The official Call of Duty site has been updated with new art for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The new art can be seen on the homepage of

This new cover art matches the E3 banners, which went up at the LA Convention Center this past weekend.Β The updated artwork does not show any space helmet; its more focused on the characters and weapons.



  1. Trying to make it look as less futuristic as possible I see. And people said the dislikes wouldn’t do anything. I really like this new look tbh. The soldier at the front seems to be carrying a futuristic looking M4, guy on the left seems to be carrying a futuristic Honey Badger and the guy on the right has an M4 on his back while cocking a pistol. Interesting.

      • They could if they had a replacement that would also work. Obviously the game is still gonna be in space and whatnot, but in terms of features or aspects.

        • Game development these days is quite a ways harder than it’s ever been. Unless they’re just aesthetic changes, then they can’t just waste 2.5 years of work, but I’m hoping you’re rich (in which I’m seriously sure you are).

          • Oh I know how difficult it is to develop games, after all I’ve been studying it for the past 3 years lol. But they can replace things that could do the exact same thing. For example right, when it comes to advanced movement, they can go the Halo route: keep it boots-on-ground, but have gravity pods to get the player to higher places i.e. advanced movement. Sure something like this wouldn’t get done in a day, but I’m sure it’s possible to do something like this, without having to alter the maps significantly. Sounds like a far-fetched example, but it can be done.

  2. The gun on the left in the cover art picture reminded me somewhat of the honey badger from Ghosts, and it made me question on if they are going to continue making guns with integrated attachments, because I thought that was a good addition.

    • Well of course I’m going to play it. 1] How else for sure will I know if it’s crap or not? and 2] I wanna get my money’s worth lol

    • Honey Badger….love it. That was my favorite for the longest time, then I recently started using the Ripper quite a bit. Those, the Remington, the Bulldog, the pre-nerf MSBS, the Vector….I love Ghosts.

      • Honey Badger was the probably the only weapon i used in that game. It looked the most interesting to me as well. I don’t really remember any of the SMGs besides the Veper or whatever it’s spelled. Any other weapons in the game i can’t really remember.

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    • I hope my trusty Tavor returns. Absolutely destroyed so many noobs in FFA using that weapon πŸ˜€

    • Or maybe this is their vision of the future? This futuristic style is much, much better than BO3 and AW so far imo

        • No shit is being spoken here bud, The last one is by FAR the most disliked gaming video ever, Fact, and the next one will almost certainly follow suit, Funny thing is, now everyone else has caught on to how shit this pathetic kids game has become. Just look at you lot here discussing utter nonsense like “hopefully they listened and removed/redesigned stuff” hahaha

          • Exactly, #NoHype Funny how there was no superexcited posts here about that isn’t it

          • You are here writing about “the most disliked gaming video ever” doesn’t get any more generic than that bud. The truth is, a non “brain dead” person doesn’t really give a fuck about it. Like seriously. It does not change anything on my end. Let it be clear, this ain’t a kids game. Yeah kids play it, no one can really control that, yet is not ruining my campaign experience. Ohh that’s right! This ain’t about the multiplayer only. Is there for the entertainment. The campaign is the real deal for me and other true fans. We aren’t the biggest of the community but trust me that we are the most realist of them all. We know that haters gonna hate either way. What’s funny is that it got you coming back to a Call of Duty website to write “brain dead” none sense. Love it, hate it. You still talking about it and it stays relevant. Next time, tell us something we DON’T know. I’m done here.

          • I just don’t see the point of you going up on a COD fan site and hate on the game. I don’t know which is more pathetic, the game itself or you commenting on how pathetic it is.

            And fuck you for even suggesting that I go buy supply drops. I have never spent a dime on microtransactions and I never will. So don’t you fucking lump me in with all the little kids begging for mommy and daddy for cash to spend on supply drops. If you can’t bring constructive criticism to the table then fuck off right now, and let me and other people discuss things like civilized human beings.

          • the mind of a fanboi……. you must explicitly love something to comment or have an opinion…………. LOLz

          • Now who’s using a generic, brain-dead comment? If you can’t find an argument to hit back at me other than “you’re a fanboi”, then you’re no different from the mindless haters.

