Activision has confirmed the official reveal of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer mode will take place during the Call of Duty XP 2016 event on September 2nd.

Thus far, Activision has provided minimal details about Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer other than the fact that it will feature an “evolution” of Call of Duty’s movement system, and possibly the “chain-based movement system.”

With this being announced, Infinity Ward will only be showing the gameplay reveal of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s campaign mode at E3. The gameplay reveal of the campaign is expected to be shown during PlayStation’s E3 conference on June 13 at 6PM PT.



  1. Supply drops opens with a TV screen rising slowly from within with the Hallucination camo around it stating connection server error……..Nah in all honesty I’m looking forward to see what they have to show us! – give them a chance guys even though its more in the future than we want 🙁

    • Maybe their planning to put brainwashing helmets on the people that attend cod xp and turn them so they can be hungry for supply drops. You know that scene from the spongebob squarepants movie with King neptunes crown where plankton puts robotic helmets on the people and they turn evil and serve planktons side. I imagine that as activision brainwashing people at the event for buying supply drops and turning people so they could buy them. All hale lord cocktivi$ion

      • Have to say I have not seen that but yeah I can imagine lol

        Can you imagine that thou! subliminal messages put behind the reveal to Campaign @ E3 saying you have to buy Infinite Warefare and then at XP 2016 supply drops once a month (if introduced) – sounds like an anime I’d watch: Goku (us) vs Frieza and his minions (Activision)

      • That’s an understatement, because this is a bullshit 3-month wait. BUT, to remain positive, it’s fucking CoD XP!

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        Proceeds to hype up Titanfall 2

        • CoD Community: “We hate futuristic Call of Duty with Advanced Movement. It doesn’t belong.”

          • It extends beyond that. People always talk about how they are sick of futuristic weapons, maps, exo’s, robots, and futuristic FPS in general yet Titanfall 2 is being hyped? lol

          • I dont even understand the hype for titanfall two, the first one was terrible.

            No campagin, a.i in the multiplayer to make noobs feel good, lack of weapons and customization, it was better than ghosts at the time but that’s all it had going for it.. CoD on a good day destroys it, I won’t even buy it if Infinite warfare Is good, unless they add a meaty campagin..

          • I think technically it was good, the movement, mechanics, maps, look and feel were all good, but it just lacked substance and variety. Maybe I’m just primed on CoD now but I also hated not having a reward for going on a good killstreak.

        • Difference is, Titanfall was a new IP with advanced movement, Call of Duty had always been boots on the ground. Also, Respawn are the guys that made COD4 and MW2, whereas the current Infinity Ward only has a few of the OGs left. Lastly, I loved Titanfall so of course I’m gonna be hyped for Titanfall 2.

          • Its weird to see you diss the new InfinityWard even though you really like Ghosts.

  2. The MP reveil date is way too late. My best guess is that they dont wont to show gameplay the same time as Bf1 due to the hate bandwagon.

      • As i said its a guess. And there is litterally no indication that it was planned long ago as you say. The event is in september they have all the time they need to plan it even if they came up with the idea the past few weeks

  3. Before people jump at me, I am fucking excited to see Call of Duty XP return. However, leaving Multiplayer till September? That is a stupid decision. With all the hate Infinite Warfare is getting, you’d think Activision would want to show off Multiplayer ASAP to reassure everyone. This has me extremely worried. Plus chances are the Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 Betas would happen around the time too, so there’s more things to be worried about.

    • Yep! After all the initial hate; I would have thought Activision would have just showcased some MP gameplay to shut people up instead of telling/paying eSports players to post scritped/pre-prepared messages on twitter within 15 minutes of each other that said the same thing word for word practically about how ‘good’ it is. It’s clear they have no confidence in the game and are protecting it in the hope of bolstering their pathetic 40,000 pre-orders after E3 from just linear, scripted campaign footage.

      • They lost confidence in Infinite Warfare as soon as they decided to bundle COD4 Remastered with it.

        • That was the first and most clear cut sign. I can’t believe people still think this inclusion is a ‘gesture’ towards the community – it’s nothing more than a business decision to push sales of a dud game. Talk about beating a dead horse!

        • I disagree. I don’t think it reflects Activision’s faith (or lack of) in Infinite Warfare at all but rather their lack of faith that the public would support an Infinity Ward game given the hate Ghosts and to a lesser extent MW3 received.

