outside the map and im stuck, unable to do anything.

            When it works, and people aren’t being shitheads, it can be fun but Jesus Christ there is so much bugginess in the game its unplayable.

        • I can’t wait for the usual gameplay of “climb this tower to unlock fast travel” and “do the same side missions over and over for this cool new item”. Seriously, it’s like Ubisoft has a template just ready to apply to every single one of their open-world title. That is a way worse form of copy-pasting than COD is accused of, if you ask me.

          • I was actually disappointed we didn’t get a Farcry this year.. That primal thing doesn’t count, and as far as Wildlands goes, no evidence to show they will copy the Farcry assassins creed formular, I think they will switch it up for this game, have u seen the videos for it? the way u can complete the missions look awesome.

          • True, but they have advertised Wildlands as a open-world type of game, and as far as I can tell, any open world Ubisoft game follows that template to the core. Watch_Dogs, The Crew, etc…

          • Well, they took a year out of assassins creed to apparently change it up a bit so who knows, wouldn’t write it off just yet, might suprise u.

          • Hopefully. Tbh, the only Ghost Recon entry I liked was Future Soldier, because at least it had a cool story going. All the games before it were pretty bland. So I’m hoping that Wildlands has a great campaign to kick things off nicely.

          • Confirmed no tower climbing in ghost recon, same goes with watch dogs 2 as well.. Looks like they are actually scrapping the template..

          • Yh ignorant of me to say other wise, I just seen the gameplay and wasnt interested, spears and being animals while taking away vehicles and guns from a far cry game sounds like a bad idea to me..

          • You should try it. I think youll be pleasantly surprised. Its alot of fun. It feels like a Far Cry game, but it doesnt feel like just another FC3/4. It succeeds at making you feel like youre in 10,000 BC. Its alot of fun.

          • Exactly right. I gave up on Ubisoft games after Assassin’s Creed 2. With the exception of a future Prince of Persia, I could care less about them.

      • Quick question- if they DO announce TLOU 2, would you want the story to pick up where they left off? I think they should just close that chapter and introduce new protagonists

        • No way, they have to carry on, Ellie is the star of the show, she makes the game what it is imo..

          It’s perfectly set up for one hell of a roller coaster of emotions for them, as well as far as I can remember..

          He’s just lied to her, and now they are on the run, and she doesn’t even know what happend, she doesn’t know she’s still the only way this can all be stopped..

          It’s perfectly set up for a really great sequel. To get rid of all that and abanded it would be crime lol..

          • I think it’s overrated. I’m getting pretty sick and tired of developers tryinf to make games be like movies. And I’ll probably be getting Uncharted 4 used because Druckmann is such an SJW with Nadine and all.

          • Yep, because I’m an honest gamer lol. I didn’t like it as much as the majority did and I wouldn’t want another one unless they made it more repayable as far as the Singleplayer goes

          • I wasn’t interested with TLOU once, then I played it. Tbh I don’t want another one either because the first one should be the only one.

          • Nooooo I want more of that man. If they’re going to mess with my emotions lol

          • Im not sure I follow u on the uncharted bit? I’ve never really been a fan of uncharted, never understood what all the hype was about but uncharted 4 is pretty damn good, best in the series fo sho..

            I think there is plenty of room for game like movie genre, I loved until dawn..

            I’d also love to see more platforming games, I’m hoping ratchet and clank shown everyone the genre can still hold its own this gen..

            The more variatey we have the better..

          • Nadine was a Mary Sue character who kicked 2 grown men’s asses. They were twice her size. I don’t support games where the director endorses Anita Sarkeesian. Other than that, I’m sure it’s good.

            Until Dawn and Quantic Dream “games” have a certain demographic. I just don’t see where the “game” portion of it is when all you do is select dialogue. Not for me. But yeah, some of my favorite games are platformers, so I agree about Ratchet and Clank. Hope we see Crash Bandicoot at E3.

    • Infinite Warfare, MWR, BF1, Titanfall 2, Mass Effect, new console announcements possible, and more. Definitely exciting year.

