Following all of the rumors, Microsoft has officially announced the new Project Scorpio, the most powerful console ever. The new Xbox is coming in Holiday 2017.

A big key feature for Xbox is that all Xbox One games coming will be available for Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Project Scorpio. Current and future Xbox One accessories and controllers will also be useable across the three Xbox One platforms.

Project Scorpio will allow developers to make games that support 4K quality; it includes 8 CPU Cores and 6 teraflops GPU Power.

Coming Holiday 2017, Project Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever created, with 6 teraflops of GPU delivering a premier console gaming experience including true 4K gaming and high fidelity virtual reality. Project Scorpio will join the Xbox One family and coexist alongside Xbox One and Xbox One S and all of your Xbox One games and accessories are compatible.

SOURCE: Xbox Wire



  1. This happens every console generation. They make the consoles “the best they can possibly be” then a better version comes out three years later. I’m going to pass on this one and wait until the next generation of consoles come out.

      • If consumers support it, then of course there will be, but I just hope that an “optical drive” will always be an option in the future.

        Otherwise you just killed off the collector market in order to save a few bucks…

        • Why have a next generation if we have iterative consoles? What would be the point for first party? Fingers crossed for a new generation, but who knows for sure?

          If there’s a digital age, then I’ll probably be done with modern gaming. There’s no way that I’m going to stand for that.

    • That’s because it’s technology. As soon as somethings announced its already outdated. Plus for this generation it was worse since both were not that powerful to begin with.

  2. Releasing at the end of next year to see if they can get a profit from the XOne S so they can manage to get all these specs to make it, “affordable” for the consumer….

  3. “The new Xbox is coming in Holiday 2017.”

    OK great, but how much time will that leave consumers until the next gen comes out?

    & I’m sure Sony will have the same time frame, but when consumers are going to need a 4K TV to take advantage of this, plus buy the console (Scorpio/Neo) is it really worth it?

    I get that hardcore gamers are gonna say yes (it is worth it), but IDK stuff like the Sega CD/32x didn’t go over that well with mainstream consumers, and that didn’t include upgrading your TV to take advantage of it either. JMO…

    • TBH I’m a bigger fan of MS, but I could honestly care less who’s winning the console war.

      I just want 2 dominant consoles out there, so we can have future console generations…

      • Idk backwards compatibility, cross platoffm gaming, highest performig one looks better on paper than playstation right now

          • After 2 years of constant pony abuse we deserve to blow of some steam a little now the tables are turned….

          • If the ps4 neo is stronger and chiper than scorpio like how it happened with original ps4 and xbox one your comment will be so funny.

          • the upgrades arent what neo are doing. this is a HUGE leap and not just some hardware upgrades to support 4k. this is pretty much a completely new console that is meant to destroy its competitors. this is in a sense considered “overkill”.

          • We basically know nothing about neo’s spects, they only said its going to support 4k and thats not a simple thing, ps4 neo will be a beast too and thats for sure but we will be able to compare them only when we learn what exctly it is until then stop praise scorpio.

          • We have rumors that, although Scorpio is still quite a bit more powerful, PlayStation is utilizing the new AMD Polaris RX 480 for the Neo.

            Is that not a “HUGE leap”, Beast Mode?

          • If that happens, yes my comment will be funny. Small chance tho, unless sony is going to change their E3 conference like how it happened with the original ps4 VS xbox one, just to get momentum hype again…

          • Why own an Xbox now when PC makes it obsolete, though? Software is the most important thing. I can see the PC trolls now; to have free Windows 10 games.

        • And it’s a lot faster than the ps4 with the brand new UI in the new xbox experience update we had in November

          • I don’t know for sure if it is for a fact, because it’s obviously inspired by XMB.

        • Not really (and not to be a fanboy, I’m trying to be objective, no worries), concerning the fact that PlayStation has had cross platform gaming for years AND has PS2onPS4/PS Now, but as of right now, Scorpio is definitely the most powerful console unless PlayStation ones up Xbox. And Neo opens up a new opportunity for backwards compatibility on PS4, but we all know that it will never happen because of the PS Now investment.

      • Why ps faggots are always telling us how the Xbox one sucks and how they stole cod from us now well show you guys who’s the top dogs again Xbox 360 was superior to the PS3 and many forget that the 360 was a major step up in the gaming industry and all of the ps4 features they copied from the 360 like party chat. Maybe now PS faggots can appreciate a good console

        • Bill Gates, is that you?

          It is a very bold statement to talk about “us” as if you are an important part of the company, when you are simply another buyer.

          Dude, if you really take offence on somebody telling you that the product you bought is less powerful than the competition (which is true) you really to need to see a doctor.

        • You’re acting like a fanboy pretty hard right now. I think the Xbox One is just a respectable okay right now. A console is obsolete if it doesn’t have the software to back it up, especially when all of the games are coming to Windows 10 now, and that’s the Xbox One’s weakness (at least that’s the popular opinion, and mine). Sony has the most first party studios in the entire industry, whilst Microsoft just laid off, what, 10 studios? Let’s chill out and think more objectively, please.