      • How is 40,000 pre orders in less than 2 weeks “pathetic” ? If you are comparing it to BO3, than thats where your’e wrong.

        I’ve seen a lot of of misinformed people on here that genuinely think that the article posted a couple days ago about IW having significantly less pre orders than Bo3 is solely to blame for everyone not liking the game itself. Well im here to share a couple of real factors that caused Bo3 to have much higher pre orders than Infinite Warfare has right now. This isnt an opinion piece either, its pretty much facts.

        1) BO3 was available for pre orders much longer than IW. The article states that they are comparing the pre orders between both games in the same time period to make sure its fair, correct? Well its not fair at all. If we look at VGchartz, the source in which the website used, we can see that Bo3 has pre order data all the way back to April 4th. Why? Because BO3 was available for pre orders around then, in very early April.
        Now, when was Infinite Warfare available for Pre order? May 2nd, a full month after Bo3 had originally been announced. This right here is huge. This means that BO3 had 6 weeks to gather pre orders while Infinite Warfare only had 2 weeks, If we are both comparing their mid-may pre order numbers.

        2) A pre order beta was announced for BO3. This right here was huge for the CoD community as we’ve never had these in almost a decade. No details of the beta were announced such as release date or duration, so naturally everyone started pre ordering the game. The beta could have been in June for all we knew, so everyone wanted to pre order as soon as they could.
        Then lets look at what pre order bonus Infinite Warfare has. Literally nothing. No beta, no exclusive content no nothing. As of this time, there is absolutely NO reason and point in pre ordering IW. Admittedly, even if a pre order beta had been announced for IW, it still wouldnt help the pre orders that much like it did for BO3 because we now know that the beta will be free after a few days and will be around 5 days long. Not too mention that beta codes are extremely easy to get and that the beta wont be happening atleast several months from now.

        3) Sub-Brand recognition. I think this is pretty straightforward. Black ops 3 had much more hype than Infinite Warfare will ever have based on the name alone. The demand for a new treyarch/black ops game was sky high and both BO1/Bo2 were some of the most popular games in the franchise. Compared to Infinite Warfare, which is a no-name brand, sounds like Advanced Warfare and is made by the creators of Call of Duty: Ghosts. Without even looking at the content of either games, you can already tell which game you would be more excited for.

        4) Actual negative stigma around the game. There is no denying that IW has more hate than Bo3 which had atleast a somewhat effect on the pre order numbers. But I imagine this number to be pretty low (but still higher than other cods) considering that there are millions of people that talk shit about CoD every year yet it still goes on to become the best seller of the year, so its impossible to know how hard community reception has on the pre order numbers.
        Im not trying to fanboy the game or anything, Im just trying to clear things out. People that like to hate on cod will obviously use anything as “proof cod is dying” as long as it supports their Anti-CoD agenda, but in this instance we can clearly see that once again, correlation does not equal causation.

        BO3 multiplayer information was completely revealed when the game was announced since youtubers got to play the game early in April. Also the fact that Digital pre orders have become much more popular in recent years which VGChartz may have not taken into consideration or dont have access to.
        Some other smaller factors also include growing consumer distaste of pre-orders in general, supply drop drama, bo3 zombies following and actual competition this year (BF1)

        • Averaging 1,100 pre-orders a day is mortifying especially as Dead Island 2 has nearly 1,500 and that may not even get produced…

          It doesn’t take much to realise how horrendously low these figures are especially for an established brand with such a key incentive such as MW:R.

          • Did you even read the post? COD IW is the second most pre ordered cod game of all time within 2 weeks of reveal, only beaten by bo3 (because of the reasons I listed above)

            how, in any way, is that “horrendous” ? Im just stating facts.


            BO3 had a pre order beta. IW doesnt have a pre order ANYTHING. There is literally NO reason to preorder IW right now where as last year they had a beta in which they didnt specify when it would be coming, the duration of it or whats in it. The beta could have been in June for all we knew. So naturally everyone pre ordered around the reveal.

            What incentive is there to pre order IW? Absoutely NOTHING. Im not going into this topic any further because you decline to read my original reply, which clearly details why the pre orders are completely meaningless.