        • Don’t hold your breath. I’d shut up if the rumors were true tbh, but 6 teraflops is NOT cheap. Best wishes to the fans, though, I don’t wish for failure.

          • Uhm yes it is cheap.
            The RX 480, a 5.5TF GPU costs 200 bucks…

            We are talking about AMD Flops, not Nvidia.

          • Neo is rumored to have the new AMD RX 480 hardware, not Scorpio, as of right now.

          • Yeah but how would you put a RX 480 inside of a gaming console. Also, consoles usually use APUs, and the new consoles should use the latest APUs based on the Polaris architecture. Btw I hope for the best obviously.

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  1. Congratulations Infinity Ward. You did it, good job, it’s so inspirational, I can’t believe it, I’m proud of you.

        • To you yeah maybe. But at the heat of the moment it did made sense to me. E3 is not just ’bout COD…don’t let it cloud your own judgement.

          • Dude, how are you interpreting my comment, it was sarcasm. I got a long list of games I’m more interested, than ∞W… Come on…

          • Idk it was the effects of beer that allowed me to foresee pass your sarcasm! & dude, is Infinite Warfare…Come on…

    • I don’t think anyone knows for sure what CoD’s plans are. We might just be getting long Campaign footage, or we might see both Campaign and Multiplayer like last year (fingers crossed for both).

    • I’m sure we will on the bases of what happened last year and especially since Activision knows people are already disinterested with the multiplayer. If they don’t, I bet you right now they’ll show off All Ghillied Up instead. It would make sense since they showed off All Ghillied Up back at E3 ’07.

  2. Only way I’m buying COD this year is if (1) MW4 comes Standard and (2) If they start dealing with their server issues. No point in buying a game that pays less and less attention to single player while making no attempt to improve the multiplayer experience.

    • Infinity Ward games almost always have the best connection (with the exception of the early months of MW3, which later improved).

    • IKR? This generation is still pretty new, and this franchise is *still* on basic p2p. SO “next-gen”! At least have servers like Killzone Shadow Fall and Naughty Dog games (p2p but stable). BO3 has a decent tik rate at 50ms delay, but the competition, Battlefield, is kicking its ass.

    • Infinity Ward has the best connection and hit detection in their games. I never get lag in them compared to *cough* Treyarch *cough*

      • Well, I wouldn’t go that far. While they do have the best connection, there are still bullshit deaths in IW titles too, just not as bad as the Black Ops games.

  3. Please tell me these cucks aren’t doing the samething they did every year with they way they announced things before BO3. I seriously hope a campaign demo is all we’re getting at E3 and then August is Multiplayer. Hell, i believe BF1 is showing MP at E3…i think. Dont quote me on that

  4. Activision must have paid big bucks for the front of building – either that or there’s sod all good games appearing at E3 this year.

  5. i’ve played enough cods to actually stop compulsive buying new ones just because they’re new and show a semi-different mp trailer. im sure im not the only person aswell.. i only end up playing each cod more maybe 3 months and then i stop entirely. the only ones i stuck around with were 4 and 5.

  6. People shouldn’t get fooled by any promotional material seen at E3 as we always get disappointed in the end. Ghosts looked decent and turned out to be the worst CoD ever. Advanced Warfare seemed spectacular and that turned out to be the second worst CoD ever and Black Ops 3 looked fun but turned out to be the third worst CoD ever. Try not to get too hyped as it will only lead to disappointment once again.

    • Black Ops games have to be the best CoD games in recent years, although MW3 outside of its prime grew on me significantly.

    • The COD community have short memories but as they say; hype blinds. I guarantee come Christmas, everyone will hate Infinite Warfare and will be whining non stop about supply drops and advanced movements. Happens every year now regular as clockwork.

      • I think we’re way past that already. So many CoD players have already jumped on the BF hype train/IW hate train before it’s even come out.

        They didn’t like BF before, but the bandwagon they’re on states that they love it now. They loved CoD before, but the bandwagon says otherwise. Too many people in this community don’t have actual opinions.

        • I think a lot of those anti-Infinite Warfare community members who have suddenly done a u-turn to get their first ever Battlefield game wont even have the balls to buy it and will just get IW anyway and probably the Legacy Edition to boot. Then they’ll probably moan like hell afterwards that they bought the wrong game despite for the majority of the year hating it.