    • It was an okay presentation. Definitely their best in years. And we don’t know if it’ll be better than the Neo, yet. We do know that it is currently because the Neo’s rumored AMD RX 480 Polaris GPU is at 5.5 teraflops, but that doesn’t mean that PlayStation can’t one-up Scorpio.

  4. Great, true 4k gaming…at what frame rate though, if its dog just like the Xbone’s then, goodbye.Also, dont have a 4k tv so whats the point?? They shouldve focused on stable 1080p 60fps most games on Xbone cant even achieve this.

    • I’m not sure if they said the CPU was buffed up as well (would be strange if they didn’t imo) but im not to worried if the scorpio can handle 1080p 60fps…

      • They didn’t mention the CPU just said it was going to be 8 cores which the X1 is but i would assume it will be a hell off an upgrade to do 4K. They did say the throughput will be 320GB/s which is a bit of an increase from the 68GB/s the current X1 has.

        I was not counting the 32MB eSRAM @ 204 GB/s in that.

        It’s going to be a beast of a machine but like others have said how long before the X2 is launched?

        • Im really looking forward to the full specs now, from what I can see it’s the xbox the xbox one should’ve been.

          Regarding the lifecycle of the Scorpio im not to concerned, if it last me 4 to 5 years im good, especially now the games and accessories are (backwards) compatible.

  5. Bad job on xbox marketing. They announce one console being released in 2 months and announce a way better console coming out next year, now people won’t waste their money on the Xbox one S, they literally launched this years xbox AND next years xbox at the same event!

    • You be amazed how much console buyers don’t care about specs. Price and game library is all they look for, project scorpio for now is just for the hardcore gamers, and a much needed upgrade if you ask me…

    • Pfft, like any of us have a place bashing Xbox marketing, let alone any company’s. They have marketing TEAMS who spend much longer than 5 minutes thinking and researching about the most effective and profitable way to promote their product. They don’t just go, “fuck it, we’ll see how this does.” They’ve undoubtedly thought and planned far ahead.

  6. The simplicity of having one machine you don’t need to upgrade is a big plus for console gaming. But now we getting all kinds of consoles with different specs and prices. Doubt it’ll stop here. Nope. Just go PC then bro.

    • “Nope. Just go PC then bro.”

      Couple of things with that:

      1 – I can’t “WASD”. (AKA I can’t do keyboard and mouse gaming)

      2. – I like to relax & recline in my favorite chair or couch when gaming, and that’s even harder to do with a keyboard or mouse…

      • You know you can sit on your couch and play a PC on a TV with a controller right? I’m playing Witcher 3 on my sixty inch TV on my couch with a controller.

          • I used to suck at kb + m. I refused to play it. I used a controller for most of my PC games. Then overwatch came out and I only use KB + M. I never wanna go back honestly, I’m already good at it in just a few weeks

          • It’s always a smooth transition between the two for me. Nothing wrong with going back, because not all games are optimized for KB/M. It really depends on the genre. I have no complaints about current gen controllers (besides a little pettiness over the Xbone needing AA batteries),

          • Yeah, some games I switch back to controller but for most shooters and first person games, KB + M is the way to go

          • I’m opinionated on the KB/M and controller subject. I just use both for whatever I choose, which is the glorious thing about gaming.

      • 1. Plug controller into PC
        2. Connect HDMI from PC to TV

        Ta da! You now have an (essentially) custom console that can also function as a work PC

        • And then there are games on consoles that PC doesn’t have. Good, we have powerful hardware and bang for our buck as far as consoles go, but software is the most important thing. PC has no modern exclusives that I want to play, and I won’t need a PC for multiplats, either. Now it essentially has mods, good prices on games, and other features, so I’m not saying that no one should play on it.

          • I agree with the first statement. I use my PS4 for exclusives (Uncharted 4 was incredible and one of the best games I’ve played) and local/party games for when guests are over. However, I think pretty much every other big game (besides maybe COD because population) is better on PC. If you have a PC, why not buy the games for cheaper and play them with better graphics and frames? Modern exclusives I would agree are not great if you don’t like RTS, TTS, MMO, cuity building, or simulation games. However I think PC definitely shines in the multiplat department as there are almost no reasons not to play the game on PC if it’s a multiplat besides population (for games that are clearly favored on consoles, like COD)

          • PlayStation and Nintendo have more quality exclusives coming. I don’t see the point in buying an Xbox if PC makes it obsolete. That’d be the only thing that would make me play PC alongside consoles, to play any Xbox games that I missed. And desktops are nice and everything, but there are different demographics out there. Like me, I have a laptop, and don’t do a whole lot of “hardcore” gaming on PC, so other than playing Xbox exclusives and playing at over 60Hz, I’d probably choose a [potentially] $600 Neo over a $600 PC (and PS4 has KB/M support, too, I think), but that’s just me. I do think that there are some modern exclusives that I would enjoy, such as city-building games, but strategy games bore me to tears. I’d do a lot of retro gaming on PC, hell, I already do, and I love it.