          • You’re clutching at straws now if you think a poxy beta is a large enough incentive to warrant such growth. People pre-ordered BO3 because they like the Black Ops franchise and trust Treyarch. People are more neglectful for IW who brought us Ghosts and now Space Warfare. A beta isn’t proportionality representative of a product – the concept and developer quality and brand identity is all that matters. If you want to go down this route of desperation; MW:R is a pretty big incentive but people just ain’t taking the bait. I bet most of those pre-orders on record are only for the Legacy Version anyway.

          • “You’re clutching at straws now if you think a poxy beta is a large enough incentive to warrant such growth.”

            OFCOURSE it is. Its a BETA. The cod community has been begging for one for so long.

            and it doesnt matter if the pre orders are for COD4 or not, you said the pre orders in general were extremely low and so I replied as to why that is. No other cod except Bo3 has had that high pre orders within two weeks, not even bo2, mw3/mw2 or even bo1, dont you find that weird, especially since BO3 is not even on their level and has jetpacks AKA exo’s??? That itself is proof on how much the beta helped out with the preorders of the game.

          • The beta is nothing to do with it. It’s a minor incentive and you can still pre-order the game 5 months later and get access. Pre-order culture has changed too in the last few years and expectations are extremely high and it achieving much less than BO3 will ultimately concern Activision. Funny how the publishers don’t even announce now how many unit sales are made and how they censor player counts to cover up any potential for poor performance compared to the predecessor. It can be justified however but the fact that even at a 4 week deficit; IW’s pre-order rate is significantly worse than BO3 regardless and this beta aspect is gravely overestimated. All this further echoed by the general concerns in the wider community which franchise defenders and Activision just take for granted and be ignorant towards.

          • Are you crazy? Do you know how many people pre-ordered Bo3 for the beta alone .. “minor incentive” LOL

            ” you can still pre-order the game 5 months later and get access. ”

            Except no one knew when the beta was going to be, it could have been 5 months, 3 months or 2 days NO one knew when the beta was gonna be so they naturally pre ordered as soon as they could.

            ” IW’s pre-order rate is significantly worse than BO3 regardless and this beta aspect is gravely overestimated. ”

            You know, if you read my fucking post, you would have seen that there are many other bigger factors that caused the pre-orders to be so low, INCLUDING no beta.

          • The beta was never going to be prior to E3, Gamescom and anyone with a brain knew it would fall leading up close to release. Certainly weren’t gonna get a beta in the first month. If people were parting with $60 over the summer just to get a guaranteed beta despite hundreds of thousands of codes being given away for free on console and gift passes for Steam; that just shows the ludicrous mentality in plying Activision with hard cash and committing themselves to a product they know nothing about. Looks like people wont be fooled once again especially after IW’s performance with Ghosts.

          • Actually Dead Island 2 is being produced, a studio was announced and everything. Don’t try to play Dead island like that, it’s one of the best zombie game brands out there.

          • The original was reasonable but Dying Light blew it out of the water. A secondary developer took the project over on a limited budget and there is no projected release so it cannot be guaranteed that it’ll be good or even make the market just because it’s chugging along in new hands. I’ve lost count of how many games have brickwalled in the last 20 years and Dead Island isn’t quite as lucrative or big as people think nowadays.

        • I Might be wrong here but didn’t BO2 on YouTube get a lot of hate as well? with the dislikes (star rating at the time) and that turned out to becone of the best titles on COD? correct me if i’m wrong?

        • I’m pretty sure the pre-orders are mostly for CoD4 remasterised, don’t get fooled by numbers, people will sure play IW but the pre-orders have no meaning when you pay for two game.

    • I agree but who cares if those game have a beta around then? Its not like any of us are going to codxp, we’ll just be watching on youtube lol

    • I’m concerned too man. September is the worst month to show MP. Multiplayer should’ve been shown at E3 and campaign in September. Would make sense. Start building off hype now with multiplayer THEN campaign in September. I agree with your statement 100%.

  4. Holy crap this does not bode well. If you have faith in your game you don’t wait until 2 months before it launches to show the one aspect everyone cares most about.