  7. This Infinite Warfare poster looks better than the cover of the game in my opinion, this actually had could be the official cover.

    • It does look like it, if there is a futuristic M4 in Infinite Warfare, I would be so happy. It was my go to gun in MW3. I can just picture a futuristic M1911. That would be so cool

      • With Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, we felt that it was the right decision to bring back the M1911 considering it was absent in Call of Duty Ghosts, Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3. As a company who cares deeply about the greatest community in the world, it seemed necessary to do so!

      • I swear that i heard M4 would be returning in Infinite Warfare along with M16… Atleast i hope so.

        • What’s even better Infinity Ward could just do what Treyarch did with Black Ops 2 and just take real life modern weapons and give them a futuristic look. I much prefer to have weapons in the game based on real weapons or even the real weapon itself than just made up weapons. Just my personal preference.

          • There most likely will be some real life-ish weapons, but of course, made up weapons are in there aswell. I just want Honey Badger from Ghosts.

  8. Really want to see what Square Enix is pulling this year. Last year they made a ton of promises with basically no gameplay to back it up. New Shenmue? FFVII remake? But where’s the gameplay, where’s the release date? It’s been a year and I better get some real answers.

      • Oh yeah sorry. I was orienting it around FFVII at first but dropped Shenmue in there after I thought of it. Removed it. Still semi-hyped semi-confused though.

    • Square has confirmed that Final Fantasy 15, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, and Kingdom Hearts 3 will all be at E3 this year. That’s already enough to get me hyped but they also said other stuff will be announced so Square is definitely blowing COD out of the water this year.

        • Pfff! You’ll never beat the sheer brilliance of Call of Duty Ghosts – I just hope you’ve included field orders, KEM strikes, IED’s, dogs and a remake of free fall in Infinite Warfare. If I pre-order; do I get Uranus?

          • With Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, we plan to give the gamers in the world the best experience possible!

          • We will take all your fans when we release our new FPS Game. Mark my words Kotick!

          • With Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, we plan to release a quality product that all fans of shooters can enjoy!

          • Why, of course not! How could I do such an evil thing to such an amazing community!

          • Maaan stop playing. Eric Hirshberg is the CEO of a “brilliant company”. No wonder you be around these forums. What happened? They don’t love you no more hahaha

  9. Anyone here on Xbox One tried out the mods for Fallout 4 recently? I haven’t played Fallout 4 in months, but since the mods came out, I’m having a blast.

    • That can’t be right. There are millions and millions of COD fans out there. I smell manipulation. Why would the pre-order sales tank? This is the first COD in space! Everyone wants COD is space!

    • Lol! Even Dead Island 2 has more pre-orders. Those figures are shocking and if it doesn’t get into the top 3 post-E3; Activision could be looking at the lowest selling COD for over a decade which means they’ll have to mitigate losses from unit sales elsewhere e.g on Supply Drops or through Modern Warfare Remastered.

    • Good. Lets hope everyone opens there damn eyes soon and lets let activision know how garbage CoD has been lately.!

      • But you have no idea if this game is gonna be bad or not. You’ve seen 2 minuets of cinematic game play and you’re basing that off of an entire year

        • Im actually gonna wait for a 2 minute Multiplayer Reveal. Then we shall give our opinions on that. The campaign, IMO, seems “meh” to me. But youre right.

  10. It appears that some of my comments have been deleted! It’s great to see that the Charlie Intel staff has an amazing sense of humor!

  11. Please let them announce God of war, last of us 2 and red dead redemption 2. Pretty sure there are more games but I can’t think atm. Just woke up :/

    • Last of Us 2 and Red Dead 2 are both leaked so there is a very high chance of them appearing along with the new GTA Liberty City DLC that was leaked as well. All this plus Final Fantasy 15 will be shown at Playstations stream so I honestly feel that Xbox does not stand a chance this year.

  12. Everyone here’s talking about what they wanna see from E3 2016….

    And I’m just here like, “When’s 3arc gonna announce the next BO3 dlc?

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