      • And this almost completely defeats the purpose of criticism of console gaming. Now PC elitism will
        dwindle down.

      • Then use a controller lol. Most PC games have controller support, guaranteed if they were multiplatform games.

        • Why should he play on PC? Neo and Scorpio makes PC gaming obsolete to console gamers. I now don’t need a $5-600 PC because now I can either just buy a Neo and get the exclusives that I prefer over PC’s and/or just stick with the PS4 and play PC alongside it to get the best of both worlds.

          • No one’s forcing him to buy a PC. I was just commentating on the fact they might start releasing more powerful consoles more frequently, which is comparable to people who upgrade their GPU or CPU every few years. Those groups of elitist console players always talked shit about PC players being “rich” and dropping a few hundred every few years while they only purchased one console every 7 years. Now they might be in the same position themselves if Microsoft and Sony choose to keep releasing more powerful hardware every few years.

          • Even more so for PC elitists because they can’t bitch about “weak consoles” anymore, either, despite PS4 exclusives looking extremely good.

          • Wasn’t trying to antagonize console gamers or anything there. You come off as a console supporter judging from all your other comments here but like you said, it’s the same on both sides. PC has to deal with console elitists and console players deal with PC elitists. One isn’t more plentiful or more aggressive than the other I can guarantee you that. They’re both annoying and will both take a hit from this. Console elitists will dwindle down as well as they lost one of their key arguments (cheap and single-purchase).

  7. What console player owns a 4k TV/Monitor? I don’t, and I don’t wish to play at 4k on a console (or a PC).

    • I do, I bought it for $600 last year around this time. And they just keep getting cheaper so imagine the price by the time the Scorpio drops

  8. Look at how far we have come with technology. This is pretty exciting to hear. I know I may sound completely retarded here, forgive me, but do I need a really good TV to get the most out of 4k gaming quality? Or will just a simple TV like a Samsung LG 32 inch do the trick?

    • I thought it was okay, but also their best conference in years. PlayStation has potential to steal the entire show.

        • I dunno why Microsoft is doing this stupid move. Why would I “waste” my money for the inferior product now when I can save this up for the new, hot and improved one?

          • Oh I know, I understand it from either perspective, it gives more people options, however just my point of view, I dont see a point in buying the slim now with the new Xbox One or whatever coming out next year.

            I’m gonna go ahead and contradict what I said, because I’m going to buy the Xbox One S considering the problems I’m having with my current Xbox One right now. So I just changed my mind when it comes to buying it, but I still understand all the point of views from both sides

          • It’s quite simple, actually; to provide the consumer with more options. This is the innovation that console gaming should have had imo.

        • PlayStation is going to kill it. They always go all out during their press conferences. The most first party studios and second party games, with the leading third party deals/games. I think it’ll be special again. Last year they announced/reannounced quite a few good first party exclusives alongside Final Fantasy VII Remake and Shenmue III. What a conference that was.

  9. I think we’ll see this trend continue. Maybe it’s true and we’ll not see a “next gen” console but console upgrades like these. I mean, just look at this. 4K gaming (I doubt it, 1080p60 is the new stable for the next years, 4K TVs are f*cking expensive for many people). I don’t think we’ll really see a “Playstation 4” or “Xbox One 2” but stuff like this in the next 5 years when the next upgrade is coming.

  10. What’s preventing Sony from talking to NVIDIA to implement the GTX 1080 on their PS4K? That would destroy anything Microsoft makes.

      • That’s disappointing. Would have been a good idea to make AMD only make a CPU while Sony figures out how to implement the 1080 GPU onto the motherboard. But that would cost a fortune I guess.

        • Yep. But there’s good news for you; Sony may just acquire the new AMD Polaris/RX 480 GPU for the Neo, albeit it’s 5.5 (or so) teraflops versus Scorpio’s 6, but software is more important. It’s also VR ready, and will for sure (in my opinion) have native 4k *support* for games alongside video.

          • I don’t think Sony will like their product to be underpowered. At this point their main goal should be to make a PS4 that can play a 4K version of Crysis or some sort of game at 60FPS. That should help them get a rough idea of what specs to have.

  11. “Supports 4k gaming” = Go spend a couple thousand bucks on a brand new TV so you can actually enjoy this new console. Meanwhile, the Neo is going to have seperate modes (4k and regular), have it’s own VR support, and it’s basically going to have the same capabilities as the Scorpio. Plus, it’ll probably release before Holiday 2017. Cmon Xbox. Step your game up, literally.

    • Scorpio will also have two modes to run regular and scorpio mode but it will be better than neo. And scorpio is gonna have support from rift and vive for vr. And a 4k tv is $500 and will be less to 1.5 years.

  12. this announcement was made a little early, maybe if it was holiday 2016!!! I Was gonna buy an xbone, but now i wll wait a year and a half. Although, maybe i should thank them for saving my a few hundred bux.