    • i was thinking about this too; but you’re talking about the people who run a multi-billion dollar company who weigh in every option very carefully with every outcome. by leaving the reveal till 2 months from the release you’re hitting the consumer with essentially less time to ‘judge’ the game with first impressions whether it be bad or good. you’re leaving their pre-order options up to impulsive buying and flashy cinematics to lure them in. they really are in the shit right now with pre-orders and the trailer already made history as worst game trailer since mankind.

      • Looks like Activision would rather gamble and protect the MP portion to avoid further ridicule in the coming months and take the flak about reveal date as opposed to showcasing the game and then suffering criticisms and lost pre-order sales. They have no confidence in the game and it’s showing more than ever. MW:R was the first sign.

        • well put. when i saw them ‘bundling’ the game with a COD4 remaster I also knew that they were trying to compensate for a lesser product. what really boggles me is how even knowing that, they decided as their last stand to make the bundle the legacy edition essentially asking for more to get the remaster. on a more general topic about DLC’s and maps; splitting up the player fan base has always been an issue. they sometimes give you a exclusive map when pre-ordering, and then people can buy the map later on. If they gave COD4 remaster as a pre-order bonus, and ALSO let players play & download the remastered a month before release that could actually work. but activision’s greed will strike harder than the success of this game.

      • They need to play smart about their game, they need feedback to get the game more popularity and yet they are doing the opposite of what they should do. If they reveal the MP earlier or at least do an open beta so people could give constructive feedback, they will for sure increase what they will sale or the amount of people who gonna play the MP. but i’m pretty sure they wont change anything because they know this is going to be the worst CoD made, i’m buying it only for CoD4, and this is the only way they can make money of the game.

        • I really cant understand the statement of buyin’ that shit because of CoD4? Thats an excuse to buy the whole shitty package. Dont get me wrong, u can buy what you want, but dont act like ur protesting, because u arent. No offense, just generally speaking. I hope Activision will get its ass beat.

          • I’m a bit 2 months late but w/e.

            It’s not an excuse I would have bought CoD4 alone if I had a choice, all my friends are going to play it so if I want to play with them I need to buy the shitty package, and i can’t protest because the only way for them to make money of the game is to do so, and they know it, so CoD4 will never be selled separated, maybe like 6 months later but I doubt it, they love the smell of money I can’t deny they are right to do this it’s a buiness after all, but what is frustrating is that they don’t care about comunity at all.

  5. ”it will feature an “evolution” of Call of Duty’s movement system, and possibly the “chain-based movement system””

    Sick of all this PR gobbledygook designed to impress the young and naive. Let the game speak for itself Activision but oh wait; you’re too scared to show it off despite having less than 40k pre-orders on record. The MW:R bait isn’t working either and this will just add fuel to the fire that Activision has no confidence whatsoever in Infinite Warfare.

    • 40k pre orders in just two weeks is amazing, thats the second highest for any cod

      and please read my other comment

    • Why not? If they had a beta the same week they announce MP, they would still have 2 months to work on bugs and glitches. The Overwatch beta started on May 5th and the game came out not 3 weeks later.

  6. This tells me they have no confidence in multi player to delay the reveal by this long… Maybe it would hurt pre orders because people will find out it looks shit. Very suspicious to wait this long

  7. OK… Honestly, I’m a little disappointed. So they decided not to reveal MP at Gamescom like previous years, or even at E3 like BO3 did, but instead they leave it till September? Dafuq?

    But it will be playable though, so… yay? Maybe they’re pushing for a beta closer to launch day. After all, all the recent games have been doing that. Battleborn, Overwatch, etc…

    Not sure how I feel about BO3’s 4th DLC being shown here. I hope it’s just a playable event and not actual reveal event. That would be way too late for the DLC to come out, especially for Xbox and PC with the extra month.

  8. Activision should just prioritize Modern Warfare Remastered now by Raven and make Infinite Warfare a free to play title. The new look Infinity Ward studio infamous for Ghosts let the community down and Infinite Warfare seems to have let Activision down which is why they are terrified to reveal it at E3 despite it being the biggest stage of all with 500,000,000 viewers worldwide. Infinity Ward should then be disbanded as a studio as they will ultimately fail for the 3rd game in a row.

  9. It’s frustrating to me seeing some comments

    Is it later than Black Ops 3, yeah? But BO3 was the ONLY cod game to show MP at E3, the rest have been Late August/Early September, and no doubt they’ll probably show more stuff in between E3 and COD XP, with a teaser for MP at the end of a probable story trailer.