  3. Welcome back to myself! New pictures look great, too bad I am going to be away from almost all life this next week so all the news will happen while I’m gone. PS, best time to comment is at midnight. Wow, I nΓ©ed to stop now

  4. Skate 4. I’m sorry guys I just had to. But back to cod, can’t wait. Hopefully no riot shield c4 stuff like I’m ghosts. I can’t wait for the game though. Really excited. But those riot shield c4 guys :/

  5. They cut out the spaceship for the E3 poster and this new art puts more emphasis on the soldier and making it more in-line with Call of Duty but this artwork wont hide the far futuristic concept or diminish it no matter what Infinity Ward do to appeal.

      • Yes there is. The era Infinite warfare takes place, m4 will be like an antique, that shit is fake, i want a realisticly futuristic gun for galactic battles to shoot noobs like a boss.

        • Well, this is their vision of the future and we do not even know what year the game takes place in… I am guessing somewhere 2080-2090

    • You hope not? Sir, are you alright!? You should take that back! I’m OK with the boost jumps but on some real shit. FUCK all that futuristic guns BS. Take those thoughts else where.

    • The setting is one thing, but I really really hope they don’t fuck up the guns with laser fights and shit.. I’m sure zombies will have the ray gun, that’s as far as it should go.. Who says we would be firing lasers In the far future anyway..

      • Why not, the guns will perform similary with any other cod, you will just have a cool puck a punch effect while shooting.

        • Nerr it’s not cool, not for multiplayer, in a 100 years time bullets will still be a thing, their still trying to keep it realistic even tho it’s set in the future, no aliens or lasers, if there is lasers set of weapons ll be disappointed. I hope if they do add them theres no more than what A.W had.. I hardly ever used to see anyone use them..

          • I dont want aliens ether. All i want is cool futuristic guns yet realistic, not like destiny or Halo, i find the guns in these games rather goofy and childish.

          • They can be made up as long as they look like guns of today and don’t fire lasers il be happy lol..

          • Exactly. Things like laser weapons and other fancy sci fi stuff are just down to bad or inflated interpretation by creators. Hand weapons will be the same in 100 years and they’ll be the same 100 years after that and the only things that will change would likely be functionality, material, weight and design aesthetics.

    • Pretty sure the ballistic weapons are going the more modern-ish style with P90, M4, Honey Badger and M16, but there will be energy weapons (Like TAC 19 from AW presumably)

  6. This art cover looks dope! Wish they chose this instead the current box art! Those guns are a must use IF they actually in the game. It would be a shame if they don’t have it!

    • I think this will be the final cover for the box and Activision will slowly re-brand the marketing material this way. After all the hate and embarrassingly low pre-orders; I think many changes will be made even though we wont know about them.

  7. How is changing the box art going to improve the game? Can’t believe people are getting suddenly excited by this change as it has purely been done for PR and marketing purposes but the core game will be EXACTLY THE SAME regardless. Seems Infinity Ward are just copying the CoD 4 cover but that wont cover up the fact it is just more futuristic BS with more robots and now space ships. IW are hopeless developers who can’t get anything right nowadays. Ghosts was the worst game ever and now they can’t even get their promotional material right for this turd. Dead Island 2 has more pre-orders and that game may not get released so Activision would be better off sacking IW and cancelling the game.

  8. “It’s stylistically designed to be that way. You can’t undo that but we can diminish the effects of it”

      • I know, right?
        People don’t even look at BF1 as a game, they just look at it as fuel to their stupid-ass strawman arguments.

  9. Well, the artwork is fuckin’ sick. I love it. It’s really cool looking. But I can’t stop wondering…what’s with the black envelope?

    • The magazine material was 5 weeks out of date and nothing that we don’t know already. This is the problem with many magazines nowadays as most of the information is widely available online long before the magazine is published.

  10. How do people think the gun on the left looks like a Honey Badger? That’s just wishful thinking. It has the exact same design as the guy in the center.

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  12. The hype over Battlefield 1 is kind of pointless….. considering the trailer featured mainly cutscenes. Just like IW we’ve seen no relevant true gameplay yet.
    If people are still bashing on the game when they’ve seen nothing then…. kudos