Following the Xbox One S leak from yesterday, Microsoft officially announced the new Xbox One S.

The Xbox One S is 40% smaller than the current Xbox One, features a 2TB hard drive, support for 4K Ultra HA video, High Dynamic Range, a vertical stand, and new controller.

It’s described as ‘Sleeker, Slimmer, sharper.’

The new Xbox One S features the power brick internally, similar to the PS4. The console will be available in August for $299 with preorders starting later today.

The console also introduces a brand new Xbox One controller.

Xbox One S comes in three different models: 500GB for $299, 1TB for $349, 2TB for $399. The 2TB model is apparently a limited edition for launch of the new console.

Preorder now at Amazon.




    • It’ll be more expensive, according to leaks. Save your money IMO. But I’m not going to tell you what to do lol.

      • How expensive? If it’s just as much as the PS4 Neo, shouldn’t be a problem. Either way, I’m planning on taking my original Xbox One and trading it in for the slim. I’m honestly getting it for the slim size and the 2TB

        • I heard from rumors that it would be $449, but they were wrong. It’ll actually be $299. Go for it if a PS4 isn’t your thing.

        • You basically just said nothing lol moron they make it slimmer to cut production cost fyi, hence, making it cheaper. Not “pricier”. Learn something dumbass

          • They make a slimmer version to cut costs and sell for higher as it’s a newer version of the console. They make more profit. They’re a business. They add nice looks and 2TB to convince people to buy it.

          • *facepalm* did you just start gaming this generation? The consoles get CHEAPER as time goes by not more expensive than when they started. Of course they’re a business but they don’t maximize profits that high to where it’s in illogical ripoff. They settle w just cutting the cost. And 2 tb and an overhaul alone doesn’t convince current X1 owners to go out and buy.

          • Yes, they get cheaper over time. This is a “new” console they’re making. They will start the price off at a higher point to earn whatever they can. Imagine going on the Microsoft store and seeing the Xbox One and the slim version. Obviously everyone would buy the slim one of its cheaper. This is not what they’re going for…

          • No…that’s what they do w a new generation console which brings me back to my question….did you just now start gaming this generation?

          • No, first console ps2 (wasn’t into the social side of it, just played alone, but 360 was first one I really got into)

          • They’re up charging for the added memory and whatever additional specs they’re adding to make it 4K ready. First time they’re actually “upgrading” the consoles instead of only making them slimmer..meh

          • I didn’t know that it had more memory… They need to give some options, like a slimmer version of the *current* model AND this one. Like what Neo is rumored to be doing. It currently fas two different models, unless the rumors are wrong. They don’t need to overcharge because I really don’t think that this model will sell well at all unless it came in a bundle with a game or two or three.

          • Agreed, mid-gen slim model consoles should always sell cheaper than the original. And if that’s not the case w the Xbox one then they need to, as you said, make a separate slim model without the extra memory and power boost and then drop the original Xbox one box all together. That should suffice everyone. The choice of a sleeker and cheaper Xbox one or an Xbox w a little extra in it for a bit more money

  1. Could this be scorpio? because its the xbox one s and scorpio is just a code name so could this be what they were talking about?

  2. Yee!! I’ve been waiting for this announcement for almost three years!! Now I can play Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive, yeeeee- I’m my vet proud of myself…

      • I actually agree with him. Putting the power brick inside will make the xbox hotter which will decrease the console lifetime. It’s just how technology works. Not a fanboy to make that clear. I own Xbox1, PS4, and a PC.

      • I actually agree with him. Putting the power brick inside will make the xbox hotter which will decrease the console lifetime. Not a fanboy to make that clear. I own Xbox1, PS4, and a PC.

          • It’s not. In fact, it’s not that far from the truth. Internal power supplies, especially on smaller consoles, have been known to make the system hotter and louder.

          • I’m sure that there’s more to that than the power supply. It’s a good thing overall. The Xbone is finally even slightly compact and sleeker. Much, much better.

      • Wait… NO MORE POWER BRICK?! Much better. Finally Microsoft listened. Please be true. Next up is replacing the AA batteries (that will piss some people off, come at me).

        • Yes no more power brick it’s internal now did you not read the article and they already sell Xbox one controllers with rechargeable batteries. It called the play and charge kit you can either buy that or purchase a brand new controller that includes it

  3. support 4k meaning itll play videos in 4k or will gameplay be in 4k? and if so will it be 60fps? or 30fps?

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  5. This thing’s awesome! I swear, if this actually was the Xbox One and was released at launch, it would have easily rivaled the PS4.

  6. They only need to sell another 40m units and they’ll catch up with Sony assuming they never sell another PS4 unit ever again LEL! 4K in Xbox terms means 1080p like 1080 meant 720p on the original Xbox One.

  7. I love this i had a xbox one then traded it for a ps4
    and know they made this and it costs $300 and is better
    time to save up