    Only thing that concerns me is that’s very late for the chance of a beta, but then again, beta’s have been much closer to launch on games before, just gotta hang tight, the last time they did these types of things for the community was MW3, which was the best-selling COD of all time,

    I reckon they want to recreate that atmosphere, so we’re probably in for an amazing few months of reveals and such, especially after the reception of the initial reveal.

    TLDR: good things come to those who wait

  10. Did anyone notice that every CoD game not made by Treyarch, gets their own multiplayer reveal event? Like COD XP 2011, COD Ghosts reveal event, AW reveal event etc

    While Treyarch games are always revealed in general gaming events like E3, Gamescom etc


  11. While this is fecking annoying I don’t see why this would panic anyone.

    Its not as if they are hiding it and showing off no footage what so ever.

    Its just how Activision have done it this year, all be it a bad decision, I don’t think it’s to hide anything..

    • Yeah, not to mention the fact that it’s gonna be playable at CODXP as well. Activision is probably just trying to save money from doing multiple events, by grouping as many as they can into one single event.

      • Multi-billion dollar company = trying to save money on the biggest public PR event reaching over 500m people worldwide.

        DAT LOGIC!

        • That’s how the rich stay rich. They don’t spend every single dollar if they know there’s a way to make more while spend less. Why do you think COD still has yet to use 100% dedicated servers, as well as adding more server locations around the world?

          • They wont cheapskate on PR on a product that could make them more money by promoting it at the biggest events especially with sponsors to boot backing them up. They don’t bother with dedicated servers towards the community because they have no regard for the people that support them. Promotion and the end-community are two different portions.

          • Don’t get me wrong I pretty much agree with u 99 percent of the time, and can see where ur coming from now, but maybe we just assumed to much to think they would show multiplayer at E3 as it’s only ever been done once..

            This is nothing new what they are doing, just the disappointment is high becuse they changed it up last year.

            And to be fair they really needed to change it up last year, as people were worried after ghosts and A.W, this could be seen as a good sign, they see their multiplayer is on par with bo3 or better and have no need to panic and release multiplayer early, I mean they do have the most liked cod trailer to date, I doubt they are even taking the dislikes seriously as it’s impossble to tel how much is bandwagon..

          • I’m not too worried when the MP trailer will be shown but I was hoping that it would be seen at E3 to reassure people and eradicate any hate or concerns. Them pinning it back by 3 months raises more questions for many and that’s what I’m concerned about. I would expect if a product was under such flak; they would stem it by doing a reveal early to propel pre-orders but it just feels if they have something to hide and after recent years; I can’t help but expect the worst. Fingers crossed though!

          • I think they think the popularity of the video out ways the bandwagon of hate, that just become a kewl thing for everyone to do and therefore see no flak..

            Ur picture? Is that Leicester? Can’t make it out..

          • Yeah, I decided to add a picture so I could spot my own posts more more easily in the articles lol!

          • Promotion doesn’t matter for COD. They have become a household name. With the amount of COD hate going around nobody is gonna see an Infinite Warfare billboard and decide to go buy the game. People who want to buy the game, are gonna buy it.

      • Yh, I suppose it’s something else to look forward to instead of everything being at E3, I kind of enjoyed watching video after video on Bo2 maps when they got revealed..

        • I think the big problem here is that between E3 and CODXP, we’ll have nothing to look forward to, other than BO3 DLC3. If we’re lucky, we might get IW Zombies reveal, but I wouldn’t count on it.

          • I’ll give Sledgehammer credit, I did love Exo Zombies on Outbreak. The rest of the maps were boring and crap imo.

          • The problem with Exo Zombies is it was too much of the same as Treyarch zombies. It felt like a spin off honestly.

            It didn’t help that every exo zombie map looked the exact same either.

            I only trust Treyarch with zombies and I don’t plan on touching Infinite Warfare zombies at all. Infinity Ward making zombies just sounds off honestly

    • What’s the point of an MP reveal then if we know most of it through a beta before that? If a beta’s going to happen, then it’s gonna be at late September-early October. No other time slot would fit now.

    • They’ll have the usual MP snippet at the end of the campaign trailer and then we’ll have to wait until September for the full trailer and we’ll probably find out then if there’s a beta attached. We may hear something prior with a press release but the way it’s going; we’ll have to wait 3 months for anything concrete.

    • If the game is a bag of shite and Activision are embarrassed or if Infinity Ward are desperately tweaking it; it may be for the best. They’ve already changed the box art to be more in-line with COD so perhaps they’re making changes in-game on reflection of the consistent and community-wide feedback. We’ll see though..

      • Well, i dont believe thats the case at all but if by any chance you are right, damn these guys are the worst developing team ever lol.

  12. Man and i was pumped for E3. Doesn’t matter anyways still looking forward to the campaign trailer

    • Lol dont get too excited that’s not me, I don’t have the gay boy band hair, and I wouldn’t be caught doing a gay pose..he’s an fagit imposter..

          • Lol seriously, the only toys I own are wrestling figures and there up in my loft, I’m 27 with a wife and two kids and look the exact opposite of that..

          • Can you adopt me and I can be your 3rd kid?
            I can live in your loft with the wrestling figures, I will morph into a John Cena figure so ‘you can’t see me’.

          • Lol.. Why not, as long as the wife doesn’t find out, il bring u down when she goes out and we can play cod..

          • Every night at midnight I will sneak downstairs, eat your cereal and go into your room and tickle your feet and go back into the loft.

          • I have wrestling figures stored in my closet along with a huge ass wrestling DVD collection in my room. Nice to see someone with that type of collection lol

          • Lol yh, can’t bring my self to get rid of them, I don’t follow wrestling anymore but I found out Brock Lesnar is making a come back in UFC for a match, I don’t follow UFC either only when brock is fighting.

          • Yeah Brock Lesnar is still with WWE and both UFC and WWE worked out a deal to do that.

            I dunno how long you haven’t watched wrestling, but I would highly recommend going on YouTube and watching some recent RAWs in the last year or so. The talent there is amazing and the matches that are put on on Pay Per Views and so on and so on are great.

          • Edit* sorry this is so long! Lol..

            Last time I watched wwe I hated it, it was actually cringe..

            I mean the thing that makes wwe for me is the story, back in the day it was fecking amazing, the whole of Dx vs the Rock was unbelievable, Strone cold raising hell, cactus jack never giving up..

            I really feel they needed to replace the guys that of gone, the wwe needs a bad group that run things, it needs a Rock, a Stone Cold..

            Not only big superstars need replacing, the not so big do, the Chris benoit vs Chris jericho vs angle, that was a truly amazing war for the Intercontinental title.

            Tag teams were lacking the dudley boys and the hardy boys were amazing tag teams, last time I seen it was two identical Chinese men vs two identical bold men :s seriously?

            And finally the thing that really annoys me, the big show! Kane! Wtf have they done to these poor guys man..

            Big show used to go in the ring and if he was going against ur favourite superstar, u would be scared of him actually destroyin ur guy, u went In the ring with the big show u was in trouble, it was amazing when the Rock managed to use all his strength to lift him off the ground.

            But now anyone can lift him off the ground, he isn’t scary,he was a joke last time I watched it, wouldn’t suprise me if Ray mystereo has picked him up..

            And I promise u this is the last thing I’m going to say, the main guys are turning into Fagits, the Rock is tonk, HHH is tonk, Lesnar is tonk..

            Last time I watched the wwe champ was a guy called cm punk, I am tonker than cm punk for real, ur telling me this dweeb is the best the wwe has to offer? Erghhf it was so painfull to watch man..

          • CM Punk was actually the best to offer. That guy is extremely talented. Now I have to highly recommend that. I dont know how much you know about him, but that guy is like one of the best wrestlers, and best talkers there is. He even worked with The Rock. They had great matches. Even guys like Stone Cold has praised him.

            And I agree with the Big Show and Kane, they’re jokes now, but i dont really think they care or whatever as they are coming to the last few years of their career.

            I also have to agree about the story, and the story in WWE isnt all that great, and I don’t think it will ever match up to the Attitude Era.

            It’s kinda like how Call of Duty will probably never match up to Call of Duty 4 again. Something so great like that won’t probably happen a second time.

            WWE has changed a lot and has focused lately on wrestling these past few years, which is good. But i do wish they stayed consistent with their story writing and whatnot.

            I probably wouldn’t recommend watching WWE again if you expect it to be like the Attitude era, but i would recommend it for the new talented faces they have there and the pure wrestling tho.

          • I know nothing about the dude,tbh If I could get into the story again id give it a go, I don’t have the channle Any more tho, il still be buying the new game when it comes out tho! That will be fecking awesome no matter what..

          • Yeah, the games are usually fun. I didn’t buy the one last year as i didn’t get around to it, but im probably gonna get the one this year.

            And like I said, I would just Youtube a few clips from WWE RAW over the year. Hell, WWE even has a YouTube channel and they upload pretty much the highlight of RAW and Smackdowns

        • Lmao, ive actually been waiting for him to make a new account and troll me.. I really thought he would..

          By the way I take it ur actually From Leicester and not just becuse they won the title? If so I might have passed by u without knowing! I moved their a few years ago to move in with the other half.. Crazy man..

          • Yep lol! Yeah but I don’t live there any more due to work but still go to the games home and away when I can. I’m Stratford Upon Avon which is posh but oh so boring!

          • Lol Im originally from Nottz so even Leicester is posh to me, Stratford upon Avon does sound incredibly posh lol..

            Well I now feel our relationship has grew enough to warrant a man hug..

            *gives man hug* it’s been emotional, have a good night..

  13. A multiplayer reveal never truly shows how the game will play. Only after playing the Bo3 Beta did I realize it was a good CoD. While I don’t agree with the delay, it’s really not a big deal.

  14. Activision is always taking bad decisions. This is really incredible compared to EA. EA will rape Activision in the future. These business people don’t know what the people want and they don’t care about us. This is really sad.

  15. Why September? That’s the worst month. Show campaign in September and show multiplayer at E3. This tells me that they don’t feel confident with their game at all. Plus, IF we have a beta, when will it be? In October? If so that would suck balls because they will only have 1 month to fix all the bugs/glitches in the game. Atleast Treyarch had a couple of months to fix and re-adjust the bugs, glitches, and tune the weapons before launch.

  16. I’m guessing activision at E3 will be discussing MWR mostly, but for infinite warfare’s MP reveal to be 2 months before release might be telling us it’s not gonna be all that good, although people have said it’s good (esports players) but they could easily just say it’s good to shake of 1% at least of the hate towards the game…We just have to wait and see i guess.

      • Yep they say the same thing about every COD then change their minds based off what the community thinks. Don’t trust anyone who they fly out to play the game, wait until actual players get there hands on it to see what it’s really like.

  17. I am curious, what are the main problems you all have with Infinite Warfare so far. I’m not seeing much that should make it a bad game. Other than the futuristic setting, which everyone seems to hate, and MW:R being bundled with it, I can’t see what the problems with the game itself are so far.

      • It wasn’t a great trailer but that is no reason to hate on the game itself yet, it’s simply an excuse to hate it right now.

        • I literally just said ” and nothing else ”

          I am excited for the game and I’ve preorded it, it still doesn’t take away from the trailer being a insulting, awful seemingly deliberately bad trailer.

          • I realize you said that. I was agreeing with you and talking about the people who are insulting it having just seen the reveal trailer and nothing more.

    • Do you not know who Infinity Ward is? They are the makers of COD franchise and they are literally just copying and pasting ideas. They don’t care anymore, they don’t listen to fans, they are just doing what Activision tells them to do. They deserve the hate.

      • Have you seen any gameplay of any of the modes? If not, there is no reason to hate on the game yet. And copy and pasting ideas? Ghosts was pretty different from previous CoDs and those differences are a big part of the hate it received.

        Now, there will mostly likely be a lot of similarities to BO3 in Infinite Warfare, but that is due to the hate Ghosts received and most likely Activision telling them to play it safe.

        As for not listening to fans, the only thing we have seen that shows that in Infinite Warfare is the futuristic setting, something I doubt they could change after seeing how much people dislike it. Again, we have yet to see gameplay so we don’t know if they have listened to fans.

        • It’s fine do defend their decision but let’s face it. They had plenty of ideas that they could have chosen to work with that is not futuristic. Imagine a side story of Modern Warfare, playing as the Russians, or the Opfor, and seeing Cpt Price kicking your ass or something. Plenty of creative ideas.

          But they are changing the game. I mean the cover for E3 was changed to represent non futuristic soldiers. I can only imagine IW scrapping so much stuff from multiplayer that this backs the idea of why multiplayer reveal was delayed.

          • Going back to anything MW related isn’t creative, its stale and done. By the time the future rage boner was going IW was already over a year into development, they couldn’t change it at that point.

            You have to realize they are trying to predict, 3 years in advance, what people will enjoy. At the time there was a TON of hype for AW and advanced movements so that’s where they figured hints were going and it made sense.

    • The trailer was bland and uninteresting. But to speak the truth for the Call of Duty Communty, they’re just butthurt about not having their precious “boots on da ground” n’ shit. Plus after Ghosts, and even MW3, I’d probably be worried… But who gives af! FINAL FANTASY XV MAFIA III WATCH DOGS 2 TITANFALL 2, yeeaahhhh booiiiiii!!

          • For me, it’s a day late and a dollar short. The first Titanfall needed the campaign to set the stage, the mood, and the feel of the game. I just don’t see Titanfall becoming the “next” big fps game. Also, which is it gonna be? A soldier, or a mech? When not in the mech, you don’t feel like you are making any sort of difference on the battlefield. And when in the mech, it’s like a timer starts, and you’re gonna be destroyed in under 2 minutes. Had a campaign been there from the get-go, it might have filled some gaps and would have been able reinforce the whole man/mech mechanic. But like I said, I think it’s too little, too late. So far, I can’t see myself buying TF2.

      • That is basically my thinking, except MW3 was very popular among a lot of people. And you forgot Battlefield 1 in that list.

    • With all the hate this game is getting a BETA would probably cost them more then they would gain. On one hand it MIGHT convince some people to buy the game but if people play the BETA and see that it’s as bad as they think it is a lot of pre-order’s will be canceled. I think there plan is to make a multiplayer trailer with not much advanced movement (AKA it won’t be anything like the real game) and then market campaign and zombies as much as humanly possible.

  18. This is why we prefere Vonderhaar… I think they only want to hype people and make them pre order the game , but then , it’ll have a bad MP . This all is only merchandising

    • People trust Treyarch as they are an established studio that have a great community relationship and produce solid games. Infinity Ward on the other hand are a shadow of their former selves and the current personnel have no real track record. Their judgement of space warfare could also prove fatal. Black Ops games sold themselves but the likes of IW have much convincing to do after Ghosts and taking into account the new staff from Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk which suggests quantity over quality.

    • To be fair, if they revealed multiplayer at E3 they would probably lose some pre-orders, that’s why they made it as late as possible.

  19. I’m trying to stay positive but so far IW looks bad! Titanfall 2 and Battefield 1 are hitting hard with the hype wagon. If all else fails, we have bo3 xD

    • Because Titanfall 1 lived up to the hype so well…

      We’ve seen 1 story trailer, that’s it. Everyone is jumping to conclusions without seeing anything really.

    • Um…No. They stated that they made the maps to work well with the movement, plus removing the code that actually makes the movement work would ruin the whole game. IW would be worse if they took the movement out.

    • You clearly have no understanding of how long it takes to develop a game like this. Revamping the movement system would involve changing several years worth of work, it can’t be done in a few months.

  20. I dont really care about Infinite Warfare multiplayer reveal … i just want a first loook of COD4 remaster multiplayer gameplay at E3 .

  21. People don’t seem to understand this is when the people will first play and see footage of the game other than a trailer. The multiplayer trailer is coming in a few days at E3

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  23. No Beta announcement, No Multiplayer reveal till September. You’d think after all the dislikes, they’d show MP ASAP! It seems like this game is set for failure!

  24. Guess I’ll be waiting pretty late his year if I pre-order at all. I refuse to pre-order a game without at least seeing the MP portion of it. Kinda crazy that BO3 had a beta earlier in the year than IW is even going to show us the MP.

    • That’s because 3Arch is confident with their multiplayer but not Infinity Ward. Just imagine how bad the sales of Ghosts would have been if there was an early multiplayer beta. It would have been really, really bad.

      This is why I want to see some honest reviews first.This year’s COD is made by the developers with the worst COD track record.

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